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    I see you're not the only one who scored on your mom. I've sent this to all my coworkers this morning.
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    College athletes are in the age class that is least affected by this virus. Quit watching CNN and go enjoy some sunshine.
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    I imagine if she was actually assaulted she's sick of people like you who don't actually care about her, or about women being sexually assaulted, but conveniently use her as ammo in your s#!tty conservative team gun.
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    Word is his grades this semester were good enough to qualify under the new standards.
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    Let's not rewrite history, shall we? Flynn lied about acting as a foreign agent while not working for the US government. He was conducting foreign relations for the Trump team before 2017, and that is illegal. Flynn did not need to lie about that, but chose to, admitted to lying, and was appropriately sentenced.
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    How is it VERY dangerous to state a fact about impacts by age class openly admitted by all involved? Getting away from the news and enjoying some sunshine and fresh air is also widely recommended and one of the most healthy things any of us can do right now.
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    wouldn't it be easier to get in the airplane when it's on the runway?
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    This is a VERY dangerous take. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/14/opinion/coronavirus-young-people.html
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    Everytime I see a photo of Joe...I see this in my mind's eye
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    I was valedictorian and prom king! But, I was homeschooled and I am an only child. Thanks Mom! I also set the state scoring record in basketball...against my mom...124 points in one game.
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    Huskers still expecting to be able to resume team activities June 1. Newcomers expected that day. Planning on football this fall.
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    I'm assuming you are referring to Flynn and his charges for lying to the FBI. What part of Flynn's false testimony isn't relevant to what the FBI was questioning him about? A perjury trap is usually acceptable so long as the subject is being questioned about a relevant topic. If it wasn't acceptable practice, it would by default, condone perjury. That's why "Pleading the 5th" is a protected right. He didn't need to lie, he chose to, then admitted to doing it when he plead guilty to it.
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    Oxford Vaccine could be a game changer. I believe by end of June they should have results from human trials - possible ready for mass production by fall. Definitely the most promising of the vaccine possibilities.
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    Personally, part of me is hoping there won't be a season as that would indicate a considerable effort in self discipline and safety. Safety both of the athletes, students and fans. In this scenario nobody can say greed was the driving force to reopen early. The fan side of me is greedy though.
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    Just having a kicker that can put KO’s in the end zone will help. Those KO returns for TD’s absolutely drained the momentum against Iowa and Wisconsin
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    Because he will not stick to that. He is a career politician, Those guys all play the game and look out for each other. Once he gets into office his agenda is going to be filled up with much bigger things.
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    Dug up a few tidbits on Connor Culp. He was LSU’s guy in 2017 but was behind 2nd team all American Cole Tracy in 18/19. 2017 20 of 23 extra points 11 of 16 field goals, 47 yard long Composite 3*, #9 in country by 247 & #4 by Scout In high school, 63 of 67 kickoffs for touchback. Sounds like an upgrade for the Huskers. Toss in the Aussie and our kicking game may not be an embarrassment.
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    I hope we are done watching low kicks fielded by the returner on the run at the 10-yard line.
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    Not just Good... Good Enough.
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    My opinion is that this will only happen for a while. We all tend to relax over time.
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    Haha! Most teachers I know have been "told" that grades need to be nice and high. I wish I would have graduated during a pandemic! Ha
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    Yep, so far, the graph looks promising. But, more time is needed to make a judgement.
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    It's clear that Frost doesn't want to overlook the kicking issues which occurred in 2019. I didn't place too much blame on Frost and the staff for last year's issues. I don't think anyone could anticipate the injuries and issues which occurred. He just doesn't want to have the kicking game being significant cause for losses.
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    Ummm...... Maybe Frost really is putting together a men's soccer team.
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    You do realize that Donald Trump just makes s#!t up, right?
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    Yeah, I just did some grades too...with a stroke of a keypad...B's become A's.
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    Another thing you're conveniently forgetting is that Flynn was not unmasked yet on the reports. All US citizen names are redacted during surveillance...so interest in him only came about BECAUSE he spoke to Russian agents. Otherwise, he would not have even been on anyones radar. This is not my opinion. This is known fact. https://www.npr.org/2020/05/14/855820024/what-you-need-to-know-about-the-flynn-biden-and-unmasking-story
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    No groundbreaking until the University OKs it but still hoping for this summer. "Very close" to getting the $100M donations they were hoping for.
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    I would like to add that in addition to Cdog923's sentiment of "Don't Tweet. At. Recruits." Please, no matter what your initial intentions are... Don't. Tweet. Croots. (seriously, just don't do it)
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    Which Lincoln bars can't survive without students on campus and/or a football season? Barry's will be gone for sure. Everything at the Railyard, I have heard their lease rates are insane.
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    I didn't see a better thread, so I'll just put this here:
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    Students on campus = football No students on campus = no football That is how it will work. I know NU is selling (or was) student tickets.
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    Vaccine is not reasonably expected for anywhere between 8 months (slim chances) to three years (65% chances optimistically). Therefore a vaccine solution is NOT a part of the considerations for either having fall/winter ‘20-‘21 college sports or a major economic restart nationally. From this the discussion becomes real testing of random samplings of the general populations scattered across the country. We have heard of small studies with questioned validity bases showing the incidence of the virus at ranges of 10 to 60 times the reported case numbers. This is the critical data that will enable the decision makers to assess rationally the true risk of future social activities. If the true incidence is somewhere in the lower-middle of that range, then the mortality rate is perhaps 1/25th of the numbers being used widely. I.e. we likely have 30 million cases with 85,000 “deaths” attributed to the virus. Of those deaths, a large majority are known to be older patients with other serious health issues making death much more possible. IF the forgoing is reasonably close, then the COVID 19 illness is NOT problematic / risky enough (comparable to common flu & pneumonia rates) to justify the disastrous economic & societal shutdowns. The monetary costs are in the trillions and trillions already with no end in sight. The non financial costs in mental and other health related impacts to everyone around the country are also astronomical. The long term negatives may be the permanent loss of many millions of jobs, many thousands of businesses and a generation or more of life savings and work product and family structures etc. Financially alone 5 trillion $ spent to save even 100,000 lives = $50 million spent per life saved. And it is very debatable that we actually saved that many lives in fact nor that 5 trillion is high enough. At some point a cost / benefit analysis must be done. If we continue shutdowns beyond July 1, the losses and costs will mushroom out of control if not there already. This, in my view, is what the discussion must be about.
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    The thing is, they can't just give donated funds to the university. If someone donates a million dollars for football facilities, and the uni turns around and gives that money to the library system or something instead, that's a lawsuit waiting to happen.
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    Just read somewhere that a school had a graduating class of 150, and they were all tied for valedictorian.
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    The only way there is going to be football, is if this reopening of the country goes well. If it does. Great. I really really really hope it goes well for many reasons. But, if it doesn't, there will be no football because there still won't be a vaccine.
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    Frost was trying to bring in bigger WR’s, they just couldn’t land them. Part of the reason Walters was let go and Lubick brought in. The TE’s on the roster aren’t fast enough to get deep, down the middle like Frost wants, and still be able to block. It will be interesting with Vokalek eligible in 2020 and Hickman developing into a hybrid TE/WR for the offense.
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