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    Whoever said to watch the Dave Chappelle stand up was right, it is amazing. Also...there are a handful of you that should not watch it...EVER...trust me! Hahaha
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    I don’t post much anymore, but I do visit the board almost every day. Definitely gonna miss the status updates and most recent posts. Keep you up to date without spending the whole day on here. Also not fond of the huskermax setup/popup ads. Not that it matters but my 2cents.
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    I have been watching a ton of tape over the last few months. I think calling Nebraska's D horrible or abysmal is a gross overstatement, and it doesn't really explain why we lost 8 games. Despite not having a true nose, good safeties, and starting the best catch tackler/ most underwhelming 4 year starter in Nebraska history (D.Young); they didn't get a ton of help from the Offense when it mattered. Our Offense was so boom or bust, but mostly bust. There are so many quarters where the Offense did not put up points. If Nebraska is able to just eliminate scoreless halves and quarters, it changes everything. Let alone a decent jump on D would make Nebraska more than formidable. They could contend for the conference rather easily.
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    The ads at the bottom of the screen are killing the mobile experience.
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    Ok....I’m really trying to be positive about this and I’m usually an optimistic person. BUT.....the ads on the bottom of the mobile site keep getting bigger and you can’t close out of them right away. Its starting to piss me off.
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    I’m not even sure I’ve ever heard of a category 5 toilet
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    Can anyone recommend a good free ad blocker for android?
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    Got Married. GBR
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    Why do I get the feeling that Chad & HuskerMax are going to jump on here in a few minutes and tell us this was all a hoax?
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    I don't feel so good, Mr. Stark...
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    I feel like this update is going to catch Roxy completely off-guard....
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    Times like these Saban makes it hard for me not to like the guy.
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    What CFB team's fans travel the best?
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    Tis the season! Nebraska Soccer started their season tonight @ Kansas. Speaking of which, for you hardcore Hockey fans, just an FYI. 'The Great One' Wayne Gretzky's niece, Mila Gretzky (her dad Brent Gretzky briefly played in the NHL) is a Freshman on the Nebraska Soccer team.
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    Raiders really went from possibly moving on from AB to letting him start Monday in a 24 hour span.
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    Made the mistake of watching some of the Nebraska game over again, immediately prior to watching that Oklahoma offense last night.... Yeesh
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    Folks need to stop reading into this game so much... Let the season play out and I'm pretty sure most will be happy with the result.
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    Luke Gifford made the Cowboys roster. Good for him! Too bad he was so wasted in the Riley years.
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    Wisconsin looked good but with Ohio State, Michigan, and Michigan State on the schedule it's still an uphill climb to win the West.
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    The rumor mill is buzzing that Ozigbo has locked up the 3rd back spot in NO.
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    Top 20 Plays of the Year for Nebraska Athletics:
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    Let's not talk about how knapplc confessed his undying love for me when he thought the plane was going down.
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    In the process of making a shirt that reads "I Survived The Great Huskerboard Software Conversion Scare of 2019."
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    Where is the gameday count down? Mods, stop drinking and start working! I need to know to the second how long we have...
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    Pierson-el tearing it up for the raiders in preseason tonight
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