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    Ole Miss really pissed that one away, didn't they?
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    It is time BRING BACK RUMORVILLE!!!!!!
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    Given the comment about having a close knit team and the fact that I do research on developing connection between people, I'm trying to a way to get the team to let me work with them. Odds of it happening are almost zero, but it would be pretty dang awesome.
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    Darrion Daniels - Piesman finalist, baby!
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    LULZ stat of the day: tOSU has scored more in the past two years against Michigan (118) than against Rutgers (108). lol
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    *BREAKING NEWS* NCAA votes to immediately amend current playoff structure to 8 teams https://www.espn.com/NCAAvotes82HS=SENGU73HF
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    ESPN trying to figure out how Bama can still make the playoffs. Can't wait to hear them spinning it later tonight.
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    Quite the dipsh#t do-si-do we got going on right now. Maybe we should administer a remedial level intelligence test before allowing new accounts.
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    Kids, when your parent(s) get too old to drive safely and they start talking nonsense, along with taking away their keys, don't forget to shut down their internet access.
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    Two year extension? I believe the rumors about Moos drinking now.
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    God Cleveland is trash...
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    Sometimes when I come on the site I’m like “oh the ads aren’t that bad”. Other times I wonder if my phones going to get aids.
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    This board has enough negativity for one person's lifetime.
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    Even a close win is gonna cost OSU. Nobody wants to be the 2 seed right now and face off against a Clemson team that has been put in the background this season. I thought OSU was going to win it all this year but now I'm almost convinced Clemson is going to cruise through the playoffs again.
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    Every time I watch Wisconsin I just get frustrated knowing they're what we should be. What we used to be.
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    Congrats Lopers! https://nebraska.tv/sports/college/lopers-take-home-mineral-water-bowl-victory-50-33
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    Just scrolling through topics in the football forum... It's gonna be a LONG off-season...
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    Whenever I watch these top 10 teams play I feel like my Huskers go into a gun fight with water pistols. The speed of the running backs and wide receivers, the size and quickness of the D lineman is nearly depressing.
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    I finally had a chance to watch the whole game. The hot takes on Frost's play calling are hot s#!t. There are a few plays here and there that he'd want back, but it was pretty solid. The swings were needed and helped open up the inside runs that popped. Just like all the sweeps we ran.
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    Happy Thanksgiving HB peeps! Remember: You are what you eat!
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    So excited for the Class A State championship! GO WARRIORS!
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    I stopped by my grandpa’s today, and he’s been going thru a bunch of stuff lately. He and grandma were big Husker fans. He had some hanky towel thing out, that said “GO HUSKERS! Down with the candy police THUGS!” It looked pretty vintage. He had no recollection as to who or what the “Candy Police Thugs” were. Anyone know?
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    Pick a SciFi movie that a TV/Netflix series could be created around. I will start...Predator
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    I know a lot of you like to pretend that Iowa is not a rivalry game...but guess what...this win today just made it one. If the Skers win Friday...and then win a bowl game...that is a great way to end this season.
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    "Does this rain make the field turf slippery?" - are you s#!tting me....
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    The vball team is so damn fun to watch. My God, what a win tonight! The mental toughness is incredible
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    My parents are in DC for the game this weekend. They ran into the Moos on the street today!
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    If you're only going to see 1 movie this year, make sure it's The Irishman. I saw it on Tuesday; another Scorsese classic.
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    Is winning-est coach in the MAC kind of like prettiest girl in the trailer park?
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    I think im going to start listening to the games in the off season. The amount of anger from these losses has really inspired epic workouts.
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    Anyone else getting these huge video ads. Like Clorox and Kraft Mac & Cheese where it takes up the screen for a second or 2.
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    I never know what to feel about a game like this. It feels like they played so well but any time they let their guard down at all, some kind of disaster inevitably happens. It seems like we have to play literally a perfect game to win, but our opponents don't. Is that just being overmatched, or something else.
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    Can't stand Bama, but got to feel for Tua. Hopefully it isn't something that could be career ending. Hope he gets well soon and can have a nice career in the NFL
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    Screw bama but feel really bad for Tua
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    I enjoyed the game. Players showed heart and it looks like we found a running game.
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    Heading to my first husker game of the Scott Frost era this morning. I hope this is the game where the team puts everything together
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    Wan'Dale Robinson is currently losing this poll. Go do your thing. http://www.louisvillesports.org/paul-hornung/award-poll/
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    So we do participation Blackshirts now?
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    I hope we get bowl eligible because this board has become less fun to be on. We don't do the fun threads anymore and half the board is angry/pessimistic about everything and the other half is optimistic/defending everything.
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    Astros...what a bunch of jerks. So glad the Nats punked these losers.
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    Those of you who have Unlimited Data through Verizon, you get Disney+ for 1 year for free.
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    Just go back and watch Scott Frosts introductory press conference. It will just make you feel better, so much promise then. There still is promise but it just makes you remember how special this entire thing was and how proud we should be that he is here.
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    Better resume: Alabama or Minnesota?
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    Woke up this morning not reaching for glasses and able to see 20/20 for the first time in almost 25 years. Prior to today, I couldn’t see anything in focus that was more than 6” in front me of (there’s a joke or two somewhere in there). Thank the Lord for smart people who invented LASIK because this is effin awesome.
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