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    Say a prayer for BIGREDIOWAN, he more than likely is dressed in riot gear downtown facing off with protesters in Des Moines.
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    My neighbour with big boobs has been gardening topless all day. I just wish his wife would do the same.
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    wouldn't it be easier to get in the airplane when it's on the runway?
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    I never realized this, but technically it's true.
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    Nothing really fancy here but looks so good! His videos are the best.
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    Hey there, fancy a trip to the flesh hole?
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    This is it?
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    Man. Fred Willard and Jerry Stiller in the same week. The world is a lot less funny.
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    Rewatching the 2014 miami game with my girlfriend as part of her introduction to Nebraska football (she's from Alabama). She's so into it and intimidated by the crowd and I'm almost crying thinking of how much I miss football, miss big primetime moments and love this program.
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    Some very valid points in this rant
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    No front page banner for Cerni?? Punters get no respect.
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    LEEROY JENKINS!!!! is 15 years old... damn. https://twitter.com/jordanheckff/status/1259834339564683265?s=21
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    Officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck taken into custody.
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    As a board, can we cobble together 4.5 million and buy this house? We can throw tailgates there for Maryland games:
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    What's up with tweets embedding differently today? Was there a software update overnight?
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    JC Penny closing another 30% of stores. Sears stores are basically gone...I can still remember getting dragged off to those stores when I was a kid.
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    Yippee! Political ads are back!
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    Happy Husker Day 2020! Today we celebrate our 2019 record (5/7). Here's hoping Husker Day is sometime in the fall next year!
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    Great Lockdown Tip ...
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    I will recommend Outer Banks on Netflix. It is like a cross of The Outsiders (my favorite book ever because I read at a 7th grade level) and The Goonies.
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    Orange juice is superior to apple and grape juice. Come at me, fellow kids.
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