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    What did we learn? I learned that some one needs to wake me the hell up when off-season hype becomes an expectation instead of the crap I watched today. This team looked so terrible it’s mind boggling. O-Line non existent, D-Line was barely a factor, Running game was abysmal, too many penalties. I can’t wait for the day I don’t have to sit there shaking my head at every game we are expected to win because we find a way to crap the bed. It’s freaking South Alabama. This is a Riley-esque game and anyone who thinks difference either has to be Scott Frost or related to him.
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    Hey now Jurgens threw a couple deep balls.
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    I have always admired the Huskers and what the program stands for in all aspects; I'm too old to watch the crap in Knoxville. Can I come aboard and follow the Huskers? Please?
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    100% correct. However, I’d call that vanilla. Frost hates CU, and I guarantee they will be utilizing 85% of the full playbook this next weekend, ahead of where they left off last year. This man knows how to coach, and all of the questioning of this coaching staff after this game, a game we all knew we could win on talent alone, is ridiculous. They weren’t prepared for this game because they’ve been preparing for Colorado. Now enjoy the Kool-aid and the a$$ whipping they give Colorado next week. Colorado will think they have an easy win. Mission accomplished. I’m going back to my regularly tuned kool-aid channel... games from ‘97 on YouTube. Get your red drink on!
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    The good news is...we are bitching about a win. If this team is good, next weekend will not look like this weekend.
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    It might be time to let the season tickets go. I am tired of the University bilking for thousands of dollars, saying " oh we have a great program" then barely beating Sun belt team. and its been going on since 2004. At some point you say the emperor has no clothes. You say we have a great team then you trot out a bunch of stoners with an offensive line looking they just came out of the biker bar ( literally) and cant snap a ball or push around a 240 pound sun belt D-tackle. In practice they break huddle (Farnioks and all) by saying "pipeline". These guys are as far from the NU pipeline as you are from the Alaska pipeline. Maybe they are talking about the Mary Jane pipeline? Sht I saw better football players on the movie Waterboy. Heres to brighter tomorrows. Good nite yall!
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    According to rumors, he is a drunk that makes great coaching hires.
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    I am also a Tennessee fan who has adopted Nebraska as my second favorite team. And I’ll honestly spend more time watching the Huskers than the Vols this year, as I don’t think I can put myself through all the torture. I went to the Nebraska vs Maryland game in November 2016 because I was on a business trip to Omaha that week. I decided to stay an extra day because I just love college football and really wanted to check out the stadium and the atmosphere. Then I saw you play against us again in the Music City Bowl that year. Your fans were all really nice and I had a great time at both games. Ever since then, you guys have been my number 2 team (I grew up in Knoxville and went to UT, so I really am forced to have the Vols at #1, as painful as it has been recently). I always had a feeling that Riley probably wasn’t going to work out for you guys (not that it took Nostradamus like abilities to see that coming) but I was really excited when you landed Frost. So I probably had too high of expectations for you guys last year in Frost’s first year. But unlike UT, I can definitely see that Nebraska is on an upward trajectory in year 2, and I’m very excited about following you guys this season.
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    oh also, I remember a lot of people were saying the same sorts of justifications of, "oh we were being vanilla saving it for our big opponent) in 2013 against Wyoming/Southern Miss, claiming (with some even offering insider source accounts) that we were saving the good stuff for UCLA, and also in 2007 against nevada/wake forest before our big matchup against USC
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    Holy s#!t. Ed McCaffrey posts on Huskerboard, confirmed!!!!!!111!!11!
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    If I had to fill in the blank in this sentence: "Frost's scheme is predicated by ________." then I probably wouldn't choose "offensive line pulling." I'd go with "the quarterback making the right reads." Really hard to focus in on the reads when your eyes have to go up into the air and your feet have to leave the field to catch a high snap. It's hard to convey just how big of a deal that was yesterday. We might have actually scored an extra 7 points if every snap had hit him in the numbers. I thought the spread of 36 was way too high and didn't think we'd cover that. We also missed a field goal that we should have made.
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    Was this the Fong “good news”?
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    I'm a broken record, but Chinander has to switch up the alignment of the 3-4 if he wants to be successful. Why would I want both LBs lining up at the same spot 95% on the line of scrimmage? Have to stunt and blitz, overload a side etc. Would you want a front of 3 DL and 2 LB or 4 DL? If you're staying basic then get another DL on there to wreck havoc. Khalil, Daniels, Daniels, Stille would look better than what we are running IMO, especially for the B10.
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    I went back and watched the game 2x and these changes need to be made. Jurgens cannot snap the ball and didn't block that well either. Alex Davis didn't play bad, but JoJo is def a better player. I was not impressed by Carlos, similar to last season. Dismuke was lost out in coverage several times. Will Farniok > Cam Jurgens JoJo Domann > Alex Davis Ben Stille, Deontre Thomas > Carlos Davis Eric Lee, Cam Taylor, Eli Sullivan > Marquel Dismuke
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    The Good Eric Lee - Awesome for him. Highest-rated recruit in the 2015 class but struggled to get on the field. Might have saved the game for us today JoJo - difference maker. Hope he's full-go soon Turnovers (defensive variety) Defensive Depth - We rotated often at every position except corner (and Cam Taylor can play there if needed). Many of the biggest plays where made by non-starters (Lee, Taylor, JoJo - even Sullivan had a couple nice sticks before getting lost on the TD) Wan'Dale - Looks the part. Surprised he didn't get the ball more Mo Washington - Run game is just different with him in there JD's punt return was a highlight of an otherwise forgettable day for him The Bad Tackling wasn't great Honas - only thing keeping him out of the Ugly category is hoping he's still shaking off rust. Looked slow Must be in the NLI for JUCO RBs to fumble in their first game Offense was 3rd & 15+ on each of the first three possessions The Ugly A lot of the offense Mills especially And Martinez Turnovers (offensive variety) Continually running inside when it never worked (was Frank calling plays today?)
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    Eric lee should be starting over either dismuke or williams
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    I am very interested in seeing the chip on the shoulder of the o-line in Colorado. Within every team there are two teams, well three with special teams, but they are always an inbreeding mixture of starters, backups, walk-ons and both sides of the ball. What I am talking about is the offense and defense are distinct entities on any team. It will be made PAINFULLY clear that the defense and special teams carried all the weight yesterday for the offense. Practices will be intense and they will be constantly reminded that not only did the defense have to stop the other team, they had to do the scoring. The offense will be told they won't get a day off in a while because they had one Saturday. Trust me, it motivates and ticks you off more than one might think as the competition and pride between the two sides of the ball is intense. SF will challenge their will and their toughness this week. Whether they respond is up to them. Yes, AM had a bad game and exactly why remains unclear, but being able to run to set up the pass is critical and they just got pushed around on Saturday. That impacts timing, momentum, confidence and play calling. The kids in Boulder are not elite, but they will be another tier compared to the Jags.
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    Funny, because I live in that area also, watched the whole CSU/CU game, and I am not hearing the same things. CSU did mostly whatever they wanted on offense, but simply turned the ball over 4 times. That is exactly what Nebraska did against Colorado last year and I don't think any of us felt NU was severly outplayed/very poor. Now Shenault is a large concern, but he will be doubled all game. CSU held him to 3 receptions for 48 yards and 1 score. We'd take that all day.
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    You're trying too hard. Your shtick is better when it's short and biting.
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    The schedule is a little more difficult trading out Maryland for Penn State, but it pales in comparison to the '21 schedule IMO. OU, UM, MSU and OSU.
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    What the hell does that matter? They won by three scores. You won't believe this one either, but in their second game of the season last year they got outgained 565 to 395. They won that one too.
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    When the new guy took over trying to make a profit off us. I'll pay $1/month if we can go back to more than 15 posts per page. Good god this is awful.
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    Let's add at least one more thing to your list, which was receivers' inability to get open. Martinez was patient in the pocket many times either to get sacked or throw the play away because there was nowhere to throw the ball. Even then, though, the excuse of a vanilla game plan is a classic fanbase rationalization of the reality that we just played like s#!t. Ding ding ding. Trying to excuse this away as us, "saving" something for Colorado is ignoring the extent that we just played bad. Even if it was an intentionally vanilla gameplan, if we think we're a team that should be competing for the division and the conference this year, we should have been able to execute our vanilla gameplan well. We didn't. That is cause for concern. You think Ohio State had a super complex and diverse gameplan against Florida Atlantic? I doubt their approach was any less vanilla than ours, but they executed it because they're a great team who takes care of s#!t the way they're supposed to.
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    I rewatched part of the gamed last night. Jaimes pulled on one play and was blown up by a linebacker. I was thinking how can that possibly not result in the LB getting planted on his a$$. It was Jaimes that almost got planted. I can see why Jurgens is considered a good blocker because he can position his body between the defender and presumably where the running back should go and he's good at keeping the defender from getting around him. Like the rest of the OL, he gets no push which appears to be related to how they are taught to block. They squat with a wide stance and not much forward lean allowing them to move laterally but doesn't allow them to get a push and sometimes they have difficulty not getting pushed back. It's almost looks like they are blocking for pass protection. The announcer said we weren't getting a push but it seemed like our guys weren't trying to move the LOS as much as finessing defenders out of the way. At the goal line after 1 or more failed running attempts they fired off and moved people back and Mills was able to score.
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    We weren't 'vanilla' but Frost certainly wasn't playing the matchup game like he normally does. He wasn't creating disadvantages for the defense in the run game through formation and motions like we have seen from him
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    I think we will be better off with W. Farniok and a full game of Washington. I was hoping that Raridon and even Sichterman would get a chance to see if they could help or not.
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    I've said numerous times, in the past I thought we were vanilla by plan, then multiple games in I realized that's all we had. No surprises, no new wrinkles, nothing but the same crap we showed in game one year whatever (2007-2017). Frost is an innovator. No way the most boring game plan I have seen in years was his designed plan. Granted the O didnt play in the 2nd half, but the limited series in both halves was like ground hog day. Penalties, going away from what worked, TO's (INT/fumbles etc).....High snaps didn't help. 3 new OL didn't help. Neither did the play calling. They put like 30 guys in the box and we didn't try anything to get them out. Deep routes, 2 back sets, misdirection, delays etc....They brought the house every time. I don't know if we had an answer or simply chose not to show it....IMHO, AMart was off and the staff knew it, but stuck with him. He looked tentative to run, almost worried to take a hit. Playing "scared" comes to mind. In a preseason presser he said he'd run 40 times a game if Frost asked him to. Put on the weight to take the hits that Frost's scheme demanded. But yesterday, he never lowered a shoulder, showed any wiggle....he was pedestrian. Something has got to be up. Or maybe I'm just hoping that's the excuse. I watched a lot of football yesterday. We did not look like a lot of the top 25 teams. Oregon and Auburn were two of the fastest teams I saw play. And they hit like runaway trains. They, and other teams, passed the eyeball test. We had flashes, but not consistency. We are getting back, but it will take a while.
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    I was pleasantly surprised by Sullivan, that kid is a sure tackler, no arm tackles, he gets in there, wraps up and brings the ball carrier down.
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    That's what happenes when our supposed improved offense in it's second season under Frost pisses down it's leg unfortunately. Hopefully we get it fixed this week and it was a first game jitters and we come out on fire and just put our boot on the fluffaloes necks.
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    Not wanting to be overly critical of your take here but it's a bit funny because last year a lot of fans complained that we didn't have a big body in at nose tackle. Speed isn't usually a quality that you demand of a big nose tackle in a 3-4.
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    Well aren't you a delight to have on board.
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    We did a QB sneak from under center later in the game though that was somewhat a strange formation
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    I was encouraged when we motioned in the I on the first play. It's wasn't for nostalgia sake. There were times last year when we were 4th and 1 and really could have used some plays with the QB under center. Seeing the I formation leads me to believe we have a QB sneak (or a full back dive) play in the book now. I don't think we run this formation just for the toss sweep.
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    I think we'd have to say the most improvement appears to have been made in the defense and special teams, although both are still a work in progress. The offense failed to show up apparently. I am wondering if all the praise and expectations put on Adrian Martinez has overwhelmed him mentally. He clearly seems to be afraid to fail which is the opposite of what Frost seems to say is what he wants his players to do. I don't like the green (no contact) jerseys on the QBs in practice. I believe you play like you practice and it seems like it making our QBs into 'flag' or touch football players. They become accustomed to the game being slower as defenders are not coming hard, etc. The QBs also tend to run with the ball less than full tilt and so on. Frost's offense is the most QB performance dependent offense we've attempted in Linoln in my view. When the QB is really good and playing as well as a coach, the scheme will produce tons of yards gained and quite a few point scored. But without a great QB, the offense falls on its face. I wish we could have seen Vedral for a couple series as well. I think we could diagnose the problems better. I know many have posited that Frost's offensive schemes will somewhat compensate for a mediocre offensive line. However, based on what we've seen so far in the Frost era, I am not so sure we can say that. 4-8 last year and this season is off to a impotent start this year. We gained quite a few yards last year but only scored about 30 poiints a game. Without ball control and time of possession dominance, 30 points is not enough to really put games a way unless you have a truly dominant - elite - level defense. I have been quite hopeful for this season and thinking that 9 or ten wins are within reach but after game 1, we have a long way to go before that may happen. The hard part for me on this game is trying to find some kind of explanation for the offensive impotency that is easily fixable. At this point, however, I don't really see it.
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    More pages + More ads = More money, for our new overlords....
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    I haven’t watched the televised game, but live: 1. Our defense looked great until the pass happy, prevent defense started (still got a couple picks). Defense flowed well edge to edge on a mobile qb and sweeps for the most part (compared to aj bush last year as a similar frame of reference). 2. Wasn’t impressed with Mills. He packs no more punch than Washington and doesn’t have as good of vision. 3. I was hyping up Wandale before the game and all the people around me knew who he was by the end of the game. As advertised. Would recommend. 4. Cam struggles with snap placement. We all saw that. 5. Martinez looked like a confident player who didn’t understand he wasn’t having a good day. Sometimes the best thing to do is let someone else have the ball and let them make a play. 6. Stoll is a beast. Should see 5-7 passes a game no matter what. 7. Dline looked ok and seemed to free up the backers to do their job most of the time, but nothing really stood out. 8. LB looked pretty good. Mo is Mo. Davis looked huge and fast but wasn’t always in position on his assignment. Miller looked good when I saw him in. JoJo is an animal flying to the ball and should be on the field more. Honas still exists. I only saw Nelson on three straight plays late in the game, but he looks quick and is a big kid. Hope he sees more third down pass rush playing time. 9. Dismuke still seems to be lost in coverage or is slow. I am constantly unimpressed by him which is sad because: Cam Taylor, Lee, and Sullivan (limited time I saw him) all looked great. All three seemed to be better in coverage or getting to and filling the hole in the run game. I never watched Williams before his injury. 10. Jorgensen had a tough spot to fill, but looked shaken moving around before/after attempts and kickoffs. Hope he gets more confidence if he has to continue on all duties.
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    I learned South Alabama is much better this year. That doesn’t mean squat in terms of Nebraska, we still should win easily. But this was one of the worst teams in the country last year and they played hard today. If they can mix up their fronts like that, execute on the screen and option game...I mean they got a few things that may work for them against their level of competition. They didn’t just mail it in and collect their check.
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    Two words to describe him: Game Changer
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    I'm going to be blunt with my assessment: that looked more like a 4-8 team than a top 25 team.
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    He put on 25 pounds of muscle...not 25 pounds of amazing Amigos soft tacos with ranch sauce. If what some of these people are thinking is true...the entire team would be made up of 85 pound 4th graders. Dude has one bad game and all of a sudden we go to the "working out is bad for you" card. 10 out of 10 doctors agree that working out is good for you.
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    Hey on a note not related to this thread, but should make Husker fans feel better Wisconsin went 10-2 and won the B1G West after almost losing this game. Their only loses were crossovers to Michigan and Ohio State and a loss to Penn State in the championship game.
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    Rocky Top is the best college fight song.
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    1) Other than the missed FG by a backup kicker, the special teams were solid. Wandale had a couple nice kickoff returns, the kickoff coverage team didn’t let up any big returns, and Armstrong averaged 45 yards per punt (flipping the field once, and pinning them deep another time or two). 2. Other than Deontei’s penalty in the first quarter, I didn’t think there were super costly penalties which changed the momentum of the game. Maybe Wandale’s illegal motion (which was questionable) which negated a long catch and run. 3. Not sure if you have watched many other Big Ten games this weekend. Purdue lost to Nevada. Minnesota went down to the wire against a FCS school. Northwestern couldn’t do anything on offense against Stanford. Currently, Iowa is only up 10-7 at half against Miami (OH). NU is far from the only conference team struggling this weekend.
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    I'll take it, my high school has several Huskers fans, Military kids stationed at Fort Campbell
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    No i coach HS ball and didn't watch much today. I'm sure it wasn't pretty but there is no way it was the crap that has been going on for the Orange. I want the Huskers to hammer the BIG 10 West!
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    Someone was ripping on Martinez for not acting like a team captain in the game thread. Well, here you go. This is how captains react.
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    One thing I love about CU and Iowa fans, is they routinely tell Husker fans to “Stop living in the past.” Yet they cling to 62-36, and Nile Kinnick like their lives depend on it.
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