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    Treat symptoms. They will probably try an antiviral - studies being done on which ones are effective. We're gonna monitor fever and SPO2 (blood oxygen). If you dip below 90% on SPO2 were gonna add supplemental oxygen. If that continues to tank pressure will be added, CPAP/BiPAP, if you continue to tank, we will intubate and put you on a ventilator, try to bring down the edema, and hope you don't develop ARDS.
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    If you're in healthcare you'll love this - my wife read it to me this morning. "Hey JCAHO, if I'm wearing a scarf for PPE during a pandemic, I don't ever want to hear about my Diet Coke at the nurses station ever again"
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    Except on pandemic response teams, who needs that! haha
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    Listens to experts. Thinks ahead before he does things. Works to achieve a consensus with government, scientists and the private sector. Does not blurt out the first thing that comes to mind because he must have attention all the time. Personally those are traits I actually want in a leader.
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    Well, technically it could be either as it is a sliding scale - the better the grades, the lower test score and vice versa. But he is definitely looking to get a better test score. And he apparently has now qualified to take the ACT with "accommodations".
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    I would guess that there is a lot of nuance in comments that are reported that can make them very hard to decipher. Is he really the #1 guy on our entire board? #1 at that spot? #1 guy we are still working on (not-committed)? #1 guy for that particular coach? #1 guy for that particular coach that isn't committed? There are nearly endless permutations. In a more general sense, I would say "#1 guys" are some combination of guys who we think we have a realistic chance with who fits what we want to do and the personality we want who they believe has the skills and potential to be a quality started for us. So I would say no, no necessarily the best guy in the nation.
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    Hydration and respiratory assistance. That's why the number of ventilators and respiratory therapists is concerning to the dr's and nurses. The reason we are short on masks and PPE is because everyone with a cough is coming into the ER looking for help. My wife is experiencing this at Methodist Womens. Then they are given the advice to go home and report back if it gets serious. Nothing happened except supplies used and attention from other emergencies taken away... @drfish can explain more. He had a pretty good summary a while back.
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    @knapplc has the antibodies!'!'! Somebody get over there and harvest them , quick.
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    Player: Christopher Paul, Jr. Hometown: Cordele, Georgia School: Crisp County Position: Outside Linebacker, Inside Linebacker Height: 6-2 Weight: 225 40 Time: Power 5 Offers: Michigan State, Nebraska, TCU, West Virginia Visits: 11/16/19 vs Wisconsin Twitter 247 Composite: #629 Overall; #25 ILB; .8577; Rivals: #20 ILB; 247: #25 ILB; ESPN: Hudl
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    Not that this is exactly shocking. But confirmed.
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    From everything I have seen we are 11 days behind Italy and if you look at it it does kind of line up nicely with where Italy was 11 days ago. I don't think we will see a nearly 10% death rate but I definitely expect things to get much worse and we will probably see death totals higher than Italy just due to population difference. That said we are doing well right now as we haven't had a 100 death day which Italy did have on this day 11 days ago and most countries with our number of infections have seen. What that means, I don't know yet
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    I think they had a lot of contributing factors that led to a worst case scenario. The Chinese immigrants, old age, poor preparedness and supplies, significant budget cuts over the years that led to the poor preparation.
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    Dave Hoppin Eric Piatkowski
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    I've never been a germaphobe, but this is my life now.
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    Because people want him to act presidential...but he's not. Why should people wait until November to look for leadership from someone they want to have the office? That's not how politics have ever worked. People always look to celebrities and politicians for guidance. Him not giving his opinion left a vacuum for his followers while they saw action from others.
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    If you're the presumptive nominee, you can and should be showing leadership qualities. They do not need to be political attacks or policy initiatives you can't launch, but simply reminders and reassurances and vetted information for the public because you're an influential insider who has better intel than the average American. I believe the question was "what would you say to Americans who are scared right now?" and Biden is perfectly qualified to have an answer,. Not providing one is a serious whiff. Especially since that personal heartstring moment is supposedly Joe's strong suit.
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    There are antiviral drugs, but so far none of been too successful with slowing the disease.
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    Jon Vedral is Noah's uncle. Mike Vedral is Noah's dad, and played at NU from 1990-92. Mike Vedral married Matt Turman's sister, Sara, and Noah was born in 1998. Noah played at Wahoo Neuman for his grandfather, Tim Turman. The youngest Vedral, Mark, also played at NU. https://theathletic.com/940041/2019/04/23/nebraska-qb-noah-vedral-transfer-home-deep-family-ties/
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    You have any evidence for that claim? The WHO is reporting 14% of cases were severe (emphasis mine): I linked an article somewhere earlier in this thread that I can't find now, but it had an analysis of cases that showed the mortality rate was 0.5-0.9% in places where the healthcare system wasn't overwhelmed, but a mortality rate of 3-5% where the healthcare system was overwhelmed. I suspect that different parts of the US will have different mortality rates depending on a variety of factors but percentage of elderly in the population and whether the healthcare system is overwhelmed seem like the biggest predictors of high mortality rate IMO.
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    It's gonna be ugly for a few weeks, and we're starring down the worst of it in the coming weeks. Fact is many will lose this battle, and those people are likely going to be elder with underlying conditions. The good news is science WILL beat this, just a matter of when. Already hearing some very good breakthroughs, hopefully we will have a very strong treatment plan in the coming weeks and take a chunk out of this thing.
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    Who here is panicking? We are simply listening to the advice of medical professionals that are dealing with this on the front lines.
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    Yeah... the dude spends money like it's going out of style
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    Well the first point I'd make is that Trump is far from a fiscal conservative
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    On the Plus Side, Maybe George R.R. Martin Will Finish Winds of Winter Now
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    No, if you are Joe right now...you don't say a thing. This is like when you were a kid and your parents are yelling at one of your siblings... You learn early on that chiming in just gets you in trouble too...so what do you do? You sit back and listen (from a safe distance, like on the stairs, so your parents don't know you can hear them yelling at your brother, the original social distancing)
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    Would that not rely on the independent manager having incredible foresight by selling a bunch of stocks that have since plummeted and buying into multiple telehealth companies who look sure to grow without knowledge of non-public information that such outcomes were likely?
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    I guess one silver lining is we'll be able to identify and weed out a lot of unnecessary regulations.
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    This staff is more interested in what kids can do versus how they "look", whether that's their ranking or build. In this case, one of the few standards is that he can move sideline to sideline and is a fluid athlete.
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    There's sometimes a blurry line between fact and opinion but in this case there just isn't. The fact is that this virus is exponentially growing in our country and communities as expected and if we don't take the necessary precautions as we are being advised to by the medical experts who actually spend their careers researching these exact scenarios, a lot of people will die. If you choose to be ignorant to that, it's on you. But do know that your ignorance can be the direct result of people contracting this virus and spreading it potentially causing actual deaths. We have evidence from other countries to see how this plays out if we don't treat it like the threat that it is.
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    I don't think of this thread, and its title, as being "off base," but it did strike me as irresponsible when I saw it. Free speech, yes, but nice meme to pass around the internet? "Huskers benefit from the coronavirus." ??
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    Sorry, those aren't "wise words" and the guy is a moron.
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    If she is short of breath, (or has other symptoms that suggest lower respiratory disease and were probably screened for by the clinic in question), then she should be seen. If she is not having symptoms of serious problems, then it is her best interest to stay home as it is unlikely that she would be told to do anything else if she came in but take something for the symptoms. If she had symptoms for less than 48 hours, she could be tested for influenza. If it has been more than 48 hours, that would not change the advice either. I cannot help what you feel. I am just trying to provide education, because a lot of people are going to be in the same boat. Unless you are sick enough that you need to be evaluated for admission to the hospital, it is better to stay home. If you are not sure, please call your medical provider's office so someone can talk to you and help decide if you should be seen. If it is felt that you are unlikely to be severely ill, it is in your best interest to stay home because as this problem increases (see my previous post on exponential growth) most people with fever and cough will have other illnesses initially but may come into contact with someone who has the COVID-19 disease and end up catching it. OR. you may have COVID-19 but be one of the majority of people who get mild symptoms, but you come in and infect people when there isn't a damn thing we can do for you but prescribe a little cough medicine. Plus you will burn through another mask that can't be replaced to be told to go home where you should have stayed to begin with. I am sorry if you feel that is being defensive. We are trying to figure out how we will take care of people when our supplies run out because people don't want to follow the best advice we have to give. /rant
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    You do, or you wouldn't have posted about it.
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    well....that didn't take long to end
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    If this would have been taken seriously from the very beginning there wouldn't be a need for mass hysteria
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    The entire party is rotten to the core.
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    With no current sports to watch, people are queuing up the way-back machine. Somewhere down that path they got to the 1994 Orange Bowl (1993 season). Daming Benning pointed out they had first and goal from the four ... and had to kick a field goal. That piqued my interest given some of our discussions from this past year. So I had to check it out. National Championship game Two minutes to play Down by two Behind the Pipeline With Lawrence Phillips in the backfield Run the ball three straight times Lose five yards #JustRunTheDamnBall #Don'tGetTooCute Also, I've long been amazed at how much the end of the 2009 Big XII Championship game mirrored the end of the 1994 Orange Bowl. Kick a field goal late to take the lead Ensuing kickoff out of bounds Personal foul on the Husker defense aids the opponent on their game-winning drive Add one second back to the clock at the end to allow for another field goal attempt
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