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    Stupid things announcers say - "Caught the ball at the highest point" - Um, no
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    Country music.....hot garbage.
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    Apparently Holmes and Watson was so bad Coach Devaney returned from the dead to warn us.
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    Words from the best coach on OU's campus
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    Blame Nagy for this loss. He called way too conservative of a game. And they have to let go of that kicker. Cant have that kind of stuff around any longer.
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    Seeing shades of Vick in his prime watching Lamar Jackson right now.
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    Looking back, it's amazing Adam Sandler was paid to star in Billy Madison. A truly terrible film. Happy Gilmore > any other early Sandler film, IMO. I'll die on this hill.
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    Denver news guy Tweeting that Zac Taylor is being considered for the Denver Head Coaching job, and Gary Kubiak would be his OC with Gary's son, Klint (such an unstable name), would be the QB coach. Sipple also commented that if Taylor does get a HC job, that it's possible he may look for Greg Austin to be his O-line coach. Not sure if Austin would be interested in leaving Lincoln right now, but that would be a nice gig.
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    2019 is already bloodthirsty. "Super Dave Osborne" (a.k.a. Bob Einstein), has passed on. https://www.rollingstone.com/tv/tv-news/bob-einstein-curb-your-enthusiasm-super-dave-actor-dead-774167/
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    "Mean" Gene Okerlund, noted WWF/WWE/WCW announcer and DONU alum, has passed on. https://deadspin.com/mean-gene-okerlund-dead-at-76-1831431464 So of course, post your best clips below of Mean Gene keeping interviews from going off the rails.
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    How in the world did Desmond Howard get that job?
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    Iowa with that lucky win....f#%k Iowa
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    Serving a 30 day Facebook ban for posting a Meme about the definition of Chewbacca'ing someone, in a private group. So you all will be getting my random thoughts until I can again share them with people I pretend to like some of the time.
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    Ohh jeez just saw Diaco on the OU sideline...makes sense.
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    ISU-WSU best game so far this season.
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    Here's a link that you can use to find a lot of different things including Olive Garden recipes: www.google.com
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    major event at new york power plant. kind of looks like when the ghost busters lost containment. check out some of the videos he links here.
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    My wife and I welcomed our daughter to the world last night! Advice for a new father, and go
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    California CB Jaylinn Hawkins caught the most passes of any player from TCU quarterback Grayson Muehlstein in the CHEEZ-I(N)T Bowl yesterday. CAL CB-HAWKINS- 3 INTS TCU WR-NI'JEEL MEEKINGS- 2 receptions TCU WR- TAYE BARBER- 2 receptions INT return yards- Hawkins- 29 yds TCU Passing yards- 28
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    Merry Christmas, friends. I hope it brings you much joy!
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    The 20something year old super cop state prick that gave my wife and I a warning for "parking too close to the fire lane" outside Wal Mart so we could quickly get our 10 month old twins that are susceptible to ear infections out of the cold....f#&% you.
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    The Drover https://www.omaha.com/news/public-safety/the-drover-catches-fire-owner-says-it-could-be-some/article_ff55c687-d475-5150-b555-75a10c939ba0.html
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