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    I would like to start adding to our collection of championship trophies. Long overdue for expansion.
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    Thanks for your kind words. I had a Bible college professor who I had invited to speak to my campus fellowship group at SDSU way back in the day (I'm old) He said something that has always stuck wt me "Major on the things Christ majored on and minor on the things He minored on and you won't go wrong". He was speaking of theology and encouraging students not to go off the deep end chasing issues that divide or blowing up minor issues into a unhealthy mindset. This is true of politics and most of life. Only a very few things are uncompromisable - my faith, family, and person integrity. Be open to the opinions of others if they are different - we might learn something. Unfortunately years ago I got caught up with the talk radio crowd and those filters became my stained filters. The Trump election was a big eye opener for me but even more so seeing GOP members and church members compromising proper values just to have a seat at the Trump table. He has ruined the party, and spoiling those in the evangelical circles who support him and moving them away from the Gospel to a corrupting loyalty. Prior to the Trump election I had already given up talk radio because of its corrupting influence on my soul - negative talk makes for a negative guy (just ask my wife). While I remain neg towards Trump, I'm more positive and happier not listening to the political junk and hearing a broader spectrum of voices. I would encourage those who lean towards the left of center side to also listen to the voices that they normally don't listen to (not talk radio but conservative voices and articles) just to get a better understanding of those perspectives. Politics should NOT be like a football game (competition) it should be about seeking the truth. It is also understanding that those who have a different opinion aren't bad people (in general)- they just have a different perspective on how to fix the same problem we both want to fix. Maybe a little compromise can bring us to the point of actually fixing the problem (like the abortion issue where both sides just yell over each other).
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    Some of their forty times would've been 'Did not finish.'
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    Of course they are intimately related. That's the whole reason why this discussion exists. The point I'm trying to get at is how asinine it is to demand that people change "their ways" without acknowledging the circumstances that created those ways. Blaming a people's culture of female figureheads (especially in this day and age) is utterly laughable. The article reference by OTH was doing just that. It was blaming Africa Culture for the issue, while completely side stepping slavery separating families, Jim Crow laws, the war on drugs, and all the other forms of institutional racsim that have existed since white men set foot on North American soil. It's far easier to blame a people for their problems than it is to acknowledge that maybe they were never given a chance to begin with.
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    I don't see how any open minded GOP voter can't be embarrassed by what they saw from the GOP side of this hearing.
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    Nixon was going to be impeached on Obstruction of Justice, Abuse of Power, and Contempt of Congress. Trump fits all of those right now.
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    There is evidence of illegal campaign donations: Stormy Daniels payoff There is evidence of using the office of POTUS for personal financial gain: Maralargo membership, foreign leaders staying at Trump Hotel, etc... There is evidence of his foundation illegally using donations: they are being forced to dissolve These are just a few that could be used pretty easily if Democrats were up for the political fight that would ensue.
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    From 2017 to 2018, Cohen was deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee.
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    Here's a hilarious statement by one of the Republican stooges defending Trump: "If the Democrats were after the truth, they'd have an honest person here testifying," says Republican Rep. Mark Green. Sorry, Mr. Green, but there are no honest people in Trump's inner circle. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Wait....according to my Republican/Trump friends, Clintons were never investigated. #fakenews
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    lmao what are you talking about
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    That's a very good question. Maybe, the American people need to see and be slapped in the face with the type of person they elected to the highest office in the nation. MAYBE....they need to see what type of people he surrounds himself with for his personal business. MAYBE....America needs a wakeup call and reexamine their priorities when voting people into office.
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    I remember this part and that is a severe mischaracterization on what happened. The congressman was asking Cohen if he had any recordings of Trump being racist and he said he didn't then the congressman asked well why not since you record everyone all of the time to which Cohen said I don't then he was asked about the number of times in which he had recorded people. It was a bizarre line of questioning that really got nowhere.
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    This portrait looks familiar....maybe I saw it in a movie?
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    Well since apparently Clemsons slide was a big hit, I say we step up our game and go with a red teeter-totter or a bouncy house!
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    Wait until we have to start paying for a lot more Medicaid patients. Then the budget is going to be s#!t. They need to just legalize gambling in the state in order to make money to help pay for roads, schools, more Medicaid patients, etc. We send so much money across the river, we look like a bunch of idiots.
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    I would but I might get an eye roll and my fragile ego can’t handle that.
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    Crap. Now we're going to have to send somebody to Beatrice to get the real story. Anybody know somebody with naturally strong connections in Beatrice? And we don't want anybody who's afraid to say "told ya so"......because, you know, that's so endearing.
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    I really have no desire for us to get a dome. College football is for outside.
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    I'm listening to Cummings' remarks now. The thing that is so utterly insane to me is how people can write off thing after thing that Trump does and decide they still support him. When to me, there are probably hundreds of individual things he has done that makes him unfit to be president. Just the small bit where Cummings was talking about Trump calling Cohen a rat. How the f#&% is it possible that we have a president uttering those words publicly about a citizen and his approval rating is over 10%? Just that one f#&%ing example astounds me. And it doesn't matter what his successes are, because there are dozens of others who could do the job without dragging the country through manure.
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    Mf’ers... this guy is going to build f’ing dynasty. Get ready for another 25 yr Reign. He just gets it, specifically for Nebraska.
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    Another take away from this on a personal level - I need to take what I hear for its own worth and value and not run it through the filters of party or political philosophy (liberal or conservative). I was glad to hear AOC speak also - very sincere in what she had to say. Loyalty must be the the country as a whole, our constitution and the truth. Remove the filters that divide and let true patriotism, the Constitution and the truth lead us to the correct conclusion on issues and policies.
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    A dome has its benefits but just doesnt feel like college football.
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    Listening to this for the first time, the Repubs are all about discrediting Cohen. No desire to seek the truth about Trump. This is sicking. They are not about searching for the truth. They do not have any sense of repentance, remorse, redemption.
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    Pretty good call on the screenshot, eh? Anyoldhoo, Mr. Gaetz is in a smidge of trouble, as one might expect.
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    Add as much stuff as possible. I know it seems excessive considering Nebraska hasn't won at the level of a Clemson or Alabama but if you and barber shops, movie theatres game rooms and what ever else you can think of that's time spent in campus supervised as opposed to out on the town getting in trouble
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    Al Capone was a gangster who ran liquor past the border and murdered or orchestrated the murder of several dozen men. He was convicted of tax evasion and spent the rest of his life in jail. I'll almost guarantee you they don't try to convict Trump of anything like Collusion. That'll be something for historians to chew on. Prosecutors are going to go for what they absolutely know can stick.
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    Not necessarily - but certainly the items he has brought as evidence that support his comments most likely did. And then why aren't the R's drilling down to what he is saying today to prove him wrong? They're scared to go there.
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    GAINZZZZZZZ!!! "Old Nebraska is just about back." I don't care if it's old Nebraska, new Nebraska or some combination thereof. Just win games.
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    This is an incredibly embarrassing showing by Republicans.
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    Thank you Justin Amash. The only R that is asking questions to seek the truth while still being cautious in believing Cohen. Probably because Michigan is a battleground state and can go either way in elections, but still, good work.
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    Did Cohen just disclose something new? I thought DOJ assured Trump that he wasn't under investigation? Love the follow-up by the Republican stooge. Don't focus on the fact that the witness just claimed that the president is under investigation for criminal activity, worry about whether the witness is profiting from any of this. And this statement by the Democrat... super, super true.
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    Or to house opposing teams overnight when Mother Nature foils our plans.
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    So, about $3.2 million for a photo-op for Trump. "The party of fiscal responsibility."
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    Not one GOP member has said or tried to prove that his testimony is false.
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    Everyone who leaves Trump's circle: "Trump is a lying, cheating despicable human being". Republicans: "Why should we believe you, you're a lier." Ummmm....hire the best.
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    Visiting on March 30th. Said 3 of his official visits will be to Auburn, Alabama and Nebraska.
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    Not all of us Christians. But yes - it is a "10 Shekels and a Shirt" situation (google it - if you can't find it - let me know) Selling of our eternal purpose in God, for a temporary stay at the political table.
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    Here you go and one for me knapp BRBLLRDST PMoiraine, NMCliffford and everyone I missed
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    I'll be honest, if this is going to be his testimony, it's not earth-shaking. Yeah, it shows criminal activity on the part of Trump while in office, but we already knew or had reason to strongly suspect that this was the case vis a vis Stormy Daniels. This won't move the needle on polls. This isn't Trump shooting a guy on 5th Avenue.
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    Sorry you got Rolled Eyed man that must have sucked.
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    My favorite part of this evidence is the end of the letter written to Fordham U. After threatening the President of the University with legal action and jail, he adds a P.S. of "“Mr. Trump truly enjoyed his two years at Fordham and has great respect for the University.” It's like verbally abusing your spouse and then adding "but I love you."
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    The announcement of new, best-in-the-country facilities would pair nicely with a 10-2 regular season.
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    Justin Wilcox appreciates your feelings about him.
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