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    Folks—if you’re taking Friday off and you’re in the vicinity of Omaha...get your happy a$$ to TD Ameritrade Park to cheer your Huskers on tomorrow night. Get lit, and let’s watch our kids kick some Hawkeye a$$. #BigTenAfterDark
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    Do you ever notice when you're reaching a new posting milestone and you get kind of excited and start paying attention to your post count only to then totally forget and realize you surpassed the milestone without acknowledging it in any way? Me either. #13000posts
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    Erstad is now 0-3 in Tourney Championship games...bravo
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    Omaha is one win away from securing their first NCAA Regional birth
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    RIP Niki Lauda. During the biggest week in Motorsports we loose one of the sports biggest legends, and most honorable human beings. He was read his last rights after his fiery Nurburgring crash, but being the a$$h@!e he was it took death 43 years to claim him.
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    Lost my wallet Saturday between Mouth of the South parking lot, my brothers truck, and my house and pretty sure it was in the parking lot after tearing up the truck and house. Not a lot of cash in there, a few gift cards, but mainly concerned about replacing my license, my CCW, and my debit card. Flying overseas next Friday too, so hopefully they don’t get crazy if all I have is my passport. Shoot, I also had 30¢ off my next fill-up at Kroger gas stations
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    Get it together Maurice...
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    Moos has the chance to continue the resurgence of the Nebraska Cornhuskers "brand" if he can manage another "splash hire" at Head Coach for Baseball. Snagging Scott Frost for football, Fred Hoiberg for men's basketball, and now putting his stamp on Nebraska baseball has made him one of the most active Athletic Directors in the country. Timing is right, as the headlines of the Big Ten's being awash in cash is probably making a lot of good coaches in lesser conferences eye spots in the Big Ten with dollar signs in their eyes. It's a good time to be a Big Ten school shopping for coaches, especially if you are Nebraska.
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    How much of a s#!tshow would our men's sports be if Eichorst would have still been around to make three more hires????
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    Do we have a wheelbarrow big enough to deliver cash to Will Bolt?
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    What a great day for baseball! First the Huskers find a way to beat UConn and their star pitcher earlier. Now we've got the Mets game on and I've got UNO-UCLA going on my laptop. Let's go Mavs!
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    First kickoffs announced... Aug. 31 S Alabama 11 a.m. ESPN Sept. 7 at Colorado 2:30 p.m. FOX Sept. 14 N Illinois 7 p.m. FS1 Oct. 5 Northwestern 2:30/3 TBA Nov.29 Iowa 1:30 BTN
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    BTN showing Gator Bowl vs Georgia. Ah, bowl games - remember those things?
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    After five matches in the 16-team VNL 2019, Team USA is the only undefeated team. Knocked off previously unbeaten Italy today, in Italy in front of a partisan crowd of paisans.
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    Alex Trebek is a real pro. Some things are just incontrovertible facts.
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    $195 each. Dirty M'fers!!!!!
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    Keep Badger's Assistant Coach, Howard Moore, and his family in your thoughts.... Just crushing.
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    And Omaha did it!
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    @NUance you're a sight for sore eyes brah!
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    Guys... Guys... Guys....100 Days to kickoff!!!
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    I'm ready for the Christmas season.
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    Please let this be the last snowfall until about November.
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    I liked it. Not sure what all the complaining is about.
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    So if you hated the ending of Game of Thrones...How would you have ended it to make it better?
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    And so it ends. Not with a bang, but a whimper.
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