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    Ssshhh, Whaddya tryin' to do, get another player in trouble? Of course he was alone.
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    OU just landed 1 of their top backs on their board and are no longer interested in Sevion. Things could change but it sounds like we are in the driver's seat here.
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    I sure as hell don't, but at the same time he is not a great reflection on our University right now. I really hope the kid can grow up and grow up fast. He should have felt he was on thin ice well before the drug paraphernalia issue came out.
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    Milton and the UCF offense showed a major improvement between year 1 and 2, but IMO much of the credit also goes to RBs, receivers & OL who understood the system much better and gave Frost more play calling options. This makes me think the improvement will be less at Nebraska. JD Speilman, Mo and Warner are the only experienced skill players returning, and if bad luck happens we may not have Mo, and JD could be hindered by concussions. Throw in a new center, and this offense does not have the same level of experience with Frost's offense as the UCF team did in year two.
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    Ehhh turns out Tanner Lee was pretty proven
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    Where have you seen people saying he'll have a bigger year than Martinez? There are arguments to be had about how good he could be/will be, but I have not seen anyone (even OSU fans) predicting a bigger year than Martinez. All players start from having accomplished nothing, but we get excited about them anyway. This time of year is all about hype anyway, gotta be excited about something and the shiny new players are appealing. Are you quashing the Wan'Dale hype as well?
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    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/answer-sheet/wp/2017/01/29/why-so-many-college-students-decide-to-transfer/ This article says roughly 38% of students transfer at least once, 45% of those transferring more than once during their college education. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/5/14/17329390/ncaa-transfer-rule-changes-2018 This article says football players on the FBS level transfer at about a 13% clip
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    It's really early on Adrian Martinez, but really tempting. Certainly worth freeing up players from the glory eras. Or to put it another way; look what Adrian Martinez did with units that wouldn't come close to anyone's "best of" lists.
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    The OP's theory actually isn't that bad. It's pretty much a hodge podge roster right now heading into year 2 with some leftovers from Riley that honestly aren't very talented / some really, really good incoming true freshmen / some guys that redshirted last year that are honestly just total unknowns one way or the other. If Duvall & Greg Austin can get our big guys into that nasty, gritty mindset headed into September and Martinez has time to throw the ball, we will seriously destroy probably 8 out of the 12 teams on our schedule with a floor of a nine win season. If they don't...Martinez isn't going to just dance around and win games all by himself, no matter how badly the fan base wants to believe that.
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    This is a walk off home run, right here.
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    Here’s one that pissed me off after watching the movie on the Central Park 5 that by itself should have been enough for people not to vote for him. They had DNA from the scene and none of it matched any of the 5 boys. They were 14-16 and some were interrogated without their parents there and 4 didn’t have lawyers there. A serial rapist confessed to the crime in 2002 and they took his DNA, and it matched the DNA from the scene. Trump in 2016: Someone who is too stupid or too racist or too unwilling to admit their prior mistakes to be able to compare the newfound evidence to the confessions of intimidated boys alone at a police station for hours has no business anywhere near the White House and this by itself should have ruled him out from people’s minds as a candidate for the job. There are so many individual instances like this that show him to be a disgusting human being that should have been enough to rule him out, but his supporters just keep filing them away in a place in the dark recesses of their brains where they can conveniently ignore them. I don’t know how they can do it but I hope I’m never able to do the same thing for anyone. Also, Trump in 2014, when the 5 were awarded $40 million: https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/donald-trump-central-park-settlement-disgrace-article-1.1838467 One of the boys was 16 at the time and was beaten and raped for the next 13 years in prison so no I doubt he's laughing at how stupid the city is for paying him. Also Trump isn't a taxpayer so why did he care?
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    I disagree with this sentiment. We will be a team no defense wants to face starting this year. There were already flashes a year ago despite all the early season frustration. After a year in the system and with much stronger buy in from the players I forsee us playing more consistently than last year and finishing drives with points instead of sputtering. This season we will see an offense unlike anything we have had in the past 20 years.
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    I agree that our D will be much improved, I just don't think the O will make the same jump that the UCF O did in year 2 because we will have too many key O players that are in year 1. I think we will be better, but the improvement will not be as dramatic as it was for UCF.
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    There is a lot of truth to what you have stated in this thread - however it is equal to or out weighted by the fact that this staff has had 4ish years together and they have become much more efficient at running this ship. Either way, it's going to be fun to watch it play out....
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    I don't think anyone would realistically consider Bolt a 'weak hire'. Especially if we provide him a pool to bring in capable assistants.
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    Watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas last night...
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    This is kind of related. Research has shown that those who take radical views (left or right) find it hard to question their own positions and to change their mindset. https://getpocket.com/explore/item/people-with-extreme-political-views-have-trouble-thinking-about-their-own-thinking?utm_source=pocket-newtab
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    The offensive line is what scares me the most this year; if they gel, I think we'll be fine. I'd also argue that Adrian is a better QB than Milton; at the very least, he's got much more potential.
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    I thought this would be a fun exercise but man, It’s crazy how stacked those mid 90’s teams were. Wanting to pick somewhere between 93 to 97 for virtually every position group. It’s insane.
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    Eh... Russia does something like this to the US and other NATO countries almost every month. It's nothing new, it's been happening since the Cold War I would think.
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    Why do people expect more loyalty from 18 year olds towards a school than they as adults give their employers? And then say they “lack mental fortitude” for making a career decision for themselves?
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    People change their minds all the time. I really have no idea why Fields wanted out of Georgia. I don't think it is far at this point to say that Field's lacks mental fortitude and decision making. We will see how it pans out for him at OSU. Also, I think it would be foolish to judge a player based on a single spring game. When did Rliey become a top 5 coach?
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    Not saying they had more talent - just saying they weren't devoid of talent. And yes, I hope SF can squeeze more blood out of our turnip also - others in our congress - OSU and Mich will probably always have a higher ranked class - so then it comes down the coaching and motivation and desire to be consistently on top.
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    If this was an Iranian ship Trump would be threatening to blow it out of the watwr next time.
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    Well I know it doesn't work quite like that, but you get what I am saying. A lot of people think Nebraska has to have this top 10 defense that is only giving up 13 a game in order to win a lot of games. That just isn't true. Just a little improvement can make a huge difference.
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    Fromm>Bryant and its not even close. There is a reason Fromm is the projected #1 pick next draft despite the fact he is a JR. The situations are not apples to apples. As far as your final question, you may have had a point 3 years ago but with the direction things are heading with transfers we will be seeing alot more all conference type players moving around. Hurts will probably be an All American this year so that gives you two hiesman winners and an All American QB in the last 3 years. Granted all at the same school, but Ohio State is the same type of program.
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    I was wondering the same thing. If Mexico does a cost benefit analysis and decides adding more border security costs more than they get from it, then why do it?
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    Wow lol that is a bold comparison to say the least. They should probably keep quiet considering what happened up there under their last coach...
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    2017 UCF's strength of schedule was also far worse than our 2019 SOS. Their SOS was 72nd (per Sagarin) while ours is projected at 23rd. No matter how much everyone improves from last year to this year, that's going to affect final results.
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    Biden thinks the " hordes" are a 'crisis.' https://ijr.com/border-apprehensions-april-biden-illegal-immigrants-healthcare/
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    I think you can continue to try and temper your own expectations with stuff like this, or you can relax and allow yourself to drink the kool aid. No they aren't going 12-0, but the days of crushing disappointment are ending. Have some fun!
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    This thread is all hopped up on goofballs.
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    These are all pretty solid, but you don't have to be old to reach back and grab Johnny Rodgers over Demornay Pierson-El.
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    I like the 2010 db selection. Prince! Dennard, Hagg, Gomes. That squad was stacked at DB
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    QB: 1989 (Gerry Gdowski isn't a bad consolation prize after other unit selections eliminate Gill, Frazier, Frost and Crouch.) RB: 1982 WR/TE: 2013 (Not many Nebraska teams started two receivers that would later be selected in the NFL Draft.) OL: 1994 DL: 1997 LB: 2003 (Barrett Ruud and Demorrio Williams) DB: 2010 ST: 2014 (I'll take a young Pierson-El returning punts before he was injured.)
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    This is fun off season fodder. QB: 2019 RB: 1982 WR/TE: 2014 OL: 1995 DL: 1988 LB: 1992 DB: 1999 ST: 1972 Changing my mind on ST back before I existed thanks to @Guy Chamberlin
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    I think it was Fisher who said it was his job to recruit kids to take the jobs of those in the room. IMO, some of the transfers might be kids seeing they are about to lose their jobs....
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    Husker baseball over the past few years generally opperates at about a $750,000 loss. Bringing in about $1.5M in revenue while spending just under $2.5M in expenses. That is with Erstad making about 1/2 of what he could have had he not been willing to take a hometown discount. To get a top tier name coach we will need to pay around $800k at minimum. That isn't going to happen unless they estimate doing that will also raise revenue to the point that it's not just a $1M annual loss. Assuming they are willing to pay to lure them my top 5 in order would be 1. Greg Lovelady 2. Dan Heefner 3. Pat Casey 4. Jeff Duncan 5. Rob Childress I don't want an assistant. Nebraska ties or not. Right now this program still has the facilities and support to allow a really good coach to dominate this conference... if we make a weak hire now, that may not be the case next time around. The longer we are in the big ten without winning, the harder it will be to do it.
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    Matt Waldron to the... Indians
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    https://www.tennisrecruiting.net/list.asp?id=1199 Huskers landed a good looking prospect from California: Andre Saleh rated #57 nationally. 19-6 record including 10-6 vs Blue Chip, Five Star, and Four star players. Should be a nice building block for Coach Maymi to work with going forward. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=211780766
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    This is a nuance of this that Captain dumb dumb doesn't get. His approval rating is around 40% with a majority of Americans saying they will NOT vote for him. All countries like China and Mexico have to do is wait out about 17 months and their's a decent chance they won't have to deal with him. And....the longer this goes, the less of a chance he wins.
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    You’re still lacking good reasoning for the comparison. You’re comparing our potential improvement to how much UCF improved. UCF had the same “problems” you’re pointing out about Nebraska.
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    Seems like majority want Mo off the team (which is stupid) yet never say anything about the 90s teams. Like the steroids, Osborne hiding a gun in his desk that one of the players used in a shooting, sexual assaults etc. If Frost keeps Mo on the team (which I hope he does) and we win the big 10 this year or next then all will be forgotten
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    The transfer rules haven't really changed. The portal has been added and they seem to be more lenient with waivers but the base rules are basically what they have been. As you said this type of situation has been a criticism of previous coaches. I was wondering if that stayed the same or it changes when we like the coach better.
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