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    This is sick. One of the female lawmakers tried to get amendments passed before voting that all failed. These would have included prenatal and healthcare til the child is 13. Voted against. Make rape and incest victims exempt. Voted against. And finally making it a class C felony for men to get a vasectomy. Voted against. The republican party is evil. It just goes to show that once these babies are born, they and the morhers are on their own. Pro-birth, not pro-life. And rape and incest is okay. I guess its no surprise coming from a state that almost voted in a child rapist. Sharia Law: Christian Edition.
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    I had forgotten how much I enjoy the movie Snowpiercer.
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    They have a long history of hypocrisy, let's just say. Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 And that's not even talking about the general misogyny in the party.
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    What? How many times did Martinez randomly chuck it up to his bail out guy? I must have missed that.
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    John Bolton did this already to achieve an invasion of Iraq. I'm not surprised he'd do it again.
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    His last name is almost Blackshirt. Might as well be one
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    What the hell is the idiot doing?
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    I'd caution that Alabama Republicans are a breed all their own. They didn't flinch supporting a credibly accused pedophile for U.S. Senate. They're the most extreme of the extreme. Still, it certainly seems the onslaught against Roe is underway with all these incredibly restrictive anti-abortion measures being passed at the state level. They're certainly hoping one gets sent to the Supreme Court and Kavanaugh/Gorsuch do what they were sent there to do.
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    Because there is no rule of law while republicans hold govt.
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    Our penis I mean screen is around 110” if I recall and we have the walls covered in dark maroon felt and the windows covered in some fancy black material and I have a special pair of shoes I’m only allowed to wear inside the room so I don’t track any cat hair in. Also the toilet is made of gold and the toilet water comes from a melting glacier.
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    I think this is what a large portion of people who aren't players and want this to happen care about, myself included. The potential downside to this is that you ruin the amateur aspect of college sports and IMO, college sports are much better than the pros bc of that aspect. I like professional sports but I would rather watch a college game than a pro game almost any day (aside from certain matchups).
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    Problem is going to be ISPs holding bandwidth and access for ransom (See Netflix, Hulu) if it really does take off. Really need a net neutrality agreement so TV over IP can really take off and internet service can be regulated as a utility (which it's quickly becoming, if not already).
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    Zero scholarships at the moment. I assume one opens up for Roby but as of now we are technically full up. 13 scholarships- Seniors- 3 Kavas Cheatham Roby(I assume he leaves) Juniors-4 Burke Thorbjarnarson Green Walker- SIT OUT/ 2 years after Soph-3 Mack Stephenson- SIT OUT/ 1/2 season Banton- SIT OUT/ 3 years after Fresh-3 Arop Ouedraogo Cross
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    Of course. Mysoginists disguised as gatekeepers of morality. Anything to suppress women and keep men free.
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    Yeah, there's a couple ways to look at it. Can't argue with your point. But there's also the argument that he'd put in his time, done what he could and deserves a "reward." But the main reason they went with it was to complete the Tony Stark/Steve Rogers stories by crossing them up, as it were. Tony was brash and selfish but ends up sacrificing himself to save the world. Steve was the ultimate team player but ends up doing something he always wanted for himself in the end. Kind of a neat way to end their stories.
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    I think we need a Evan McMullin thread just to post his rational conservative thinking
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