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    Yeah, I am guessing that a Husker fan that does tons of charity work and enjoys helping people out is totally put off by the fact that a kid asked her to wear his jersey to honor his dad. I bet she ends up cancelling and tells ESPN that she is busy on Saturday. I bet all those UGA fans that didn't know the Ark St coach but still wore pink to hone his dead wife were cringing the entire game. Shoot, what about all those teams that put flowers on the 27 yard line for Sam F a few years ago? Ugggg, gross! I bet they HATED that. Just in case you forgot, some of you nerds were PISSED when you thought Michigan and Jimmy H didn't do any type of tribute to him that season, even though they did. Oh and if she wore a Sam jersey...would that be okay??
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    Shame on him for wanting to honor his father and share their bond to the college football world!
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    Wait, so they are razing the North Bottoms neighborhood and planting a forest?
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    “Hey Gabby, who’s jersey is that?” ”One of our players Dads recently passed away and I wanted to honor him and his memory for his son.” ”That’s great, that’s a very classy thing to do.” That is about the extent of this that I expect on the show. Kudos to Christian and Gabby.
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    She asked which jersey she should wear and he mentioned that she could wear the one his dad wore to the games. Yes, he mentioned his dad passing but some of you guys take s#!t way to serious.
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    This is what Fisher will be doing to Donte Williams after the flip.
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    Some of you are overthinking this whole jersey thing. It's a nice gesture by Union due to an unfortunate tragedy that Christian thought would honor his father who meant the world to him. That's it.
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    Well you go right ahead and love Wisconsin. Based on your recent posting history, I have to question if you're even a Husker fan. There's reality and disappointment which is usually accompanied by hope and acknowledging the obvious improvements.....and then there's what you've been doing.
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    Hopefully they put up a mock design of the interior.
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    This looks adequate. CLICK ME YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO
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    It's pretty ridiculous that the NCAA ever had restrictions on the amount of food that schools were allowed to supply in the first place...
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    Maybe if he didnt spend his money on cocaine and hookers he would have been able to eat.
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    Who gives a s#!t man. With all he’s been through, let him have his moment. He’s shooting his shot to honor his dad and I’m sure she’s more than happy to do it. I can’t think of a single better jersey for her to wear on Saturday to represent everything Nebraska stands for. I don’t fault him one bit for it.
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    I was in a bit of a hurry when I wrote my post so I didn't really get all my thoughts out, but you're picking up on something that I was thinking but didn't articulate. His tweet puts a huge burden of expectation on someone who frankly is a stranger and didn't ask for it. That would be a very uncomfortable place to have to navigate as a celebrity with someone you don't know approaching you with something like that. She either was/is genuinely very cool with it, in which case good for her, or might think she doesn't really have any other way out of it without potentially looking bad or causing some bad PR or news for a reason she doesn't want. Like she should be completely within her rights to decline if she wants, but you know there'd be people writing op-eds with, "Gabrielle Union Refuses Injured Football Player's Wish to Honor His Late Father on Live Television" headlines if she didn't feel comfortable.
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    He's probably more concerned with the location of the new track, not the old one. Speaking of which, it makes perfect sense to put it closer to the indoor facility where Pepin spends most of his time. I have no idea what they're planning for Innovation Campus, but here are the two most likely locations for the new track, near as I can guess. I also included (outlined in red) the new Gymnastics training facility going up at Devaney right now. EDIT - I've heard some people speculate that they would maybe put the new track somewhere near the soccer field. There is no room for that, at all. Here's how crowded that little area is already. It makes most sense to put the track where the old horse racing track was. There's better parking, and a pretty decent space with leveled ground.
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    Yeah, he's definitely going to come out ahead in the long-run. But the guy's been here for 40+ years and has won 3 national titles. At least invite him to the meetings.
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    I think i figured it out.... Its a giant elevator, the team will take it to the top and zip line in to the stadium as part of the tunnel walk(renamed to the Tunnel Zip).... I am on board.
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    I think that they wanted to get announcement done this season when they had the funding ready, and work out the finer details afterwards.
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    I'm kinda hung up on you thinking you speak for all by saying she's not attractive. I get your point, but she is not an unattractive woman. She may not be your type, but it's pretty bold to say everybody knows she's not attractive.
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    Actually it was his head this time.
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    Huskerboard looking at your comment this morning.
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    That's awesome! Where do you keep them after you catch them? Or is it more of a catch and release scenario?
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    I totally get that, but she didn't have anything else planned because she asked for help with picking a jersey. And I don't mean it to sound snotty but it is such a ridiculous thing to complain about.
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    When you look like the guidance counselor at a catholic prep school, you better be good at your job
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    Very true!!! If she were a president, she would be Baberaham Lincoln.
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    I quit paying attention to the people telling me that was just rain a long time ago. But I’ve also seen very noticeable improvements in the culture since Frost was hired. I’m okay that some of the initial steps have been stumbles. I don’t equate anything we’ve seen in the last 16 games (except maybe Michigan last year) with anything that transpired previous. I know it will get better so maybe I’m just being a little more patient.
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    Ok....let’s start simple. Do you understand what stockholder equity is in a business?
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    Woody Hayes was the Scranton strangler
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    That’s why I never fly first class. But im also not 6’10” and make what he does.
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    That's a very nice gesture by Gabrielle Union, but I whole heartedly agree with Landlord. Dumping this emotional burden onto a stranger is inconsiderate and it would be extremely difficult for Union to decline Christian's request in a graceful way. In general, publicizing personal tragedy just strikes me as odd. I understand wanting to honor one's father, but there are much better ways. I am not sure what shining the public spotlight on him accomplishes.
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    Are you talking about this lady? I assume she's good at her job.
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    What the heck is the matter with people??? Lets not challenge ourselves and pretend we are the best smh. Go fight your A$$ off and win or lose get better, get tougher! GBR!
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    Where do I send the therapy bill for this?
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    Just make about a hundred of these but really huge
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