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    Dear HuskerBoard family, After 16 years of running HuskerBoard, it's time to turn the page. Jump to the last few sentences to find out where HB goes from here. Continue reading for my full "best man" wedding speech. I started HuskerBoard a few years after graduating from UNL in 2003, b/c I was a Husker zealot looking for someone to talk Husker football with while living in KC. I began by creating various profiles and having conversations with myself ... Shortly after, I convinced my old college buddy Eric, to join the schizophrenic conversation. We goofed around, shared our idiotic commentary with our multiple personalities, and our old school version of memes. Suddenly, people started showing up. Actual, real, not voices in our heads people - like you guys. Some of you even became our friends, and some lifelong friends - b/c of a crazy little place where adults click buttons and type things about sports stuff. Today, HuskerBoard stands strong at nearly 12K members and counting. The largest 100% FREE Husker forum on the web. With easily the most respectful and intelligent members and moderators. I'm extremely proud of what HuskerBoard has become. And it most certainly wouldn't still be here without MANY amazing contributors over the years. Too long to list them all, so to avoid missing someone I won't even start. You know who you are, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. And of course you incredible SOB members that are just as nutty about the Huskers as us. And some who may actually be clinically insane, you added a nice dash of color and entertainment to the board. It's been an honor being the Lord of the Flies; although some of you don't even know WHOTF I am, as I've been behind the scenes the past several years. I had to put my Husker addiction on the back-burner when I had my first daughter 7 years ago. I now have 3 kids, and my time is being stretched more everyday. I recently decided it was time to pass the torch. To someone I knew would maintain our values, and keep the HB spirit of ethics alive. David Max, the longtime owner of HuskerPedia and now HuskerMax will be taking over the board effective tomorrow August 27. I know the board will be in good hands, as David is a solid human being and amazing Husker fan. He vowed to maintain the board as a FREE forum, and will surely take it to even better places than I've had time for lately. And special thanks to Mavric for leading the crew so expertly the past few years. Mavric is the man, and is planning to continue onward & upward with HB. So please follow his lead and continue building HuskerBoard into the best Husker forum on the web. Thanks again to all, and GBR!! ~Mic drop~ Chad aka Blackshirt P.S. - David will make an announcement soon about his upcoming plans for the board, including an invitation to his Tailgate Party this Saturday!
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    Hey now Jurgens threw a couple deep balls.
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    I heard that they tried to fraudulently acquire a Husker related message board, and then maliciously incited panic by announcing a fake 10am outage. Frost doesn't stand for that kind of crap.
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    I believe it would behoove Coach Frost to hire me as a consultant for the Nebraska football program. Why you ask? 1). I am very familiar with Nebraska. I had an uncle who lived outside of Union and I cried every time my dad threatened to take the family there for a visit. Still do. 2). I can find Nebraska on a map 3). As a lifelong Iowa State player and fan, I am on intimate terms with losing and futility 4). Everytime I drive by the Gotham exit, I say "I'm Batman" Now that my credentials have been established, here are just a few ideas I have for building morale and producing success for the Husker program: Helmet Stickers - Helmet stickers inspire fear in opponents! No one wants to face off against someone with his headgear covered with tomahawks or walnuts or whatever. Helmet stickers make the opposition quake in fear! Little does anyone know what these stickers represent. Do you get them for doing something great? Do you get them for learning to tie your shoes or for getting kicked out of Applebees? No one knows and...as long as no one leaks the information...that guy across the line is going to be scared. Oh...all the stickers will be shaped like ears of corn and you get your first one for figuring out how to get the backing off the sticker. Award Helmets - This was a brilliant idea brought to Iowa State by that coaching genius Jim Criner. While all the regular schlubs on the team had to wear the boring scarlet helmet, the prior weeks MVP got a snazzy gold one to wear. This had the dual reward of recognition by your coach for your effort and recognition by the opposing team as the only decent player for Iowa State resulting in 11 opponents ignoring 10 ISU players while attempting to remove the head...with shiny gold helmet attached...from the 11th. Receipients of the Award Helmets usually spent the week attempting to find someone else dumb enough to wear it...a kicker perhaps. On game day you could usually find the award helmet sitting on the bench, next to a freshman walk-on who suddenly found himself missing his boring scarlet helmet. The award helmet may sound like a bad idea but I would utilize it in a different way...by giving it to a starter who might need a little jolt to up his play. We tell him it's his award for his hard work...meanwhile hoping that he'll get smashed enough times that he'll finally figure out he's wearing a big bullseye on his head and will do anything he can to get rid of it...or...just die. Either way, problem solved. New Color Schemed Uniforms - Again, I drawing from experience from Iowa State coaching legend Paul Rhodes. When Paul took over he changed the Iowa State uniform color scheme to look exactly like the uniforms worn by the USC Trojans. This was quite effective. When Iowa State took the field, opponents became disoriented...thinking they had somehow been magically transported to Southern California. You could hear them muttering to each other "Hey...that's USC over there! They're tough! We're gonna get our asses handed to us". Unfortunately the illusion was shattered when our kicker tripped on the tee or our return guy dropped the kick off then ran away from it...except when we played Kansas. Those morons still think they gave USC all they could handle. Nebraska can't dress up like USC but...perhaps Ohio State? Opponents would be at a total loss if they expected Nebraska and Ohio State ran onto the field...especially Ohio State! The only thing that would give it away would be the ear of corn helmet stickers! I don't suggest copying the uniforms from an NFL team however. That just makes your team look like pathetic losers...or Iowa. The Band - Encourage players and fans alike to assault the opponents band members. Its fun, keeps everyone occupied during TV time outs and enables Iowa City lawyers to continue to buy their mistresses pretty things. These are just a few of the many ideas that leak out of my head on a continuous basis. Please forward my contact information to Coach Frost and I hope to hear from him soon.
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    Welcome to Nebraska, where we're used to plowing Fields
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    No problem. Happy to help. Thanks for helping me find the condescending attitude. Wasn’t sure where to find it.
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    Thanks for the "update" that has zero information, Brandon. When is the last year that there wasn't actual attrition, let alone "rumblings"?
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    If I was compiling summaries from 247 and taking credit for them, I'd be telling the members here that Jackson Bratton is a legit get for us. I am selective for a reason and thats because 98 percent of the time, I really don't know. My most "insider" moments here go back to the 2010-2011 years and thats because I knew and grew up with the CA kids on the roster, Jason Ankrah, and believe it or not was a point of contact for Curtis Carter during his recruitment. I had to speak to Joni Duff to get clearance for that, because Curtis and I hit it off through FB, which was an NCAA violation at the time. I can tell you exactly when the recruiting fell off on that. I worked at a Community College here in SoCal and met a bunch of college coaches, camp directors, and recruiting analysts. If I ever speak about the recruitment of kids, it's because I sent out a text asking someone who is in the know. It's through those contacts that I found out about Frost signing with Nebraska, and that it took a little longer than expected because of a staff hold up with Troy Walters. For the rest of the members on this board, I am sorry for divulging all this stuff, and coming off like a name dropping idiot. I hope you guys understand.
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    It seems a fair number of you have already given up, waved the white flag and surrendered out of fear. Why even bother playing the game right? Why get out of bed and try something, because it might end badly? Why go outside when there are scary things out there? We should probably just forfeit now because there is a chance something bad happens. Are we going to do that? No we aren't. We are going to create a mad house on Saturday night with or without all of you who are afraid of your own shadow. It will be fun as hell because Memorial Stadium at night for a big game is one of the best places on earth. To achieve anything in life you have to take risks. To get better you have to test yourself against those who are better. Any of you want to find some backbone and join us? Or would you rather still sit in the corner, waiting to post comments about how you were right to be scared? Win or lose we will stand up and cheer for the victors and we will have enjoyed the ride, with heads held high as Huskers. Go. Big. Red.
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    If we beat Indiana all the idiots stop talking for another week...
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    Easy for you to say. You're runningblind.
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    So it begins. I predict by the end of fall camp Nebraska will be the board's favorite to win the West.
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    I've learned that our fans and their "eye tests" can't tell the difference between a QB looking good in garbage time against a team whose will is crushed and competitive games. I've also learned fans will be forever obsessed with back ups regardless of if they can actually play better than starters.
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    on one hand im as frustrated as hell and maddened as he is that these things havent been improving, but on the other i still have a really good amount of trust in his ability or at the very least his insatiable compulsion to fix them. there's no way to fake the emotions that come through in a quick little interview vignette like this. frost will drive himself mad trying to get this team up to snuff. maybe he's not capable of doing it but at the very least no rational person can think he isn't going to give every single ounce of himself trying.
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    I'm starting to think Foster and Farmer are the biggest losses from last season. Farmer was able to play Center when we needed him to.
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    I hate lightening storms. It’s worse than lightning because this has the potential to erase all of the s&c gains they’ve made if they get lighter.
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    And just like that the offseason was complete.
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    Son of former CSU coach Sonny Lubick. So he likely hates CU football already, which is a plus.
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    Fisher walking into his next contract negotiation:
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    Nothing will surpise me. Also, this "I have a secret! Nanner nanner nanner" nonsense is BS. Give up the info or shut it.
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    "Will trade guest picker for guest kicker"
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    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I plan to blackout before half
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    I actually think we can win. I watched the first 5 minutes of Ohio State v Miami yesterday and Miami was up 5-0! I stopped watching after that. Did anything else happen?
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    These takes are just a little over the top for me. Nebraska blew Minnesota out in 2018. The disparity has more to do with what transpired at Nebraska in 2019 than Minnesota ascending to tremendous heights. It looks to me that the roster turnover, youth, and a regressed QB is what hurt this team. It wasn't too long ago where Minnesota was the youngest team in the country and played bad. If the same Adrian came back, not even an improved version, Nebraska has 8 wins, and we aren't even talking about this huge disparity. Nebraska needs more talent, and for those players to stay. We have been a program that can't seem to have everything together at once. That's recruiting and roster management. I do think this staff can develop (with maybe 2 being iffy), and I actually believe they are bringing the right guys in now. Nebraska didn't have a roster set up for 2019 to take any step forward. True competition is what this program has been longing for and it's about to get it with this 2020 class. The EE's are going to push, and some of the cream might start to rise a little more. In addition, this staff is the first in almost 20 years to fill out it's classes with quality recruits. I am just really tired of this notion because the data suggests that Nebraska is exactly where they should be with what they are working with. Not having one and half classes on this roster is a recipe for disaster. You have to bank on guys like Benhart, Frietche, Banks, Jakeem Green, Casey Rogers, Mossai Newsome, Caleb Tannor, etc to hit now. Nebraska is not even in a position for these guys to be busts. That's how fine of a line this staff has right now. And no offense, but the walk-ons are never going to be collectively good enough to fill in that kind of gap. Ellis and Duval are going to have to be the masterminds right now. This roster needs to see tremendous gains to stay afloat until the cupboards are full and ready to go. And do not get me started on the personality of this football team. The lack of alpha talent is so obvious, and the team is soft. Hell our starting QB isn't a dominant personality, and I think that's an issue. These players still don't pick each other up off the ground, and they seem to be selective on who they celebrate with. The 2019 and 2020 classes will put an end to that. There has been a lot of talk about how close these classes are already. I know I am rambling but I have been off the board for a bit, and I need to get this out.
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    Not to mention trying to draw a needless parallel between very different scenarios.
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    TO never gave up play calling duties. He called the plays for every game he ever coached. Stop making up things that didn’t happen.
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    Outdated? Holy hell people. Some of you have went off the deep end.
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    I stated before the game that win or lose, the result of this game won't be as instructive as the results of other games this year. As a program, Nebraska is 26-29 in their last 55 games. Ohio State is 53-6 in their last 59 games. Nebraska is trying to pull itself out of a funk created by inept coaching and dismal recruiting. Ohio State is transitioning its program from one of the best coaches and recruiters of all time, but is always supremely-talented. Justin Fields made Ohio State so much better than the team that scraped by Nebraska 36-31 last year. This was a mismatch. Anticipating this game and getting hyped for what it could mean was fun. But, honestly, we had more chance of winning the Powerball than beating Ohio State and thinking of the possibilities of winning was very similar to imagining what you would do with your jackpot winnings. Nebraska didn't win tonight and they looked awful. But they were playing Ohio State - who is going to make a lot of teams look awful. What's more instructive, and what will matter more, is how they play next week against Northwestern, the following week at Minnesota, against Indiana after the bye, and at Purdue the week after that. Those are the teams that, Nebraska will beat if they're as talented and well-coached as we think, and those are the wins that will signal a step forward from last year, albeit not as big a step as we want to take. Then another chance to prove ourselves will come when Wisconsin makes their way to Lincoln. Then another opportunity when Iowa visits on Black Friday. There are a lot of games left to be played, and the West is still left to be won. As a program, Nebraska is no further back than we were at the start of today. 48-7 hurts, as it should, but in the grand scheme, it's virtually meaningless. I hope the coaches and players learn what they can, focus on getting better, and move on to the next game.
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    That even with a 44-8 win and not allowing an offensive TD, this fan base still finds ways to nitpick and bitch about the team versus enjoying the win. I swear, we're the most self absorbed fan base in CFB.
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    This is exactly why you aren't in charge of jack sh#t regarding the football program.
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    Wiltfong noted Minnesota and Wisconsin seemed to fill up and didn't want to wait around for him. Should be all N. If we lose him to Oregon State I am joining @Thurston from Pender and jumping into the dredge.
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    First year watching football, huh?
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    I'm not sure many of them are fans at all or that they were on the ship to begin with. All I've seen for the last day around here is a bunch of whiny a$$ petulant children that don't have 5% of the commitment that is required to even play on the team.....and a whole lotta newbie trolls. Lost a lot of respect for some longtime posters as well. Grown men who seem to think 18-21 yo kids owe them something. Sad.
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    If we're being real what Washington is guilty of is being a spiteful a^^hole. If you told me the girl's dad put a beating on him I'd say good. But if you think what he did is worthy of having his life ruined doing time for kiddie-porn and ending-up on a sex-offender list you are out of your freaking mind.
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    Lubick > Joseph... Joseph has only been a P5 coach since 2016 with 1 yr. being a RB coach for Louisiana Tech and the other 3 as LSU's WR coach. Lubick has been a P5 coach for 23 years with 19 years of being a WR coach along with being an OC for 4 years. The only reason Joseph is a hot name in Husker nation right now is because he is a Husker alum on a team that just had one of the best seasons in college football.
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    If they have graduated college, hasn't Nebraska held up their end of the deal?
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    The assault happened August 25th. I presume some initial investigation was done after she reported it (maybe the next day, 8/26?) and it was announced they were off the team on 8/28. That's decently quick action, I'd say.
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    That girl in the band will probably have some solid tweets
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    Hello my fellow Husker Fanatics. Has been quite the year so far and much worse than literally all of us expected at this point. We have massive issues galore and I do not think we have the culture nor the players nor the flawless level of coaching needed to offset eachother. This will take time and it is going to be rough. Just know that Frost will get it fixed. He will do what is needed to make this work. Love you all, Hedley
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    I have always admired the Huskers and what the program stands for in all aspects; I'm too old to watch the crap in Knoxville. Can I come aboard and follow the Huskers? Please?
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