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    I think it will be downplayed, but to me the Purdue game is the biggest in 2020. With SDSU being ranked FCS preseason #2, Cincinnati being close to top 25 and the way the last two years have gone, it's critical to get off to a fast start. Having a hiccup and dropping a game or 2 in September with the last 5 games being all against top 15 teams from last year's AP top 25 could be disastrous. The psyche of the team and the fanbase needs a nice opening W. What do you all think?
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    Reading through the twitter feeds - I'm not sure Nebraska fans are doing our team any favors. Some people are just plain rude. The young man hasn't even announced his intentions to do anything yet and people are really giving him a hard time. smh
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    Williams should be able to drive himself by now, that DUI was darn near 4 years ago.
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    What a pathetic Cult member. He is a cult member, a member of a political religion. He doesn't represent the Christian faith. He is proving to be following the example of his true leader, Trump, not Jesus.
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    Well then remove the "chief." which was unnecessarily flippant (but not quite "watch your fukkin' mouth" flippant) and what's so snarky about the reply? There is nothing but speculation in here, including JD Spielman's lack of effort and draftability, and the presumed worthiness of any fresh recruit Scott Frost brings in. It's not a "weird agenda" as Knappl keeps speculating, but a legit concern that the culture still isn't clicking in year three of Frost's tenure, and JD's potential departure feels like part of that . Never said Frost can't turn it around. Didn't "blatantly blame" him for JD. But for the first time I feel we're still a couple years away. Anyone who says they predicted the 2019 season would turn out the way it did is lying. You know what else is a black eye for Nebraska football? Maurice Washington's legal problems and his uncertain future with the team. In no way is it blatantly Scott Frost's fault. It may not be fair at all. But it's still a black eye in the perception of the program. JD's unhappiness here would just add to it. And no, it wouldn't matter as much if the Huskers were winning. Don't for a second assume I"'m not rooting for Frost to succeed.
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    and my rebuttal is the camps they performed at against high talent, recruiting evaluations, rankings, and type of competition played against. Hence why I said football skills not football statistics.
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    I'm not into their looks because I am into blondes that are women, but I can tell you their football skills are pretty damn solid.
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    Not sure if you've looked at our historical TE draft picks, but the last one was before Fidone was born. I expect that to change in the next few years, but I'd avoid bringing up the NFL potential, lol.
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    I stopped thinking the Heisman was anything more then a popularity contest in 2009. Suh was the best football player that year and it wasn't close. The last time a defensive player got actual credit was Woodson in 97. They're trying to tell us a defensive player hasn't been the best player in college football in the last 25 years one time? Definitely a joke as it is defined.
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    This is something I keep seeing and this is nothing more than speculation. Just because he's a 5th year senior, doesn't mean he doesn't have friends still on the team.
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    there has never been a flawless candidate. and right now it looks like the choice is between Biden and Trump. which of those has the least flaws? i know which of them i believe has fewer flaws by several metric kilotons.
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    Plus I am pretty sure that wouldn't fly with NCAA.
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    Your snarky reply doesn't change the fact that you blatantly blamed our head coach when you clearly have zero clue about anything between SF and Spielman or their relationship etc. Also watch your f'n mouth as 'chief' isn't my name the last time I checked...
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    I've never had ANY training that's told me that you EVER put your knee on someone's neck! In fact we're told to avoid the head and neck except in deadly force situations so they're avoided at all cost! And once you get someone in handcuffs and the fight is over, you roll them on their side and sit them up to avoid causing any cardiac issues or excited delirium........ I'm appalled and disgusted by this officer's actions and the officers that stood by and just let this happen! I would've pushed that officer off of him had I been there! I'm furious over this so I've waited to comment most of the day because of it. Completely senseless......
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    Put me in the Purdue camp as well. A strong offensive output to kick the start season would be great. Also, frankly the thought of a Diaco led defense shutting down Nebraska would be incredibly hard for me to stomach and will instantly sour me for the rest of the season.
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    So would that be like a 7.5?? Likes our chances but not quite an 8.
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    SURELY, he didn't mean that.... (is my joke too obvious)
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    Purdue. We win that I think we will have the momentum to start out 7-0 or 6-1. Lose that one and we are looking at needing to win at least, 1 if not 2, of our final 5 games against tOSU, PSU, Ioa, Wiscy, Minny.
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    Schaefer with a 7 on his confidence for Nebraska and says it might be higher.
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    I voted Purdue but really would vote for everyone in some ways. But after further consideration, I’d vote for whichever game becomes our 6th win cause we really really really need a bowl game of some sort this year! Not sure how to vote that at this point in time.
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    Scott Frost helped Jordan Akins get drafted.
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    Welp, the Jackrabbits appear to be a pretty decent team.
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    And the rebuttal to that is "Those have always translated to high levels of play when those players transition to college ball /s".
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    1) I'm old enough to remember when Republicans were offended by "activist judges" and now they want all the activist judges they can get. 2) This is not the statement of a man confident Trump will win in November.
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    Normal trump trump wt virus news trump with media
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    Good lord just fire them all into the sun.
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    Can we talk about how completely full of s#!t Zuckerberg is? He has the gall to criticize Twitter (admittedly they deserve some - I don't know how you fact-check a tweet about mail-in voting and look the other way while the president suggests a TV personality murdered someone without an ounce of evidence) for taking the tiniest step at reigning in Trump's BS. Meanwhile he heads to Fox News to declare Facebook is a high-minded platform that cherishes the First Amendment and would never dream of censoring the president (or offending Republicans delicate sensibilities). It's all a BS act. He wants to continue raking in cash and avoid angering Republicans who could regulate him. Zuck has been some combination of corrupted and/or intimidated into doing Trump and the GOP's bidding. He's working for the bad guys. Which sucks, because Facebook is the go-to source for moronic conspiracy theories and GOP derp to make the rounds. Spreads like wildfire there.
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    Fred could have 5 official visits, a bag full of money, the kid's favorite pizza and the A Team from Shakers, the odds are heavily against Sallis coming to Nebraska.
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    Thanks, @schriznoeder, I just came to post this. It is a perfect encapsulation of how Trump operates, looking out for himself only, and is 100% true.
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    This man has an audience of 15 million. And here he is celebrating Trump trolling the libs, and encouraging him to do it more. This man is the enemy of democracy.
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    Wow.... At.....Church.....
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    Evictions and large events can resume, woo hoo!
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    I just hope Keith wasn't driving JD or Tyjon around
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    I am all for piling on Riley and how horrible of a coach he was, how normal-nice he was (not some saint), how lame he was with team rules... but I don't think this is some Frost "shake out". I think it is a kid that just doesn't know what he wants to do right now. It happens.
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    If a knee is used on the back anywhere you just have to be cognizant on how long you're doing that. I'm 5'8" and I weigh 215 lbs and I've fought with SEVERAL people throughout my career. I've NEVER been on anyone's back for longer than 10 to 15 seconds. 99.9% people stop fighting once the cuffs are on. I can't imagine taking all 215 lbs of me and putting it on the back of someone's neck for 10 minutes! Horrible...
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    I will not, I am not their blood relative. #rolltide
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    My main goal for Wandale is that we have enough dudes on offense to spread the ball around enough so he doesn't get killed again halfway through the season
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