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    Will Bolt would be the perfect name for a player entering the Transfer Portal.
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    sounds like they had 1 heck of a weekend planned
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    I am really thinking about starting my own Husker Podcast.
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    So far this summer, I've helped teach my oldest learn how to go potty, helped her learn shapes and colors, and worked on learning how to count to 20. However, my greatest achievement might be getting her to clap in rhythm to "There Is No Place Like Nebraska".
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    I would rather have a heat index of 114 than cold weather of some ice and snow. Actually mowed in the weather...love it
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    Used CBD oil to calm the dog down during a T-storm. What a difference! Wish I knew about it sooner.
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    I identify as a mermaid. I am upset that Ariel isn’t bald with a beard and a paunch
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    Our July 4th ended by watching a brawl at a house near my in-law's home with six police cruisers showing up. I imagine we all looked very similar to Wilson from Home Improvement. It was so entertaining... we totally forgot about the rest of the fireworks we had to shoot off.
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    Quick reminder: the status updates should not be used to post political messages/content. Please reserve such conversations to the PR forum or DMs.
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    Le'Veon Bell learns love isn't easy.
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    I'm starting to think a certain fan of a conference foe is just trying to hit post #250...
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    Federer and Djokovic are great professionals. Pleasure to watch. Come on Fed!
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    We went to Boston in June. Ate lobster, watched whales, went to Fenway. I look through my Google Maps month in review just now, and it's crazy how much data they have about you. They know everywhere we went, all the shops & restaurants, how far we drove, rode the train or walked, how much time we spent in every location. Everything. It's interesting and scary all at once.
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    Bubba Starling getting called up to the big leagues. It's been a long road, but that is great news for him.
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    How can there be any fireworks left after 4 days? Someone is at it again. Day 5.
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    TOUR DE FRANCE STARTS TOMORROW!!! Knappic who is your favorite? Froomie is out (crashed at the Dauphine). I’m hoping TJ Van Garderen makes a good showing. I don’t think Garrett Thomas can repeat.
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    This weekend's Austrian Grand Prix was the best F1 race so far this season. Incredibly entertaining. Verstappen's abysmal start combined with a remarkable overtake on Lap 69 was so much fun. And although I've always been a Hamilton fan, it was nice to see a different race winner outside of the Silver Arrows.
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    Bolt lands his first commit in Cade Povich. Really good get for us!!!
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    What game show do you think you would have the best chance at winning? I am gonna go with...The Price is Right...or American Gladiators (The first time it was on, when the contestants were normal people)
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    Not 100% scientific, but I ponder if NU prefers their verbals to come on separate days to give that one kid individual attention and it’s speculated that there are more commits to come. With that said, who is next up today?
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    Man what Erstad did to Michigan is more amazing by the win.
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    THE @killer cacti in the flesh
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    Ripping up tile floors sucks! 2 and a half hours and I'm barely done on a small bathroom. The jabronies used a morter bed with metal mesh in 2003. I would have thought cement board would have been a way better option back then.
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