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    Welcome back Patrick O'Brien!!!
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    My favorite play from the Riley era is when Moos fired him.that was sweeeeeet
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    No matter what alternate we choose, it can't be as bad as Wisconsin's "Jake from State Farm" Alternates they are rolling out.
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    Or, and hear me out here....the pictures are mostly in black and white....
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    This is about the only thread I can even handle right now. Tired of all the "rival or not rival", preseaons rankings, blah, blah, blah of the off season. Give me practice or give me games!!!!!!
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    But some of us know how to squat, right? RIGHT?! If you say no, we can have that discussion again too.
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    I think the #19 is significant. I would bet those are it.
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    Well, being able to scramble for a few yards made him the next Michael Vick in Riley's eyes.
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    Randy would be able to help the current players get a good pot dealer in Lincoln, and vice versa.
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    Watch it again. The CB won that battle. He basically shoved the WR into the ball carrier and almost tackled him with the opposing player. The ball carrier maybe should have cut up but it's hard to know without seeing the rest of the field.
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    Someone who isn't a racist bully? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Fairly new member, express my Husker fandom through my podcast. Sat down with Nebraska and Colorado fans to discuss this year's game. https://soundcloud.com/user-221919847/nu-vs-cu-round-table-discussion
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    By 'play' I am assuming you mean 'player'? Gerry and DPE is a pretty good answer and hard to argue with. If you are asking what the worst play of the Riley era was though, It'd have to be the 3rd down pass against Illinois in 2015.
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    Let's shoot for the stars here gang. Eleven, yes you heard me 11 QBs.
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    I would guess it's more to do with some of the geniuses we've had in charge thinking it looks outdated.
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    All I know is South Alabama better bring some ice. These guys may be even saltier now that Frost backed them off.
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    He has stated in an interview or two since coming to Nebraska that they try to create new plays all the time and some of them have been disasters. I imagine some of the disaster ones were gimmicky. And it depends on how you define gimmicky. Are the statue of liberty or half back pass gimmicky or does it need to be weirder than that? Because he did both of those last year (both against Minnesota, I believe).
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    I assume we dont need him this year, so no need for a waiver? More depth but overall this is a low risk/medium reward---adds depth?
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    Man, the Riley Lovers could not get enough of that statue.
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    That's why I said "mostly", Landy.
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    this is how clintonbodycount was trending before the news broke. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/janelytvynenko/fdny-investigating-jeffrey-epstein-4chan-post About 38 minutes before news outlets first reported Jeffrey Epstein's death in prison, a 4chan user published a detailed post about it.
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    this guy didn't care that the good guys with guns were there. he had an assault style weapon and he was going to use it. https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/12/us/riverside-california-officer-involved-shooting/index.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+rss%2Fcnn_topstories+(RSS%3A+CNN+-+Top+Stories)&utm_content=Yahoo+Search+Results
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    It’s borrowing a term used by the Golden State Warriors when they would play Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, and Andre Igoudala together. Those guys weren’t always the starting 5, but they were usually the crunch time lineup. It usually meant “death” for their opponents because of the matchup nightmares the lineup gave. This lineup proposed in the article for NU is very similar. Frost probably can’t use it for big stretches of the game, but it creates a lot of matchup problems for opposing defenses because of the versatility of each skill player.
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    We say these things because it’s the most anticipated time of the season and none of us knows squat. Until we see an actual game, all we can do now is hope and speculate.
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    I understand abot rival or no and preseason rankings, but how do you feel about 2 qbs on the field at the same time?!
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    I want to beat Lil Red too but I don’t ‘cause there’s a real person in there with a family. I assume.
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    hey einstein.....that's the way the globe works. it's winter in the southern hemisphere right now.
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    Did they have the day off today? Unacceptable. I have needs.
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    When we played in Columbia and we got Brad Smith'd that wasn't fun even a night game there was horrible. Then again it was mostly students yelling "F*ck Nebraska"
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    I think he is talking about the Scorpions song. Farmers hurt farmers...about 70 years ago...the problem is they still don't want to really farm because they don't have to farm.
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    Methinks some are still thinking of the old redshirt rules...
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    Good one! See also: https://footballtoolbox.net/using-your-best-athletes-multi-qb-offense
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    Sounds way too gimmicky. Maybe a trick play that is used one time ever.
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    I really don’t like how some are trying to pit large farmers against small farmers. I have friends who are pretty big farmers. I manage relatively a very small amount of farm land. I would have lost money last year if it weren’t for this payment. That’s not a devastating issue because farming is not my main job. Contrast that with my friends who also would have lost money and it’s their livelihood. The issue needs to be about Trumps pathetic trade wars that cause the need for this...... Not pitting farmers against each other. Oh.....and getting farmers to realize They should not vote for Trump no matter how big they are.
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    .....which is a reason I spend little time obsessing over Trump. There is a system in place and he won. Let's see what happens in 2020.
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    It's not really a discussion thread. It's chastising Trump supporters.....which doesn't differ from any other thread in the P&R forum.
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    Yes...but I believe 100% that we are all hypocrites. I think that is pretty much normal.
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    We need Rage Against The Machine and Jon Stewart doing the Daily Show today more than ever.
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