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    My favorite play from the Riley era is when Moos fired him.that was sweeeeeet
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    When everyone is riding a wave of Kool-Aid into the fast approaching season, and someone starts a thread about Riley:
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    No matter what alternate we choose, it can't be as bad as Wisconsin's "Jake from State Farm" Alternates they are rolling out.
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    Or, and hear me out here....the pictures are mostly in black and white....
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    This is about the only thread I can even handle right now. Tired of all the "rival or not rival", preseaons rankings, blah, blah, blah of the off season. Give me practice or give me games!!!!!!
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    I’ll take “People who didn’t watch the play” for 1000.
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    Over 50% of American workers make $30,000 or less. Record debt from consumers and corporations, more so than in 2008 crash. National deficit is highest its ever been in the history of the country. 30% of the country is in collections. Stock buybacks which boosted the economy for a time after tax season are dying down. Yield curve is inverted. Trade wars. In what world are you living in is this economy the best its ever been? Because the DOW and S&P were doing well until they crashed last week? Most economists say its coming. And they say it will be worse than the last one. Great economy...
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    ...but they’re also doing just fine without him
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    I have very little sympathy for anyone who voted for Trump who has been harmed by his policies. Anyone with half a brain saw these types of outcomes coming. I will have even less sympathy when they vote for Trump again.
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    But some of us know how to squat, right? RIGHT?! If you say no, we can have that discussion again too.
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    I think the #19 is significant. I would bet those are it.
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    take yopur pick. someone who can negotiate a treaty or trade deal rather than just break every treaty and trade deal we had? someone who isn't a kleptocrat? someone who will hire qualified people for their jobs rather than appoint acting yes men to jobs? someone who doesn't kiss up to murderous dictators? someone who isn't destroying the farm economy? someone who doesn't rely on nepotism to fill his cabinet? knap already said someone who isn't a racist. someone who doesn't use covfefe, hamberder, windmill cancer, etc, etc.
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    Well, being able to scramble for a few yards made him the next Michael Vick in Riley's eyes.
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    Randy would be able to help the current players get a good pot dealer in Lincoln, and vice versa.
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    Haha...no one hates Husker fans more than other Husker fans! Haha! "Here is my podcast if you want to check it out" "NO! GET LOST!"
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    Watch it again. The CB won that battle. He basically shoved the WR into the ball carrier and almost tackled him with the opposing player. The ball carrier maybe should have cut up but it's hard to know without seeing the rest of the field.
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    Nice video. Not sure about that last play though. Should have ended the clip just before the receiver ran into his blocker (who had just made a good block).
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    Facemask isn't multi colored, number font is normal, pants don't look like they have stripes, no blatant tired tread (2013 did)and shoulders have blackshirt logo. Also the B in the B1G wasnt filled in with white
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    i am old enough to remember trump saying china was paying the tariffs.
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    You're pretty much epitomizing what drives people away from the P&R forum, so kudos if that's your goal here.
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    Someone who isn't a racist bully? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Can you go back and highlight the parts where I disagreed with you or made you seem to think I was picking a fight/argument? Because I'm not, and wasn't.
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    Preseason polls are out. Huskers come in at Number 2, behind Stanford.
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    The thing I did thing sounded promising was Darrion Daniels saying something to the effect of "he carries 327 pounds better than I do". We do have some good options on the line but true DTs are always hard to come by. So if he's built that big and that well, that's a good start - and also hopefully speaks at least somewhat to the shape he's in.
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    I'm not a "liberal Husker", so you didn't ask me. As to the bolded, this has very little to do with anything Trump has done. Isn't it amazing that how Trump claimed everything is an unmitigated disaster.....but within literal weeks of him being elected (not even in office) he was proclaiming how everything was doing great....because of him? Hmmmm...how does that work? But...just to be clear, you're obviously perfectly fine if Trump crashes our economy. Thanks for the clarification.
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    NU may gain on those you mention, but if that list is a 25-year rolling total, then it would be based off 1994-2018. That means NU will have the following win totals dropping off over the next few years: 13, 12, 11, 13, 9, and 12. Those win totals won't be easy to match as the 25-year total rolls into the future..
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    Janovich's long TD run on the full back trap against Wisconsin. Pretty amazing moment to be in the stands for. And in true Mike Riley disaster form, we then blow the game.
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    I hate to admit I’ve watched this far more times than one would consider useful.
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    Fairly new member, express my Husker fandom through my podcast. Sat down with Nebraska and Colorado fans to discuss this year's game. https://soundcloud.com/user-221919847/nu-vs-cu-round-table-discussion
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    It stopped the clock with 55 seconds left and Illinois had no timeouts. If you don't stop the clock you can run the entire play clock down on 4th down and essentially no matter what you do Illinois has at best has a couple seconds 70+ yards from their endzone to maybe run one play, though since the failed pass to Janovich on 4th down took 10 seconds off the clock there is a good chance the game ends on that 4th down play. Keeping the clock running, using the entire playclock and taking a 5 yard delay of game penalty also means you can kick a 32 yard field goal and if there's any time left the game ends on a squib kick.
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    There's a great documentary that came out in 2006 directed by Mike Judge. It covers this very topic. You should give it a watch, it explains everything.
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    By 'play' I am assuming you mean 'player'? Gerry and DPE is a pretty good answer and hard to argue with. If you are asking what the worst play of the Riley era was though, It'd have to be the 3rd down pass against Illinois in 2015.
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    I thought this would be about bonehead plays from the Riley era. I would go with the byu hail Mary that started the misery off, or when Armstrong threw the ball against Illinois late with the lead when kneeling would have won it.
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    We need a 2 kicker formation. Are they attempting a field goal? Are they punting? NOBODY KNOWS.
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    This news is a little dated but with the upcoming season upon us, the 2019 NCAA Division 1 recruiting rankings as determined by "an elite group of Div 1 coaches" is as follows: https://volleyballmag.com/2019-ncaa-womens-recruiting-rankings/ Stanford is 1 and Nebraska 2. Per the article there is a "gap" between the top two and Oregon at 3. As far as B1G teams, the Buckenidiots are 4 and Purdue is 7. They only picked the top 10 but the usual suspects made "honorable mention" namely Penn State, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Not only did Ohio State recruit well, but they are moving into new digs as is Indiana. And remember Northwestern just got new facilities in the last half of the 2018 season. A veritable volleyball ARMS race in the B1G. TCU is the big surprise in the top 10 recruiting list at 5. I thought it was amusing that the author had to point out that Texas was in the top 6 for the 4th straight year. There are two edges to that sword. Yes Elliot can recruit well in fertile recruiting grounds, but he recently is losing players also. The prime example is 2017 Gatorade POY Lexi Sun. And there have been others. He has someone on the Texas staff that can coach up the middles well, but there isn't a ton of Texas players (other than middles) on the USA roster.
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    Let's shoot for the stars here gang. Eleven, yes you heard me 11 QBs.
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