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    Look I get that Bloomberg sucks but if he's the nominee he's the nominee and hate to break it to you he is far better than Trump. He may be s#!t but Trump will literally dismantle the constitution to stay in power indefinitely. Thats not a joke, he will work hard to dismantle presidential term limits and find a way to set up a monarchy for his family. Bloomberg will not do that. Trump is an immediate threat to the American way. Bloomberg is not the threat Trump is plain and simple. If you don't want him to win then do your part to beat him in the primary but I think the he's just as bad as Trump schtick is complete BS. Edit: also, what's with the defeatist attitude? Sanders is leading, why would you say he probably won't win? This is that crap I'm tired of from everyone who isn't a Trump supporter. Have some confidence! The numbers back your guy I don't care about the 'fix'. Worry about that when it actually happens. Trumps numbers are honestly kinda terrible for an incumbent and his supporters are screeching landslide victory 10 months out. They are confident. We need to combat that confidence with equal confidence backed by action. I don't understand why people just give in to the idea Trump will win or Sanders will lose the nomination all of that? Why? What actual facts are people basing this on? Because when you look at the data it tells a different story. Why don't we fight back and say no this is what's going to happen and we have the people on our side? Stop moping about losing before you've even lost.
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    Looks like we now know the concrete end date for Solich to retire now.
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    with barr in charge of the DOJ.....i can almost assure you that sometime between the primaries and before the election there will be an announcement of an investigation into the dem nominee or maybe even some charges brought against them. won't matter who it is. FWIW...I agree that Klobuchar is a solid candidate. i would be happy to vote for her right now
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    It's simple. Take your formula or algorithim and at the end of it punch in "+ <3".
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    I'm not disagreeing with you but Trump will certainly find a way to attack Klobuchar if she became his opponent. It's all he knows and he will look for any angle and latch on. I don't think we should worry about that part of it. That said Klobuchar is a solid candidate
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    All I want to see is anybody on the team - anybody - kicking kickoffs into the end zone. Show me a video of that pls, HuskerFBNation...
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    i was half joking when i said that....but....from his wikipedia page In 2010, Tuberville was named as a co-defendant along with John David Stroud in a lawsuit brought against TS Capital LLC.[32] The lawsuit was filed by investors and alleged that Tuberville and Stroud co-managed a hedge fund that defrauded investors of U.S. $1.7 million. Stroud was found guilty in August 2013 of securities fraud, ordered to pay $2.1 million in restitution and serve 10 years in jail. The lawsuit against Tuberville was settled on October 10, 2013 but terms were not disclosed.[33]
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    I mean idk how much right wing propaganda had to do with it. Every time the guy opened his mouth more and more people were turned off. He has told more people NOT to vote for him than I can count. He has called a voter fat. He has called a voter a lying dog faced pony soldier. His why why why why why breakdown with the reporter. There are so many more things that can be the cause of his downfall than right wing propaganda.
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    Coaches are such hypocrites "There's no transfer portal in the real world," Tucker said.
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    Friday's season opener is set for 6:35 p.m. (CT) at Baylor Ballpark. Saturday's game is scheduled for 2:05 p.m., one hour earlier than the originally scheduled time due to Baylor's men's basketball team hosting a game at 3 p.m. Sunday's series finale will begin at 1:05 p.m. https://huskers.com/news/2020/2/12/baseball-huskers-open-bolt-era-at-baylor.aspx
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    Amen. I think Weld getting 12k votes in NH can be telling. Trump just needs to lose a relatively few votes in Wisc, Mi, Penn, Fl or lose this election. It was a 'perfect storm' that enable to pull it off in 2016 - terrible Hillary, Russian interference, dumb down electorate and we get trump.
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    Just another "Florida Man...." Humidity must wreak havoc on the human brain!
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    Best case would be a miracle frankly so less than a 10% chance imo. Worst case will be about like we been seeing at 5-7 imo at about 10% too. Most likely at 7-5 or 8-4 plus a win in a mid level bowl. 9 wins is about 50% shot ! after the last 6 seasons that will be welcome big time and jump start the Frost program at long last!
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    I cant believe this is what our country has come to. We are so desperate to get rid of this president that we are willing to throw away democracy for another terrible human in Mike Bloomberg. Thank god some of his record and old videos are starting to emerge now that's hes rising. Its worse than even I imagined. The guy is a s#!t human being and should not be anywhere near the white house. And it doesn't matter how much s#!ttier Trump is. That's my point, we are trading in a terrible human being for a little less terrible human being. If Bloomberg wins the nomination, democracy dies whether Trump wins or loses against him.
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    John Kelly, speaks his mind about Trump - trump was wrong about Ukraine, NK, pardoning Eddie Gallagher, & immigration. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2020/02/john-kelly-alexander-vindman-north-korea-and-trump/606496/
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    This trump vs Bloom thing is going to be interesting. Glad Mike as the ability to bite back.
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    I'll bet last spring a lot of people complained that we should have been ranked way higher than 39th.
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    my mind is made up that whoever wins the dem nomination is who i am voting for. trump needs to go no matter what IMO. Biden, bernie, doesn't matter. they are all better than trump. i am just basically waiting to see who the dems nominate to see who i am voting for.
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    They doubled his pay and gave him neary 5MM for assistants. The Pac 12 and their terrible TV contracts are hurting more and more.
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    IT'S THAT TIME! I'll be posting a light preview of Nebraska's season opener against the Baylor Bears! Baylor has one player named to the third team preseason All-America team: Nick Lofton Baylor finished with a 34 RPI last year, and was 35-19 (14-8 Big XII). They were knocked out in the regional round as a two seed. Nebraska won the series against Baylor last season winning 12-4, 2-0 and then losing the third game 3-10. Nebraska (0-0) at Baylor (0-0) Feb. 14-16, 2020 Baylor Ballpark • Waco, Texas Friday, Feb. 14 • 6:35 p.m. (CT) Online Stream: Big 12 Now on ESPN+ Radio: Husker Sports Network Gareth Stroh (0-0) vs. Jimmy Winston (0-0) Saturday, Feb. 15 • 2:05 p.m. (CT) Online Stream: Big 12 Now on ESPN+ Radio: Husker Sports Network Colby Gomes (0-0) vs. Paul Dickens (0-0) Sunday, Feb. 16 • 1:05 p.m. (CT) Online Stream: Big 12 Now on ESPN+ Radio: Husker Sports Network Cade Povich (0-0) vs. TBD (0-0) Scouting the Baylor Bears • Baylor went 35-19 last season and finished second in the Big 12 with a 14-8 record in conference play. The Bears qualified for the NCAA Tournament, where they went 1-2 at the Los Angeles Regional. • Baylor didn't lose any position starters or starting pitchers from last year's squad. Additionally, the Bears welcome 14 newcomers to the roster for 2020. • Steve Rodriguez holds a record of 130-92 as he enters his fifth season as the head coach of the Bears. He holds a career record of 416-392 as he begins his 17th year overall. Rodriguez is assisted by Jon Strauss, Mike Taylor and Mitch Karraker. • Baylor leads the all-time series against Nebraska, 35-29-1, dating back to the first meeting in 1938. In Waco, Texas, the Bears hold a 23-10-1 advantage over the Huskers despite NU winning 2-of-3 last season. Rest of article here.
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    Time to own the state of Colorado!
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    We’re going all out:
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    I would think at that time of the day that you could probably just grab a spot on or around O street. That is what I would do.
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    But Osborne using the words "Bo is himself" doesn't necessarily mean that he "respects someone for 'being themself' when they blow out of control." Kind of a big leap.
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    It spreads like an infection. These views get pumped out by russian bots posing as 'resisters' to Trump and people start to become confused. You start to question yourself when the Trump people are saying they will win in a landslide victory and then people you think are on your side start saying I think Trump is going to win because x y or z. It's more powerful then you might imagine because just planting a seed of doubt is enough
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    Thats what happens when I do like 12 of them at once, lol. Fixed.
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    Worst case is going 6-6 and making a bowl game? I'll take that.
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    Yes, a bunch of times. It can get a little fuzzy because there are so many rankings out there but; 2011: Aaron Green, Tyler Moore 2005: Marlon Lucky, Ndamukong Suh 2004: Courtney Grixby, Lydon Murtha 2000: Chris Septak, Jason Richenberger, Terrell Butler 1999: Josh Davis, TJ Hollowell 1997: Eric Crouch, Bobby Newcombe, Kyle Vandenbosch 1996: Deangelo Evans, Willie Miller, Dan Alexander, George Guidry, Mike Brown, Ralph Brown, Josh Gibson 1995: Ahman Green, James Sherman, Adam Julch, Tony Ortiz 1994: Grant Wistrom, Sheldon Jackson 1993: Lawrence Philips, Jamel Williams, Eric Anderson, Michael Booker 1992: Tommie Frazier, Clinton Childs, Ed Morrow 1990: Calvin Jones, Corey Dixon, Ed Stewart 1989: Derek Brown, Johnny Mitchell, Trev Alberts, David Noonan 1988: Bruce Pickens, Travis Hill 1987: Mickey Joseph, Leodis Flowers, Nate Turner, Brian Boerboom Missed it in 2008 where we had 5 at one point: Baker Steinkuhler, Blaine Gabbert, Trevor Robinson, Jonas Gray, and Bryce Givens Since 1980, we've missed on four in-state top 60 recruits: Scott Frost (1993), Larry Station (1982), Tim Ridder (1995), Trevor Robinson (2008) Bold = *****
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    Need more vids lol I’m getting pumped for spring ball. New season upon us and ready to see some pads pop and helmets roll
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    Has Nebraska ever signed 2 top-60 kids? It just kills me hearing people say "7-8 wins". If you look at our schedule, this team should be GUARANTEED to start 7-0...
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    Man I just went to the CU message board and what total melt down. I just laugh at what is going on over there. Can’t wait to meet them in a couple years to whoop them buffs asses
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    I was speaking specifically about the ability to win the Presidency, but I agree with all of this too. Well said. If we're going to run the guy we might as well prepare ourselves with open eyes about the attacks that are awaiting us. I'm a bit cynical in this regard so I take the glass-half-empty outlook. You're clearly taking a more positive approach and emulating how one might try to talk skeptics through this. Kudos. I wish I shared your optimism. I've made it in the past myself; I'm just increasingly pessimistic it will work in these purple areas. Even if you and I believe this, it won't matter if people in those areas don't.
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    This is good for NU bad for MSU. It’s good for the Huskers as it should help recruiting in Colorado, unless CU gets an ace recruiter/up and comer head coach that has a lot of hype around him like we got in Frost. It’s bad for MSU even though it’s a small sample size CUs defense drop something like 33 spots in total defense his first year. With the odd way their last coach left the day before signing day, and the loaded division the east is, I don’t feel like MSU is a very attractive job. I think they caught lightening in a bottle with Dantonio. The guy did a lot more than expected or their talent level might have suggested they should. It’s going to be very hard to find another coach that fits their program as well as he did
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    I know if every candidate did an hour with Rogan we would know a lot more about each of them. Really beats 10s of shock value the networks try and get out of the debates. Enjoy!
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    All counter points are not straw men. Nor are all analogies.
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    It's still early but Teddy at #58, Fidone #60, and Dickerson the #3 overall CB per 247 as early commits is looking promising for a run at a top 10 class. All we would need is to have a solid season of ~7-8 wins and this recruiting class might be one for the books.
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    what crime did he commit to get his republican bona fides?
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    So, about Duval's program....
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    You think he's even better at raging out on everyone now?! This is exciting.
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    I rest my case, you won't listen either so there's no use in continuing this conversation. The study literally states that people of color are not shot because they are people of color.
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    Oh my mistake. I thought this thread was for political cartoons. I was giving an alternate caption for the cartoon I posted. I didn't realize we were supposed to debate the merits of the humorous content. My bad. OTOH, I'm not a mindless drone who subscribes to the nonsensical bullsh!t of either party. I think both parties, and quite a few of our elected officials, are incompetent and corrupt.
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