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    I have been reading these posts for a while but do not comment because I normally do not want to get involved. But I do agree with the previous person that said that these statistics do not mean what you think they mean. I like Mccaffrey just as much as the next person, but CLT/SE/LLN aside, you cannot make the claims you are making from this sample. I am currently getting my PhD in statistics, do not feel like I have to prove that to you so you can believe it or not. I do not care what types of statistical summaries and tests you would like to conduct on this data. I hate arbitrary cutoffs for things like sample size, so whether or not you think this data meets the CLT criterion whatever. But, you can't just go using this data to make claims like what you did before..."Based on inferential statistical analysis, Luke won By a landslide this year (5% error allowed). " No, I don't believe it, and no one should for that matter. No matter what you believe, this was not a random and representative sample. Sure, its "random" in that they have different plays in different orders blah blah blah, but that is not what is meant by random sample. Was the sample of games that Mccaffrey played representative of all the times he could have been put into play... no, probably not. And this is all observational data anyways, so you cannot make large sweeping overarching claims about the comparison between the two quarterbacks, as much as we would like. So while sure, his numbers might be better based on some type of specific statistical test. However, you cannot use these tests to make these types of conclusions about the data.
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    You think there’s someone out there that has a bench max of 300 that can throw up 225 faster than a guy with a 500 max? I’d be curious to see that.
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    Our former players need to pump out some 6-6 290 athletic as hell 5 star legacy sons like elder Epenesa did for Iowa.
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    Husker fans used to be the class of college sports. Reading this crap shows that we are not. Out of respect for women, can we please lock this post.
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    Maybe your question should be “why COULDN’T she leave when she felt threatened?” and “if she didn’t want to do anything how/why did the players get to that point?” There are fair questions to ask, but framing the questions without shifting blame does remain important.
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    Darrion Daniels - Piesman finalist, baby!
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    Probably questioning why you are placing blame on the victim by saying her intentions where sketchy.
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    Yeah, because Trump abuses his power to target his political opponents like the rest of us breathe. Schiff is a professional doing his due diligence to investigate a bunch of clumsy, corrupt goons. Comparing the two reeks of desperation.
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    It always cheers me up a bit to know that other people are suffering, and although some of these teams will go to bowl games, most of the fanbase thinks their college football legacy deserves better. Texas 7-5 All the money, recruiting advantages, coaching changes and arrogance, and the Longhorns still aren't back to relevance. TCU 5-7 They've had a damn good run the last few years, but look at that record-- no better than Nebraska! Florida State 6-6 One more win, but they've had some of the most embarrassing losses of any Division 1 team this year. Fired their second year head coach. May be trending back up. Miami 6-6 Warm weather, recruiting hotbed, football legacy, keeping most of their players out of prison these days, but still mired in mediocrity. Michigan State 6-6 Meh. Northwestern 3-9 They used to fight Nebraska for the upper reaches of the second tier of the Big 10, but they were just awful this year. Washington 7-5 Huskies fans expect more, especially in a weak Pac 12 Stanford 4-8 They've been tough, smart and in the hunt all decade. A power football team that vintage Huskers want to emulate. But the personnel ran out this year. It happens. UCLA 4-8 They've got every advantage we supposedly lack, and Scott Frost's more proven mentor at the helm, and they continue to troll the bottom of the Pac 12. Colorado 5-7 Do their fans expect more or deserve better? Don't know. Don't care. Tennessee 7-5 This record probably has the folks in Knoxville feeling optimistic, which shows just how far the Vols have fallen. Texas A&M 7-5 I've never considered A&M college football royalty, but their fans seem to disagree. LIke 6-6 Missouri, they look like they're fading down the backstretch of the SEC Arkansas 2-10 Believe it or not, Arkansas used to be a player. Or a spoiler. Or something. And Nebraska used to covet their coaches. They probably weren't as good as their 2-10 record suggests.
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    Yep, Nebraska football players are going to a bowl game...just not the football players from Lincoln. https://www.kearneyhub.com/sports/college/unk/lopers-headed-to-bowl-game-for-second-time-in-unk/article_f01b9c0e-0a8f-11ea-9a16-ab4b5d9d9932.html I went to the UNK-Central Missouri game. UNK lost in the last 25 seconds after a back and forth, up and down battle. It was an exciting game, including a UNK touchdown catch that rivaled the one Matt Davidson made again Missouri. Go Lopers!
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    Nothing to confirm this, but the staff was supposedly worried about a certain class he took. They may have feared Jamoi might not qualify. From what I have seen,though is that he should have no academic concerns. So whatever it was, Nebraska did not want to take the risk. His coach apparently says he was able to qualify so who knows whether if it was that or if the coaches found someone better. The Huskers might only want to take a certain number of JuCo's this year, not sure what the number will be, but that has nothing to do with Jamoi. I just wonder how many they would take for this cycle?
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    Fair enough, not claiming we all need @hskrfan4life's outlook to be a real fan haha. I just think saying that 6-6 is our best case for next year is as unrealistic as saying 11-1 is. There's a lot we don't know about 2020 Nebraska, and more we don't know about the opponents in 2020. In a few more years I may see it differently.
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    I would add Frost’s bad decisions to that list, especially insisting to go with a struggling Martinez when you have two other capable QBs, and his endless swing pass calls that killed many of our drives.
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    I havent read all your crap yet but have you asked what she wore as well?
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    Why would either of these two leave? Especially Green?
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    This years B1G is a freaking gauntlet. This is far from the last time we are getting boat raced at half.
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    Maybe context doesn't matter in your world, but it should. I agreed with the original post that what the players did were wrong. Let that sink in a bit. There are curious questions that I have about the case and her story. There are questions that I have about the case that will probably not be answered. I still wonder what all the facts are. Context absolutely matters because you painted a false narrative and took what I said out of context. I still wonder why she went. Why she didn't leave when felt threatened. I think those are fair questions and is possible that those answers could open more cans of worms for the players involved.
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    It "should be" 7-0 just based on team talent. But after the last 2 years they all pretty much look like toss ups outside of Rutgers and maybe SDSU. SDSU did give Minnesota a run this year but that's pretty much all I know about them.
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    It seems to be a recurring theme. Nebraska, where talent flounders
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    Right.. I am just saying if we are in the 2021 season and trying to justify a 4-8 season based on a "tough schedule," then we will have officially not made even close to the progress we need to have made. At some point we need to close the gap and escalate enough and be able to have good seasons no matter the schedule if we want to be justified in considering ourselves a solid program again. If we can't get there, then I guess we continue to wallow in sadness or jump into dredges, but "tough schedule," arguments won't make it any better.
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    I think that reality has already happened.
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    Ya, when your team is losing reveling in schadenfreude is all you got. I especially enjoyed Texas having such a disappointing season.
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    It's even worse because of the timing. Noa likely didn't get moved fully outside until Hunt was suspended at the end of camp. That might explain why he came on more as the season went on vs having an off season at the position.
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    Doesn’t “no love lost” imply a bad relationship when used correctly?
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    Funny how Devin Nunes "can't remember" if he spoke with Lev Parnas because he apparently get's a lot of calls from around the world. BS https://www.salon.com/2019/12/06/attorney-says-parnas-wants-to-testify-since-devin-nunes-cant-recall-their-calls-lev-remembers/ Never fear Devin. Its Fox News to the rescue: Maybe it was someone else using Devin's phone. https://www.newsweek.com/fox-news-legal-analyst-says-maybe-it-wasnt-devin-nunes-using-nunes-phone-call-giuliani-white-1475522 It never ceases to amaze me how far these a$$holes will go to deny that they ever do anything wrong. It's even sadder that their unwavering audience will believe their horse sh!t. And that is why they do it. There are a lot of dumb and gullible people in this country.
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    Exactly, have some fun people. Who cares if things turn out below your expectations? It shouldn't affect your life, and if it does then priorities need to be sorted out.
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    I think we had a couple perfectly healthy and competent tight ends who rarely got into the mix of an offense made for tight ends, and the running back we now wish had run more often was healthy and available all season. Mills emerged a a legit featured running back when we couldn't rely on Wan'dale to do everything. And we lost to teams that were missing even more crucial players. So it's hard to say if we were simply an injury or two away from winning.
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    Nothing says football like a 50 year old infant alien
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    Who was to blame last year for the defense being even worse than this year? The offense again, I don’t think so. The offense was way better and the defense still stunk. Now the offense stinks and that’s why our defense failed again? Wait...what?? New Flash!!!! Our D sucks because we can’t stop the run or rush the passer. Has nothing to do with offense. Nice try though.
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    Unrelated... How much are you betting? I think he might.
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    The assault happened August 25th. I presume some initial investigation was done after she reported it (maybe the next day, 8/26?) and it was announced they were off the team on 8/28. That's decently quick action, I'd say.
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    Why can't we just admit both the offense and defense have been as bad as the 4-8 and 5-7 records indicate? That for every game where the defense couldn't hold the lead for the offense, the offense couldn't provide a cushion for the defense? That with the game on the line the defense often broke down, and the offense turned predictable and anemic? Why on Earth would an offensive decline let Chinander off the hook for a defense that didn't improve for squat, no matter how we squint at cherry picked stats? And if we refuse to use the eyeball test, the one where every middling quarterback we faced could stand flatfooted in the pocket waiting to pick and choose his receiver, then let's see if stats can explain our marginal and meaningless defensive improvement. Here's one. The Total Offense ranking of this year's opponents. Ohio State #1 Indiana #34 Wisconsin #36 Minnesota #49 (Nebraska #58) Purdue #79 Colorado #84 Iowa #98 N. Illinois #105 Maryland #108 South Alabama #113 Illinois #119 Northwestern #124 There are a lot of reasons for Nebraska's disappointing season. Scott Frost not running Mills enough isn't one of them.
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    That moment against Iowa when McCaffrey came in, threw a touchdown on his first play, turned the momentum around, made victory seem more than possible, and had all of Memorial Stadium chanting "Luuuuuuuuke!" marking the dramatic beginning of the the Luke McCaffrey era. Then he returned to the bench and the moment was gone.
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    HOL guys liking the chances of him qualifying.
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    We're going full sideline psychologist, huh? These are all huge stretches IMO. And there's your problem - despite having almost no data, you have high confidence in something that if true, would mean the coaches are either stupid or knowingly sabotaging the team's success. I know there are people who believe the coaches are sticking with Martinez when they shouldn't be, but I see zero reason they would do that. So maybe instead of being very confident in something with no data to back it up, the answer is the coaches have more data and Martinez was in fact the best option. Just maybe.
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    Just to add to the above now that I'm home, QBR is based on passing stats, so I'm not sure why people are talking about 30 plays unless I'm missing something. McCaffrey has 12 passes. Still dunno how you'd make a confidence interval on QBR for 1 QB, unless you did it by game and then the sample size for McCaffrey would be 3, but if we look at completion % using a Wilson interval, we can be 95% confident McCaffrey would complete between 46.8% and 91.1% of his passes. The ginormous margin of error is due to the tiny sample size. Now if the sample size was 52 instead of 12, and he completed 39 of 52 (still 75%) passes, we could be 95% confident he'd complete between 61.8% and 84.8% of his passes.
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    imo, day one starter and top three player on the roster.
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    If you play him at WR you can have more weapons on the field (with Mo or Mills in the backfield). I know... "Thank you, Captain Obvious."
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