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    That's @Notre Dame Joe 's Kind of American!!!! It's the kind of American I wanted when I fought over in Kuwait and Iraq! Ones that sell out other Americans to Russia! Wait a second...that isn't what I actually want and it shouldn't be what anyone else wants either. WTF is wrong with people who want that?
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    I do find it ironic that many Trump supporters that have blasted the Mueller investigation as a witch hunt and how people were making assumptions about Trump's guilt long before the investigation was finished are now making assumptions that the Mueller investigators were corrupt and should be jailed long before an investigation is finished.
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    Collusion isn't a charge, conspiracy would be the charge. The report clearly outlines a relationship between Russia and the Trump campaign. Just because Mueller doesn't feel there is enough evidence to indict on conspiracy(a high bar and Mueller makes it clear in his report he won't indict Trump) doesn't mean there hasn't been concerning conduct regarding Trump and Russia. Its all outlined in the report if you would care to read. Its factual information that Russia interefered in the elections, preferred Trump as a canidate and Trump openly accepted their help. Its also factual information that TO THIS DAY Trump denies that Russia interfered in the elections even though the evidence is overwhelming. If you can read about Trumps relationship with Russia that is outlined in the report and say that its completely appropriate then maybe you aren't the patriot you think you are.
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    We are now almost complete with our roster and it is a completely revamped team. As we get new players I will add them but so far here is our roster and potential additions for 2019. Nebraska is allowed 13 scholarship players in total. I probably missed some transfers but I am only adding them if they visited or have some connection with the staff (Lard I think). Update: This staff is recruiting at a high level. They have added some solid players to this roster. The main thing now is how will the roster gel for the 2019 season. Justin Costello has left the team according to Washut so I removed him. On Roster Dachon Burke Thor Isaiah Roby (Almost certainly going pro) Jace Piatowski(Walk-on) Charlie Easley(Walk-On) 2 scholarships Recruits signed Jervay Green Akol Arop Cam Mack Yvan Ouedraogo Kevin Cross Samari Curtis 6 scholarships Grad Transfers/Transfers Committed/Signed Haanif Cheatham(Grad) Matej Kavas(Grad) Dalano Banton(Transfer) Shamiel Stevenson(Transfer)-applying for a waiver for immediate eligibility. Derrick Walker(Transfer) 5 scholarships Right now that leaves us with 0 available scholarships. If Roby wants to stay things could get interesting. 13 total scholarships. Transfers/Grad Transfers-I will leave these names on here in case something happens but it looks like our roster is full at the moment. Maurice Calloo(Transfer)- seems we want him to go Juco before we give him a spot. Joel Ntambwe(Transfer)-visited for the Spring game. He could potentially apply for a waiver to play immediately
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    I'm afraid they peaked in March against Texas Tech and Baylor. It happened a couple years ago with a sweep against Texas, that team didn't end with much else to hang their hat on. I'm sure the youth excuse will fly hot and heavy among the tradition coalition that loves Erstad, but it's baseball, young players contribute everywhere as they don't need to physically develop as much as other sports, for crying out loud But on the other hand, Illinois and Northwestern aren't great either, so series wins against those two teams are probably doable, meaning NU will probably finish somewhere in the 3-6 range in conference standings, make the B1G tournament, probably go 1-2 or so, get a token bid from the NCAA. This will be viewed as progress and we'll never know if we can do any better.
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    Let him investigate. I'm fine with it. I hope Barr is transparent with his findings at the end.
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    Curious. Have you actually read any of the report? Not Barrs excerpts and not even these screen grabs in this thread. Have you downloaded and read any of the report as it is?
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    Now that the Special Council's report has totally exonerated President Trump from ANY Russian Collusion and also found that there was no Obstruction of Justice we need to move on to what is next. Bill Barr is totally spot on with his moving to assemble a team of investigators to get to the bottom of why this investigation was even started. Here are a few link to articles related to all of this. https://flagandcross.com/breaking-bill-barr-assembles-team-to-investigate-counterintel-probe-into-trump-campaign/ https://thehill.com/opinion/judiciary/438800-william-barr-is-right-to-investigate-fbi-actions-during-2016-campaign https://davidharrisjr.com/politics/fantastic-ag-barr-assembles-team-to-investigate-fbi/ https://www.businessinsider.com/william-barr-doj-fbi-bias-misconduct-trump-report-2019-4 https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/03/nunes-house-intel-will-make-criminal-referrals-to-ag-barr-on-fbi-doj-officials-who-perpetrated-this-hoax/ I encourage everyone to look at all of this with an OPEN mind! Using the MEDIA MATTERS related and supported MSM to get ANY information about this new investigation will not give you the full story. MEDIA MATTERS is nothing more than the DEEP STATE controlling and forming the talking points of the day in an attempt to control those that religiously follow the MSM. These people are not there for you, they are there to benefit the deep state globalist! There are people in the FBI, DOJ, & CIA that wanted our President overthrown. This should never ever happen to ANY sitting POTUS again. There was never any creditable information to even get a FISA warrant and as soon as President Trump declassifies this FISA Warrant Application all of us will see it for our selves. This goes to the highest levels of our government. All the way to Obama approving and maybe even requesting it. Obviously time will tell. It is high time that the people who planned and started this whole hoax be brought to justice, and that is what over 70% of the American people want after stating in a poll that they believe President Trump didn't collude with the Russians. This a thread about investigating the corrupt investigators!
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    Also worth noting: 8 total games won in the Big 10 tournament in 2012 (1), 2013 (4), and 2014 (3). 1 between 2015 and 2018
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    So I'm going to post the numbers for strikeouts. This also has batting averages. See we have yet to hit .290 since he left. 2012 - 288 .315 2013 - 381 .291 2014 - 305 .293 bolt left 2015 - 323 .276 2016 - 363 .281 2017 - 433 .281 2018 - 393 .274
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    Bump Even though the doc says your liver is in rebellion. I stay off of the hard stuff anymore.
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    Schwellenbach keeping us in the game
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    I totally agree with all of that, I was just intrigued by the fact that Costello played not at all for Miles at the end and yet Fred still has him on the roster. I wasn't saying one was listed ahead of the other. I also totally understand we need transfers and we need them NOW to build this roster, so walk-ons will be a very small input to what we expect to see on the floor by November I am impressed by the number of guys we are in on and are scheduling visits for this quickly. Now we need signatures!
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    But if you want to jump to the money shot, screen grabs can be helpful....
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    4 game win streak 7-3 in last 10 2.5 games out .5 games behind cards. Not a bad turn around from how the season started.
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    Ahem, Hannity assembles clips of 'journalists' telling us about Trump's impending impeachment for Russian Collusion for the past two years, as could anyone with the internet.
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    Hannity doesn't do news or journalism, he does opinion and editorials. In fact, Hannity has even said he's not a journalist: 'I'm not a journalist!': Hannity defends himself from claims he's a Trump trumpeter Plus Hannity is hardly a non-partisan, non-biased source: Hannity joins Trump on stage despite claiming he wouldn’t But if you trust Hannity, it explains why you've been repeating the Trump rhetoric.
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    judge janine might be worse than sean....she is drunked up on boxed wine bat s#!t crazy
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    Limited athleticism and very undersized for his position. Not explosive and is a defensive liability- not to mention almost 5 TO per 40 mins. Great college PG-I’ll be shocked if he ever plays a minute in the NBA.
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    What if Forrest Gump got drafted to play in the NFL?
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    What if Chubbs Peterson never lost his hand to that alligator?
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    Obviously not everyone thinks coming back for their senior year will kill their NBA chances....
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    Good time for this! I like Johnson, as he will give Heiman one more year before he becomes the starter. I also prefer Mack over Cheatham. And I do not expect Roby back, so we need a couple of guys in the 6' 8" - 6' 9" size.
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    The Donald apparently disagrees.
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    Partly because QBs in this offense put up Heisman numbers.
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    That's not good. Part of me would rather see these guys do some other sports in the off season. Playing a sport year round is a grind and the constant repetitive motions are very hard on the body. Here's to a speedy recovery.
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    I laughed so hard when he shimmied at the Iowa player, mostly because it was out of character for him. Shows his competitive side but he does his best to be as buttoned up as possible.
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    My heart goes out to Lightbourn. When he first got to NU, he was mentored by Foltz, then thrust into the fire when Foltz died. He was never quite able to fill those shoes and was just not cut out to compete at this level, but as far as we heard, he was a good teammate and tried his best. Best of luck to him in the future.
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    I just re-bumped it but its worth reading this twitter thread in the opening post on offense if you haven’t already: https://www.huskerboard.com/index.php?/topic/86358-the-modernization-of-basketball-the-reason-miles-should-go-in-favor-of-a-new-coach/
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    I was trying to explain to @Nebfanatic, "collusion" is dead in the water. You must hold CONTROL and press X before pasting "obstruction" for mad libs.
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    What are the repercussions of fans talking about potential Heisman candidates? Do they come down with leprosy? Let me know so I can make an informed decision on whether to listen to you or not. I’ve decided to be adventurous and keep talking about it until you give me an answer on whether it’s safe to do so. Martinez is 3rd in the entire country in returning total offense. He was 12th last year but 9 of those players were seniors, graduated early, or got injured (Milton). He’s going to get talked about for Heisman, nationally and locally, whether it makes you uncomfortable or not. Also, nationally and locally, people noticed our huge improvement in the 2nd half of the season last year, so most think our record is going to be better.
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