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    I came out of the mountains, through Denver headed for home today. The parade of husker mobiles headed west was fun to see.
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    I have always admired the Huskers and what the program stands for in all aspects; I'm too old to watch the crap in Knoxville. Can I come aboard and follow the Huskers? Please?
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    Also signifies CLOSING TIME and 2AM is the Closer.......
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    Your avatar suggests otherwise! HINO!
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    Quick tip to the new Volskers. You have to hate Iowa but* they are definitely NOT our rival.
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    Nebraska 30 Colorado 27 Rushing 201 Passing 257
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    "no I don’t want to do that. I just want to prosecute mo for sending it to me”. Interesting statement from the victim on the sherrifs report when she was asked if she wanted to persue charges against the alleged rapist(s).
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    .........when its 56-10 Skers late in the fourth.
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    I mean seriously, if you are so stupid and arrogant that you take a sharpie and draw a boob on an old weather map and then go on national tv to say it was what you saw and defend what you said - why is anybody able to even think he wouldnt lie about taxes, extra marital affairs, collusion?
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    Nope. As soon as I see it's from him, I move onto the next.
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    Dear HuskerBoard family, After 16 years of running HuskerBoard, it's time to turn the page. Jump to the last few sentences to find out where HB goes from here. Continue reading for my full "best man" wedding speech. I started HuskerBoard a few years after graduating from UNL in 2003, b/c I was a Husker zealot looking for someone to talk Husker football with while living in KC. I began by creating various profiles and having conversations with myself ... Shortly after, I convinced my old college buddy Eric, to join the schizophrenic conversation. We goofed around, shared our idiotic commentary with our multiple personalities, and our old school version of memes. Suddenly, people started showing up. Actual, real, not voices in our heads people - like you guys. Some of you even became our friends, and some lifelong friends - b/c of a crazy little place where adults click buttons and type things about sports stuff. Today, HuskerBoard stands strong at nearly 12K members and counting. The largest 100% FREE Husker forum on the web. With easily the most respectful and intelligent members and moderators. I'm extremely proud of what HuskerBoard has become. And it most certainly wouldn't still be here without MANY amazing contributors over the years. Too long to list them all, so to avoid missing someone I won't even start. You know who you are, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. And of course you incredible SOB members that are just as nutty about the Huskers as us. And some who may actually be clinically insane, you added a nice dash of color and entertainment to the board. It's been an honor being the Lord of the Flies; although some of you don't even know WHOTF I am, as I've been behind the scenes the past several years. I had to put my Husker addiction on the back-burner when I had my first daughter 7 years ago. I now have 3 kids, and my time is being stretched more everyday. I recently decided it was time to pass the torch. To someone I knew would maintain our values, and keep the HB spirit of ethics alive. David Max, the longtime owner of HuskerPedia and now HuskerMax will be taking over the board effective tomorrow August 27. I know the board will be in good hands, as David is a solid human being and amazing Husker fan. He vowed to maintain the board as a FREE forum, and will surely take it to even better places than I've had time for lately. And special thanks to Mavric for leading the crew so expertly the past few years. Mavric is the man, and is planning to continue onward & upward with HB. So please follow his lead and continue building HuskerBoard into the best Husker forum on the web. Thanks again to all, and GBR!! ~Mic drop~ Chad aka Blackshirt P.S. - David will make an announcement soon about his upcoming plans for the board, including an invitation to his Tailgate Party this Saturday!
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    As always, nobody ever has any actual evidence.
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    I was going to say I don't follow what you're trying to say since if it was strictly a run play they should kind of block the way you are describing. And then you posted this so then I was really confused. Had the running back got the ball that was a 5-6 yard gain since the pulling tackle gets a good block and the opposite LB would have had to make the play. I made this comment earlier in the week that on some of Mill's runs they didn't seem to be firing off the ball and moving the LOS. In the old days we were almost guaranteed 4 yards a run. The push was 2-3 yards and the RB carried a LB another 1-2 yards. The push often created clutter that a linebacker would have to fight through. Last week they seemed to be finessing defenders out of the way or as you described boxing out. The LB quickly filled the hole and stuffed Mills for a 2 yard gain. Looking at the Urb analysis it occurred to me that maybe those plays were actually a RPO and because of the ineligible man downfield rule they can't do much of a push. There are 2 plays I was looking at very similar to what is in the Urb analysis except to the right. Jaimes pulls and both times Mills gets the ball. Jaimes gets stuffed by the linebacker in the first and in the second Jaimes doesn't lead through the hole Mills runs through and blocks to the outside. I posted one of them earlier in this thread. And of course, they had to take the video down so I can't look at the plays again.
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    Shoot, it really isn't the end of the world, plane probably only had like 100 Husker fans on it...I am sure that they will still make it.
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    I figured it couldn't be legit. Half the books didn't have it listed (understandably) and the other half all had pk. If I had really thought it was a pick 'em game, I would've made it official.
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    Smothers is a 4 star on Rivals, so if he gets a bump by 247 from a good senior year he could jump up too. Plus this staff seems to have the ability to pull some players out that we've heard nothing about and then boom their committing. So, I'm being patient and hoping a good showing on the field helps. I think 4-8 last year is still hurting us. We need a good showing this year to help finish 2020 and set 2021 up to be an top class.
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    We have been after several but haven't had much luck. OT Reece Atteberry (Michigan), TE Kole Taylor (LSU), DT Aidan Keanaaina (Notre Dame) and C Carson Lee (Colorado) have all committed elsewhere. OT Roger Rosengarten is probably going to Oregon. OT Andrew Gentry looks to be the only one still on the board for 2020. For 2021, OT Trey Zuhn is a target. He was here last weekend and will be in Boulder tomorrow. Coaches will be at his game tonight. For 2022, we are after WR Gavin Sawchuk (HS teammate of of McCaffrey). Coaches will be at his game tonight.
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    In other news, CU's athletic department has sent out an email to Colorado fans encouraging them to act less like Colorado fans.
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    Last speculation I saw was sometime this month. But no one seems to know for sure.
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    Yes, and we can go from one dumb a... to another. Trump is showing us what a deteriorating brain looks like, we don't need another one who needs to consider the rest home.
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    I know the backlash I will get for this, but this seems like an escalation of what the Democratic Party did to Bernie in 2016. Why are Americans suddenly so afraid to be challenged?
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    Naa....not buying it. We played some teams equal or worse to CU and the defense wasn’t the same.
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    Where are the refs from for Saturday’s game? Which casino?
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    Nebraska 70 Colorado 67 Rushing 389 Passing 462
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    lol. what a frikken mess they have over there.
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    Oh I agree with that. My comment about not going beyond HS gossip was aimed towards the charges against Mo and not what the two boys did. I know kids treat sex much differently nowadays but videoing it and then distributing said video is horrible. I would bet that is what they actually got in trouble for and not for any version of actual sexual assault. I simply cannot believe they get off with the slap on the wrist they did if it was anything near sexual assault. Personally I’d like to see her mother charged with falsifying information, making a false report and defamation of character. IMO, as far as who did the worst things, the mother is 2nd in line to the two boys.
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    I have only played Wildhorse, and only played it 3 times over 2 days, but I loved it. The wide open prairies, the large target areas off the tee, and general sense of being away from everything. It's such a fun experience, and gives a sense of links golf, although I still played golf "through the air". I really want to go play The Prarie Club near Valentine, but don't really have anyone to go play with. Maybe when my son gets older, we can take a father-son weekend up there.
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    Weaponizing the crowd is an evolution of the game I feel is overdue.
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    Someone posted that there is NO beer garden/party at Harvest House this year? That seems odd but they claim they called and the hotel said no. That would be a first but who knows. Also: the $50 blur party does NOT include food or drinks. You have to buy those separate. And it doesn't start until 10am. Where are we drinking at 8am?????
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    I don't mean to be rude here but do people really take the time to read your extremely long posts?
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    We will take care of Colorado. I am not worried.
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    Week 1 left a sour taste in everyones mouth. Thought Nebraska would be the favorite by most publications. It will be a long year if we don't take care of Colorado.
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    Could you add Mo Washington to the poll?
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    I say it’s more of an investment than gamble. If we don’t invest and keep up with the Jones then we’ll get left way behind
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    To the people saying lock this thread or that Adrian should be benched or other nonsense I have words for you I can't use on this board. This kid is our QB and he'll continue to be and likely be one of the best to play here.
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    Just like there shouldn't be Democrats/Republicans, there shouldn't be religious denominations. People today hang on the words of people rather than their actions. Politicians who spread the word of Jesus only on their campaign trails. In no way is Trump a Christian other than to gain votes.
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