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    ....and that page is this: when we go 2-0 and the season gets cancelled, are we claiming a Natty or not?
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    We need to stop thinking that the crappy teams that beat NU are good. It is more that NU has just been really bad. This year should be the first year where things start to look better.
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    Opening against a team that had 20+ cases this week in a state where you are required to quarantine for 14 days when entering....
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    The complaints are because OSU drew Illinois, Purdue and Nebraska instead of Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.
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    OMG. I just watched Trump's Axios interview on HBO. I. Am. Speechless. He is such a stupid f#cking idiot. Unreal. I can't even begin to explain what I just saw. You have to see it for yourselves. One anecdote. Right when I got done watching the real interview, Jimmy Fallon comes on TV and is doing a parody of the same Trump interview. He's trying to go over the top with it.....but still, Trump comes off way stupider in person than even Fallon can come close to. It is a work of art. Every Trump supporter needs to watch it and be proud. That's your guy, in his own words. No dodging that bullet. Plan on about 4x more time than the actual interview takes. You'll need some breaks from the sheer stupidity. Now I totally get why he is so proud of taking that mental acuity test. That actually was a high point for him. FML.
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    Tons of competition at guard. Love it.
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    MLB hasn't been in a bubble and it isn't working well. The NHL is in a bubble and have had 0 positive tests out of 7000. That clearly works well. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/29589885/nhl-reports-no-positive-testsbubble
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    Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, OSU in 4 straight games is rough.
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    I guess I see 7-3 as about the floor...9-1 as the ceiling.
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    I don't know about "largely" but the big boys of the day definitely had significant advantages over a lot of schools. With many more scholarships to give out and more TV money, once you got things rolling it was much easier to keep it rolling than it is today.
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    I thought Trump crossed an unforgivable line back in 2015, but then kept crossing them all the way to the Presidency, so what do I know? Still......something about this Axios interview. Something Trump agreed to and came in prepared for -- at least as much as he was willing to prepare for anything. It's just stark naked in its ignorance and immaturity. It's a grown man trying to coax reason out of not just a child, but the dumbest little kid in the fourth grade. I guess you could say it's "gotcha" journalism, but the dude is actually trying to point Trump to the things he should be saying. I even smelled a whiff of pity. Coming on the heels of Republicans, military generals, and the frikkin Federalist Society declaring the President unfit at best, an imbecile at worst, I see no recourse for loyalists and down-ticket Republicans. I mean, other than shouting Venezuela, Chicago, and Sleepy Joe.
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    This off season really highlights how worthless of an organization the NCAA is. They place tons of restrictions on these kids around transferring, earning money, etc. However, when it comes to doing absolutely anything regarding health concerns they have failed to do one stupid thing. They've had since March to come up with literally anything on sports and the conferences have all led the way without the NCAA doing anything at all.
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    "If a conference wanted to design a schedule to guarantee its top teams won as many games as possible to maximize the odds of putting at least one team in the playoff, it would look a lot like this schedule."
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    And I guarantee that Badger fans would accuse this of whining. But they've really had so many seasons like this since we joined the conference. I don't really care because even prior to the pandemic I saw us as being a team that would struggle to even go 6-6, but it's just funny what kind of a cakewalk that schedule is for Wisconsin.
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    I see the schedule breaking down as follows: 4 wins: Rutgers, Illinois, Northwestern, Purdue 2 losses: Ohio State, Penn State 4 toss ups (within spread of 3 pts): Wisc, Iowa, Minnesota, Mich St
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    Pre-pandemic I was worried about Trump refusing to accept the results on the election and not leaving office. In recent months his behavior seems to point to him actively searching for ways to make that happen. This man is the most legitimate constitutional threat coming from the white house since Wilson eliminated free speech, and Lincoln waived habeas corpus.
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    everyone should want MSU this year. They lost a ton and have a new coach that wasn't able to install a new system this Spring. Although NU gets them late in the season.
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    Added Michigan State. Good. But the gauntlet part of the schedule gets moved up from the end to early mid. IDK how I feel about that. Would've been nice if some of those weren't all back to back to back.
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    Losses on the D-line will be tough to replace, but the LB’s and secondary should be improved in 2020.
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    Cancelling all flights from Nebraska/Iowa to Baton Rouge...
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    the NCAA is chartered by the schools to do the things the schools put in their charter, just like the US Constitution. Why would you want the NCAA to wade into waters outside their boundaries so they can make decisions when they are unqualified?
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    I have been enjoying those Tweets. I am picturing the players on their Twitter accounts with a gun against the back of their head like a hostage. "My captor is treating me very well, and I am beginning to think his point of view isn't all that bad..."
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    I get the excitement to play; everyone also mentioning the school's handling is weird.
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    Husker players making (asked to make?) a concerted social media effort to show their enthusiasm for the newly-released schedule.
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    Minnesota was pretty much the anti-Nebraska last year. Nebraska could have easily beaten Colorado, Indiana, Purdue and Iowa. We lost all four. Minnesota could have easily lost to South Dakota State, Fresno State, Georgia Southern and Penn State. They won all four. Their season could have been a lot different if they lost even a couple of those first three.
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    I fully understand why they've done it this way. My point is that it just exemplifies their ineptitude as an organization and the B1G players are calling them out already. The NCAA is a regulatory organization who has refused to provide any regulations at a point when it was really most needed. I agree they did it to avoid liability, but if they are only going to step in when it's safe and no liability is involved they aren't really "dedicated to the well-being and lifelong success of college athletes." and are thus a worthless organization who only regulates students when it benefits them.
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    The country is in really bad shape right now. I hope Biden has more planned than just remaining silent.
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    I don't know if you've watched us play much the last few years, but there are no gimme's
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    QQ It is amazing to me that Ohio State dodges Ohio State every single year /sarcasm How would Ohio State and Penn State not play Indiana, Rutgers, and Maryland? Ohio State and Penn State also has to play each other and Michigan. It is how conference division work. The teams in the west always have an easy path to the championship so I really don't understand all the crying.
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    Another message board I used to frequent dropped their political subforum in 2016. Any post veering into politics now is promptly deleted. I was strongly opposed to the idea at the time, and in principle I suppose I still am. That being said, the overall tone of the board improved dramatically.
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    So is Ohio State east our division rival now or why do we play them every got damn season??!
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    On the bright side, this thread topic can only live for a few more weeks.
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    Really interested to see how these travel restrictions play out. If they are enforced how can Rutgers hold a home game?
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    At least we can hopefully get the season off to a solid start with Rutgers followed by Illinois. Think starting off strong is critical to our success this year.
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    You should super care about Fallon. Who's the host of The Tonight Show is, like, way more important than who the president is.
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    Strength & conditioning under Bo was actually pretty good. I'm choosing the words "pretty good" carefully - so, not "great" but also not "bad." Then Riley not only didn't bring in quality linemen on both sides of the ball but practically abandoned serious weight training, at least as far as I understand it. Outside of Ohio State's insane evolution to a completely other level, the rest of the decent-good teams (outside of Indiana) still play power football on both sides of the ball. In our division, Wisconsin & Iowa consistently develop strong offensive linemen, defensive linemen, and linebackers. Until we get our big guys strong again - really big & strong - we will continue to suck in the B1G. This is foundational, and it doesn't get fixed in just two seasons.
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    I made a gif of these two images. Just crazy destruction.
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    He's just playing off nebraska fans' passion for football. If there are no fans in the stand, in the end, he can say they looked at every possibility before ultimately deciding it was best for no fans. What he says publically isnt necessarily an indication of what is going on behind the scenes.
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    Adding to the conversation about seniors starting, I also look forward to the day when Frost is recruiting and developing talent which is able to go to the NFL after their 3rd or 4th years, and they don't make it to their senior seasons.
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    We're a dumpster fire program that used to be great but that's in perpetual purgatory. I doubt there's a single member of this board that thinks we'd be a contender to actually win the conference this season. That should put some of the moaning in context for you, maybe.
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    I think this place may need the P&R forum for the foreseeable future. When football finally gets cancelled sometime this month, people are going to need something to bicker, argue and talk about. The will there be a 21-22 football season thread isn’t going to carry the load this time around.
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