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    I heard Trev hired him to run the football program at UNO. This post is as useful as most of the last 4+ pages.
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    Did you complain about our bubble screens when 3 of them gained a total of 36 yards against Wisconsin? Did you complain about them in 2018 when the set up allowed Austin Allen to slip and gain 40 yards? Threads like these are why I'm so glad this program isn't run by fans.
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    cLEmSoN tHroWiNg ThE bALl SiDeWayS.....iN tHe nAtTy GamE.
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    If you watched the Wisconsin game and truly know what you're looking at, our offense did whatever we so chose to Jim Leonard's defense. He had no clue what to call and was guessing the full game. When guys like Omar Manning and Zavier Betts gets here you'll see how much of a difference having the threat of a vertical passing game will help. Funny thing is with clearly inferior talent we put the best rushing performance of the year on a top 5 rushing defense and that included a team that should probably be playing tonight. Maybe the scheme does work?
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    I need your support in my campaign to become the head guy of all of NCAA football...here are my campaign lies...uh...promises 1. There are too many bowl games. Does anyone really want to watch a bowl named after a square cheese cracker between a mediocre 7-5 team and a 10-2 powerhouse (besides me, because you might have figured out I'm talking about Iowa State and Notre Dame...and I shut it off at half time because, frankly, I didn't want to watch it either). The answer is a resounding NO! I propose to take care of this problem by restructuring the ridiculous playoff system the present boneheads have in place. At the end of the season, the top 30 teams in the nation (as determined by the AP or Coaches poll of whatever) will face off. #1 vs #30...#2 vs #29... for 15 head to head matchups. The next round will be 7 games with the highest ranked winner from the 1st round getting a bye. Then a semi final based on remaining team ranks followed by the final. All games will be held at the higher ranked teams home stadium. Why should people from Nebraska have to spend all their money going to Pasadena to play USC if they are ranked higher than USC. Let those idiots come to Lincoln in December and spend all their money here. Barring a new playoff system...I will demand that all bowl games take place in open stadiums and that half of the present bowl games be relocated above the Mason Dixon line so we can watch those fantastic athletes from Alabama and Florida play in the cold and snow. 2. There will be no more replays. Real refs have been screwing it up for years without replay helping them...and they are still screwing it up only with twice the people getting twice the pay. Replay actually causes cancer and increases obesity as more and more people go out for a smoke or grab a snack while waiting for replay officials to watch their 1956 Magnivox and determine that they don't really know what happened so they'll just uphold whatever. Replay will be banned from college football as a public service to America 3. Some terms will definitely be gotten rid of. The "Did he make a football move" after a reception is the first one to go. Football move? Like...spike the ball? Put on a jock? The hell does that term even mean? Either the guy caught it or he didn't! When you eat do you get your meal taken away because you didn't make an eating move? If you get someone pregnant does it not count because you didn't make a fornication move? Stupid term...to be removed immediately. 4. If the ball breaks the plane of the goal line the ball gets 6 points.but if YOU want 6 points, you need to get your fat a$$ over the goal line.or you get to try again. That is just a few of the changes I will be making as Head of Football Operations for the NCAA. I thank you for your support
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    Today I finished getting all of the recipes from the Hubbell Cookbook posted to my Facebook friends from back home and near. I know my my mom, dad and my sister who are in heaven, would be very happy that I did that for everyone to enjoy. I cried many tears as I did it..so many great memories! I came up with an idea on how I can make it better, but, I am not going to try it today. If I can get it to work right, I will add them here so you all can enjoy them too! Yes...they will be in one category.
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    Finesse is having to, or calling a shovel pass from the opponent’s 1 yard line. Power is getting under center and following the center into the end zone.
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    A lot to unpack here: 1) Our scheme has worked at all levels of football and in 3 regions of the country. Were you saying this at the end of 2018? 2) "Power" is how you block a play. Its not how you line up. With the mixture gap and duo schemes to go along with our bread and butter outside and inside zone plays there's plenty of "power" here. Most coaches are aware of what "power" actually is
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    You may recognize one Tyler Hildebrand. With Cook in his mid-60s, I wonder how much we should read into the title "Associate Head Coach." This is the first time Cook has had such a title on his staff. Some other news:
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    You guys will all be so disappointed when Walters stays rather than the answer being we're hiring 4.5 coaches from this game tonight.
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    Do people still buy DVD's? You should look at creating a digital version of this and make it about $20. All of us nostalgic folks would eat that up.
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    This is the most ridiculous definition/answer that could be. There isn't one coach/OC in the country either pro or any level of college that ONLY follows the center up the gut every time they are within a couple yards of goal line. That would include Wisconsin, Iowa, Titans, Nebraska in the 80s and 90s....and on and on and on. It's la la land to think that everything is so horrible if the OC calls anything but under center, following the center into the endzone every time. Edit to add: AND....nobody HAD to call a shovel pass. They did call a shovel pass and it wasn't a bad play call at all.
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    I formation is power, bubble screens are finesse. If we can't run the ball very well it's because we are finessing it. All pass plays are inherently finesse. We need a fullback from Nebraska on the field every play if we want true power football.
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    I saw where a Pats fan was suggesting that Belichick should be giving Brady more designed QB runs. It made me think of this thread. It's not Scott's ability. It's the OL/RB ability that's in question to pull off plays like you are discussing. Go back and watch some of those games- we did try to run at times like you are saying but were very inconsistent. Against Purdue, we ran it 35 times for a whopping 128 yards. We were/are missing a few of the guys in the trenches to pull off what you are discussing. Telling to Scott to run it up the gut would likely have worked about as well as asking Brady to run on 3rd and 8.
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    Gosh darnit knapp! Quit paying them to play bad football.
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    Ok cool let me just check on huskerboard this morning and not think about that Texans loss.
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    You keep using buzz words like "power" and "finesse." I'm anxiously awaiting your definition of both and how they're different and how they can be recognized on the field.
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    There were quite a few offensive adjustments made this year. Pick a game and I'll help.
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    What makes our offense "finesse" and someone else's "power?" I'll hang up and listen.
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    Ive noticed this for awhile.
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    I bet we're waiting because Clemson is going to cut Dabo loose and hire Walters as HC. Since we're all just throwing stuff at a wall to see what sticks I wanted to throw my rumor into the ring.
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    I almost wonder if Walters over-estimates the value of his own stock as an HC...
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    Yes, for sure. I was pissed at that return TD that Iowa had and then it hit me that the real issue was not having a kicker that can put it into the end zone. Probably cost us a bowl appearance.
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    A big middle finger to the Republican warmongers.
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    Moscow Mitch is going to have a hard time putting this fire out.
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    I just want to see touchbacks back in Lincoln. So important, and we've been so spoiled.
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    Good chance that if Walter's is gone the reason it hasn't been announced is that it elevates the smoke around his replacements and all parties have agreed that they would prefer to reduce that until the entire season is over.
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    Heupel has been brought up for Wazzu and Baylor. Gotta think Walters would be a candidate for UCF should that happen.
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    Let's face it, we'll probably never know the full truth of if any of these guys left completely voluntarily or if they were pushed out or the more probable, somewhere in between. There are very good reasons, that Frost is keenly aware of, to keep that info in house on the DL. Publically, he has to have his coaches backs. However, behind closed doors, I think we can assume there are performance benchmarks he will hold them accountable to. So, I'm going to assume coaches of underperforming units or areas, that moving along was strongly suggested. If/When it is an obviously high performing coach, I think we can assume they probably found an advancement or opportunity that we couldn't match. Really it's pretty simple.....but carry on.
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    Another of trump's "best people."
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    wait till trump sees this. the tweet storm will be epic
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    You get some better sources in the last 7 years?
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    He's having a heck of a day.
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    "Eminent" Our president is a f****** idiot.
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    If Walters really wants a HC job, at this point the only thing he will get is FCS (and it looks like there are only 3 openings right now) or lower. I could also see a move to the NFL as an assistant if he doesn't want to deal with recruiting anymore.
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    I will contend that the main reason why Husker fans think the bowl season is more boring now than back in the 80s and 90s is because we aren't in playoffs....heck...we aren't even going to bowl games. Sad.....but that tends to make the games/season more boring.
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    Once again, it's important to point out that I don't know of anyone who is crying over the death of Saleimani. Almost everyone understands he deserved to die. He was a horrible man that has the blood of many America soldiers on his hands. But, the motives behind the timing of the strike are important.
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    I agree with you. It’s almost as though Frost has forgotten his days playing for Nebraska. Our best drive against OSU maybe all season was out of the I formation. Power physical football. And we never saw it again the rest of the season. A real head scratcher.
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    I'd hire Callahan yesterday if it was strictly for an O-Line coach as he's elite in that regard. Would imagine that's where he ends up on another NFL staff.
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    Bernie is in first place! Hurry we need to make s#!t up to turn people against him. None of the “sources” were actually in this meeting. Sanders denied it and Warrens team declined to comment. Is there no such thing as journalistic integrity anymore? Its pretty well known that he asked Warren to run in 2016 and the only reason he ran is because she wouldnt.
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