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    Some people should just be banned immediately
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    You don't deserve Bartolo but you gonna git Bartolo...
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    People realized sooner that someone who creates an account to criticize the character of a teenager isn't someone to listen to or take seriously.
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    @ZRod Here is my attempt to get this back on the rails. Obama lawyer indicted as part of "witch hunt" led by 13 angry dems. : https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/11/us/politics/gregory-craig-indictment.html
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    I see. So one should seek out a page done by a paranoid nobody in VA that consists of 100% opinion submissions and lists of how to behave “to own the libs” for their info. You, are in a bubble man. A silly shrinking bubble.
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    I'm taking the back roads, all of them.
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    Schaef thought maybe one more. Forshadowing Watts?
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    Wow there’s no game thread what is wrong with this world!!
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    That's why "if" an actual investigation happens, I hope it is out in the open for everyone to see. If the Mueller investigation was illegal and spawned from disgusting partisanship, I'd like to know. And if Nunes referring people to the DOJ is a ridiculous partisan stunt, I'd like to know. I'm a fan of the saying "s#!t or get off the pot". If the Mueller report proves you're innocent, release it already. If you have proof the democrats led an illegal investigation, refer them already. I don't mean to say investigation should be public as they are being conducted, I understand they take time and can be sensitive to who knows what and when they know it. But Mueller is done. And Nunes doesn't have to tell the public, but according to the article posted by @Danny Bateman Barr still doesn't have the names. Nunes has been talking about it for weeks. If they want to talk about things to sway the public, I'd like them to be willing to actually share things with the public. It's like the vague Facebook posts, "man, the day i've had.....I don't really want to talk about it...."
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    How’s the weather in Norman this morning?
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    I disagree. By attending college or any higher learning, (or even by moving out of state) being exposed to other races, religions, cultures and ideas one might actually being to think through the “why’s” behind their beliefs much more so than someone who stays in their home town and has a more limited expanse of exposure. Most every course I took in college was totally fact based (biology, history, foreign language). There was room for personal thought and opinion in psychology, philosophy, creative writing etc depending on your major - but there was no push for a certain leaning. But, I did meet my first jewish person in college. I did have a friend who came out in college. I did meet people from other states and races and income levels in college. My experiences were significantly more diverse after 4 years in Lincoln than my peers who stayed in the 5k town we grew up in. And those experiences grew more vast as I moved to a big midwestern city and then on to the east coast. Its much easier to be empathetic and open to new ideas when it becomes real to you. When you know someone who is impacted. I doubt my belief in same sex marriage would be as strong if I didn't know gay people, my friends who were impacted. Im not sure that Id question the death penalty if I didn't leave NE. I think those who say colleges are turning people into liberals are pretty naive and sheltered.
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    I'm still trying to figure out how the statement from The Ladies of Mt. Vernon "debunks" the Politico article. It only points out the conversations from a different perspective, it doesn't deny the conversations between Trump and Bradburn happened. It actually confirms Trump, Macron and the guides talked about George Washington's business in real estate. For example: If I'm trying to teach a student how to safely use a band saw and he/she is continually asking questions like "can it cut my pencil in half?", "Will it explode if the blade breaks?", or "What happens if I put my hand in it?"; I could, at the same time, say the student was deeply engaged with the lesson AND that the student has no business using the equipment yet... EDIT: I just went and reread the Politico article linked in the Town Hall piece. Politico includes the statement from the Ladies of Mt. Vernon in the article. So in essence, Townhall was scooped in the story of "Debunking Politico" by none other than Politico.... (In case a certain poster misses the point: this means Politico actually practiced journalism.)
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    How do you even find these assine web sites? Do they share them as a resource list in your club?
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    Schafer with the N crystal ball
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    Classical Gas: Please take the "G" off and put an "s" on the end.
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    Congratulations, you've just described the recruiting process for 90% of kids being courted by Division 1 programs. Take a lap.
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    Nebraska HS_Coach_C,seaofred92,The Murphinator,Young Grand Island Husker,HuskermanMike,Wunderkind,SnowBigRed,husker_fan_from_sweden,Thanks_Tom RR,Ziebol,Scarlet Overkill,Husker from Kansas,LumberJackSker,Snowbird,Treand3,AZRaiderH8r,1HuskrFan,swmohusker,Mavric,TherealTomOsborne,SouthLincoln Husker,Throw Dem Bones,Husker_luver,ADS,huskersrule95,Head Coach Scott Frost,HuskerzFanatik,brophog,CMT1525,r06ue1,mnhusker,HuskerInLostWages,YellowShirt,RicheyIrvin,Hedley Lamarr,Warrior10,The Cornfather,Roll Skers,Dillrp4NU,Mary Pats BOB,Sker4Ever,GSG,huskerrulz,OTHusker,rocketlb,Roger Dorn,sheepboy2011,ArkanSkers,Calvin,Husker2019,SkerLover95,KazLongDrives300,Dr. Strangelove,PattyG,kozzman555,Sgt Red,runningblind,AlaSker,MNBigRedNorth,big red one,HuskerJax
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    How ya feelin about this post now?
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    Bump for some of our friends and posters still equating things like Fox News and CNN and linking dubious sites.
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    I’m sorry you’ve been fooled into thinking Trump does anything for the little man. Hopefully not enough others have been similarly fooled.
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    He is 77% sure of his 100% commitment.
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    Apparently we are the only team interested
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    Very interesting look at where immigrants are actually going after crossing the border. Small sample size (~1500) https://www.washingtonpost.com/immigration/2019/04/13/snapshot-where-migrants-go-after-release-into-united-states/?utm_term=.17d70b52929c First part I find interesting is the breakdown of where they're coming from: #1 - Guatemala (twice as high as #2) #2 - Honduras (more than twice as high as #3) #3 - El Salvador Also super interesting to me - they're not going to sanctuary cities - they're going where there is work. (sanctuary cities shown below)
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    Because always falling back on the argument "Hillary would have been worse!" allows them to excuse anything out of hand.
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    You must be new to recruiting? Because if you're complaining about a kid taking lots of visits, something athletes should all do as much as they want, then maybe following it isn't for you.
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    Question, why do Trump supporters constantly bring up Hillary in conversations with people who don’t support Hillary? and, it’s interssting that they act like Hillary lying is horrible while fully supporting a guy who constantly lies. AND....they try to act like his lying is a good thing. Thats just wierd.
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    I notice Joe keeps avoiding talking about the campaign promises Trump has reneged on after he earlier claim Trump hadn't reneged on a single one.
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    Was at the Spring Game today and picked up the offer. The last guy we got out of Eden Prairie worked out pretty well....
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    I guess everyone's too excited about GoT to post about football.
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    Supposedly there's one more commitment out there today or tomorrow. Maybe this should be in the 2019 thread for Green?
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    I'll sign up to something when the real season starts. It's not worth money to watch just the spring game, especially if I can watch it later for free. Normally I'd be playing a WW2 strategy board game (World in Flames) with friends this afternoon but one of them has a life and is attending some other function.
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    I know it's extremely early but his offense needs guys like Spielman and Washington something desperate.
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    I’m somewhat surprised but I’m glad we’re reaching out. I watch a lot of AAC hoops- Allen would be a perfect complimentary piece in this offense as a backup PG behind Burke. Him and Dawkins were perfect together last year. Honestly could probably play on the court with Burke as well as his game fits in well with others.
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    Her "first game" was the Akron game last season but she had fun singing and dancing in the thunderstorm. She hasn't been to a spring game yet and that won't change today. Her Actuarial Science group is at Drake University this weekend. If she wouldn't have had that scheduled, I'd probably have made the trip this weekend.
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    I hope the Mueller report becomes public. And if Nunes actually has grounds for an investigation, I hope the people/processes are investigated and those findings are made public. Right now, I'm skeptical that Nunes actually plans on referring anyone for investigation. He says he'll refer them when it's appropriate. Supposedly, the last 2 years of screaming about how this is an illegal/partisan investigation, and yielding the gavel in his committee, and a Republican led DOJ weren't appropriate times....
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    The Thanksgiving Special was better than TLJ.
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    Curious if anyone knows how many kids say dream school- then go somewhere else? Wondering if our odds are really good or if this gets thrown around by kids
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    A time like that is pretty darn fast for a small meet in the middle of March. Usually time really start to drop as you get closer to conference, districts, sectionals, and state. We havent really done any speed training yet for our guys, we are just focused on building our base and working technique. Although I am not sure how much he will drop his time bc he is coming out of his indoor track season and should be in pretty good track shape.
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