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    “Open ended optimism,” that’s a new way to try to defend and whitewash Trump’s lies. Congratulations on your creativity.
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    The statement in question was made at his daily press briefing on COVID-19. When he lies to the people on a daily basis from a platform that is supposed to be informing the people on this crisis, he is absolutely putting everyone in the country at risk. Lying about our testing capabilities puts us all at risk.
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    That's not even the account for General Motors. He rage-tweeted at an account that has never been used.
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    BRB, I think I get what you're trying to say. This is truly an unprecedented situation and we were not prepared. That is a failing we will all pay for and we will all have to work as a country to prevent it from happening again. We're all on this ride together. But I'll be damned if I'm going to watch some half-hearted defense of Trump on this out of some sense of "OMG you guys just want to bring down Trump!!!1!" (Not directed at you.) Absolutely we do. This clown tried to bury this thing as long as possible, pin it as a hoax on his opponents and avoid treating the problem as real until time ran out and it was clear he couldn't ignore it anymore. He has continued dragging his feet on doing things to help us in this crucial time (the DPA?), continued BOLD-FACED LIES to the entire nation on a daily basis and continues bickering and attacking governors who dare speak truth to power and are actually leading their people. The man is pathetic. The man is juvenile. The man is an amoral trainwreck. And it's toxic for us as a nation. He is not fit to lead and never has been. He has failed us all. It is with patriotism and care for the weak and vulnerable that he has abandoned or outright attacked in my heart that I say do not give this man an inch. We've got to come together as a people to topple this would-be king or the next crisis will be worse because the same man with the same irredeemable flaws will still be leading the charge.
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    Alot of things should have never been said and that's sorta the problem
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    And, it's why we need someone else for the next 4. It doesn't absolve him of harsh criticism simply because "It's trump and he's been doing it for 3.5 years."
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    Lying if you look at it any way. Skewing the numbers is lying. Sort of like the whole we only have 15 cases it will be zero soon thing. That's a LIE not optimism, not skewing the numbers, but a lie. An important lie that makes people think the media is the one lying and all of this isn't so bad. Trump said there is 1 million tests, so the media is lying about the difficulties of getting tested. These are outright lies that have direct consequences for us all.
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    I can only speak for myself, but I feel like others would agree that there is no point in discussing it. Have we actually lowered ourselves to the point of debating which candidates sexual assault is more acceptable than the other’s? It’s not my preference or likely yours either, but the fact is it has come down to either Biden or Trump. One is bad and the other is worse. It’s up to everyone to decide for themselves which one is which. So unless there’s credible accusations that Biden has done worse things than Trump allegedly has done, then all this just comes across as sour grapes from Bernie supporters.
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    I feel like some people are overlooking Cincinnati. In case anyone missed it, Cinci is preseason #17 and probably the top G5 team.
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    psst.....we are still laughing. but seriously...if you have any masks or gloves that the hospitals can use and are sitting on that hoard....you are not being patriotic if you don't donate them. keep the tp and canned goods...we will do fine without them. but please help the doctors and nurses if you can.
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    Abstract from the paper (emphasis mine):
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    Biden sexual assault claim gaining a little traction now. Corporate media would be all over this if it was Trump or someone in the GOP. What a shame. And liberals will turn a blind eye because dems good, GOP bad.
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    I will say this about the current situation. The President needs to be honest with the American people. Filling everyone with BS is not helping anyone. Everyone (except the staunchest Trumpees) knows he's full of s#!t. However, I cringe when people are all pissed off because we don't have enough ventilators or PPE and start pointing fingers. This pandemic literally came on very very fast. Yes, Trump should have taken it more seriously between December and February. That is 100% all on him and he should be nailed for it. BUT....we had a stock pile of ventilators and PPE. Problem was, it wasn't enough for this specific pandemic. They are ramping up production of everything. Look at what companies like Ford are doing to produce ventilators. The media is right to report on the shortages. What bothers me is the pointing of fingers claiming someone personally is responsible for people dying because we didn't have 100,000 more ventilators in the US.
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    No change, and I think rational people will fall even further away from religion. People want to believe in a higher power, that's good. Whatever makes them happy. My thoughts on how Covid should be viewed through the lens of religion:
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    New research out shows that men and women are disproportionately affected by the virus. Not a single case in the other 57 genders! The last two posts were just jokes that I saw...please just laugh, it is okay.
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    @Husker03 ˙ʇno ʇᴉ ǝɹnƃᴉɟ ll,noʎ 'uʍop-ǝpᴉsdn ɹoʇᴉuoɯ ɹnoʎ uɹn┴
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    4/17/20 I changed the title of the thread to the encouragement thread to avoid the endless debates about religion. Which this thread wasn't meant to be but what it came to regardless So I was wondering, how are some of you being creative to encourage and to be encouraged? How are you spending time with family while being apart? Also if you have anything encouraging to share - a news article, personal experience plus what I note here in the OP, please do so. Since this is a Religion and Political forum, I wanted to touch on the spiritual side of this current crisis. I want this to be a positive thread whereby we can encourage one other. This is not to be a 'bash religion' thread - save that for some other place please. So if you have encouragement you can share from your own spiritual or non-spiritual perspective, please do so. Maybe a devotion you read, a Bible verse, or some other literature or just a thought you had. The poll and this forum were prompted by the WSJ oped piece copied below. The other day I woke up with a scripture in mind: "Be Still and Know that I am God" Psalm 46:10. The first verse of that Psalm also notes that "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble". We are in the midst of some very anxious times. One could say more anxious than 9-11, Vietnam or any other recent crisis. Not only are resources stretched to the core but so is our own personal reserve, our own personal emotional and spiritual strength to the limits. The verse Be Still and Know - is important to me. It reminds me I can't control, this is beyond my control. I can't manipulate either. It encourages me to trust. To turn to faith which can be productive versus anxiety which is not productive in the long run. Yes there is a healthy anxiety/fear that can prompt us to productive actions. But without the productive actions, anxiety can be dangerous to our emotions and spirit. Only has we quiet ourselves and our anxious heart can we find the reserves to be creative and inspired to act in ways that the current crisis demands of each of us. Psalm 46 says God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. For me faith turns my attention towards God, who can be a very present help in this time of trouble. It takes the burden off of my shoulders so to speak. I draw on the grace He provides though times of prayer and mediation. https://www.wsj.com/articles/a-coronavirus-great-awakening-11585262324 The last paragraph below sets the tone and I copy it again here: Mr. Nicholson is president of the Philos Project.
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    G'Day so the title kinda says it all I am a 2nd year Cincy Uni student flying to Nebraska by myself for the Bearcats match in Nebraska and as someone who is new to the States and the game of footy I have some questions, please be fair dinkum: 1. Where is a good lively hotel area to stay preferably near some Frothy pubs(oh and preferably a hotel that has comp brekky)? 2. Is it a dry campus as far as pregaming? If so, wheres a good pub or Bottle-O near the Uni? 3. Cool stuff to sightsee in Lincoln? (for reference I like hiking and outdoors) 4. Any Ice hockey rinks near the Uni? 5. What is the night scene like?(I plan on getting so buggered off on Friday that I barely make it Saturday) 6. What is the "tailgate" scene like? I'm new to tailgating as its a Stateside thing, but I want a tailgate where I can walk up with an esky and some coldies, make a few friends, maybe skull a few and have a shoey. 7. What is the best area in the stadium for visitors? If it is all like back home in Straya I'll assume there's visiting sections or something Thanks for any feedback and I hope to see a new place in a few months after this Corona stuff goes away and I plan on bringing some of my Straya cuisine with me to Lincoln(Vegemite, Fairy Bread, Tim Tams, Kangy meat). PS, heres some fun vids for your trouble and sorry if it's vulgar, hoo roo!
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    Hell, I am nervous about SDSU. It took AA to beat McNeese St........ As to the back 5 being brutal, IIRC they all finished top 15 last year....That's pretty rough. Even without the rankings, I haven't seen NU do anything yet to make me think we can beat those teams yet.
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    This shows quite nicely why washing your hands (and other parts) is about the simplest and most effective thing you can do to protect yourself. Looking at the structure of a coronavirus, something to note is that it's encased and held together by a lipid membrane, more or less a microscopic layer of oil. You know what's friggin' great at breaking down lipids? SOAP! It doesn't need to be antibacterial, doesn't need to be sanitizer, pretty much any ordinary soap (or detergent) will destroy the virus.
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    Even if they retool, wouldn't it be months before they would have something ready to go? I think any medical device mfg. would need to be tested and then approved by the government. I don't know what is worse, having no ventilator or having one that doesn't work right. Hopefully we as a country/world don't have a short term memory about this. We need to think critically about our healthcare system and where PPE/equipment is made. We are only setup for a regional events and not a world wide event like this.
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    Who knows, but it pisses me off. a) If true, he's a piece of s#!t. and b) It gives Trump more ammo and it's harder for Biden to attack Trump for being an immoral piece of s#!t. How the hell do we end up with two 70+ year old jack asses that we have to choose from?
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    I see us losing at least two of the first seven games ... and won't be surprised if we are 4-3. For me, I'm actually becoming a bit irritated with the view that we have a brutal finish. It just isn't true to me anymore. Our overall schedule wouldn't even come in the Top 25 for difficulty. My take is that when we get to those final five games, I think: OSU is probably ranked #3 Penn St is probably ranked #12 Iowa is not ranked [3 losses] Wisky is probably ranked #20 [2 losses], have App St which will be interesting Minny is probably ranked #22 [2 losses] What makes that schedule tough is that we are not that good. Back in the Big 8, we would have looked at the OSU game as a good test/warm up for next weeks game with Penn St., in fact, the OSU game would be a sleeper game to watch out for. Iowa, Wisky and Minny and would be cake walks. Iowa might catch us because we were trying to get healed up that week. I realize that that is the past ... but in this next season, we don't really play anyone of difficulty those first seven games. The only teams that will be better than us is in terms of recruiting is OSU and Penn St. We will make everything else interesting because we won't be that good [not that Iowa, Wisky and Minny actually are]. I don't see any of these three teams ranked high when we play them ... but after they play us we will pad their win column as they move the rankings on our shoulders. Sure hope my negative view gets put to bed this next year ... I hope. I don't see us in a bowl again.
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    Haven't seen the numbers so I'm not positive on this but I bet they account for half or more of the completed tests as well
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    We lost weeks because of his buffoonery. Factories are ramping up NOW, this week, but they should have done so weeks ago. What is the confusion here.
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    Watching religious leaders contradict science and common sense just reaffirms my strong belief that religion (the system/structure not the spirituality) is just another way to extract money or power from people.
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    The first seven games we play should all be wins. (*SHOULD! ) Will we go 7-0? Probably not. WIll we win six of the first seven? Maybe. If so, we go bowling. If not we'll have to find a way to win one of the last four games. The last four games is a brutal stretch. But hey, it could happen. I think we'll go bowling. Just a gut feeling that this is the year it clicks, and Frost gets us playing like a team.
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    Just maybe the piece of s#!t needs to stop playing doctor on TV.
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    See???? IT'S BEER!!!! BEER IS THE CURE!!!!!
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    They literally drank it because they heard FROM TRUMP that it cured the virus.
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    Not sure if I missed this somewhere else, but Bootle is now #7 (was #23) on the roster. Dismuke is #9 (was #19). That might have been in the update with the new freshmen numbers, but I don't remember seeing it.
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    Rusty has the toilet paper!!!! Mods, I think in circumstances like this, it is fully appropriate to make the location of posters public!
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    Despite only playing part time in one year (2018), he has 2 picks, 2 forced fumbles, and a fumble recovery. Not sure how you want to count the fumble recovery, so that's either 4 or 5 turnovers in minimal time. The only players we have with more career turnovers forced are Domann (5 FF, 1 FR over 3 years) and Taylor-Britt (3 INTs, 4 FF, 2 FR over 2 years, but almost all were last year). I don't know of a good way to get the number of snaps played, but it wasn't a lot in 2018 and he got 5 turnovers. You can debate the proven part based on noot playing full time I guys, but you don't just stumble into that number of plays without being a playmaker.
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    I said "no" to both. For #1, I believe it does make me look closer to what is truly important in life: family, simple joys, etc. But if anything it shows that the God we "want" to think exists doesn't. I think the God that it makes me believe in would be one that didn't create humans to be caretakers, we are just part of the whole system. There is nothing "special" about us (yes, we are a pretty awesome species, also pretty disgusting), that's why I find the simple joys. Just like a dog who experiences heaven by sunning in front window. #2: If by spiritual, you mean religious? No. If anything, I see people realizing the importance of trying to make the world better now. This theology would be more in line with my own. Try to make the world better now so as many people can experience as much good as possible during our time on this earth. Heaven is too often used as an excuse to allow suffering because "their award will be in Heaven". I think that way of thinking is very irresponsible. Edit: Funny. I just got our monthly email from the church that I'm still a member of. In the pastor's letter to the congregation he writes that even though we are suffering now, we should take comfort that one day the suffering will end.
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    Meatchicken has abandoned the mitten, and is thought to be migrating southward to join up with Texas. Texas had a 31% chance to take Louisiana and a 20% chance to take Rice, but somehow took both of them last night. This s#!t is why we left the Big 12...
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    For a beginner I would say one slice of bread not 2, put a lil butter on it and toast it, and I mean a light buttering and then spread vegemite lightly on top, like this ... This one is comedic (so the first video isn't helpful but funny and the second video is helpful This video is accurate and what to do \/
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    It's not exactly gerrymandering , but voter suppression works pretty well for the GOP because the Dems are disproportionately strong with the youth (college) and minority vote, which tend to have geographic clusters and may also have more difficulty meeting increasingly stringent proof of ID demands. Demands, of course, that are almost entirely GOP driven for politically obvious purposes. They can also simply close down polling stations within these geographic clusters. Texas closed down more than a hundred since last election IIRC. It's happening all across the South. Even as populations rise, the number of polling stations decline --- interestingly enough where black and latino numbers are high and GOP led state governments can pull this s#!t. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/mar/02/texas-polling-sites-closures-voting
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    "This season will test he character and mettle of this staff and team...." And the fan base.
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