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    Where does "Trojan Insider" fall on the list of unfortunate names?
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    By TL you mean... Tyjon Lindsey? Boy do I have some news for you.
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    Ok check it out I signed up for lessons, and sent this, also have the response email. The text I sent read this: I am an absolute beast from the midwest. You want to Phillip Rivers 2.9 you have found your man. I have broken receivers hands with my howitzer arm. This thing should be labeled a weapon of mass destruction. I just want to see if you can even come close to matching these moon shots. Only reason I didn't go pro is because I don't need anyone telling me how to launch the rock. I'm a men among boys sir, this thing is trained, maintained, lifted and crafted by the best arm strength coach in the world, me. I can't even play catch at the tailgates because people can't hold their beer while I rifle spirals across the lot. This beast should be caged but I might take it out to eat for an hour, just to see if you can hang. Email response: Thanks for following QBLesson.com. Here is what I want you to do: 1. Go to store and get 3 gallons of Vitamin D milk - I know that the Main Stream Media Illuminati wants you to think that the tariff war is raising prices on everything. But milk is actually $1.69/Gallon. And Justin Trudeau once had his eyebrows fall off during an interview. Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHLn_DXiwrs 2. Drink all 3 of these gallons of milk before & within 2 days of our quarterback lesson 3. It has to be white milk, not chocolate milk 4. I want you to be prepared for the following. I will most likely warm up with you to get my goose loose. Then I will motion for you to run some kind of deeper route. And you will trot another 10-20 yards, and I will throw it way better than you ever expected. Nervousness will start to rise up in your throat. But its okay. Just listen to your apple watch, and take a deep breath. Everything is going to be okay. 5. Okay, so you're going to throw it back to me, and realize that I don't move. At all. I don't pretend to run any routes for you. I just stand there, wait for the ball, that will probably hit someone 10 yards in front of me. Because you can't throw as good as me. 6. It will bounce my way, and I will pick it up. To which I will motion for you to run another route. This time further. Until you realize that you are roughly 40-50 yards away. And its starting to get a little more serious than you thought. 7. At this point I will throw the ball 60 or 70 yards, and most likely 10 yards past you being able to catch it. Because I am trying to tell you to go further, and for some reason you don't believe me. But you do now. Because dear god I have never in my entire life seen an arm like this. 8. You wont be able to throw it back, but don't try to punt it either because I hate kickers. and that is the fastest way to never throw with me ever again. So just do you best to throw it. Again, Keeping in mind I don't like to move that much. Maybe in a radius of 10 yards around my throwing area. I am not the dog fetching balls in this situation. You are. 9. The rest of the throwing session will be just me motioning you to various places on the field, you running, and me throwing passes very hard, really dead seriously accurate and hard, and the football making noise because the laces are trying to breathe, because the football is so scared about how high I threw it this time, and the actual football is having a panic attack, as it comes crashing down back to earth, to cave your sternum in, because you were not able to catch it, with your hands, I am assuming here, because its just too professional of a throw, and you have no idea that I was actually this talented. and that combination of events. 10. So after an entire 1 hour straight of me just wearing your a$$ out throwing passes for you to drop out on the football field. Barely letting you get water breaks, because I don't need breaks. And I just keep saying 1 more. 1 more bro.1 more. The lesson will be finished. And you'll go to hand me $40 dollars. And I will accept it. And go home. Make America Great Again!, Go Deep!, Thanks man, H
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    Nebraska fans on February 7th
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    Patience In 100 yrs of global warming the south will be under water and we will be the sun belt Do I need this?
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    Someone replied, and I believe their story as much as his.
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    LOL, one of the comments on his twitter feed says: "It’s like meat sweats took human form and went to Golden Corral on the way to a Klan rally."
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    He's like Uncle Rico
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    Schaefer with the CB.
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    People are blowing his arrest warrant way out of proportion. He didn’t pay a speeding ticket. It’s not a big deal. It’s not like he hit a woman or was drunk driving.
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    Yep, he ate Cory Ross.
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    I loved playing against s#!t talkers. most of them couldnt back it up. Someone as myself having come from a naturally strong family truly enjoyed it.
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    If you're willing to lose your farm because of that wall, you should lose your farm because of that wall.
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    I get the convenience of the lazy/partier implication. Especially as we are not privy to the level of information to warrant an informed decision. Though it bothers me when people/posts are dismissive of a kid by oversimplifying the situation. He has made his own bed but there might be a little more to it than that. To clear the NCAA 40-60-80 rule he would need 60% of a degree completed by the end of his third year. At 120 credit hours for NU graduation that would be 72 hours. Not a giant hurdle but that is the actual number with which he is dealing. 1. All of those have to be applicable to the same major to hit the 60% mark. This can be very tricky if he ever changed majors or started very gen ed and now wants to go a major with a heavy emphasis. Something writing intensive would likely cause just as much problem as something math intensive. 2. All have to be at a grade high enough to be accepted by the transferring institution. 3. All of the courses must actually be transferable to NU. JUCOs are really good at creating "unique" courses that might not fit into the transferring schools curriculum. e.g. A California JUCO might have a 'History of the Southwest' course that Nebraska would not accept because they did not have anything that specific in the current course catalog(personal experience on this one). Usually this is mitigated by local JUCOs tailoring for local 4-year schools. There are large discrepancies from Kansas schools to NU let alone from Arizona schools to NU. I'm sure he would have registered for the semester with some heavy input from NU Admissions folks to try and alleviate this. So if he took 12 hours a semester for three years he would be at 72 credits. If even one course did not transfer he would not be eligible even if he had a 4.0 GPA. I'm not claiming this is his exact situation but hopefully demonstrating that lack of guidance early in the process or a change of direction can screw a student athlete more than anything else. Even when they are doing everything they are asked.
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    Your best friend needs better taste in men.
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    Rooming with Ty Robinson this week so they have formed a pretty good relationship. He was asked about the picture with Javin and Toby Wright. He said he has known them for a long time and Toby has trained he and his brother for years. Matthew Pola Mao plans to visit Lincoln the week after the Polynesian Bowl and he is thinking of coming with.
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    If you see us finishing 19-25, why is Athlon “high AF” to put us at 19? Polls are supposed to show how good a team is compared to the other teams. It means they think Nebraska will be the 19th best team this season. If Nebraska ends up at 19-25, the people who had us unranked at the beginning were the wrong ones.
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    Brief update this morning. Apparently the mortgage firm his mom works for has a branch in Lincoln so he made it sound like she could move to Lincoln and have a job. He was also asked if he was a Sun Devil fan growing up. His response: "growing up they had Todd Graham, so I didn't really like the program that much." He did not secretly sign with a school in December.
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    I don't think the ladies will buy what you're trying to sell....
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    They'll say that since he was a private citizen and it happened in Russia, no problem. And evangelicals will nod in agreement. And Ben Sasse will say he's troubled by the findings and then vote in lockstep. 2nd verse, same as the first
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    Can’t fix stupid. If there was an actual serious threat to the country I might admire them, but they’ve fallen for believing in a made up threat.
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    Two words: Florida man
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    Remember when Obama was totally cool with the government shutdown because of all the Republicans not getting paid? Oh right, that never happened. His legacy is aging like a fine wine compared to this jamoke. In almost every situation Obama handled with poise and measured composure, Trump embarrasses and denigrates the office. History will not judge these men similarly. I can only hope we as a people turn this page in a couple years and the latter goes down as the fraudulent conman he actually is.
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