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    I'm optimistic that we don't necessarily need to see dramatic improvements on the field in order to realize dramatic improvements on the scoreboard and the final record. The offense was already very productive and very dangerous with a totally new system, new coaching staff, and true freshman QB. There were a lot of games where we racked up tons of yards, but not enough points to reflect the production. Finishing drives and being more consistent throughout 4 quarters will lead to more wins. With an additional year under everyone's belt, I don't think that is too tall of an order. On defense, yeah there is a lot to be desired, but they did make improvements compared to Diaco's $h!tshow from the year before. With a similar level of improvement, even if it is not incredibly dramatic, that should translate to more wins as well. Overall, last year was a complete rebuild, but this year is about getting stronger, and getting more comfortable, consistent, and confident. I tend to think that minor improvements across the board, as long as everyone's head is in the game, will be enough to get us from 4 wins up to 9 or more.
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    Who were UCF's great and experienced RBs, receivers and OL from their 6-7 2016 season? You can't make this point at all without talking about that. You haven't given evidence that UCF looked better prepared before the 2017 season than Nebraska does now. They had no one returning from the top 100 rushers list and Tre'Quan Smith was #84 nationally for WRs (Spielman was #32 last season). Their top RB that year was Killins, a SO, and Otis Andersen a true freshmen. Their top 3 receivers were a Jr, So, Sr, the next 3 were all true freshmen. I'm looking at their 2017 roster right now and they only have 1 senior OL listed. They weren't a group of experienced veterans that were stars the previous year. I"m sure there are many reasons to question whether Nebraska's going to have a good season, but this comparison doesn't work if you aren't saying anything about how good UCF's players were.
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    He actually said as quoted on the article " “This is a crisis created by Trump. This is a crisis created by the administration. And that’s why there’s hordes coming.” Acknowledging a large amount of people are currently at the border but not coming in illegally doesn't prove that illegals are a problem. It proves there are a lot of people at the border. Also, Trump said it would be ok to shoot them. There are some things you shouldn't joke about. Taking human life, no matter what, shouldn't be joked about. If you're a trump supporter (as I once was) and you hear this...it should be enough for you to be disgusted and enough for you to look at what else this waste of a president has said...both before and after he was president.
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    Ssshhh, Whaddya tryin' to do, get another player in trouble? Of course he was alone.
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    We're supposed to applaud Trump for threatening Mexico with a gigantic tax hike ON US because conservatives are comically afraid of brown people and obviously the answer is more border guards, walls, etc.
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    I sure as hell don't, but at the same time he is not a great reflection on our University right now. I really hope the kid can grow up and grow up fast. He should have felt he was on thin ice well before the drug paraphernalia issue came out.
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    Milton and the UCF offense showed a major improvement between year 1 and 2, but IMO much of the credit also goes to RBs, receivers & OL who understood the system much better and gave Frost more play calling options. This makes me think the improvement will be less at Nebraska. JD Speilman, Mo and Warner are the only experienced skill players returning, and if bad luck happens we may not have Mo, and JD could be hindered by concussions. Throw in a new center, and this offense does not have the same level of experience with Frost's offense as the UCF team did in year two.
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    Frost really killing it on recruiting trail, today he is in TX visiting some real studs!
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    Here’s one that pissed me off after watching the movie on the Central Park 5 that by itself should have been enough for people not to vote for him. They had DNA from the scene and none of it matched any of the 5 boys. They were 14-16 and some were interrogated without their parents there and 4 didn’t have lawyers there. A serial rapist confessed to the crime in 2002 and they took his DNA, and it matched the DNA from the scene. Trump in 2016: Someone who is too stupid or too racist or too unwilling to admit their prior mistakes to be able to compare the newfound evidence to the confessions of intimidated boys alone at a police station for hours has no business anywhere near the White House and this by itself should have ruled him out from people’s minds as a candidate for the job. There are so many individual instances like this that show him to be a disgusting human being that should have been enough to rule him out, but his supporters just keep filing them away in a place in the dark recesses of their brains where they can conveniently ignore them. I don’t know how they can do it but I hope I’m never able to do the same thing for anyone. Also, Trump in 2014, when the 5 were awarded $40 million: https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/donald-trump-central-park-settlement-disgrace-article-1.1838467 One of the boys was 16 at the time and was beaten and raped for the next 13 years in prison so no I doubt he's laughing at how stupid the city is for paying him. Also Trump isn't a taxpayer so why did he care?
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    I disagree with this sentiment. We will be a team no defense wants to face starting this year. There were already flashes a year ago despite all the early season frustration. After a year in the system and with much stronger buy in from the players I forsee us playing more consistently than last year and finishing drives with points instead of sputtering. This season we will see an offense unlike anything we have had in the past 20 years.
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    I agree that our D will be much improved, I just don't think the O will make the same jump that the UCF O did in year 2 because we will have too many key O players that are in year 1. I think we will be better, but the improvement will not be as dramatic as it was for UCF.
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    Just what Mo needs: more trouble with the law.
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    All four drafted and played at least two or three seasons in the NFL. Prince is still playing.
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    This is true, but on paper (and I believe in reality), UCF’s talent level was quite a bit worse than Nebraska’s as well. Maybe we have too many players who haven’t shown that talent on the field yet but I trust it’s coming with the better coaching I believe they’re receiving.
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    I was wondering the same thing. If Mexico does a cost benefit analysis and decides adding more border security costs more than they get from it, then why do it?
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    Agreed. Though, I'm not sure it's a complete win for American people if it does work.... The part that is annoying is that the Mexican government has to be threatened or persuaded to protect their own borders.
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    Wow lol that is a bold comparison to say the least. They should probably keep quiet considering what happened up there under their last coach...
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    I think you can continue to try and temper your own expectations with stuff like this, or you can relax and allow yourself to drink the kool aid. No they aren't going 12-0, but the days of crushing disappointment are ending. Have some fun!
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    These are all pretty solid, but you don't have to be old to reach back and grab Johnny Rodgers over Demornay Pierson-El.
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    Kinda funny that ours is considered tough when it’s easier than last year’s.
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    https://www.tennisrecruiting.net/list.asp?id=1199 Huskers landed a good looking prospect from California: Andre Saleh rated #57 nationally. 19-6 record including 10-6 vs Blue Chip, Five Star, and Four star players. Should be a nice building block for Coach Maymi to work with going forward. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=211780766
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    Dead to Me seems promising. Edit: Finished it up and highly recommend it if you like dark comedy. Though, it’s more dark than comedy.
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