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    Told this story before, but I was living around 32nd and R in Lincoln one winter, and they had closed R Street for repair. So late one night I hear a car turn down my street, see the dead end and then try to back up. Big old Cadillac, and the driver clearly couldn't navigate backing up the narrow street, veering into cars left and right. So I go outside to help and it's a pretty s#!t-faced Bob Devaney. He gets out of the car and lets me do it for him. I did him the favor of pretending I didn't know who he was.
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    Why would Bo Pelini need to go to the basement of a hotel to verbally berate someone when he was happy to do it routinely on national television?
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    I mean if you don’t think Ohio State has been dominant than you are pretty delusional. OSU in the last 5 years: 1 national title, only 7 losses. Clemson in the last 5 years: 2 national titles, with 7 losses same as OSU. And let’s not act like the ACC has been a gauntlet of a conference either.
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    The quote was "Ohio State, Alabama and Clemson dominate the country" OSU is the 2nd winningest program in the past 10 years. It's accurate to say they've been dominating the country with those 2 teams, even if they get destroyed by 1 of the 2 above them.
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    The daughter in law of the booster that Carl slept with basically told Tom and Harvey that carl was going, or his money was. They told bo and bo freaked out. Bo stormed to a certain downtown steakhouse when he heard the booster was there. But the booster was at the havelock location and Bo had to be restrained in the back of the restuarnt. I know im a random internet guy, but this one i know to be true.
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    Carl married that booster's daughter. She is a former Miss Nebraska (2008). Andrea Stine, from Elkhorn. They applied for their marriage license in Saunders Co in 2014. Here's the two of them together.
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    Bernie is an independent btw. So Democrats aren't his party. He has to run on their ticket because of our stupid 2 party system.
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    His platform is also relevant to 40 million people without health insurance and millions of people who have gone bankrupt from medical bills. His platform is also relevant to people who believe in science and 98% of the world scientists who believe climate change is an existiential threat to our planet. His platform is also relevant to anyone that wants a good paying job, which requires a college education, in which tuition has grown 1000% over the past 10 years and keeps growing every year. His platform is also relevant to people who work full time jobs and still dont have enough to pay the bills so they need to work multiple jobs in order to survive. His platform is also relevant to younger generations who probably wont get s#!t in the form of social security even though theyve been paying in their whole lives. And also older generations who rely on medicare that tries to get cut in every republican budget. His platform is also relevant to anyone who lost their home, their job and their savings (the criminals who crashed it got off scotfree and got bailouts from the people who suffered) from the market crash in 2008 and in which we are on the verge of an even bigger one this time around according to many economists. The economy is being held by a thread and consumer debt is at an all time high, even more so than in 2008. Should I go on?
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    I don't support paying college players or unrestrained profiting from their likeness. It's collegiate amateur sports and I'd prefer it stay that way. Any player who doesn't like being "used" and "profited" from is free to forego their scholarship and all the other preferential treatment that comes with it and they can go pro. It's pretty simple, if a college education with all kinds of help, tutors, housing, top notch food and nutrition, stipends etc. isn't enough reimbursement, nobody is forcing them to participate in that servitude. It doesn't matter how many millions schools or others are making. If ya don't like it, go out in the real world and see how much better you can do. Nobody is stopping them. Why? Because it is going to ruin the college game when we go down that path. We've already got more than enough professional sports leagues, college sports don't need to become another.
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    If we're comparing the quality of governance/regulation by the NCAA and the US government, I'll take the US government every time. I support paying college athletes, including for likeness, ever since the money coming in has exploded into the billions.
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    The amazing part is they did it while giving up 5.57 yards per play.
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    When they were winning 10+ games a year.... .. 9 wins gets you arrested
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    I liked the story of Parella punching one of the Road Warriors in an elevator before a bowl game because he was talking s#!t.
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    Carl fooling around with a booster’s wife was true. She divorced her husband and she went with Carl to Florida when he took the FAU head coaching job.
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    https://basketballrecruiting.rivals.com/news/three-star-max-murrell-aiming-for-a-fall-decision this kid’s recruitment has skyrocketed and it amazes me that hoiberg has yet to even show interest
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    The reason the Bo hotel story is believable is because it’s not something that is beneath Bo Pelini to do. That’s probably the best type of rumor. Something you can see the person actually doing but is slightly crazier than normal. Even though I don’t believe it... I’m only like 60% sure it didn’t happen.
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    The hidden gun story is true. From SI in 1995 Tyrone Williams, a senior cornerback, was charged in March 1994 with two felonies--unlawful discharge of a firearm and use of a weapon to commit a felony--in connection with a Jan. 30, 1994, shooting. Police say that Williams fired two shots into a car occupied by former New York Jet safety Kevin Porter, who was in town visiting friends. Porter was not hit. After the shooting, but before Williams was charged, then-Nebraska assistant Kevin Steele was given Williams's .22 caliber revolver. Then Steele and Osborne locked the gun in a cabinet. "When the chief of police and I learned that a gun wanted in connection with a felony shooting was in Osborne's possession when it should have been immediately turned over to the police, then you have evidence that is being withheld," Lacey says. When his actions came to light, Osborne said, "Frankly, if anybody had asked, we would have given it to them sooner. No charges had been filed, so we didn't think anybody was anxious about it." Osborne has said all along that he notified campus police about the gun. Last week Osborne conceded in an interview with SI that prosecutors were probably looking for the gun at the time he filed it away. "The weapon was missing when we asked [Williams] to get it. If we hadn't made him give us the gun, the police might never have gotten it."
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    sounds like they had 1 heck of a weekend planned
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    I understand that the state of California may pass a law that would require the NCAA to permit athletes to be compensated for ''their likeness''. Do you support this potential new law? I'm not Nostradamus so I won't make any predictions on how it would affect NCAA athletics, but I'll take a guess that such a law would be detrimental. After all, what isn't detrimentally affected once the government decides to step in and take over?
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    "Recent" can mean a lot of different numbers of years, and there can be different numbers of teams involved in this discussion. You could pick the 5 best teams and say they've dominated the country, or the best 10. Using your arbitrary definition of recent which is 4 instead of 5, OSU is 47-6 in that time. I'm not gonna look it up but I'm guessing they're #3 or close to it in the past 4 years. You accused people of talking about OSU because they're in our conference, but you're conveniently leaving out the year they won a national championship. We're arguing the English language right now, and you're not on the correct side of it. If someone says Jack, Sally, and Bob are a lot better than the other students at math, and their average test scores are 100%, 99.9%, and 95%, and the next best student's average is 85%, then they are all a lot better than their classmates. Commenting that Jack and Sally are a lot better than their classmates (including Bob) doesn't make the previous statement untrue.
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    "13-0...ahhhh you are just a bit buzzed...we will drive you home" "4-8? Taze him guys...this drunk is a menace to society and I think he said he had a gun"
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    Lots of things. And "take over" is an exaggeration, anyway. It doesn't.
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    The NCAA and the schools profit from using players likenesses all the time.
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    To me, if someone else is getting paid for a players likeness, the player has just as much right to get paid for it.
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    Everyone that has met you ends up with some issues!
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    These aren't really crazy rumors or anything, but a few stories that some of y'all might get a kick out of. They come from a friend of mine that was on the team for Callahan's last season. - Gruden was around constantly. Always hanging out with Bill and the players. Said he was a cool guy. - Before the USC game, Callahan tried to rally the troops by giving some big speech. Apparently it didn't go over real well. At the end of it Callahan singled out Carl Nicks and was like "Carl, you've got a daughter right? Well I want you to imagine that USC D-lineman doing (insert horrible string of disgusting things here) to your daughter. That's how I want you to play tonight." - Constant fights and scuffles during practice. One in particular where Victory Haines' nose was broken so badly, he had to have reconstructive surgery on his airways/sinuses, effectively ending his football career. - One RB would brazenly steal things from the lockers of "weaker" players (kickers, punters, Freshman) - Several players blazed up before games.
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    Well I do appreciate that. I just wonder what he could bring at this point that Nebraska couldn't get production wise from guys they already have. He would be coming in real late, and most likely will be out of shape. I guess 2020 would be a completely different scenario with him. It's not really a knock on his ability.
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    I think you have good takes a lot of times but think you’re wrong on this one. Think this is one we’d regret losing.
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    I don’t think Sanders will win the nomination but the current economy doesn’t hurt his platform, because the people his platform would help aren’t the ones doing better in this economy. He’s hurt by being old and by socialism being considered a bad word by a large pct of the population.
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    Yeah Bob liked to drink as did Joe Cipriano, often times together I've heard. I do know for a fact that Cipriano was absolutely wasted in the middle of a day when I went to his basketball camp back in 78ish. He came in to an afternoon session looking like Joe Lounge Lizard, shirt unbuttoned to his navel and long gold chains. He came in yelled at all the campers for awhile, slurring his words and stumbling about then he left. Absolutely true story.
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    Thought is was something to do with him on a recruiting trip to Vegas maybe.
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    This is not really a crazy story. I just found it weird when I saw that Lauren Cook jumped from Taylor Martinez to Ben Cotton within the same year. I guess it aint no fun if the homies can't get none.
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    Weren't there tons of smoke about Marvin Sanders having relations with a student as well? Man, I feel like Bo never recovered from his departure.
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    Yes, one can’t cherry pick the game against Clemson and ignore the game they took out Alabama and won the natty.
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    Recruitment: Nebraska is his newest offer with Kentucky in there along with Alabama, Auburn, Baylor, Georgia, LSU, Memphis, TCU and many others with offers. It's definitely notable that his brother recently transferred from UNLV to Texas Tech and the Red Raiders are also deep in the mix.
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    I think you're confsuing Solich with Bill McCartney, and the coed with his daughter being impregnated by a player. Colorado digs continuing through September 13th!
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    Wisconsin was thought to be the clear leader and they were apparently pressuring him to commit, saying they wouldn't hold a spot for him. But he appears to be looking to take another OV at the end of the month. Nebraska, Michigan State and Penn State thought to be possibilities.
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    They dont even start voting for another 6 or 7 months lol.
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    I for one am totally onboard with evil robot umpires.
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    Bernie's anti-endorsement list is great: https://berniesanders.com/anti-endorsements/
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    Maybe I complained about this already but I'ma do it again. Skylar drives me nuts when Walt buys the $300 bottle of wine to celebrate the fact they purchased an $800,000 car wash business. She gets mad at him for spending $300 on a bottle of wine because he's a school teacher and it doesn't make sense... right after they purchased an $800,000 car wash business.
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    Hoiberg in the house today to watch him
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    You might want to give it a couple more episodes. If you really liked Mike, I think he makes an appearance in episode 5 and starts making regular appearances after that.
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