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    I guess it makes sense that he's leaning towards a school with warm outdoor practices.
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    I hooked up a projector and played the Boise Oklahoma fiesta bowl on the side of my house the other night. Did a bonfire and beers. Football is good for the soul. Edit: I forgot the point of my post; pretty much any game you want is on YouTube.
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    Thank you. No one understood the efficacy of a cloth mask in preventing the spread from a sock person. All mask related guidance was about protecting the wearer, which still holds true today. No one had any idea about asymptomatic carriers back in Jan/Feb. Mocking the CDC and WHO over that would be like mocking doctors from the 1800s for not using penicillin. We wear masks to protect others if we’re sick. That’s why it’s important to practice social distancing and stay at home as much as possible. Most people act like they’re in a hazmat suit when wearing these masks, and do things that bring their effectiveness to near 0.
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    You do understand this is a process, correct? Because this is a new disease, we are actually still in the learning phase of it. As we learn more about it, opinions and methodology change. It's the same reason why the people who are trying to troll Fauci for his opinions in January and February are incredibly cringe. Masks were not at the forefront of the discussion at the beginning because 1. we didn't know exactly how the virus was being transmitted, and 2. they were deemed essential for healthcare workers and those caring for sick individuals. 4 months later, we know more about the transmission and that one of the best ways of preventing it is by wearing masks. That's why the majority of the discussion has centered around wearing masks in public to help flatten the curve, or did you just start paying attention?
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    Like "Jizz Lane" I believe (no other way to spell it )
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    I mean their last video was literally quotes from past President's and a quote from Trump. Don't be such a snowflake.
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    Masks won't stop the virus, but they'll slow it down enough that we can (hopefully) get it under control. There's a reason South Korea fared so much better with this virus than we did - masks have been part of their culture for a long, long time. For some reason Americans are resistant to wearing masks and here we are. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    When did anyone say that masks don't work? And when were they a focal point of the initial lockdown phase?
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    When did this thread only become about masks? We completely shut down the economy to flatten the curve as to not overwhelm the system because masks didn’t work. Then we slowly reopen the economy and it’s a shocker when cases go up. If we are still trying to “flatten the curve” and can do so by wearing a mask- then wear a mask but quit being shocked that the virus is still being transmitted. The whole premise of flatten the curve is that we will all be exposed at some point. My question, is the flatten the curve Phase over and now were In a zero transmission only phase? If so, shut the whole thing down again. It’s the only way.
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    One could also reason to think that if they're so great at all this backroom bulls#!t that Hillary would be president right now
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    Trump apologists claim the media is lined up against him. The media hates him. They never portray him in a positive light. That's all true, but it's not like they're mis-reporting him. Trump went out there and earned his reputation as a thin-skinned con man who's now way out of his skillset as President. Ignore the lamestream media completely and take Donald Trump in context in his televised speeches, nonstop tweets and his own autobiography. We've never had a less-filtered President, and he's never not been an a$$h@!e.
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    At this rate Trump supporters would tell you the Titanic was treated very unfairly by the iceberg.
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    I'm to the point that channels need to just plan to fill the season with previous great games and just football period. I'd love to watch (biased) the complete 94-95 season of the Huskers play out again on tv...UT vs USC, Game of the Century etc...As a fan, I'd love to watch other teams greatest games as well. Just put some form of college ball on....
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    Word is Jaiden Francois and Daniel Cerni are the only two scholarship players not on campus. Francois is expected as early as Sunday. Cerni is being delayed by international travel bans. Hoping to be here later this month.
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    Allen shouldn’t have changed his picture
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    I'm not sure any more ignorance could be packed into such a short post. Well done.
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    Also like Steinkuhler and Jurgens. Both shut their recruiting down and didn't field many offers, in spite of their ability.
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    Betts only had reported offers of Nebraska, Iowa, Iowa State, Minnesota and SDSU on 247. However, I remember people saying he had a lot more, but he was going to Nebraska and never announced them. Similar for Prochazka, he hasn't announced any offers since he committed, but I'd venture to guess he has received more.
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    The CHAZ in Seattle was fun to watch cause you KNEW where it was headed
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    I think that the only way I point a gun at another human being is if they have one pointed at me first. I think that should be the definition of 'life threatening'. Everything else is based on prejudice and presupposition.
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    My county in NC specifically got mentioned last week by Dr Birx as a spot to watch.....Not a great way to make the news........Hospital (nationally recognized is doing well). We were going to open phase 3 about 2 weeks ago, but adjusted to a phase 2.5 (still in phase 2). Gov just ordered mandatory masks when social distance not applicable, but law enforcement won't enforce. I wear a mask, don't mind. Be a better human and all that. Went out today (Home Depot and Wal Mart) and saw about 99% of folks were masked up. Masks might not work(I think they do), but people are wearing them like they will.
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    But continue to go to Walmart, the grocery store, and Home Depot.
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    I've bounced around the idea of suggesting that the board do a "weekly watch party" of an old game on Twitch or something; we vote during the week on which game we'd watch then chat about the game during it.
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    Side note: if Cus D'Amato hadn't died, Mike Tyson might have gone down as the greatest boxer in history. Most feared, for sure.
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    Probably the first week in August; I'm not certain.
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    I think most of us are realizing that there won't be a season. I am guessing we hear an announcement in the next couple weeks.
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    Definitely both imo, you dont fly on Epsteins plane 26 times for the movie selection like Billy did, people get killed in prison and jail all the time and it doesn't matter who's in the white house to get it done. Money is all the power you need. People got paid to keep Epstein quiet
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    It's a parody site. The banner on the bottom reads "This web site is made possible by a generous gift from one of Jeff Fortenberry's constituents and is maintained by Sniff Fartenberry Productions, which is really a name we just made up for Seeing Red Nebraska, and we obviously have no connection to this useless Gilead commander's re-election campaign, which we try to stay upwind from at all times." Seeing Red Nebraska's site says "nebraska politics from the left"
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    Ah...maybe, just maybe...its BOTH
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    Worst place you had to do #2? I have two: 1. Office West Lounge: No door and it was EXPLOSIVE! I knew there was no stall door but I had to do it, so I RUSHED that one! 2. Michigan game two years ago. We are tailgating and I have to go. I hit up a port-o-potty and it is is pitch black in there. I go BAD and wiping...it was like cream cheese.
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    It wasn't Bill Clinton's DOJ who was in charge of the jail where Epstein "committed suicide." And you know Mr. "Lock Her Up" Trump has no love for the Clintons. So why would he allow Epstein to die on his watch if Epstein had dirt on Bill Clinton? Or maybe it's not Clinton who's s#!tting himself so much right about now....
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    Same point as before. Masks or not, it will not matter in the end. Virus will rage on until we all have it or vaccine is found. Probably better to get it sooner than later. Lets get back to living.
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    i wonder if we can rock a 2 QB system? Use Luke like a Taysom Hill. I feel Luke needs to be on the field no matter what. Also, I can't imagine all of the QB's staying. If Adrian keeps the job into his Senior year.. Does Luke or Logan transfer with Haarberg coming in?
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    Um, yes. That should be obvious.
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    Welp...violence again in the protest zone over in Seattle. Had to be cleared out. The place is totally vandalized. So weird. Hmmmm. The father of the kid that was killed in CHAZ was not ever even notified by the CHAZers. f#&%ing losers. I wonder how many crops they were able to produce.
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    What is Freedom? - Mike Daniel Mike was so refreshing today in his share ...
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    The Bondage of Legalism Verses Freedom IN Christ - Rob Schultz Loved this one. Grateful to be experiencing His love, life and liberty in these days.
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    If AM is supposed to be the chosen leader and QB of the Frost regime it is concerning he did not live the mantra and didn’t give full effort last year. To build his culture you gotta have great leaders. Play hard, practice hard.
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    None of these are gut feelings. They are simple logic based on numbers widely reported. Thot is sometimes used as a form of thought btw per my quick dictionary check. I believe most readers know I wasnt referring to a prostitute by context. lol.
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    When he finally stops half way up the slope behind the end zone, a roughly 10-year-old Mavric is about 30 feet right of the view of the camera. Wrapped up in blankets because it was a cold day in Boulder - but the win helped.
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    1. His upside is leagues above Mbow 2. He is a walk-on so there is 0 risk. 3. He is coming from our “rival” and was a kid who was basically all Iowa. 4. It has been confirmed it was a mental break he needed. Lot of stuff happened to this kid in a short amount of time. 5. #1 kid in Iowa who was a Hawkeye fan and shut it down early = no posting of other offers
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