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    Spring Football look-a-like thread?
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    If I really wanted to help the team, I would use up one of Iowa's official visits and take up their time and effort to recruit me. I would even commit to them and make them think I'm solid. Then on signing day I would flip to Nebraska and leave them scrambling to fill a spot with their 5th choice. Unfortunately, you just don't see recruits who are team players these days.
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    Verdu continues to be my favorite asst coach
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    This is Ed Cunningham's wet dream
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    Curious what Iowa’s recruiting pitch was. Hey come here and play, sometimes we have 2 wrs on the field at the SAME time. Crazy
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    He'll finally be able to afford that 12 bedroom house his family desperately needs!
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    He has one good leg!
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    Robert Kraft could help setting that up.
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    I would like to start adding to our collection of championship trophies. Long overdue for expansion.
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    How does he have time to coach!?!?!
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    the grammar not good formatting not good either extra line spacing
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    I'm not surprised by these numbers. However, the bigger question is, what do people think caused this? THAT is the real telling question. Just because race relations got worse during his term, doesn't mean it got worse BECAUSE of him. I'm a believer that Obama was not the cause of this due to actions he took. There were a lot of white people who were uncomfortable or irritated that a black man was elected President from the Democratic party with the vast majority of black Ameicans voting for him. They would never admit it, but in their minds, they sat back and just knew things were going to get bad and they were going to jump on any issue the even tried to raise its ugly head. Well....then, during Obama's term, we had some major issues come to light about police actions against black people. Some of those were unarmed, on video tape, shot in the back....etc. Rightfully so, black communities were not happy about this and protested. You then had black football players kneeling during the anthem protesting these police abuses...which sent patriotic white people over the edge. All of a sudden, white people started blaming Obama for all this unrest. Question....what about this was Obama's fault?
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    "You see, Bob is all the way down there. And he said he just wants to do everything himself. So you just have to stand here and watch."
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    What in the hell is wrong with you? Breaking Bad is the best TV show of all time. If you want a show that is exciting and has constant turns go find a soap opera. This boggles my mind that someone would call Breaking Bad boring.
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