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    Oh give me a break. Republicans controlled everything for two years when policies were put in place causing this. Over those years, not one branch of the goverment gave one turd about the deficite. Trump himself claimed to be the “king of debt” while campaigning and republicans didn’t care. This doesnt have one thing to do with a congress that won’t work with trump. And, if he doesn’t want “hatred”, stop being a disgusting incompetent lying idiot.
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    I don’t understand why this wouldn’t attract a top coach. This team just went 3-14 in tge last half of the season and this is what the team saw when they took the court. On top of that, they have the best practice facilities ...etc. teams without tradition typically don’t have this. Plus, I think the program is poised to spend what it takes.
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    hskerprid I think more people here agree with you than not, s don't be so quick to put up the gloves. What I find interesting is that you feel the way that we get back to that normal is to become more conservative, go back to what worked in the 1940's. Don't you think there is some value in recognizing that as the clock moves forward and the world changes, we have to change our approach and reevaluate what we need? We need to reevaluate who we are ... we are not the same america as we were in the 1940's. BUT, if you think post WWII was an example worth looking at as a strong period in america, we had a big surge in immigration during that time, recognizing that the people suffering from horrific circumstances in Europe needed to get out and coming to america was a safe harbor. Did you think that was part of what made us great then? We had communities helping each other, women working in factories to support their families while husbands were overseas, government food kitchens, food stamps and rations etc. A lot of what was happening then would be what some conservatives would disgustingly call "socialism" today. Yet it's part of the glue that brought us together then. Men came back and were awarded GI Bils and ways to purchase a first home. It was a strong time for america, because we cared about all americans and helping each other out. And we cared about the people who were new to our country, we wanted to welcome them and show them that what they heard about the US was real. That it is the greatest country in the world, that opportunities are available for those that work hard. But if you attempted to roll any of those ideas out now you'd get accused of being a liberal and get to join the fun club here where we chastise people, berate them and then pat ourselves on the backs with witty repartee.
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    The farther left this country slides the more it no longer even remotely resembles America. Don't kid yourselves either. Russia is sitting back and enjoying the demise of a once great nation. When do we become Americans again and realize that overly liberal ideas and overly conservative ideas are not to the answer. The threat of our southern borders being overwhelmed by those that this country can't support is real. We're slowly being pulled apart from the inside. I'm sure that I'll be chastised by the overwhelming majority of posters here that are liberal Democrats. Before you berate me and Pat yourselves on your backs with all the witty repartee that I'm about to receive. Remember this, during WWll America came together in an amazing way. We were all Americans working together. I GUARANTEE that would not happen now. What happened people?
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    Probably they could find a place to take ground balls individually but they need to practice a live game to simulate the action of hearing the pop of the bat, getting into position, fielding the ball, having runners sliding at your feet and making the throw to the base. I don't know what those indoor surfaces are. Fielding off of a fake grass floor over concrete or carpet over concrete doesn't give you the same experience as a dirt infield
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    Last I checked, you have to fire someone before you can hire their replacement.
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    SDSU out in the first round. UNO still has to win two more rounds to get in. Thanks for the memories coach Miles. .....
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    There is an important line in that article that some may find surprising:
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    I"m perfectly fine using the term "ilk" to describe people who lie about immigrants to scare people into supporting bad policy.
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    Maybe you should look at the first sentence and realize that maybe you're contributing to the country not being able to come together. And the part in bold is just untrue. The immigrants coming over the southern border are a tiny fraction of our population. Blaming them for our problems is just finding a scapegoat.
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    Is it more believable if it comes from Trump's administration? https://home.treasury.gov/news/press-releases/sm535
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    it's a powerful movie. you really should watch it sometime.
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    I don't think this win impacts Miles future 1 iota. But it was a nice home win to send off the seniors and for Miles and a bit of payback for the fans. Nothing more except when you can stick it to Iowa ..it's always a plus!
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    i think he did very well as Oskar Schindler in Schindlers list
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    This is why I always bunted, no matter what
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    This has been my attitude on it for a long time now. Obama tried to work with the Republicans and got absolutely s#!t on by them and got nothing out of it. He should have tried to go far more left on some things since the Republicans couldn’t have been much worse than they already were.
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    Liam Neeson says "Hi" from the set of 'Taken 14'.
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    Since Frost was practically a unanimous slam-dunk, it will be THIS hire that cements the Moose legacy at DONU one way or another........
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    Specific games aside, the general increase in wins after a major coaching change is said to be 2. Frost effect doubles that to 4. Difficult schedule flipping gains are least 1, maybe 2. Ergo, we win 9 or 10. Simple stuff really...
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    Our only chance is for roby, Watson & palmer score 20+ a piece.
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    Umm..... wouldn’t keeping Miles continue current said mediocrity???? Give me new blood
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    Word is the coaches really like Hixson and also really like Farniok’s leadership. They don’t sound as eager to move Farniok to OG as originally thought. I still think Farniok ends up inside at some point but it sounds like they have a little more luxury to make sure Gaylord or Benhart is really ready to get in there before making that move.
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    Maybe it is just me, but if I had 9 figure career earnings by 40, mansions in Miami and California, married to a successful actress/model I wouldn't be spending my winters in Nebraska slogging through a Big Ten schedule.
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    How the hell does Keanu Reeves keep getting decent roles? He gets my vote for worst actor in my lifetime.
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    Saw this kid in person a couple weeks ago.... it’s no wonder his dad calls him “the polar bear” goodness sakes, that dude is a man.... a full grown man
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    Well then, there's that wonderful smugness that most of to your"ilk" convey. I knew it wouldn't take long. Bad policy to you might be agreeable to someone else. But your closed minded reply shows your inability to have a reasonable conversation.
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    Congratulations, to the Nebrasketball seniors. That was fun!..... And f*** Iowa!
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    Maybe I can become a dog person. (I'm sure I will as soon as we get our first dog - but a few cats need move on first)
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    The Huskers are just absolutely horrible in recruiting St. Louis. No need to question this kid not picking us or slamming or insinuating anything toward Illinois. The fact is the fact ... we are absolutely horrible in that market.
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    Why can't Johnny play defense? Why does he let them take easy three point shots after working so hard to score on the other end?
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    Exactly, we've had a few games this year where errors cost us the game. Plus, we have had too many SOs. Batting practice indoor is not the same as live outdoor pitching. Starting pitching is looking good. My only concern is erstad pro mentality and to beat good teams, you need to play a little small ball at times.
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    We're just 1 injury away (2AM) from closing with another 4 win season though guys.....
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    The only time you should bunt is when there are runners on 1st and 2nd with nobody out.
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    My mistake, need some more coffee. Balanced of course. Fox News only tells the facts. Some of these facts are too harsh of truths for some to accept so they lash out at the network.
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    Well you got half of it right. That's a start.
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    This bothers me. In a season that was begging for leaders to step up, a RS Freshman walk-on stepped up.
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    And who would that be, Mr. Benning? No, not if he's not good enough to not get caught.
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    I’m hearing Greg McDermott may be available
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    He always got to where he was going quickly on the field. Just not sure where he was going to go. He improved as the season went on.
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    Still surprised Lightbourn is on the team.
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