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    I trust Sipple as much as I trust mexican tap water
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    Huskerboard has the worst insiders ever.
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    Whoever would've rather had Mickey Joseph than Lubick needs to have their head examined. MJ soured on Nebraska even before his time on the team was done. Doing wonderful things with WRs at LSU is more of a given than any sign of being an exceptional coach. And his brother Vance is nothing to brag about either. If you don't think Lubick is an immensely better hire, you just don't get it.
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    Sounds like Troy Walter's is moving on. Not sure if hes taking another job or what the reason is.
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    Probably cause it’s been a couple years since the board last had true, reliable posters that shared info.
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    I never see people who say this also give an idea on how to prevent gun violence and mass shootings and why those things are so much worse in the US than any other developed country.
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    Give Cav a break it was All You Can Eat Riblets at Golden Corral
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    Someone like this canNOT be commander-in-chief another four years. Completely abrogating long-term planning for self-gain is going to blow up in our collective faces at some point. We need someone who takes this role seriously and isn't just in it for short-term gain for themselves.
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    Yes Dersh quotes that same history. And they haven't seriously alleged an abuse of power that could possibly come close to a HCOM. So there is no need to remind you how Obama traded favors with Russia to help him get reelected. That deal was within the Executive's powers to make and execute foreign policy.
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    Are we just waiting on a Twitter edit?
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    I think quite a few constitutional scholars disagree with his assessment of high crimes and misdemeanors. Dersh is either ignorant or extremely dishonest. I think a vast majority of constitutional scholars interpret the phase (at the time the Constitution was written), not as refering to the severity of the crime, but the fact that only those in position of power could commit such an offense as to abuse public trust. Apparently it was a fairly common phrase. https://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/politics/special/clinton/stories/watergatedoc_3.htm
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    Well, it is time-stamped well after Walters was let go and Lubick was hired. However, you can't believe everything on the internet so good for you waiting for reliable sources.
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    Where's that damn eye roll emote when you need it! And even without confirming your sources, that's a safe assumption. That's why there was all this smoke and mirrors with an offensive analyst/ assistant position opening the past week or two so we can talk with Joseph and Helfrich (and others) about coaching at NU.
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    @knapplc Thurston is attempting his ritual, and it's screwing with the forum software.
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    Sources be talkin. The swag be hearing things. The swags sources be talking about between 0 and 5 new coaches on the staff between now and august.
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    Call me a Kool-Aid drinker all you want. These are the facts. I totally buy that Nebraska has out-recruited our B1G West peers for a long time now (plus other schools on our schedule). Recruiting rankings aren't perfect but over a sufficiently-large sample size they give a very good picture of the story. However, they are also not nearly the entire story. Nebraska has failed miserably in developing that talent for several years. I have confidence that is changing but admit that hasn't been proven yet. No only has Nebraska failed at that, but others around us have succeeded very well. Just look back through this thread and see how many of our opponents' (often lower-rated) players are now leaving early for the NFL and being projected as high draft picks. Even though the recruiting rankings don't tell that story, we aren't (by-and-large) losing to lesser teams. We are losing to teams who have out-developed us by orders of magnitude. That doesn't change overnight. We have made gains - those who say we haven't are simply whatever the opposite of Kool-Aid drinkers are. Granted, those gains haven't been as fast as anyone would have liked or almost any of us predicted. But that doesn't mean it isn't happening. Throw in losing significant portions of two straight recruiting classes and we simply haven't been where we think we should be - and where I believe we will be. We'll see if that turns out to be the case.
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    W...t...f... Were they planning. I think we all know what it reads like, but would anyone really try to knock off an ambassador?
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    I am glad we can provide Walters with a nice place to coach while he tries (unsuccessfully) to get every HC job that comes open.
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    The Houston Asterisks.
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    I wish more of the folks in the US would take time to read themm Decoy - maybe they will have a "reading" by actors like they did the last (was it the Mueller Report?)
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    This thread is getting off track..... this isn't a religious thread, racial thread, homosexuality thread or whatever. Let's get back on topic and knock the crap off please.
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    Question is...did Walters leave for another job or was he let go. The fact that another job hasn't even had smoke, I would guess SF realized we haven't had good WR play I really believe Lubick was his first choice. SF paid him for analysis last season, so he obviously values him and was giving him $ Not sure how it immediately helps offense. I agree with you there. His recruiting record will be an upgrade and as he teaches, we should see improvement. Again, wasnt awe struck with Walters anyway. Lubick hire was good. Only reason why Joseph was remotely "sexy" was because he is former player and LSU had success this year, which is more Joe Brady than anything. LSU has always had great WR, well before Joseph. He may be great coach, but Lubick has proven record. Better hire than Joseph at this point. No one is a bigger "homer" than me, but I am but I am not sure why everytime we have opening, former players get more love than proven commodities.
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    It’s one of the things you say when you want out. Like “I want to spend more time with family”. It’s been done by Urban Meyer 64 times. Furthermore, Chris Peterson just stepped down this year. I wonder if something is broken in that program.
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    I think this may deserve its own thread. If I'm wrong mods please feel free to move it
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    Coach Walters signs off.
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    Raridon retiring to focus on his last semester at UNL.
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    Lubick! Lubick! Lubick!
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    All I have heard the last few days is Walters, that name has been surrounded with smoke the whole time
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    Sooo....getting to the truth isn't your goal. Your goal is to do the minimum needed to make it look like you made an effort while making sure the Senate exonerates Trump.
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    Truth. Can we change the name to "The Sock Drawer"? X FrostedTips
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    The closed-door depositions were legally sound and normal.
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    I wouldn't mind if he would just now go sit on the bench and enjoy watching the game.
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    Well....if Willa married Roscoe, she would be.....Willa Pound. So.........
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    7 top ten teams in the final rankings? I don't care what they were ranked when they played them, that is meaningless. I see 5. #2 Clemson, #4 UGA, #6 Florida, #7 Oklahoma, #8 Alabama. They also beat #14 Auburn and 5-loss Texas at #25.
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    These guys are two all Americans that would have come to Nebraska if the circumstances were right. I think the best part of this whole discussion is that fact that elite talent will come here if things turn around.
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    I almost wonder if Walters over-estimates the value of his own stock as an HC...
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    I agree with you. It’s almost as though Frost has forgotten his days playing for Nebraska. Our best drive against OSU maybe all season was out of the I formation. Power physical football. And we never saw it again the rest of the season. A real head scratcher.
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