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    First of all Support for Trump does not equate to conservatism There are plenty of conservatives on this board But through the miracle of intellectual conversation and presentation of facts many of the Huskerboard conservatives realize that Trump is a jackass who does not represent the values of an intelligent conservative Huskerboard is not a microcosm of Nebraska politics This is a place for intelligent Husker fans to have deeper discussions Secondly, Why do you write all of your posts As if you are entering an alt right poetry contest? Good poetry is an art form and takes a certain amount of intellect and creativity Shakespeare you ain't Why not try using actual sentences, paragraphs and punctuation?
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    Does your buddy happen to be Jon Bruning?
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    I want to agree with OTHusker about a couple things: • It is hard to get younger white Americans to take jobs in the trades. Not all are poor paying, in fact many pay better than entry level white collar jobs -- minus the massive college debt. An ambitious kid can also learn the trade and start his or her own business. Those people own some of the nicest houses in the neighborhood. And yes, part of the problem has been the "follow your bliss" generation their parents came from. Well intentioned or not, it has raised expectations to an unsustainable level. The rise in kids moving back in with their parents is not anecdotal, nor is the rampant increase in depression and anxiety disorders. This is the first generation that is expected to make less and live shorter lives than their parents. There's currently a shift in thinking that is taking the stigma off trade schools and community colleges for traditionally middle class, university educated parents. That's a good start. • It is kinda interesting how the politics on a Nebraska football fansite leans left. Conservatives who are smart enough to dislike Trump doesn't quite explain it, since every page on the internet that allows comments features plenty of full-throated Trump support and libtard baiting. I'm encouraged by HuskerBoard, not just because I lean left and/or pragmatic, but because it's a pretty good conversation, made better when conservatives bring a thoughtful game. I know you feel outnumbered, OTH, but I hope you don't feel like you're getting chased off.
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    I just want a proven P5 coach... enough of the mid-major experiments.
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    He's dead so probably not.
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    Cool factoid about The Blacklist: the creator of the show (Bokenkamp) is from Kearney, my older brother was a close childhood friend of his. There are a lot of old references to Kearney buried in the dialogue of the show, but they are hard to catch unless you really know the town (I've caught the names of old elementary school teachers, for example). The same guy spearheaded a renovation of an old theater in downtown Kearney a few years ago that now shows arthouse flicks and classic movies, and they have special screenings with every new Blacklist episode, often with live Q&A afterward with people who actually work on the show.
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    He could join Tommy Armstrong with the Grand Island Danger arena team.
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    This x1000. Dude seems like he's be great to hang out with, and he obviously has coaching acumen; you don't hold multiple D-1 jobs without being able to coach. I think he's just reached his full potential here, and each party going their separate ways would be best.
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    Well it was a conservative group recruiting conservatives one could assume that the person assaulting the conservative recruiter and calling them the b and c words and didn’t like what was going on was probably on the other side of the spectrum you are at cal Berkeley where violence against free speech and conservatives has been going on for years Let’s be honest here just imagine if someone with a MAGA hat had beat up someone who was recruiting kids for blm or some other liberal group it would have been headline news from coast to coast talk shows would have been all over it politicians would have been using the incident to grab headlines didn’t something like that happen recently? Didn’t that just happen ??? somewhere wasn’t someone that was supposedly wearing a MAGA hat beat up some liberal fella and then it got a bunch of publicity ? Didn’t that supposed attack generate a bunch of front page outrage nationally? instead with this case with the shoe on the other foot, most of us including myself had never heard about it no talk shows or interviews from the big networks no politicians making hay no 24x7 news stories no calls to action instead- crickets
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    I met a liberal millenial once who worked 70 hours a week laying bricks and hanging drywall. He was a beast, outworking everybody on his crew by 2x. He was always 15 minutes early and left 20 minutes late and he never missed a shift. I heard he was from a naturally strong family though so that might make a difference.
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    Miles seems like a good guy. I don’t know what the problem is with the team but there’s no reason to demonize people just because things don’t go your way.
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    True ,but the fans would kill for Danny Nee's record of getting into the Dance. ….which brings up another topic....is it the coach's fault a team with a 3 seed and 26 wins went out and played like a bunch of dunces against Xavier? I think many times you have to put all the blame on the players. Pennsylvania?....Arkansas?....the players had their chances.
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    A lot of the HBO series are now on Amazon Prime.... Sopranos and True Blood for sure but I think there’s a lot more.
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    the other back up is SDNY
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    Top of the 1st: Huskers strike out in order Bottom of the 1st: Luennsman gets two strikes and a groundout. 0-0 after 1
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    California clearly has jurisdiction and it really isn't that close. The girl is located/domiciled in California and received the text in California. As such, there is clearly intent to act through the text (in whatever way it was meant) in California. Whether or not California has jurisdiction is not really an issue in this case.
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    I'm thinking about the college-bound Marin County kids around me: would they learn more about life taking an educational tour of Guatemala, or earning $25 an hour on a Guatemalan roofing crew right here in their backyard? Apparently Universities are no longer impressed by resume padding trips to underprivileged countries; they want to know that you've held a real job. Another hopeful change.
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    Does it actually? The actual ad (video) has nothing about that. There were billboards and posters and stuff with text over his face, but how much of that is using Kaepernick to send a message to consumers vs sending a message about Kaepernick? Regardless, he was still a millionaire making millions "playing" football at the time.
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    Decommitted from Ohio State (they are after bigger fish after his injury, scumbags).
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    Not necessarily, I know that Dawson's lost recruiting ties in Jersey were lamented when he left. Perhaps this guy has some strong ties in the Garden State which would be cool with me as that state seems to turn out lots of studs and NU has historically struggled to get guys from there.
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    Media in general- spin anything in a shocking or offensive way to get clicks. Ramifications be damned... The older I get the more I hate the news.
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    Juco.... once you fail that option I don’t think there’s much of a chance. I think they are given pretty much every option to pass there... it’s pretty hard to fail
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    Thank god there are folks here that watched Abducted in Plain Sight. I was warned that I'd not believe something and then once I got my head around it I wouldn't believe something else - that was a mess. I can't believe she still talks to her parents.
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    With his love of wrestling, I wonder if he will want to be a 2 sport athlete in college? It isn't easy to do both but it has been done. Has any athlete ever done both successfully?
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    In this ruling there is a 3 prong test all three test must be satisfied in order to meet the minimal requirements. I dont the element of intent is present in the 2nd requirement. To me it was maurice telling a girl off, and he doesnt want her praise. I dont think the intent behind it was to cause detrimental effects within the state. In fact I dont think anyone actually thinks that was intent at all, and this ruling does require that intent. But your probably right it will ultimately be California judges ruling on the case.
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    Ben Cotton joined the ND staff as a GA working with the OL. Congrats!!!
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    I wonder if Miles will cry at his press conference when they can him like Sadler did
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    You should tell your friend that the Supreme Court ruled on the detrimental effects way back in 1911. Summary:
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    It could've meant something, it could've meant nothing. I don't think there's enough information to have an informed opinion either way. Washington has the right to remain silent and no charges were brought against him last fall. And, according to Bruning, the CA county attorneys were being hostile and unprofessional at the time. So, legally speaking, they had no obligation to do anything and it could actually benefit them in court.
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    Where are these millennials that don't want to work? I keep hearing about them but have not actually met one. And considering unemployment is very low, how many, exactly, are we talking about?
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    Sorry, you lost me here. I have no clue if this is where you got this phrase.....but, this is nothing more than Fox News propaganda.
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    My coworker suggested Swiss Army Man starring Paul Dano, Daniel Radcliffe, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. I watched about 30 minutes over my lunch break yesterday and I'm laughing a lot but I'm also WTFing every 5 seconds. Weird flick. Anyone see it?
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    gender equititties boobs for all!
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    This sums up the whole "PJ Fleck is a used cars salesman" perfectly. The guy has a way with words and understands how to pressure/sell you until you realize.. Wait, what did I just agree to?
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    Just wait until a Democrat takes Trump's place in the Oval. You'll start to see some really concerned fiscal conservatives really quickly.
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    Maybe Thoughts and Prayers will work? That's all that's said when another type of emergency happens.
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    I hesitate to post this here because of what you perverts might do with this knowledge.
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    I watched it last night. It took us nearly 3 hours to watch it. We kept pausing it going WTF?? They really aren't this stupid, are they? And 5 minutes later they would prove they could be even more stupid than I thought. I then had to Google it was a real thing and not some sort of acting, CPS should have taken the other 2 girls away as well.
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    Thanks for the reminder on True Detective. WIll definitely revisit that. Last night I watched “Abducted in Plain Sight”. It had me repeatedly screaming at the tv because these people were such ...how do I put this nicely... MORONS. Their daughter was abducted TWICE, by the same guy, and each thing they did leading up to the abductions was just so mind blowingly stupid. I’m still screaming.
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    Pretty familiar with this kid. Couple good stories. He was in the most hyped match of all time this year in the HVWT championship. Funny thing is with this kid is he probably won’t be able to keep his weight down low enough to be a college wrestler. This is a sneaky good offer. Is a freak by SD standards.
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    Millions of football fans around the world don’t care much for the New England Patriots. They have been called smug, aloof, and even cheaters. Now there’s another reason not to like them. Owner Robert Kraft has just been charged with soliciting prostitution. Reportedly, he is seen on video engaging in certain... acts. A family member of the Chicago Cubs has recently apologized for making racially insensitive remarks. Various sports organizations in recent years have had to restructure and apologize for certain workplace harassment and other issues. There has also been a sad procession of athletes in recent years who have been charged with various unsavory acts of conduct. People are not perfect. Athletes and owners have always been subject to human frailties. Sports has never been totally innocent. But something is still wrong here. In a media age when most everything is put or seen on-line, our behavior has never been more under a microscope. Very public people like owners and players are even more exposed to scrutiny. Do they ever stop to think about this, or do they just do whatever they want? We know that we don’t live in a Leave It To Beaver world where authority figures live virtuous lives. But athletes used to live with an awareness that many kids looked up to them. And owners know they are supposed to lead by example. Today, it’s all about developing Brands and giving attitude and snark and shade and whatever else they feel like. And treating others simply as an extention of themselves. A little bit of Leave It to Beaver today would be refreshing.
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    When you can sit at the computer and watch someone stalk you via upvotes/eyerolls via notification every 15 seconds
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    Man if you don't see the difference in this...
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