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    I take it that you're happy with your political forum being an echo chamber of ignorant, leftist ideology. Have you considered opening the forum to others so that quality discussion can ensue?
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    Our Costco here in Northern Colorado must be betting on the N. They had a table full of Husker gear for sale
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    Huskers hire new Director of Graphic Design for Husker Football:
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    The Iowa fan and his dog... There's a fellow visiting his friend in Iowa and a Hawkeye game is on TV. Iowa kicks a field goal and his dog does a backflip, howls and dances around on his hind legs in a circle. As you can imagine, the visitor is pretty impressed. Then about a half hour later Iowa kicks another field goal and the dog once again does a backflip, howls and dances in a circle. The visitor says to his Iowa buddy, "Wow! That's a pretty neat dog. Tell me, what does he do when they score a touchdown?" The Iowa guy replies, "I'm not sure, I've only had him for four years."
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    As the longest tenured "Ozigbo" flag bearer, here on HB, this makes me proud. https://twitter.com/NFLHuskers/status/1159273360238530560?s=19
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    South Dakota governor is awesome.
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    RIP Rutger Hauer. He was 75. LINK
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    Avengers: Endgame still makes me a blubbering mess.
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    @B.B. Hemingway,I see Tyler Childers has the #1 country album on Billboard, I told everyone who would listen a few years ago that this kid was going to be big time soon!
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    Greenland being invited to the U.S. is the equivalent of Rutgers being invited to the B1G.
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    So Dedrick Mills is being compared to a more refined/efficient Correll Buckhalter. That's pretty good to hear for this season, all things considered.
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    I beat my Georgia in laws at Cornhole today. (and @Elaida) I brought pride to the Cornhusker state.
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    Tool is now on music streaming services! Is today the greatest day ever?
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    Can we get a countdown clock to the first game? I need it every night to show my wife.
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    Depressing fact. When Nick Saban leaves Alabama. Dabo will take over (look at his buyout clause with Bama)...Can Alabama just die off for a few years. The only coach players want to play for more than Saban is Swinney....till Frost is more established.
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    Finally got back to finishing Paul Koch’s No Place Like Nebraska: Anatomy of an Era Vol. 1. Kevin Raemakers and the Girthing ritual
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    Stop complaining about your life; there are literally people who have no choice but to live in IOWA.
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    I just realized I've somehow been sorting comments on Reddit by controversial. Switched it back to sort by best today. Faith in humanity has been restored. Wow, that was a weird...
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    Who here signed up for a credit card in college at one of those credit card stands where if you sign up you got a free T-shirt?
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    happy 76th b-day mick
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    This is the last weekend without *some* kind of football until after the Super Bowl
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    @knapplc I've been gotten. My Twitter rolled over this afternoon.
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    The moon is made of cheese and there is a man living in it
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    I would rather have a heat index of 114 than cold weather of some ice and snow. Actually mowed in the weather...love it
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