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    Remember when Ed Orgeron was interested in the DC position and we told him, "Nah, we're good, we have Mark Banker"? Good times.
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    RIP Neil Peart, passed away at 67.
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    Not sure I’ve ever shared much here, but I put some of my art in the 2019 College Football thread if y’all want to see how I pay the bills day-to-day.
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    Only took halfway through the first quarter for ESPN to push the "it means more for Michigan than Alabama" narrative. I thought it always meant more in the $EC.
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    Not a fan of commentators acknowledging point spreads and bad beats on the broadcast, but that’s just my opinion.
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    wonder if this will be replayed at this babys wedding someday?
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    These Huskers may end up with a -.500 record in hoop ball, but damn if they aren't fun. Love the effort.
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    "We know ads aren't your favorite, but we promise to keep them non-intrusive." rolls_eyes.gif
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    Wait a second, Tennessee made a bowl game?! I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
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    Advice on feeding a 13 year old boy. I may have to give him up. An entire Costco box Of 17 hot pockets in a week. That’s in addition to his normal ration of 5 meals a day.
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    Wisky already has two 4* OL for 2021 in Top 150. Solid.
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    KU vs KSU. A few guys will miss games over this.
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    Darn it Green Bay - the State Farm Super Bowl can't happen
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    Seahawks going to win the super bowl next year. They let good players walk who stopped buying into Pete and Schneider - Bennett, Sherman, ET - and have improved each of the last two seasons. Make some offseason moves, improve OL and secondary, and I like their chances.
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    A world without Neil Peart and Rush is a world lesser.
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    Least we get back at them in hoops
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    Am I the only one that just realized the LSU/Clemson game in next Monday night, not tonight? I guess 9 days off wasn't enough to travel all the way to <checks notes> New Orleans.
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    Ricky Gervais wanted for murder. Absolutely brutal scene. He literally murdered all of Hollywood and Apple last night at the Golden Globes. NSFW warning. It's mostly censored but there's one or two naughty words.
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    When songs from when you were in high school are on the “Classic Hits” channel...
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    Suck it, Patriots
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    Kansas might do away with fall back and spring forward! Jealous!
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    Zach Thomas might make the HOF...I have only ever seen two guys that tackle as well as him...Singletary and Lavante David.
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    I only gained 5lbs over the holidays. I say that should count as losing 10lbs.
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    There's some funny stuff on this site: https://scarlettribune.com
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    Happy New Year Huskerboard!
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