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    Robert Kraft could help setting that up.
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    I would like to start adding to our collection of championship trophies. Long overdue for expansion.
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    Of course they are intimately related. That's the whole reason why this discussion exists. The point I'm trying to get at is how asinine it is to demand that people change "their ways" without acknowledging the circumstances that created those ways. Blaming a people's culture of female figureheads (especially in this day and age) is utterly laughable. The article reference by OTH was doing just that. It was blaming Africa Culture for the issue, while completely side stepping slavery separating families, Jim Crow laws, the war on drugs, and all the other forms of institutional racsim that have existed since white men set foot on North American soil. It's far easier to blame a people for their problems than it is to acknowledge that maybe they were never given a chance to begin with.
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    From 2017 to 2018, Cohen was deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee.
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    Here's a hilarious statement by one of the Republican stooges defending Trump: "If the Democrats were after the truth, they'd have an honest person here testifying," says Republican Rep. Mark Green. Sorry, Mr. Green, but there are no honest people in Trump's inner circle. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    This portrait looks familiar....maybe I saw it in a movie?
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    Well since apparently Clemsons slide was a big hit, I say we step up our game and go with a red teeter-totter or a bouncy house!
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    Wait until we have to start paying for a lot more Medicaid patients. Then the budget is going to be s#!t. They need to just legalize gambling in the state in order to make money to help pay for roads, schools, more Medicaid patients, etc. We send so much money across the river, we look like a bunch of idiots.
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    This is an incredibly embarrassing showing by Republicans.
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    Thank you Justin Amash. The only R that is asking questions to seek the truth while still being cautious in believing Cohen. Probably because Michigan is a battleground state and can go either way in elections, but still, good work.
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    Did Cohen just disclose something new? I thought DOJ assured Trump that he wasn't under investigation? Love the follow-up by the Republican stooge. Don't focus on the fact that the witness just claimed that the president is under investigation for criminal activity, worry about whether the witness is profiting from any of this. And this statement by the Democrat... super, super true.
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    Or to house opposing teams overnight when Mother Nature foils our plans.
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    So, about $3.2 million for a photo-op for Trump. "The party of fiscal responsibility."
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    Not one GOP member has said or tried to prove that his testimony is false.
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    Everyone who leaves Trump's circle: "Trump is a lying, cheating despicable human being". Republicans: "Why should we believe you, you're a lier." Ummmm....hire the best.
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    Visiting on March 30th. Said 3 of his official visits will be to Auburn, Alabama and Nebraska.
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    Not all of us Christians. But yes - it is a "10 Shekels and a Shirt" situation (google it - if you can't find it - let me know) Selling of our eternal purpose in God, for a temporary stay at the political table.
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    Here you go and one for me knapp BRBLLRDST PMoiraine, NMCliffford and everyone I missed
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    I'll be honest, if this is going to be his testimony, it's not earth-shaking. Yeah, it shows criminal activity on the part of Trump while in office, but we already knew or had reason to strongly suspect that this was the case vis a vis Stormy Daniels. This won't move the needle on polls. This isn't Trump shooting a guy on 5th Avenue.
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    Sorry you got Rolled Eyed man that must have sucked.
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    My favorite part of this evidence is the end of the letter written to Fordham U. After threatening the President of the University with legal action and jail, he adds a P.S. of "“Mr. Trump truly enjoyed his two years at Fordham and has great respect for the University.” It's like verbally abusing your spouse and then adding "but I love you."
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    The announcement of new, best-in-the-country facilities would pair nicely with a 10-2 regular season.
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    Justin Wilcox appreciates your feelings about him.
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