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    Cheers to President Trump for assisting in the effort to make Nebraska football great again. Without his help, B1G may not have played football this year.
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    Proud parent moment- as I was reheating my leftover am coffee at 5pm, 13 year old son says “that’s like drinking beer at 7 am-why would you do that?” I told him they both have their place and you’ll find out in college.
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    Whoever is updating the schedule on the front page is the real hero today
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    So, ummmm, when will the blackshirts be handed out?
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    I shaved my beard off today. Now after every drink I take I go to suck the liquid off my stache, but there's nothing there. I don't know who I am anymore! It's a cold world out here!!!
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    I wish they would turn off this fake crowd noise in the empty stadiums. It'd be cool just hearing pads popping and players talking.
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    Georgia Tech's punter wears #27 in honor of Sam Foltz
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    My goodness. Watching the NBA is like watching a bunch of punters and kickers try to sell roughing penalties
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    Any day the Cyclones and the Wild-kittens lose at home to Sun Belt teams is a good day.
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