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    Omaha is one win away from securing their first NCAA Regional birth
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    100 dollars says that his contact information for his son in his phone is "The Polar Bear"
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    How would that possibly haunt them? Every single one of them have already explicitly, time and time again, revealed their true stances and lack of care for the American public. Them voting on impeachment would do nothing. The people who would see it as an indictment have already known the truth of them, and the rest would continue to bury their heads in the sand the way they already have despite overwhelming massive undeniable evidence of bad behavior. Again. The Dems have not, will not, and are not setting that precedent. The precedent has already been clearly set, but not by the Dems.
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    That’ll speed up the exit from south Stadium!
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    It's over. Swept them in less than 90 minutes. Foecke finished with 8 kills, 2 blocks and an ace. Hit .500 for the match. Something for those of you nostalgic for Foecke Bombs. Pretty cool to see Karch talk up Foecke like this. I can remember back in the day when I was a young knapplc and I actually got Karch's autograph on a pink hat. Could be the last autograph I ever got.
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    Here is a question, is the following statement from my 5 year old grandson or from the President of the United States? (Hand me a $5 bill, I'll give you a free cup of coffee at Starbucks if you get the answer right) Quote (edited to make it coherent): "I responded in kind because she made horrible statements about me"? https://www.yahoo.com/news/fox-news-chris-wallace-nancy-194509152.html
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    @Mavric, title is wrong. We play Maryland/Michigan winner, not Minnesota/Iowa. And right now, it’s looking like we’ll play Michigan.
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    Another example of Trump being swayed by Fox and Friends. It is also an example of lawlessness. Trump potential pardons of soldiers before they even have their day in court is problematic to say the least. https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/5/24/18637360/trump-war-crimes-pardons-gallagher-golsteyn-fox-news-hegseth
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    And, he's opting out of football and going straight to play for the Cubs.
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    And Hitler said to Hermann Goring........ (Goring was Hitler's right hand man & enforcer and creator of the Gestapo) https://apnews.com/9e926bfccb5947d5a5f8eb260cb0a7e6 .
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    Utah didn't immediately keep the same leve of success but they certainly did a great job sustaining their program after him. Four years later they went undefeated and depantsed an Alabama team that was ranked #1 for like 5 weeks straight. Florida, you're right. tOSU seems to sustain success through everyone though.
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    I cant decide if Urban leaving is going to make much of a difference or not...
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    Yeah, I'm gonna say that objectifying the VB team probably belongs in the shed if anywhere. This thread is about Duval's program as it relates to football.
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    IMO is the best in-state OL we have had in a long time
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    Trump: "I don't do cover-ups". Conway counters with the posting of Trump's cover-up hush money check. https://www.yahoo.com/news/george-conway-mocks-trump-on-coverups-by-tweeting-stormy-daniels-payment-check-182745558.html
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    @NUance you're a sight for sore eyes brah!
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    I wonder who has a problem with the next round of Obama admin revelations.
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    It's called red shirting.
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    I don't know that it feels particularly fair to the student athletes to have to stay in school until sometime in July.
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    It's the Dems job to fix the Republican party by beating them in elections. They could start by running on issues that the people want instead of what their donors want.
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    The CDC says suicide rates today aren't higher than in past generations, and have been higher well before social media was invented.
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    I can honestly say I don't care. I don't say that to be snippy. It's just something I really don't care about. Sure, I'm glad we got over the hump of electing a black person. But....these types of questions are not something I ponder nor really care about. I want a good President no matter if they are white, male, black female, gay....whatever. And, when we elect a woman or gay person, I hope it's based on them being a good candidate instead of everyone getting excited about electing the first xyz person.
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    https://www.insidethehall.com/2019/05/22/potb-278-tim-miles/ Indiana basketball themed podcast... Podcast on the Brink is back for a new episode with hosts Jerod Morris of The Assembly Call and Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall. The show is available weekly. After a week hiatus, Morris and Bozich are back with former Nebraska coach Tim Miles to discuss a variety of topics, including his time at Nebraska, his sideline battle with Tom Crean back in 2014, his thoughts on IU under Archie Miller and much more. Among the topics discussed: • What it was like coaching in the Big Ten the last seven years • His 3-2 record against the Hoosiers at Assembly Hall during his tenure in Lincoln • What he’s been doing in the months since being let go at Nebraska • What the media and those on the outside don’t understand about coaching at the highest level of college basketball • Is recruiting fun? • The sideline kerfuffle with Crean in 2014 in Lincoln • When will Archie get it rolling in Bloomington? • Plans for next season and whether he may stop for a visit at IU • Tim’s first visit to Assembly Hall and how he broke the law to enter the building
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    Holy moly, man woman and child, do I hear your groans in the aisles. We were lucky enough to move down during the Riley Era when people were pissed off enough to dump their seats. 50 rows in three years - the equivalent of generations of moving onward & downward. But when we sat in Section 35, Row 84, we didn't even try to leave games for at least 15 minutes, and a lot of times more. We have the 25th largest stadium in the world. A veritable palace for sports. But that doesn't mean we don't need to upgrade it.
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    It's more of an opportunity to get noticed, and Martinez will actually be a counselor - the camp itself is for high schoolers. The college guys participate in a lot of challenges though, so it's a good opportunity to get noticed. But it's not a camp where coaches will be trying to change his throwing motion or anything.
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    I've added a bunch of new previews in the past week. The preview mags are hitting shelves, so we should start seeing a bunch of stuff soon.
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    Look at our schedule again. Then watch the last 6 games of last season. IMO no koolaid is required to predict 10 wins.
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    https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Article/Nebraska-Huskers-athletics-director-Bill-Moos-Fred-Hoiberg--132088043/ He doesn’t explicitly say “dome” but it probably falls under the “improving fan comfort”
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    I saw a headline that said he was talking about the death penalty for Come, Clapper, et al. So don't worry, he's on it. He's get a history of suggesting we kill innocent people:
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    It's typically designated as rJr to prevent confusion.
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