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    Glad to know our society has become a bow down culture. This virus is a coronavirus, just like evey other coronavirus that came before it. It HAS to run its course and will mutate to a much less lethal form in the end. Partial herd immunity is the best thing we can do. There will NEVER be a true vaccine. Why??? B/c there has never been a coronavirus vaccine due to mutation rate, and there will never be one. It is a coronavirus, just like your regular cold virus. It will have to eventually become a herd type immunity to decrease its mortality rate. Just like the regular cold virus, a coronavirus, was initially deadly, it will eventually become less deadly. The original coronavirus wasnt made a big deal b/c scientists didnt know what was happening, and didnt know what was happening like we do now with all of our technology. But, it was just like it is now, but the political bs media wasnt pushing the propaganda. Quit being sheep ffs!! People are so open to persuasion now. Use your fuvkin brain, this is not the first time this has happened in the world. Its just the first time you sheep are letting the media decide your beliefs. Its a new coronavirus!! It sucks, nobody is safe, it will make its rounds, people will die, herd immunity will be the key, and there will never be a good vaccine (<20% effective]. We cannot let this thing control our lives. Protect the most vulnerable, but otherwise life as normal has to go on.
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    I have been eating a lot of tuna and I almost put cheese on it and made a tuna melt...but then I knew @RedDenver would not approve. Ha
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    I absolutely cannot understand the outrage about wearing a mask.
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    Tonight I learned that smoked pork chops do not require as much rub as a pork butt. Wow! I'm drinking a beer per bite!
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    Curse these Dots pretzels.
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    I'm inordinately excited about my whet stone that just arrived and sharpening my chef's knife for the first time... ever. I'm also thinking about ordering a better knife sometime soon, something like a Damascus steel. Anyone have one of those?
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    Was it 2012 when we beat Penn State in Lincoln running basically the same pitch play to the right side 25 times?
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    So there are people that think the George Floyd death is all made up? How do some people function??? Good lord.
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    Imagine being a racist and then getting 1.1 mil & benefits for 15 months after being let go. College football coaches man..
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    Seen that Bill & Ted trailer? Keanu looks like your lesbian aunt without a beard.
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    Seeing articles about packed beaches over the 4th. My question: why on Earth do people enjoy this? Pandemic or not... This is like trying to manage getting in and out of North Stadium without the enjoyment of attending an actual football game...
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    Happy 4th of July, everyone!
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    Finally happening.
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    Worst place you had to do #2? I have two: 1. Office West Lounge: No door and it was EXPLOSIVE! I knew there was no stall door but I had to do it, so I RUSHED that one! 2. Michigan game two years ago. We are tailgating and I have to go. I hit up a port-o-potty and it is is pitch black in there. I go BAD and wiping...it was like cream cheese.
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    Omaha losing too many good restaurants lately. Dundee Dell closing down for good.
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    Looks like Nebraska is one of the teams featured in the Madden '21 story mode
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    I got really lazy and took all of my knives to a dude to have him sharpen them.
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    NU has offered a 2023 OL from Timber Creek in Orlando, Florida named TJ Shanahan (I believe). I don't know him but I was informed by some of his 2022 teammates I've coached. You can verify on his twitter page.
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    Why is Mo Wash listed as missing on The Journal Star's site? https://journalstar.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/missing/latest-missing-persons-cases-in-nebraska/collection_b24bfb6e-d398-565a-b6a6-9d76934426a5.html#4
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    So, we just picked up a guy for this year? Darius Moore, out of IWCC?
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    My friends in Lincoln, please keep an eye out for my cousin who is currently missing since 8pm last night. Her name is Cathy Wysocki and she was driving a 2017 Jeep Compass(black). She recently had neck surgery and is epileptic. Lincoln PD has been notified but no one has heard from her since last night.
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    Wow, Kobe King not coming to NU now...
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    Rest In Peace Ian Holm, who played Bilbo Baggins in LOTR.
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    They opened another Runza in Colorado. Longmont this time
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    If you could have one world-class talent, that you'd never make a dime from, but would just be for you to enjoy, what would it be?
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    The stock market is better than going to Cedar Point right now.
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