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    It just occurred to me that Martinez stole Jim's move.
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    We are now almost complete with our roster and it is a completely revamped team. As we get new players I will add them but so far here is our roster and potential additions for 2019. Nebraska is allowed 13 scholarship players in total. I probably missed some transfers but I am only adding them if they visited or have some connection with the staff (Lard I think). Update: This staff is recruiting at a high level. They have added some solid players to this roster. The main thing now is how will the roster gel for the 2019 season. Justin Costello has left the team according to Washut so I removed him. On Roster Dachon Burke Thor Isaiah Roby (Almost certainly going pro) Jace Piatowski(Walk-on) Charlie Easley(Walk-On) 2 scholarships Recruits signed Jervay Green Akol Arop Cam Mack Yvan Ouedraogo Kevin Cross Samari Curtis 6 scholarships Grad Transfers/Transfers Committed/Signed Haanif Cheatham(Grad) Matej Kavas(Grad) Dalano Banton(Transfer) Shamiel Stevenson(Transfer)-applying for a waiver for immediate eligibility. Derrick Walker(Transfer) 5 scholarships Right now that leaves us with 0 available scholarships. If Roby wants to stay things could get interesting. 13 total scholarships. Transfers/Grad Transfers-I will leave these names on here in case something happens but it looks like our roster is full at the moment. Maurice Calloo(Transfer)- seems we want him to go Juco before we give him a spot. Joel Ntambwe(Transfer)-visited for the Spring game. He could potentially apply for a waiver to play immediately
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    Curious. Have you actually read any of the report? Not Barrs excerpts and not even these screen grabs in this thread. Have you downloaded and read any of the report as it is?
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    Got a good chuckle out of this Les Miles video. https://710keel.com/les-miles-new-kansas-football-video-is-amazing-video/
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    Ahem, Hannity assembles clips of 'journalists' telling us about Trump's impending impeachment for Russian Collusion for the past two years, as could anyone with the internet.
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    Dang, the talent in Nebraska is definitely improving.
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    This site has him going 55 overall which would be a draft and stash guy instead of him. If he is this low he would be better served coming back I would imagine. His draft grade needs to be below 40 or he should just come back. Offense is the big thing holding him back from going higher. If he could shoot the ball with confidence he would be a first rounder no doubt. https://www.nbadraft.net/2019mock_draft
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    Hannity doesn't do news or journalism, he does opinion and editorials. In fact, Hannity has even said he's not a journalist: 'I'm not a journalist!': Hannity defends himself from claims he's a Trump trumpeter Plus Hannity is hardly a non-partisan, non-biased source: Hannity joins Trump on stage despite claiming he wouldn’t But if you trust Hannity, it explains why you've been repeating the Trump rhetoric.
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    Limited athleticism and very undersized for his position. Not explosive and is a defensive liability- not to mention almost 5 TO per 40 mins. Great college PG-I’ll be shocked if he ever plays a minute in the NBA.
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    What if Forrest Gump got drafted to play in the NFL?
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    The Donald apparently disagrees.
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    Partly because QBs in this offense put up Heisman numbers.
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    I laughed so hard when he shimmied at the Iowa player, mostly because it was out of character for him. Shows his competitive side but he does his best to be as buttoned up as possible.
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    Agreed. I signed up for The Athletic a couple of months ago and cancelled by 247Sports membership yesterday. Bruntz and Schaefer used to put out good content a couple of years ago, but these days it's far and few between that anything original gets written and most of their articles are just regurgitated from one article to another and anything they post as thread discussions these days come from Twitter. There is no value in subscribing to them anymore. I would recommend Athletic to everyone. And Schaefer being the source of where the Moos rumor started really turned me off on a guy that has a growing ego problem.
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    I just re-bumped it but its worth reading this twitter thread in the opening post on offense if you haven’t already: https://www.huskerboard.com/index.php?/topic/86358-the-modernization-of-basketball-the-reason-miles-should-go-in-favor-of-a-new-coach/
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