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    Tough loss for the Mavs, but a very successful season. Largest crowd in history, most D1 conference and total wins. Made the conference title game 2 out of 4 eligible years. People have figured out they play a fun game, season tickets cost like 10 bucks a game and parking is free. Program is trending up and if I am Summit league level player I would want to play at Baxter and live in Omaha over all those Dakota schools. Proud Alum tonight, lets make the tourney next year.
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    James Taylor, heckuva show. The girlfriend and I tried to bring the median age down, but we were definitely the outliers
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    I'm making pancakes, just so I have a reason to put syrup in a empty wine bottle.
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    Bomb Cyclone....when blizzard doesn’t sound scary enough.
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    I hope I haven't been upsetting people too much on the politics board. I really don't want to get banned so if I go too far tell me.
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    Happy Birthday Coach Osborne!
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    New Avengers: Endgame trailer dropped this AM. April 26th can't get here soon enough.
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    Crazy Nebrasketball stat:
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    What might have been had Miles figured out he had a bench in November rather than March...
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    47 people, including D1 college coaches and actresses, have been indicted in a college entrance cheating scheme.
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    Omaha could punch their ticket for the big dance if they win tonight.
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    Those Husker jerseys look like UNO throwbacks.
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    Dear Iowa fans, never prematurely start a “Go Hawks” chant until the game is over. Man what a game to have witness in person...crazy...GBR!!!
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    Congratulations, to the Nebrasketball seniors. That was fun!..... And f*** Iowa!
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    Watched the NU/OU '86 game on ESPN Classic... really like those all-red unis!
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    Disturbed's cover of Sound of Silence has got to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life.
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    Hornibrook transferring out of Wisconsin.
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    DPE strikes again, this time in the AAF!
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    Ben Cotton joined the ND staff as a GA working with the OL. Congrats!!!
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    This fog is offensive
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    I’m a Ford guy but man those 2019 Rams are super nice and got me thinking about getting a 19’ Ram Rebel. Much better luxury interior than the Ford and all that storage you get in the center console, back floor and box storage.
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    dear lord. why would anyone want to +1 or eyeroll someone incessantly? i just gave @Redux like 7-8 +1's to even out his eyetrolls. 30 seconds of my life i am not getting back. so anyone annoyed at eyetrolls can just blame them all on me, even when they get 10-15 on one post.
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    How have I never seen this picture before? #panoramafail
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    Remember how smoothly the last off-season went? Remember?
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    When you can sit at the computer and watch someone stalk you via upvotes/eyerolls via notification every 15 seconds
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