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    It's total insanity to suggest we can't have some sort of football season without overwhelming the hospital system. Which was the entire point of social distancing in the first place. It was never about ensuring nobody gets sick ever. That's not a reasonable goal.
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    The original goal was to “flatten the curve” or so we were told. Somewhere we shifted to cancel everything until it is gone or a vaccine is found.
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    It sucks, nobody disagrees. But our country has to many selfish individuals who equated doing the bare minimum, mask wearing and social distancing, to some form of government overreach. Our society ignored science. Losing football is one the many consequences. If you want somebody to blame, look in the mirror or at anybody not wearing a mask.
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    The Big XII is not "home." It was a shotgun wedding of a conference that included our old Big 8 brethren. Missouri is gone, and not coming back. Colorado is gone, and not coming back. Even if Nebraska went back to the cesspool of the Big XII, those rivalries are forever gone. We left that conference because our old Big 8 brethren stabbed us in the back. Then they twisted the knife. They deserve nothing from us, and I hope we never play a game in Manhattan or Ames ever again. They don't deserve our money or our time. We make BANK in the Big Ten. We have access to educational fronts that the Big XII can't even dream of. There is no good reason to ever go back there.
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    he didnt say pure freedom. but hey keep moving those goalposts
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    This is what’s utterly baffling. They had months to prepare multiple solutions for multiple scenarios for their cash cow sport. And they chose not to. It’s one thing if they had a plan, stuck to it, and it didn’t happen to work. We’re living in unprecedented times and I can’t fault folks for doing the best with what they have at the time. But now SF and Neb have become the whipping boys for the B1G’s complete lack of preparation or accountability. All for expressing the same thoughts and sentiments that multiple other coaches and programs have. Absolutely unreal.
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    It looks like the lockdown crowd has gotten their away again, ignoring the long-term psychological and financial impacts of such lockdowns. If we as a socieity are creating an environment where we are so afraid to live, we are no longer really living. Life is about taking risks, and football players more than almost any other sport take a risk every time they get on the field. If the players want to play, they should be able to play.
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    Funny thing about your post? It's not the "lock down crowd" that caused this. It's the "I DEMAND A HAIR CUT" crowd...or "IT'S AGAINST MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS" crowd. THAT'S why we are where we are. If everyone would have listened from the beginning to the actual experts, we would be in a much better place right now.
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    Frost just crushed that presser. So glad he is our coach.
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    Warren can go f#&% himself. His failure to plan FOR 5 MONTHS is punishing the players and coaches that have worked so hard to keep everybody safe so far. No team has the perfect plan, but AT LEAST THEY HAVE A PLAN. Now, he's saying if we go to another conference for one year, then we have to leave the conference forever. He's punishing programs for his lack of planning and then threatening punishment for those same programs trying to do anything to salvage a season. He can go jump off a bridge.
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    What if there's no non-bubble situation that would've worked? We haven't had an event like this in more than a century. Situations have developed swung rapidly and wildly since February. Personally I'm getting a bit sick at hearing the "players are safer inside the program playing ball than they are on their own" rebuttal. It infantalizes the players and frankly we have no way of knowing how well that would work in the fall until we actually tried it. Everybody seems so sure there's some clear cut plan out there that could've been devised that could've prevented the season from eventually imploding. Given all the moving parts are we really sure that's the case?
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    or you could thank him for leading the herd immunity charge to protect the immunocompromised. Seriously people...we never shut the county down to eradicate the disease. It was to flatten the curve to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed because that was the worst case scenario. Now we see the complications and death toll extremely low. Back to normal life. Or we can ruin our financial futures and not build up our natural immunity and keep chasing an evolving virus with a vaccine...but ho ahead. Wear your masks that have holes too big to stop this tiny virus.
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    Hi there, I do safety/high reliability consulting for healthcare, so I have an unique outlook. The point you made, that is now bolded and underlined above, couldn’t be further from the reality I was part of since January 14th. Warnings we’re given to every country and multiple health entities about the concern for the outbreak by the Taiwanese government, including the WHO, on December 31st. The WHO initially downplayed it as another simple coronavirus until they released a warning in Janurary 5th that finally changed their tone. The concern for the disease was shared with us and our company on January 14th (I will keep the email forever) by the CDC and sent out via our internal leadership team. If the CDC knew, you know dang well the admin knew. In fact, the CDC notification also had info about The briefings they had with US Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar. Alex “briefed the president on multiple occasions over the prior week.” So that puts the admin knowing by, at the very latest, on Janurary 10th. Deputy National Security Advisor, Matthew Pottinger, also had his intel updates fall on deaf ears because of what he called “political obstacles”. The first confirmed case was Jan 21. We had enough data at that point to understand there was a significant threat with how quickly this was spreading. It took the admin until Janurary 31 to put a ban on travel from China. It then took six weeks until the admin issued concrete guidelines. That wasn’t because of misinformation at all. The narrative around this novel virus remained the same that entire time: Its dangerous, and it’s going to kill a lot of people. In fact, rather than listening to the strenuous and sustained advice of experts, Trump focused on and was often swayed by petty politics, advise from his uninformed business associates, and conspiracy theories. This multi-week delay resulted in a lack of effective quarantining measures, a lack of testing centers and equipment, a failure to reallocate existing resources, and most importantly, the widespread confusion about how seriously the public should be taking this disease. Fauci was consistent from the beginning by saying it’s a threat, we need to socially distance and follow quarantine guidelines. Had we followed those things from the beginning, Trump would look like the savior, not the fool. March 10th - Trump to Republican Senators "This was unexpected. ... And it hit the world. And we're prepared, and we're doing a great job with it. And it will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away." I could go on and on. The point is, we had plenty of early warning signs, the leadership of the country just fell flat on its face. They did it again by reducing restrictions too soon. Had we all taken this seriously from the beginning, including the leadership of the country, we’d have football games to look forward to in a couple weeks. Someone put it perfectly earlier when they said our country’s leadership has been an “unmitigated disaster.” New Zealand is the perfect example of how to do this in the most effective way. Today was the first time in 102 days that they had an active case. That was only because the 4 active individuals traveled outside of the country and brought it back in with them. They’ll continue their journey, while we’ll wait for some magical vaccine that isn’t going to come. Wear a mask, wash your hands, socially distance. Don’t be like my idiotic uncles who are currently in Sturgis, SD. It’s not hard, folks. Do your part and maybe we get football by next fall.
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    Spring football won't be played. This is simply kicking the can down the street.
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    This argument is getting old. People did what they were allowed to do. People went to beaches that were open. Masks were not mandated so we’re not worn. Blame the president, blame the states doesn’t matter to me, but for crying out allowed stop blaming the people. And get off FB. You’re being skewed by some ranting posters.
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    No its best to just jump to conclusions
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    If people had worn masks all summer, we would have this under control. EDIT: Laugh it up, fuzzball, but you know I'm right.
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    This is unbelievable. What the hell were they doing for five months? Canceling March Madness had to put every league on notice that they needed to get all of this worked out before they could play football... but they didn't.
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    A go fund me to support local businesses and workers affected by the cancellation would be something, but the athletic department will be fine.
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    This should shock nobody. There was no way any other scenario was gonna happen.
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    18% of total daily deaths isn't significant? Someone failed math.
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    Please give some evidence showing the death toll is falsely inflated or don't make the claim, because it is completely untrue. If anything the death toll has been undercounted.
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    Some positives to come out of this entire ordeal: This showed the unity of our athletic department and the UNL administration. In contrast, the past week showed some universities in the conference do not share the same unity of purpose. Though some divides might be minor, sometimes all it takes one cog in the wheel to disrupt success (ie - Harvey Perlman). The past two days were the most in sync the fanbase, administration and athletic department have been since Frost's hiring. We were the talk of football nationally for the past two days. Sure, in many cases we were mocked as a school with an over-inflated sense of importance. However, if we weren't relevant to the national media, why did they feel the need to tell us we weren't important? As much as our on-field success has been lacking the past several years, we're still a national brand despite how hard some media members want to downplay Nebraska's relevance. Nebraska's willingness to be different strikes a cord with football loving communities, especially in the South. I believe this will bear fruit in the future with recruitment of athletes in the South as we have been working to establish roots for years. The big criticism from the Southern communities for years was that the Big Ten craved Rose Bowls over National Championships and weren't committed to football. Going to be harder to dispute that now, except for Nebraska. Sure the SEC, ACC and Big 12 may eventually cave into political pressure to postpone the season but Nebraska has made it's mark already. Though I believe we will toe the conference line in staying while looking forward to the spring football "season" fiasco, the resolve to punish every conference team going forward has only strengthened. Some might say the Big Ten will punish Nebraska for this by giving us a hard schedule ... I hate to be the bearer of bad news but take a look at our schedule next year where the only power player we aren't playing is Penn State. It can be argued that the Big Ten has been trying to put Nebraska through the gauntlet since we arrived almost a decade ago. Thankfully, we have the fortitude in our leadership positions to take a stand for what we feel is right in the face of adversity. "Don't ever make decisions based on fear" - Michelle Obama ^^ I bet you didn't expect to see a Michelle Obama quote on this post ^^ GBR
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    That’s likely the case. I highly doubt there’s any plan out there that’s fool proof. But it’s become evident that the B1G didn’t even try. Why not just do division games? 6 games total, 3 home 3 away. Space them out every other week to allow for testing, quarantining, etc. Players and coaches can show up to away games a week early and quarantine in a local hotel (that has likely been vacant for months and could use the business). Then in place of a bowl game, you play the equivalent of your standing in the East. Is that foolproof? Absolutely not. Folks could poke holes in that all day long. But that’s why folks like Kevin Warren are paid to figure things out, and at least try.
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    Ohio State can ask, but we can't because it's a problem. Makes sense B1G....
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    I think the only way Nebraska could even remotely entertain the possibility of going rogue this fall is it needs Ohio State to play the role of the icebreaker and to go first. Nebraska just doesn't have the level of juice with the Big Ten to posture and threaten. Ohio State on the other hand...
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    LOL what?? More safe to pack students who aren't tested or monitored 5x a week for 8 hours a day? That is completely foolish. The team travels with the TEAM - not public transit. They are playin teams with the same protocols in place. No fans. Where is the spread gonna happen?
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    "Iowa canceled its 11 a.m. practice and then Purdue canceled a scheduled media availability with its team. Elsewhere in college football, Oklahoma State canceled a scheduled press conference with its coach and several players. Rumors swirled and the college football season appeared to be hanging by a thread. ... 'I have a group of players that I love—every single one of them—and I ask them to fight for us all the time, to fight on the football field all the time, and I think at some time the head coach’s responsibility is to fight for what they want too,' he said as part of an opening statement that lasted nearly 10 minutes. ... But Frost (and presumably Day) holds the political capital to be able to make such … what frankly seemed like promises … because his players are in his corner. " https://hailvarsity.com/s/9908/huskers-aware-of-virus-concerns-stress-comfort-and-desire-to-play At least this should bode well for recruiting and selling the image that Frost will go to bat for you as a player when other coaches/programs shy away from leading the charge. It would have been very easy for Frost to not do the presser yesterday. He showed leadership in doing it and a bit of the bravado that I love.
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    yeah I have grandparents (all rip) I know history well. My dad was a history teacher. I’ve studied. Tell me the future, of history, when millions of people have lost jobs, trillions in debt, suicide, addiction, depression, etc etc etc America is soft and I’m tryin to say to get tough. The virus is here. It’s not going anywhere. Get tough and go, it’s not going away. I’ve given first hand knowledge of things from the past and present that support my view, from my experience. we need to toughen up. Get tough and SMART. Life is and will be worse by not doing what we normally do (being smart is a part of that) to just live life. Shutting down everything and isolating people is NOT an answer. Having 90k in the stadium isn’t either. I weep for my kids and those that can’t fulfill their dreams because of shutting things down. There is risk and there is living. I don’t own a motorcycle because at 43, it’s risky. I don’t cliff dive anymore because it’s risky. I don’t speed or drive after drinking because it’s risky. I go inside when it hails. I have a friend who committed suicide cuz he lost his job and had no prospects, Ive seen sickness w my son, thank god he made it. I’m sensitive to those things. I’ve lost my own job, I’ve seen my kids regress in education and socially lose a large chunk of their life (and it’s not going away soon, as far as life experiences in middle and high school normal stuff..prom, homecoming, dating, visiting schools, jobs) if my mom went through Hong Kong flu, when millions of people lost their lives, if things weren’t “normal” during any sickness, then why is it different now, shutting down? Sequester those that are vulnerable, be smart wearing a mask, do all the right things and let’s get going. It’s worse if 200 universities can’t pay their bills let alone a large swath of Americans, paying theirs. So many opportunities are being lost and realistically may never be recovered. I voted “no” to a season happening months ago. And I knew the power players with their cushy jobs and politics/power would be the deciding factor. Not the actual data. This isn’t a war against another man with a different uniform like WW2, this is people’s whole lives being decided by power/politics where the enemy isn’t going away by a bomb. The virus is here and by all data is deadly, deadly!...only to those who are old, compromised otherwise, or just who have bad luck with it. What we are doing to millions of children K-college is worse than if they get Covid. We aren’t doing anything! If you get it (and Frost even said kids at N have got it and are fine) you either recover or you don’t. im not saying football is the answer, at all. I’m saying I love how Frost laid it out, very succinctly, that football is a choice that these kids have made, as who they are as young adults that they want to play. Life will go on without football. Life will go on anyway. Why crush millions of people and opportunities, if life will go on anyway? Get tough and move on
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    It’s possible we could have done better, it’s also possible that in the long-run, the virus is going to make its way through most population centers no matter the mitigation. Europe is increasing, parts of Asia increasing, parts of South America increasing. There are a few papers in medical journals that are starting to look at the herd immunity levels for Covid-19 being 20-40% of the population. Many of the highly hit population centers reached that point and then saw a drastic downturn in case numbers. It’s a VERY contagious virus and it’s possible that it’s going to run it’s natural course at some point no matter the mitigation. Remember this, regardless of sports being played or not, the whole point of mitigation back in March and April was to spread out the infection numbers across many months. It was NOT to necessarily completely stop the virus.
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    Meanwhile at the Big Ten Headquarters...
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    No it doesn't. We're raking in tens of millions of dollars more than we did in that crackpot league. We play more blue-bloods in this conference than they have. We have access to amazing educational opportunities that the Big XII couldn't even think of offering. There is no scenario where we would be better off in the Big XII today than the Big Ten. The Faculty Senate overwhelmingly showed that, and that's just based on academics. Let's not judge our conference based solely on football. It may be the chief sport, but it's not the chief reason we're in the Big Ten.
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    How did I minimize anything? The vast majority of kids who have gotten this have suffered no long term problems. That's just a fact. In a severe case, there are complications. The flavor of this week is the heart condition. Myocarditis has been around a long time and is caused by many different things - possibly Covid but that hasn't even been proven yet. There are effective treatments and severe cases are rare, especially in young, in shape adults. Would you rather be a part of on organization capable of diagnosing and treating a problem like this or just an average citizen that has no idea they even have anything wrong?
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    Ryan Day said OSU still exploring options for a Fall Season - Watch the B1G response turn on a dime...
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    We have more deaths because wer'e fat, lazy and entitled. Seriously, is there a fatter country on that list? Now get off that keyboard and go jog around the block.
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    "Flatten the curve" was to keep our hospitals from being overwhelmed, and came from the CDC. "Cancel everything" is not coming from the CDC, it's coming from individual sources. Nobody is forcing D1 football to cancel from outside - that's an internal decision. Same for March Madness, same for any other sport.
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    No, we haven't. You've never been restricted from leaving your home. You've never been ordered to wear a mask. You've never been forced to socially distance. You've never been forced to wash your hands for x number of seconds. All of these have been directives, not legally enforceable, and nobody is enforcing them. We have done nothing required of us to slow this spread. Everything has been voluntary with zero leadership. We've been told all along that this thing would just "go away" while the guy in charge golfs. We have 160,000 people dead from this because we've taken no action.
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    Nooooooooo!!!! Dude, all their fan are going to be pissed.
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    After nov 3rd its relevance in every day life will wane to a level similar to aids.
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    Just delay the season until November 7th, if you listen to all the Trumpers thr virus will disappear the Tuesday before.
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