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    Spring Football look-a-like thread?
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    Verdu continues to be my favorite asst coach
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    This is Ed Cunningham's wet dream
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    Curious what Iowa’s recruiting pitch was. Hey come here and play, sometimes we have 2 wrs on the field at the SAME time. Crazy
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    He'll finally be able to afford that 12 bedroom house his family desperately needs!
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    He has one good leg!
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    Robert Kraft could help setting that up.
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    I would like to start adding to our collection of championship trophies. Long overdue for expansion.
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    How does he have time to coach!?!?!
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    the grammar not good formatting not good either extra line spacing
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    I'm not surprised by these numbers. However, the bigger question is, what do people think caused this? THAT is the real telling question. Just because race relations got worse during his term, doesn't mean it got worse BECAUSE of him. I'm a believer that Obama was not the cause of this due to actions he took. There were a lot of white people who were uncomfortable or irritated that a black man was elected President from the Democratic party with the vast majority of black Ameicans voting for him. They would never admit it, but in their minds, they sat back and just knew things were going to get bad and they were going to jump on any issue the even tried to raise its ugly head. Well....then, during Obama's term, we had some major issues come to light about police actions against black people. Some of those were unarmed, on video tape, shot in the back....etc. Rightfully so, black communities were not happy about this and protested. You then had black football players kneeling during the anthem protesting these police abuses...which sent patriotic white people over the edge. All of a sudden, white people started blaming Obama for all this unrest. Question....what about this was Obama's fault?
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    Somebody better tell OTHusker so he can redirect that sweet sweet Beatrice rage.
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    Thanks for your kind words. I had a Bible college professor who I had invited to speak to my campus fellowship group at SDSU way back in the day (I'm old) He said something that has always stuck wt me "Major on the things Christ majored on and minor on the things He minored on and you won't go wrong". He was speaking of theology and encouraging students not to go off the deep end chasing issues that divide or blowing up minor issues into a unhealthy mindset. This is true of politics and most of life. Only a very few things are uncompromisable - my faith, family, and person integrity. Be open to the opinions of others if they are different - we might learn something. Unfortunately years ago I got caught up with the talk radio crowd and those filters became my stained filters. The Trump election was a big eye opener for me but even more so seeing GOP members and church members compromising proper values just to have a seat at the Trump table. He has ruined the party, and spoiling those in the evangelical circles who support him and moving them away from the Gospel to a corrupting loyalty. Prior to the Trump election I had already given up talk radio because of its corrupting influence on my soul - negative talk makes for a negative guy (just ask my wife). While I remain neg towards Trump, I'm more positive and happier not listening to the political junk and hearing a broader spectrum of voices. I would encourage those who lean towards the left of center side to also listen to the voices that they normally don't listen to (not talk radio but conservative voices and articles) just to get a better understanding of those perspectives. Politics should NOT be like a football game (competition) it should be about seeking the truth. It is also understanding that those who have a different opinion aren't bad people (in general)- they just have a different perspective on how to fix the same problem we both want to fix. Maybe a little compromise can bring us to the point of actually fixing the problem (like the abortion issue where both sides just yell over each other).
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    I think people in low populated areas get more than enough representation in the senate. States like Wyoming have more than triple the voting power for POTUS than they should.
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    Talking last season about some drills he had his guys doing and a little coaching philosophy. 4:55 to 5:55
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