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    On behalf of the B1G, we at Buckeye Nation just wanted to say thank you Husker Nation! You guys are more B1G than some of the traditional Big 10 schools. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you guys have done and continue to do so we can have football this fall. Forever a Buckeye! And now - Forever a Husker!
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    Is this what people who practice abstinence do with their time?
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    Question: B1G, are you going to play football this fall? B1G:
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    He's got the makings of an All-Conference Left Guard, guys.
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    Hey, I made this account to come say "thank you" to the Husker community. More than anything else, you guys are the reason that the B1G is playing football again this fall. I'm an usher at the Shoe for football games, and I've noticed over the years that visiting Nebraska fans are absolutely the nicest visiting fans in the B1G, so for that reason I've always kinda rooted for you guys. After this, however, the Huskers are absolutely my second favorite team after the Buckeyes. Go Big Red!
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    I was raised in a culvert in Custer County, married in a 1958 Massey-Ferguson combine, named my daughter Devaney and my son Corn, and have never set foot outside the state. I say "good day" to you, sir.
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    Just curious, but how was the kneeling during the national anthem “disgracing our veterans” when that form of “protest” was recommended to Kaepernick and others by a U.S. military veteran? Those players weren’t protesting the anthem or the flag, they were giving a show of protest “during” the anthem. That’s the key difference.
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    How bout you show ur appreciation by letting us win a game against you?
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    Meanwhile if you troll through Iowa message boards they're whining about how this is a publicity stunt and the lawyers the NU players hired have a stupid website. I'm constantly in awe of Iowa's inferiority complex. You'd think winning a few years in a row would help them sell off some of that real estate we own in their heads but I guess it's not a sellers market yet.
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    It's almost as they need someone to serve as a liaison between all these groups. Someone to talk to the players, coaches, presidents, and ADs. Someone to gauge their feelings and concerns and make a decision that represents all the parties interests. A commissioner of sorts, if you will.
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    I'll put my 39 years of humor, two law classes I took in college and the 3 smiley faces I recieved for my post over your 30yrs of lawyering
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    I conveniently just stopped reading there for fun.
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    It was probably Fleck, I wouldn't have invited that guy to a call either.
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    If this happens, can we honestly just put the Huskers in the B1G title game for lawyering up and going after the B1G
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    10/24 - Purdue (Lincoln): Purdue sucks, this will be an easy win. 10/31 - Northwestern (Evanston): They are going to be horrible 11/7 - Illinois (Lincoln): Last year was their year, downhill now. 11/14 - Ohio State (Columbus). Super loaded, big L 11/21 - Penn State (Lincoln). Not as impressed with PSU as others but still a L 11/28 - Iowa (Lincoln) **11/27**. They are not good. 12/5 - Wisconsin (Madison). Nothing special and home games don't matter this year 12/12 - Minnesota (Lincoln): Not a good team. Super lucky though! 3 losses max.
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    Ferentz "I am just glad that the conference got this white...right" (Probably)
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    Isn't the testing available now? Having zero bye weeks is unnecessarily risky. No reason to not start the 10th or at the latest on the 17th to give some flexibility. This is dropping the ball yet again in my eyes. Tin foil hat me wonders if this is yet another intentional delay to see if the others fail first so they can just cancel again.
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    They should boo that crap. Fans pay to watch football, not be preached at. People are fed up with the phony outrage over phony injustice. This country is so incredible and so many are being manipulated by our politicians. That said. Play some football BIG 10...ya fat babies.
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    This guy is so full of sh#t his nickname should be colostomy bag.
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    I assume you are kidding? I have been reading Knapp's political posts in almost every thread on this FOOTBALL board. I take 2 good natured jabs at Knapp and all of a sudden political posts need to go somewhere else? haha. Its funny how the people who share the same political views as Knapp are fine with HIS political posts. But no one elses if they dont agree
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    Yes Love to see this. It's nice to have a President fighting for the rights of our student athletes to make their own choice about competing this fall!
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    The 6% CDC data that people love to parrot, have the two most common co-morbidities listed along with Covid as 1. Pneumonia 2. Respiratory Failure. Both acute problems brought on by Covid. Lots of people love to quote the data, and don't understand the data.
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    Welcome to Huskerboard, I hope all of your wildest dreams come true here. But you posted your hot take in a thread about a glam rock band. Please be more careful and more selective in the future.
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    Nothing should be controversial about Black Lives Matter. In fact people should keep wearing it until people stop thinking it's controversial.
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    I dont worship any one political party or president for that matter. I lean more right than left yes. So you can make your political posts 100 times a day but you cant handle hearing a contrary thought? I was just having a little fun because Fauci was allowed to change his mind every 2 days because he has new information. But Sir Yacht cant update with new information on a subject that is obviously fluid and probably changing every hour. PS I have no idea if Yacht man is full of s#!t or not. Just drawing a comparison for your own personal growth.
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    You know it's a weird year when a rumor thread doesn't want the nonsense from other threads seeping in.
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    This is going to go as far as the typical Bubble Screen does.
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    we are now at the point of blaming Dr. Tom for there not being a season. what's next? Bigfoot and/or aliens?
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    Watching Kevin Warren's son play football
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    When you say "people who try to reduce your choices" you mean the electoral process on which this democracy is founded. Because the only reason there's only two choices now is we've whittled it down through votes. Now you have two people to choose from. One is decent. The other is evil. Make your pick.
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    I think Trump's athletic background is more like this. If you guys get to post pics of your golden calf.....
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    Curious question for Desmond Howard, if Michigan opts out of season. Should the big 10 be looking for a way to get them out?
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    Because virtually 100% of our arguments are based on the sources that agree with us, and we constantly use them to prove our point. There's a misperception that Brietbart, OAN, Ben Shapiro, Newsmax, InfoWars and other even tinier rightwing news sources are the equivalent of the leftwing's Washington Post, New York Times, MSNBC, Politico and Slate. But they're not. They're the equivalent of the bipolar leftist shouting on a street corner in Berkeley. Mainstream media shows a liberal bias by what it choses to cover, highlight, and omit. Rightwing media is just making s#!t up at this point.
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    You do realize this doesn't need to be some big conspiracy, right? Imagine for a moment that it is not the tail wagging the dog. Maybe playing/not playing football has broken down red state/blue state because of the tendencies of the majority of the people in those states. Red states have more of the people who have been denying this deal since day one. They support Trump and are simply and unthinkingly mimicking dear leader. Whereas people in blue states are actually applying science and logic to deal with a very real pandemic that has taken 180,000 lives in less than 6 months. Do you need more clues? How about the fact that neither side wants to destroy local or national economies just to assure a change of the WH resident. The only people who think this is some dastardly conspiracy are those just not quite sharp enough to realize dear leader blew the response and mitigation effort. It's not a far left conspiracy. It is a total and complete lack of leadership and a failed response. Nothing more. Occam's razor. BTW, I agree with the premise that continued shut downs would not be necessary IF we as a country would/could do just three simple things; wear masks, social distance and avoid large gatherings. Unfortunately we as a society have struggled with this. If there is any conspiracy to be had here, it resides in the conundrum of supposedly patriotic, brave, gun toting freedom lovers not being able to comply with extremely logical science backed mask mandates. The easily performed yet slightly sacrificial action of wearing a mask when in public seems to be too big of an ask for some of these “patriots”. If there is any conspiracy to be recognized it is that too many in this country are brainwashed beyond being able to be reasoned with.
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    I hate the extremes of topics these days. I work in healthcare, COVID should be taken seriously. Masks should be worn. Hands should washed. Large Gatherings should be avoided. At the same time I understand society needs to move forward as safely as possible. 18-22 Year olds should be able to analyze their own risk and do so without fear of losing their scholarship. A shutdown/lockdown is not the answer. Neither is going full speed back to normal life. The all or nothing from both sides is exhausting. Yes there will be life after COVID, it's not the end of the world. No COVID is not a hoax, and shouldn't be ignored.
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    Exactly bill moos said on the radio that us playing in the spring vs everyone else playing in the fall makes us look like a jv program. i love that guy.
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