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    It's been repeatedly stated on this board no mainstream Democrat, not Pelosi nor anyone else, supports open borders, but you keep coming back with that same tired line. Please stop. It's a lazy argument that is not based in reality. We do not live in a universe where everyone who isn't Trump is an advocate of open borders. Better is subjective my dude. Roughly 3/5 of the country disagrees with you, FWIW.
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    Schafer with the N crystal ball
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    Was in attendance today
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    Most schools are recruiting him at DE but we're looking at him at OLB with an eye towards teams that are more power-run teams. Mainly looking at us and Iowa State. Planning to commit before his season starts. No other trips planned right now but looking at Wisconsin and Kansas State.
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    As he was throwing that, the section football genius loudly says "What is he throwing that into!" very snarky like. Then TD. Then he made one of those grunt noises that indicated how sorry he was that he made that thought audible for us all to hear.
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    Impressed with Ruud and Mo Barry. Has already visited Arizona, UCLA and Wisconsin. Looking to visit Wisconsin again in June and also return for an OV here before his season starts.
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    Was in attendance today. Quite the offer list for a freshman. And already has beyond legit track speed. 6.46 in the 55 meters; 6.89 in the 60 meters; 21.99 in the 200 (all indoor). Ran 10.88 (100) and 22.20 (200) outdoor last year - yeah, he was an 8th grader. For comparison, that 100 meter time would have placed 3rd in Class A last year. And 4th in the 200. As an 8th grader. And 6.89 in the 60 would have been the 13th-fastest time AT THE B1G INDOOR MEET THIS YEAR!!!!!
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    Schafer with the N crystal ball
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    Wants to commit before his season
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    Caseys pizza is slightly better than Valentinos but both are not great. I will still eat them in a pinch because Pizza is still yum-tastic, but those two are near the very bottom.
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    So if we get both, it would only make sense that Watts be the 'X' and Betts be the 'Z' right?
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    Alex Conn OT out of Derby, KS. Offered and visited in Feb Just got a CB from Schaefer. Coming up for Spring Game.
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    My friend at Burke (talks to Watts) who told me about Henrich and Hickman being solid to Nebraska before it was reported has just told me today after Betts commitment that Watts is thinking pretty hard on committing to Nebraska. Still not solid but its a lot better then his stance a few weeks/months ago
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    Jeez...I hadn't read this thread yet, so came to the last page first. Is Cam Jurgens actually mentioned earlier on? Has he become a sous chef or what?
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