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    SDSU out in the first round. UNO still has to win two more rounds to get in. Thanks for the memories coach Miles. .....
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    There is an important line in that article that some may find surprising:
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    I"m perfectly fine using the term "ilk" to describe people who lie about immigrants to scare people into supporting bad policy.
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    Is it more believable if it comes from Trump's administration? https://home.treasury.gov/news/press-releases/sm535
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    it's a powerful movie. you really should watch it sometime.
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    Liam Neeson says "Hi" from the set of 'Taken 14'.
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    Specific games aside, the general increase in wins after a major coaching change is said to be 2. Frost effect doubles that to 4. Difficult schedule flipping gains are least 1, maybe 2. Ergo, we win 9 or 10. Simple stuff really...
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    Our only chance is for roby, Watson & palmer score 20+ a piece.
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    Word is the coaches really like Hixson and also really like Farniok’s leadership. They don’t sound as eager to move Farniok to OG as originally thought. I still think Farniok ends up inside at some point but it sounds like they have a little more luxury to make sure Gaylord or Benhart is really ready to get in there before making that move.
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    How the hell does Keanu Reeves keep getting decent roles? He gets my vote for worst actor in my lifetime.
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    Well then, there's that wonderful smugness that most of to your"ilk" convey. I knew it wouldn't take long. Bad policy to you might be agreeable to someone else. But your closed minded reply shows your inability to have a reasonable conversation.
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    "He was moving on her like the Storm Troopers into Poland."
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    I never once said that they were. You're projecting. It's just one of many polarizing topics in our nation. Read the part about convservative ideas again.
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    How could Miles be fired after that win?
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    Maybe I can become a dog person. (I'm sure I will as soon as we get our first dog - but a few cats need move on first)
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    Watson is a high effort player. I get the feeling that it kills him to lose these games.
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    Hell, I hope it happens too. If it's in this state and isn't Creighton, I'll root for it.
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    The Huskers are just absolutely horrible in recruiting St. Louis. No need to question this kid not picking us or slamming or insinuating anything toward Illinois. The fact is the fact ... we are absolutely horrible in that market.
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    Why can't Johnny play defense? Why does he let them take easy three point shots after working so hard to score on the other end?
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    He’s heading to Florida State. Did not see that one coming.
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    Exactly, we've had a few games this year where errors cost us the game. Plus, we have had too many SOs. Batting practice indoor is not the same as live outdoor pitching. Starting pitching is looking good. My only concern is erstad pro mentality and to beat good teams, you need to play a little small ball at times.
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    We're just one sun burning out from extinction too.
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    We're just 1 injury away (2AM) from closing with another 4 win season though guys.....
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    When is a good hire going to come if you enable the same crap trending downward to continue??? I am serious, what has Miles done to make you so ardent to want watch more of him??? And if the new guy brought in the local kids, I’d bet the mortgage he could get those kids to outperform their limitations and never have to question their effort or passion. Kinda hard to say that about timmyTimmy
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    Cant exaggerate this enough. The third leading wide receiver last year was Warner with 17 receptions and only 5.6 ypc. That average should be twice that. The lack of threats last year meant it wasn’t as hard as it should be for opponents to play man coverage. This has an impact on the running game, too. If you don’t fear the deep threat it’s a lot easier to bring one or both safeties near the line. When we really needed to run the ball last year, that’s exactly what happened. If only a couple of these young speedsters can come online it becomes very hard for Big Ten West teams to match that much speed. That forces defenses to play more zone and that then opens up the QB runs and all of the flood type concepts Frost loves.
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    Welcome to the board Mister
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    There are not enough facepalm gifs in the world to handle this statement.
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    His cousin Sir Parker at Texas a&m was quite good
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    I'm always amused by the "Fox News is right and everybody else is wrong" belief.
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    My mistake, need some more coffee. Balanced of course. Fox News only tells the facts. Some of these facts are too harsh of truths for some to accept so they lash out at the network.
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    You mean "The Dorothy Lynch Salad Dressing Bugeater Bowl presented by TurboTax"
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    This bothers me. In a season that was begging for leaders to step up, a RS Freshman walk-on stepped up.
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    Well it’s on him and him alone. Dude can’t recruit has no offense planning has no control over his team no teaching skills meanwhile Nebraska gave him a new shinny arena money more money some of the best facilities in the big ten Moos gave him an extra year to drive the Cadillac into the dance and he drove it off the cliff....blindfolded. I really don’t know what Nebraska could have done.
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    Still very interested in Nebraska. Expects Coach Verdu to visit this Spring during evaluation period. Also plans to visit Nebraska again (quite vague on when). Calls himself more of a passer, but said "if team needs me to run to win, I'll do it."
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    Funny, the true blue world herald has nana front page & nothing about indictment.
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    I’m hearing Greg McDermott may be available
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    Wow, Farmer might find himself sneaking into a late round pick. Kind of surprised at Freedom's bench press.
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    Your proposed solution seems to be continuing our aimless drift rightward in immigration policy towards outright cruelty and fear-based solutions and adopt sensible centrism on all other issues? Trump and his ilk have successfully demagogued the immigration issue uch that a large chunk of the country just wants to get more restrictive and hostile to immigrants to feel safe, even if it's not actually effective and may, in fact, be harmful. That post-WWI America you mentioned featured far more liberal policies than we've had for the past several decades. High top marginal tax rates. Lots of government intervention and initiatives on behalf of the people. The advent of Medicare. Nixon created the EPA to protect our environment. Ever since Reagan we've alternated between middle left and strongly conservative policy and we've still got several major problems my generation will have to deal with. Our governance hasn't addressed them and has in part contributed to them. It's entirely predictable that my generation would be more receptive to more liberal policies since we've largely just seen more conservative and centrist policies ignore these problems or make them worse.
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    UNO could play Duke and get a participation trophy.
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    Literally the ONLY similarity is the revenge porn part. No one here is really that concerned about the revenge porn charge. The concern is the child porn charge.... was his a child porn charge where he sent it to only her and no one else? Taking just a small part and comparing is similar to me saying well I have 2 feet so I am just as athletic as Mo Washington. (In my opinion)
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