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    I’m glad you’re not dwelling on this point.
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    I’m not gonna pay a dime. I’ll put up with the annoying crap until I don’t. I’ll just have to sign up for Twitter and follow reporters and coaches myself instead of trying to get caught up here. I will say I’ve saved at least a couple of hours in the last few days because I didn’t bother following threads because I had to sift through 3/4/5 pages to get caught up from the previous day. Oh well... Thank you to the previous owners. You made something great, wish it could have kept going...
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    The fact you listen and believe what Benning says is your problem.
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    Except he did. 30 seconds into last Thursday’s press session.
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    A booster that saw the the plans says "it will be the biggest and best in the country". Project said to be around $160M and they have $60M cash in hand. More confirmation that the track will move to the Innovation Campus. Also the possibility of a Marriott hotel there as well.
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    It's strange the different takes people can have upon reading that full report. My take away is that this should have never gotten beyond the high school cafeteria gossip. I guess that's what happens when you have a threesome that one of the parties videos. The school gets upset that students have the video. A parent gets upset because they can't face all these people knowing what their girl did. Two boys get their hand slapped by the legal system for participating. And when it comes back up some time later, an ex-boyfriend who did something really stupid, past an arbitrary age date, is facing the harshest charges of all. Personally, I give this girl and her mother's account zero credibility. You should have to prove sexual assault or rape before you refer to it as such years later. At this point in time I would be surprised if this doesn't get plead down to next to nothing. Barring new info, a half game suspension (if that is what it was for) seems about right to me.
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    I have always admired the Huskers and what the program stands for in all aspects; I'm too old to watch the crap in Knoxville. Can I come aboard and follow the Huskers? Please?
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    The ads at the bottom of the screen are killing the mobile experience.
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    If things go south at any point for frost benning will be the first to jump on him.
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    On Thursday last week Frost said Tuesday and Wednesday were not as good as he wanted. Then he said they had a "really good" Thursday that they hoped would carry over which obviously wasn't the case. They even mentioned classes starting, habits being broke, etc. So, the coaches foreshadowed it a bit we all were just so koolaid drunk we missed it. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/football/after-really-good-thursday-frost-thinks-huskers-are-ready-for/article_14ee15b7-5424-5909-a659-bff54d76d205.html Wonder if he started coming down with something Saturday, just early stages, fatigue, grogginess, etc.
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    Nebraska 38 Puffaloes 31 Running 189 Passing 238
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    +1 After reading the report and seeing this I don't see how MW can be charged with a felony. Seems almost like R01 and V01 are trying to capitalize on #metoo with going after a "star" football player, when the "true criminals" are not being pursued.
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    Nebraska 30 Colorado 27 Rushing 201 Passing 257
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    "no I don’t want to do that. I just want to prosecute mo for sending it to me”. Interesting statement from the victim on the sherrifs report when she was asked if she wanted to persue charges against the alleged rapist(s).
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    And why would he share that information with you? I personally don't care that you asked it, but if I was in David's shoes I would not be willing to share that number with anyone. Just seems a bit over the line IMO.
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    I mean seriously, if you are so stupid and arrogant that you take a sharpie and draw a boob on an old weather map and then go on national tv to say it was what you saw and defend what you said - why is anybody able to even think he wouldnt lie about taxes, extra marital affairs, collusion?
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    I will never not laugh about this sharpie situation.
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    I found the post to be insightful vs. the shorter, Twitter type posts. A few paragraphs isn't extreme. Don't like reading, move along!
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    Nope. As soon as I see it's from him, I move onto the next.
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    Are you unfamiliar with the history of Colorado Buffaloes football?
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