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    An apology, to my wife: I am sorry, The kids were playing Some sort of cowboy game The five year old Kept yelling ‘Yippee Ki Yay’ I did not think. Instinctively, I Finished the phrase. And now he knows A new word.
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    **Breaking News** In an effort to ease the toilet paper crisis, all Taco Bells nationwide will be closed That is all
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    Rep points should be disabled in the P&R circle jerk. Change my mind.
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    My neighbour with big boobs has been gardening topless all day. I just wish his wife would do the same.
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    Everyone on Social Media last week: Teachers have it easy, they don't need more money, they choose that job AND they get summers off! Everyone on Social Media after about 3 days of having their kids at home: My god, this is horrible, how do teachers do it?
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    Omaha World Herald (AP) - A 15 year old boy was at the center of a Douglas County courtroom drama yesterday when he challenged a court ruling over who should have custody of him. The boy has a history of being beaten by his parents and the judge initially awarded custody to his aunt, in keeping with child custody law and regulation requiring that family unity be maintained to the highest degree possible. The boy surprised the court when he proclaimed that his aunt beat him more than his parents and he adamantly refused to live with her. When the judge then suggested that he live with his grandparents, the boy cried and said that they also beat him. After considering the remainder of the immediate family and learning that domestic violence was apparently a way of life among them, the judge took the unprecedented step of allowing the boy to propose who should have custody of him. After two recesses to check legal references and confer with the child welfare officials, the judge granted temporary custody to the Nebraska Cornhuskers, whom the boy firmly believes are not capable of beating anyone.
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    Name 3 bands that were huge when you were in High School @JJ Husker feel free to just list things like, rock hitting cave wall, or, water flowing from river. 1. Nirvana 2. Pearl Jam 3. Smashing Pumpkins
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    I can't remember the last time I went to a game and watched the backups play en masse. That was nice.
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    My thoughts about this board after Saturday's game...
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    Will Bolt would be the perfect name for a player entering the Transfer Portal.
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    Tre Bryant may have had to leave football behind, but his skills clearly don't end on the field. Good stuff from one Husker to another.
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    Wrestlers are crazy. I got hangry just watching this.
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    How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh? Give up? It's ten. Ten-tickles.
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    props to lucas films for what they did here. hope the story in this tweet is good enough to offset the 1 bad word in there. if not please delete
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    Ole Miss really pissed that one away, didn't they?
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    LeBron, Steve Kerr, and the NBA have lost all credibility with this China thing. When money talks, these freedoms fighters toe the line....
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    Scott Frost and Chins game planning this week. Probably.
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    It's kind of funny everyone is fine with Coach Austin's philosophy of not rotating offensive linemen.
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    I take it that you're happy with your political forum being an echo chamber of ignorant, leftist ideology. Have you considered opening the forum to others so that quality discussion can ensue?
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    Our Costco here in Northern Colorado must be betting on the N. They had a table full of Husker gear for sale
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    sounds like they had 1 heck of a weekend planned
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    wouldn't it be easier to get in the airplane when it's on the runway?
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    I never realized this, but technically it's true.
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    very funny commercial. Well done.
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    An atheist, a Crossfitter, and a vegan walk into a bar. I know because they told me.
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    Some of these are pretty good, especially the one on Nebraska. https://www.bannersociety.com/2020/4/1/21199648/hatin-a$$-spurrier-coronavirus-thoughts
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    Chuck Norris has been exposed to the coronavirus...... ...the virus is now in quarantine for the next two weeks. C'mon, we can't lose our sense of humor.
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    Got the grant that ate up all of Fall semester. Now on to doing the actual study.
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    Was in CO this weekend. On Monday morning I was leaving Denver and was listening to their “Altitude Sports” radio station featuring Brett Kane (formerly of 93.7 The Ticket). Him and two other goofballs were absolutely trashing Michigan St and talking about how Mel was committed to CU. Funny how things work out.
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    Remember when Ed Orgeron was interested in the DC position and we told him, "Nah, we're good, we have Mark Banker"? Good times.
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    Only took halfway through the first quarter for ESPN to push the "it means more for Michigan than Alabama" narrative. I thought it always meant more in the $EC.
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    Johnny Rogers! https://www.wowt.com/content/sports/Johnny-Rodgers-Selected-to-All-Time-All-America-Team-566503841.html
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    OMG... Southern Cal https://n.rivals.com/team_rankings/2020/pac12/football
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    why have i never seen this before? it changes everything
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    It is time BRING BACK RUMORVILLE!!!!!!
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    Complete horse poop having video adds that take up the whole screen and don’t allow me to scroll through them.
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    So your girl Angela Mercurio of the Track Team won NCAA Woman of the Year. That's... kind of a big deal.
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    This forum has become unusable after the 'upgrades'.
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    Sucks to see Huskerboard become an ad ridden mess. I've been a member here forever, but these ads are unbearable. /r/huskers is about to get wayyy more traffic.
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    Cool graphic. https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/751386/
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    Whoever said to watch the Dave Chappelle stand up was right, it is amazing. Also...there are a handful of you that should not watch it...EVER...trust me! Hahaha
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    I don’t post much anymore, but I do visit the board almost every day. Definitely gonna miss the status updates and most recent posts. Keep you up to date without spending the whole day on here. Also not fond of the huskermax setup/popup ads. Not that it matters but my 2cents.
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    I have been watching a ton of tape over the last few months. I think calling Nebraska's D horrible or abysmal is a gross overstatement, and it doesn't really explain why we lost 8 games. Despite not having a true nose, good safeties, and starting the best catch tackler/ most underwhelming 4 year starter in Nebraska history (D.Young); they didn't get a ton of help from the Offense when it mattered. Our Offense was so boom or bust, but mostly bust. There are so many quarters where the Offense did not put up points. If Nebraska is able to just eliminate scoreless halves and quarters, it changes everything. Let alone a decent jump on D would make Nebraska more than formidable. They could contend for the conference rather easily.
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    Huskers hire new Director of Graphic Design for Husker Football:
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    I am really thinking about starting my own Husker Podcast.
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    So far this summer, I've helped teach my oldest learn how to go potty, helped her learn shapes and colors, and worked on learning how to count to 20. However, my greatest achievement might be getting her to clap in rhythm to "There Is No Place Like Nebraska".
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    Frost really killing it on recruiting trail, today he is in TX visiting some real studs!
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