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    Rep points should be disabled in the P&R circle jerk. Change my mind.
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    Name 3 bands that were huge when you were in High School @JJ Husker feel free to just list things like, rock hitting cave wall, or, water flowing from river. 1. Nirvana 2. Pearl Jam 3. Smashing Pumpkins
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    LeBron, Steve Kerr, and the NBA have lost all credibility with this China thing. When money talks, these freedoms fighters toe the line....
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    sounds like they had 1 heck of a weekend planned
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    I had forgotten how much I enjoy the movie Snowpiercer.
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    why have i never seen this before? it changes everything
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    Complete horse poop having video adds that take up the whole screen and don’t allow me to scroll through them.
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    So your girl Angela Mercurio of the Track Team won NCAA Woman of the Year. That's... kind of a big deal.
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    Sucks to see Huskerboard become an ad ridden mess. I've been a member here forever, but these ads are unbearable. /r/huskers is about to get wayyy more traffic.
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    So far this summer, I've helped teach my oldest learn how to go potty, helped her learn shapes and colors, and worked on learning how to count to 20. However, my greatest achievement might be getting her to clap in rhythm to "There Is No Place Like Nebraska".
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    Sports journalists either have a career inferiority complex, or they take their jobs way to seriously. Every time one of them does something stupid (like the Belichick selfie guy), they s#!t a brick, and act like it's an attack on their personal character.
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    Wait a second, Tennessee made a bowl game?! I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
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    The West Division is still Nebraska's to win.
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    So we need to bring Frank back to Memorial and sacrifice what mascot to break this curse? Bevo, Ralphie, nuke a cyclone, make some tiger boots, clip a jay hawk, skin a wild cat?
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    I don't feel so good, Mr. Stark...
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    Tis the season! Nebraska Soccer started their season tonight @ Kansas. Speaking of which, for you hardcore Hockey fans, just an FYI. 'The Great One' Wayne Gretzky's niece, Mila Gretzky (her dad Brent Gretzky briefly played in the NHL) is a Freshman on the Nebraska Soccer team.
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    Roby gets picked by the Dallas Mavericks at #45.
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    Omaha is one win away from securing their first NCAA Regional birth
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    Lost my wallet Saturday between Mouth of the South parking lot, my brothers truck, and my house and pretty sure it was in the parking lot after tearing up the truck and house. Not a lot of cash in there, a few gift cards, but mainly concerned about replacing my license, my CCW, and my debit card. Flying overseas next Friday too, so hopefully they don’t get crazy if all I have is my passport. Shoot, I also had 30¢ off my next fill-up at Kroger gas stations
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    Easy way to remember it:
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    If you're like me, and have never seen a single one of these superhero (?) movies, this seemed like a nice recap:
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    I hope I haven't been upsetting people too much on the politics board. I really don't want to get banned so if I go too far tell me.
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    I'm starting to think Joe Burrow might be "better than what we have"....
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    Has dean blandino ever been correct? Every time they ask him about a play that's under review he's wrong.
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    The vball team is so damn fun to watch. My God, what a win tonight! The mental toughness is incredible
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    Anyone else getting these huge video ads. Like Clorox and Kraft Mac & Cheese where it takes up the screen for a second or 2.
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    These Dots Pretzels should be illegal.
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    13 commits, with signing day a month out? This program is as bad as it ever was under Riley, or Bill.
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    I can not use this site on my phone at this time because friggen ads literally cover the entire screen.
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    Well, we should probably be 5-1, but we could just as easily be 2-4. Just wish we wouldnt have let that cum stain west of us beat us.
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    AM: 15/26 for 246 and 2 TD's and 24 yards rushing and a TD...Bench him??
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    Strong walksalone presence today. Yes that is a tear of joy
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    Still room for 6 of you on the bandwagon. 4 if you’re Refrigerator Perry sized.
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    Wisconsin looked good but with Ohio State, Michigan, and Michigan State on the schedule it's still an uphill climb to win the West.
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    Minn is looking pretty frazzled
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    In the process of making a shirt that reads "I Survived The Great Huskerboard Software Conversion Scare of 2019."
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    Depressing fact. When Nick Saban leaves Alabama. Dabo will take over (look at his buyout clause with Bama)...Can Alabama just die off for a few years. The only coach players want to play for more than Saban is Swinney....till Frost is more established.
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    Finally got back to finishing Paul Koch’s No Place Like Nebraska: Anatomy of an Era Vol. 1. Kevin Raemakers and the Girthing ritual
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    Got two different GBRs walking though Prague today, the fiancé rolled her eyes! Haha
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    Keep Badger's Assistant Coach, Howard Moore, and his family in your thoughts.... Just crushing.
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    100 days until CFB is back...
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    Good read on Adrian's recruiting journey. His stepmom is awesome btw: https://theathletic.com/930120/2019/04/18/nebraska-adrian-martinez-swagger-california-upbringing/
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    Duke loses and all is right with the world again!!!
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    I brought my pencil. Gimme something to write on
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    Just got a frowny face for something that was a month old! We need a statute of limitations! HAHAHA
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    What might have been had Miles figured out he had a bench in November rather than March...
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    Spring Game tickets secure. 67 days to go.
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    Ryker Fyfe signed with the Omaha Beef. Sounds like he will be their starting qb. Good for him.
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