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    Your article doesn't say that anywhere. In fact this is what it says. You're a liar, and a bad apple.
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    I can't wait until a decision is made so we can close this thread; it's the direct opposite amount of fun that the Scott Frost thread was.
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    But you decided not to link any of those articles? Perplexing. You're so ignorant. You have absolutely no idea who I support, or what party I am not affiliated with. Spoiler I've never registered for either major political party, and never will. Double spoiler, I did not vote for Biden in the primary.
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    Is it time to just move this thread to another board/merge it with the others? Efforts to keep it on-topic have obviously been a complete failure.
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    He has myocarditis. We know nothing more at this point, and of course we’ve got someone ‘reporting’ it as fact that he’s looking at permanent heart damage.
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    Yes, it was appropriate to call it the Wuhan Virus until the The International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) came up with the official names "novel coronavirus" and "COVID-19," which everyone in the world started using in February 2020. Long after that, Donald Trump was the only person in the world still calling it "The Chinese Virus" or the hilarious "Kung-Flu" because yeah, he's a racist. Or more accurately, when he realized it was really serious and hurting his election chances, he needed to blame someone. Also, he's a racist. When I learned that the more useful designation for marijuana is indica and sativa, I stopped calling it by nationalities. That was 40 years ago. Time flies.
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    He's a one hitter quitter. One hit last year and done for the season. Once the shoulder goes it's chronic, I'm hitching my wagon to an up and comer like Noa Pola-Gates...far more up side.
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    Science can be political depending where their funding is coming from. Or if they are under pressure to get results or lose funding so they come to a conclusion. Or they have an ego and want to prove something right so they fudge numbers or take a result that’s 50/50 and make it 51/49 to make sure things meet the end result they want to get credit for a new breakthrough anytime humans are involved there is human error and corruption
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    I didn't mean to insinuate that politics aren't in play to some degree from all sources. But reasonable people have to acknowledge that doctors and scientists and even the organizations they work for have much less on the line politically than say Trump or Democrats or Republicans do. It makes it way too easy to figure out people's agendas when they make it clear they favor the opinion or statements of politicians and political parties over those based on science and the best available facts.
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    You forgot to mention that the other side also hides and fudges numbers. Also do you really think some of those groups mentioned at the end of paragraph 1 aren't motivated by politics?
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    I disagree. This covid conversation is not political; it is clinical medicine and has a direct association with student-athlete performance. AND will be taken into account on the ability to answer the question of "will there be a season?" This has everything to do with student-athlete performance and their short-term and long-term health. IF, and I say IF, we are to be concerned with student-athletes health and safety, this is a factor that needs to be considered. Quarantine and isolation is a short-term measure. It does not take into account long-term health for those that may be affected. Right now, most of us understand this as: 1. get a swab shoved up your nose until it hits the brain; 2. get the results back after a few days; 3. you are either negative or positive; 4. if you are positive, go isolate for 14 days; 5. if you are a negative, wear a mask; 6. if you are near the person who has been tested as positive; see you in 14 days. 7. after 14 days, let's play. But this goes deeper than that. Let's put it this way. What if Clemson's Trevor Lawrence gets the virus? Simply have him sit out for 14 days? Sounds reasonable or cancel the game and have him ready for the next game after 14 days. But let us say that he develops myocarditis as a result of contracting the virus? There went his first round status but worse yet, his whole career and worse than that, his quality of life and ability at what we call "activities of daily living." This talk of "they are young and healthy" means absolutely nothing in my view. Folks, I could list off a ton of peer-reviewed medical information on this alone that would scare you out of your mind. Failure to understand what happens to a person who does test positive is not the same as getting a cancer diagnosis BUT it can potentially have a profound effect on one's health.
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    Any major institution deriving support from directly from the government is political.
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    Unfortunately that is now a big part of the problem, it is political. One side has chosen to ignore science, hide and fudge the numbers and downplay the risks which has allowed the spread to proliferate. And to a lesser extent the other side has seized the opportunity to sensationalize and use it as a weapon in the upcoming election. All of this exacerbates the amount of bad information citizens are receiving. However, there is a way forward for the average person.....listen to and pay attention to the least politically motivated of these people, the doctors, scientists, CDC and WHO. I know people want politics kept out of this supposed football discussion but it's just not possible given the nature of the beast. If the politics of it are ignored, the real issues will be ignored
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    We’ll also see more restaurants popping up like those mini pizza huts that don’t have seating. And I wonder if alcohol delivery might be permanent. Although the places I like to order from don’t deliver it yet. I’ve ordered from Tap House a couple times and they don’t deliver it yet which is funny given the name.
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    Welcome to the crux of the gun control debate. Also, because they are ashamed of their genitalia.
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    What? There’s a law against that too now? Stupid democrats.
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    My issue here is that apparently it’s useful discussion to make your leading point one of the worst possible outcomes. I guess it’s considered responsible journalism to make any assertion you want, as long as it is theoretically possible.
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    Might does not equate to fact. Given how long we've known about COVID we don't know if any damage will be lifelong to anyone. That said myocarditis is a serious condition that does not always recover 100%. Though most cases of this and pulmonary fibrosis will likely recover, there is a possibility some people deal with these conditions long term. At a minimum this guys heart won't be back to normal for 3 months. That's pretty serious in and of itself.
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    Dying isn't the only bad outcome....
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    People can downplay it all they want but we saw the effects of the presidents words in other peoples actions.
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    Or racist reasons. I can use white sheets on my bed and that's perfectly fine. Some other people use white sheets for entirely different reasons, and that's not fine. When a person who has a decades-long history of racism says/does something that is possibly racist, they don't deserve the benefit of the doubt and they should be called out for influencing vulnerable people.
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    Couple weeks old, but hey, that old one DEFINITELY needed to go!
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    Trending, but not quite there yet. I believe the NCAA will be fighting that tooth and nail as well as college administrators. The whole entire model, at this time, is based on the amateur model. This is my thought: if the NCAA and P5 football was smart, they would take this season and cancel it and take the loss and use that loss to argue that "we have no money to pay college athletes." They could argue that due to the cancellation of the season, it will take us 10 years to recover. I would play the long game on this one. I still believe that there will be major rumblings among student-athletes if they are playing and there are no other students on campus. The optics are not good on this one and will expose the NCAA and P5 which they cannot easily justify and rationalize. We have seen the rumblings among student-athletes in the PAC 12. And given the nature of student activism of recent note, I could easily see this as the next major protest that could shake college athletics to its core.
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    Piggybacking on the tweet above, this is promising news.
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    You must be referring to Susan McDougal, who already completed her sentence when pardoned, served the maximum possible 18 months, including eight in solitary confinement. You would attempt that false equivalency, very much on-brand. When did you drink the punch? Why do you blindly and unethically try to rationalize everything Trump does? Is it the corruption, racism, misogyny, ineptitude, all of the above? It is deplorable; history will not look kindly upon the cultists.
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    Oh this Facebook garbage again. It shows that person (a) has not looked at the underlying crimes pardoned and nuance before sharing this drivel or (b) knows exactly what those pardons were for, doesn't care, and shares to mislead. I think we all know where @Notre Dame Joefalls at this point.
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    Player: Naas Cunningham Hometown: Gladstone, NJ School: Gill St. Bernard’s. AAU: Position: Combo Guard Height: 6’7 Weight: Major 7 Offers: Nebraska Visits: Twitter: 247 Composite: Rivals: 247: ESPN: Highlights
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    So everyone with a twitter account should be providing an opinion real time? Is this dr that posted about this heart condition actually treating the player? Or analyzed his chart? Or are they making an uninformed claim based off some information they read online? That’s dangerous because some people will assume they are informed and credible just because they are a dr.
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    Agreed. Folks, let me tell you something. I have visited some other boards from other fan bases. The discussion that they have about this topic is nothing. THIS board and this TOPIC has got to be the most in-depth, most well-rounded, most intriguing discussion of any of them. This topic on whether there will be a season or not cannot simply be based on a "yes" or "no" response. Too many moving parts. No matter what answer your choose you will get the response of "are you out of your mind?"
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    Ok that last comment made me laugh.
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    Yeah, the idea of hiring a bunch of young/new teachers...well...I know most of us just think that teaching is easy but the hardest part of teaching is not so much the content but the ability to control the class. That comes with experience (most of the time) Just like coaching...you should have seen how horrible I was as a coach my first few years...now I am still horrible at it but just not as horrible.
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    hats off to the rioters and BLM?
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    You gotta be s#!tting me. Mexican pot came from Mexico. It sold for 15 dollars an ounce. Jamaican pot came from Jamaica. It cost a little more. Colombian pot came from Colombia. It sold for 40 dollars an ounce. Panama Red came from Panama, a little cheaper than Colombian. Thai Stick came from Thailand and it was the priciest, but sometimes the dealers lied and just tied Colombian to a stick. Skunk Weed came from the ditches of Cass County Nebraska. If it makes you feel any better, I boycotted Afghani Black Primo hash in solidarity with the Afghan War. You were correct about not having an A-game.
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    I really don't see anybody running out to try this...
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    And maybe it's not a matter of "being mentally tough." We have no idea what all the factors are here, and just because we've all probably been homesick at one time or another doesn't mean we went through the same thing and "toughed it out." I don't see any reason to question the kid's mental fortitude without knowing the entire situation, and we're never going to know that. Tougher for us to swallow than Gray's transfer because there was an obvious good reason for that. But the lack of a public, "good" reason for transferring shouldn't be license to publicly imply a kid is weak. Since we don't have and are not owed any information, I'd rather assume there are reasons than assume anything negative about him. Best of luck wherever he ends up!
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    I'm speechless.......How can people be dumb enough to believe this?
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    hang in there Ruth, please hang in there... Ruth Bader Ginsburg announces cancer recurrence
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    Anyone else have a gut feeling that she is not a "little twenty year old girl" but in fact...is probably a smokeshow?
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