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    Life, death, taxes, and uncontrolled hype for new S&C turning into skepticism and criticism in a short amount of time.
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    C'mon can Nebraska please lock this up? I've got like 6 or 7 Omar from The Wire gifs all fired up and I'd like to use them. Please and thank you.
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    What the university released to the public on weights and conditioning, the team improved across the board at speed, strength, weight, vert, quickness, and stamina. You could see it on the field. I personally believe we are just a “winning mentality” away from going 9-3/10-2 instead of 5-7. To me it’s mental, not physical
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    I have been reading these posts for a while but do not comment because I normally do not want to get involved. But I do agree with the previous person that said that these statistics do not mean what you think they mean. I like Mccaffrey just as much as the next person, but CLT/SE/LLN aside, you cannot make the claims you are making from this sample. I am currently getting my PhD in statistics, do not feel like I have to prove that to you so you can believe it or not. I do not care what types of statistical summaries and tests you would like to conduct on this data. I hate arbitrary cutoffs for things like sample size, so whether or not you think this data meets the CLT criterion whatever. But, you can't just go using this data to make claims like what you did before..."Based on inferential statistical analysis, Luke won By a landslide this year (5% error allowed). " No, I don't believe it, and no one should for that matter. No matter what you believe, this was not a random and representative sample. Sure, its "random" in that they have different plays in different orders blah blah blah, but that is not what is meant by random sample. Was the sample of games that Mccaffrey played representative of all the times he could have been put into play... no, probably not. And this is all observational data anyways, so you cannot make large sweeping overarching claims about the comparison between the two quarterbacks, as much as we would like. So while sure, his numbers might be better based on some type of specific statistical test. However, you cannot use these tests to make these types of conclusions about the data.
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    You think there’s someone out there that has a bench max of 300 that can throw up 225 faster than a guy with a 500 max? I’d be curious to see that.
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    Yes I do because this team has done nothing to prove they are a winning team and this staff has not shown they can develop this team to make the leap to be a winning program after two years. We looked terrible in most aspects of the game last year as compared to two years ago. Special teams is going to be a major problem u til proven otherwise, WR as well, consistent OL play, terrible LB play with no depth this year. All those add up to having a 6-6 ceiling until proven otherwise. Would I say I enjoy being a Nebraska fan? Not lately but I will always be a fan.
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    Being a Nebraska sports fan is just a cycle of getting beat by Iowa Football then Creighton Basketball. So much fun.
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    It doesn't matter what the context is. When you suggest that she put herself in a bad position or didn't leave or whatever it's implying she shares some blame. The only thing that matters is she said she didn't want to do whatever. No other context or action matter.
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    So, will he get bullied or not, not sure I could tell from your post(s) haha
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    Our former players need to pump out some 6-6 290 athletic as hell 5 star legacy sons like elder Epenesa did for Iowa.
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    Good luck to them both. No school is going to touch that mess.
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    It is here. It’s recruiting season...where we always win our division.
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    Schiff is a deep state politician trying to smear the other party. An obvious resistance ally at ATT handed over phone records in an attempt to harm Republicans. For comparison, ATT goes to court if the NSA wants the records of suspected terrorists.
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    Husker fans used to be the class of college sports. Reading this crap shows that we are not. Out of respect for women, can we please lock this post.
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    sounds like trumps BS is clogging his toilet if he needs to flush 10-15 times.
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    I won't panic if we start 6-1.
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    IIRC, Jalen Hurts is/was a really good power lifter. He seems pretty quick and agile.....
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    Maybe your question should be “why COULDN’T she leave when she felt threatened?” and “if she didn’t want to do anything how/why did the players get to that point?” There are fair questions to ask, but framing the questions without shifting blame does remain important.
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    Darrion Daniels - Piesman finalist, baby!
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    Probably questioning why you are placing blame on the victim by saying her intentions where sketchy.
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    I see a question mark. Is that a question?
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    I guess this is the last episode in a crappy situation. Hard to say whether they are guilty of rape or not. It sounds like they are. But the girl's intentions are sort of sketchy as well. In any case these guys made incredibly poor, possibly criminal decisions. A few minutes of gratification cost them their Husker football careers. And probably any chance of getting a college education. These guys are just a couple of stupid thugs who let their dicks f#&% up their whole lives. And the life of some random college girl. Once again stupidity stymies potential. Buh bye losers.
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    I'm throwing up just reading this argument.
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    Depends if Bo sticks with Youngstown State.
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    Yeah, because Trump abuses his power to target his political opponents like the rest of us breathe. Schiff is a professional doing his due diligence to investigate a bunch of clumsy, corrupt goons. Comparing the two reeks of desperation.
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    Not to mention trying to draw a needless parallel between very different scenarios.
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    It's always best to start a thread by assuming the worst of those who will respond. Kudos.
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    Yep, Nebraska football players are going to a bowl game...just not the football players from Lincoln. https://www.kearneyhub.com/sports/college/unk/lopers-headed-to-bowl-game-for-second-time-in-unk/article_f01b9c0e-0a8f-11ea-9a16-ab4b5d9d9932.html I went to the UNK-Central Missouri game. UNK lost in the last 25 seconds after a back and forth, up and down battle. It was an exciting game, including a UNK touchdown catch that rivaled the one Matt Davidson made again Missouri. Go Lopers!
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    Nothing to confirm this, but the staff was supposedly worried about a certain class he took. They may have feared Jamoi might not qualify. From what I have seen,though is that he should have no academic concerns. So whatever it was, Nebraska did not want to take the risk. His coach apparently says he was able to qualify so who knows whether if it was that or if the coaches found someone better. The Huskers might only want to take a certain number of JuCo's this year, not sure what the number will be, but that has nothing to do with Jamoi. I just wonder how many they would take for this cycle?
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    I havent read all your crap yet but have you asked what she wore as well?
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    Both. Plus, leaders & a couple of playmakers.
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    Might want to read this thread.....and then stop listening to what Fox News is telling you.
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    Funny how Devin Nunes "can't remember" if he spoke with Lev Parnas because he apparently get's a lot of calls from around the world. BS https://www.salon.com/2019/12/06/attorney-says-parnas-wants-to-testify-since-devin-nunes-cant-recall-their-calls-lev-remembers/ Never fear Devin. Its Fox News to the rescue: Maybe it was someone else using Devin's phone. https://www.newsweek.com/fox-news-legal-analyst-says-maybe-it-wasnt-devin-nunes-using-nunes-phone-call-giuliani-white-1475522 It never ceases to amaze me how far these a$$holes will go to deny that they ever do anything wrong. It's even sadder that their unwavering audience will believe their horse sh!t. And that is why they do it. There are a lot of dumb and gullible people in this country.
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    QBR is better than the old rating, but it's still somewhat subjective at the end of the day. There's not necessarily a clean way to do the bolded on a given play. Again it's definitely better than rating which is only passing and doesn't account for drops, pressure, etc, but QBR can only account for those in a limited way as well. QBR can lessen the penalty against a QB if an incompletion is because of instant pressure in his face, but there's no way of accurately assessing what would have happened if the QB had time. Also, it's great that QBR assesses both passing and running, which does give us a better idea of MccCaffrey's performance. But the run/pass ratio with him this year is unsustainable, and using the QBR just for passing plays is back to not enough data to say much about him as a passer. I guarantee you his QBR goes down if he plays a lot of snaps next year with the same ~3 to 1 run/pass split we had with him this year.
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    People don't realize how huge this injury was.
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    If the police investigation is still ongoing, a 2.5 year ban from UNL might be least of concerns. I dont know how many times men need to be told "Just because she doesnt say no, doesnt mean she is providing consent" If she doesnt provide consent and you have sex with her, that is rape.
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    I think all that is concentrated on is pure power lifting. Really bragging on how much weight a player can lift. How many power lifters are in pro/ college football? None because they can't move, no flexibility, slow. Hmmm...
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    imo, day one starter and top three player on the roster.
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