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    Gebbia is by all accounts a great kid, a talented quarterback, and a leader on the team. He may be the hardest worker on the roster and poured his heart and soul into winning the job. He’s also a young man who’s just been told that despite all that work, sweat, drive, and leadership, it just wasn’t enough. So he’ll have to watch someone else lead the team this fall. It’s hard to imagine how hard that would be. Cut Gebbia some slack. He’s earned it.
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    Negative- I now have 3 1/2 hours of a Baylor game on my DVR.
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    Pretty simple. IF your top choice turns you down, you ask your 2nd choice. So on and so forth. Or just go the Eichorst route and ask your 10th choice right out of the gate.
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    There is Verduzco with his cigar?
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    I joined Huskerboard two weeks ago today as I was interested to see how the content here compared to Rivals and 247 (I'm a paying member of both). I rarely post on either of those sites, but have thoroughly enjoyed the discussion on Huskerboard as it is much more civil than Rivals and nearly as informative as 247. This is my 100th post on this site and once it became clear that I was going to reach that number, I wanted to be able to use it to state with 100% confidence that Scott Frost was going to be the next coach at Nebraska. I'm glad to say that I am as certain as I can be that this is about to happen. In previous posts, I've tried to lay out the reasons why I believe Scott is coming home and the events of today have only confirmed that belief. We've heard speculation for quite some time that Scott Frost wanted to come back to Nebraska as the HC. Recently, we've also heard that he wanted NU (and all others) to respect the fact that his current goal is to guide UCF to an undefeated season and a conference championship. I am extremely proud of the job Hank Bounds and Ronnie Green did in hiring Bill Moos, and I'm even more proud of the fact that they've kept their commitment to Scott by not commenting publicly (and obviously very little privately) on any discussions they may have had with him or his agents. It is also clear that Scott has talked with Coach Osborne and good friends like Matt Davison and they too have respected Scott's wishes. I really can't image how excruciating it must have been for someone as competitive as Matt to hold back as he provided commentary on the pitiful play that was unfolding in front of him. It should make all Husker fans proud to know that our current administration and future head coach are men of character. Let's face it, if the Huskers were undefeated and it became clear that another school was pushing our coach to leave, we'd be pissed. Bill Moos and his bosses have done all they can to respect the situation Scott is in while still making it known that they are highly impressed with his skill as a coach. If the Huskers were undefeated, we would want the coach of our team to be as focused as possible on the immediate goal (winning) no matter how big the other offers on his desk were. Scott Frost has done that for UCF. We are clearly now closing in on the final phase of Scott's coaching career at UCF and the beginning of a new era at Nebraska. It is important that we, as fans, honor Scott's wishes and remember that there is likely still a week to go before we can officially refer to him as our head coach. This is an incredibly exciting time for Nebraska football, but the patience we are practicing now, as we wait for Scott, pales in comparison to the patience we will need as he works to re-establish discipline, focused effort and a winning mindset throughout a football program that has lost its identity. In other words, we, as fans, have a job to do as well. We must pull together and keep each other at least a little bit in check as we discuss coaching decisions or player performances. We've experienced greatness and we've now seen the opposite. Stop for a second and think about how incredible it is that nearly 90,000 fans filled a stadium and cheered while watching their 4-7 team take the field. That's just not done... unless you are at a place called Nebraska. So, just as I am 100% confident that Scott Frost is coming home, I'm also 100% confident that Nebraska fans, in general, will give Scott the time and space he needs to build this team back into a winner. It's a remarkable thing we have in this state and we know how to support it. Go Big Red!
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    That looks like a handout from a funeral.
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    What planet are you on dog?
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    If that's what we're doing here, then maybe don't post a dozen times a day about every other open job in the country?
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    Well I would hope we know before Iowa does!
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    My favorite play from the Riley era is when Moos fired him.that was sweeeeeet
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    I mean, you can make the argument that DJ Durkin killed a guy.
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    Come on everyone, can't we just let Tyjons be bygones?
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    He cleans house and keeps doing things his way. If we look like this years 3 and 4 we can talk about scheme changes. Until then you’re just being unfair.
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    I love how fans treat these kids differently than they'd treat the same scenario in the free market. If a big promotion came around at work that you and one other very qualified employee were fighting for and he got it and not you, nobody would spite you for weighing better options with a different company. You make the decisions that put yourself in the best position to be successful. The same concepts surely apply to talented young collegiate athletes.
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    Crouch's head nearly ripped off, but no facemask call
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    The entire Texas A&M game. You know the one.
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    He not only got the hire that most everyone wanted, he did it the right way, with class, and with little public drama. This is especially impressive considering Florida, Florida State, Oregon, A&M, and other schools were interested. He pulled the base together, and got a great hire. Well done.
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    You must not work in corporate America. Eichorsts are everywhere.
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    Thanks for everything, coach. You're a good man, it didn't work out here, but it was nice having you around. Good luck in your future endeavors.
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    You could have saved me time by saying you don't like his offense and demeanor.
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    I have always admired the Huskers and what the program stands for in all aspects; I'm too old to watch the crap in Knoxville. Can I come aboard and follow the Huskers? Please?
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    1. Ban this stooge. 2. F-Bomb the Big 8/Big XII and all that heinous stench that goes with it. 3. No school that has left the stank of Texas has wanted to come back. Not their old SWC brethren nor any of us Big 8/Big XII alumnae that left for better pastures. You can ask Arkansas, Missouri, Colorado, Houston, or any of the rest who have left the shadow of Texas BS - do you want to go back? Without exception they will all say no. God, no. 4. Ban this stooge. 5. Don't make me post the articles where the ADs from our former Big 8 "brothers" admit to screwing Nebraska over again. For the umpteenth time. F those guys and all that goes with them. 6. Ban this stooge. 7. (space reserved for things I would say that would get me banned if I didn't have some self-control)
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    I think you're all missing something very important. Check out what I found when I zoomed in on Held's hand:
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    The players and coaches are doing their best. Riley and his assistants didn’t come here to fail. Yes, there have been mistakes. We may have different opinions on judgment calls. But there is no need for personal insults and nastiness. The players are young adults. They, in particular, deserve our support. I also don’t believe in schadenfreude. Nebraska is the home of the greatest fans in college football so let’s act that way.
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    Says everything you need to know about this staff's expectations. From this fan's perspective last night was perfect. My favorite team pulled out a win, but it was still abundantly clear that this coaching staff isn't good enough.
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    Going 1600 miles away into a state that currently has two Top 15 teams and getting one of the best players - THE best according to 247 - to commit 20 days after you offered him. That'll do
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    All three comments made me laugh out loud and made me realize why I shouldn't plan on leaving Huskerboard anytime soon.
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    There is no controversy. Vedral is a great BACKUP, but we have our guy in Martinez.
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    Don't be that guy.... The fan base is the only thing that kept this program anywhere close to relevance the past 18 years....
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    Well a pizza is less than a laptop, so probably just a Butkus or Nagurski.
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    The first 3 pages of this thread gave me cancer. I’m so glad we have all these legal experts and people who know exactly what transpired and when. And thank God for the level of disgust and judgement shown for the actions of a teenager. Winner winner chicken dinner for those showing the most contempt and outrage. You’re better than everyone else. That seems to be what some are trying to display. Excuse me while I go puke.
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    So this city slicker moves to the country to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. A couple days after moving in an old farmer knocks on his door to welcome his new neighbor. "I hear you're new to the area", the farmer says. "You should come to my house tonight, down the road there, I'm throwing a shindig to welcome you to the area. It's gonna be a lot of fun; a little drinkin', a little fightin', a little fornicatin'." The city boy thinks for a second and says to the old man, "that sounds like a hell of a good time. What time should I come by?" "Oh, any time", the farmer replies. "It's just gonna be the two of us."
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    Have gone to games for 15 years or whatever. Nebraska on Nebraska fan security calls are way too common. Last year I literally watched a 25 year old, not drunk, not causing any issue have the security called on him because he stood during a play and an #@$hole said he couldn’t see the screen. The bleeping screen and you called security to have him REMOVED FROM THE GAME. They didn’t remove him but it had to be embarrassing, and it was completely uncalled for. For reference he was directly in front of me and I had no issues. I walked down and told him he could stand whenever he wanted, he wasn’t bothering the people directly behind him. I have watched my brother get called on because he was being to loud. To loud.....in a football stadium, this is not yelling curse words, yelling at specific people, just being a fan. The Husker game experience as great as it can be, also can really suck. There are some people who think that buying a seat means they get to watch the game exactly as they would on the couch, or just so they can say they went and probably only stay the first half. I propose they make one section on north stadium standing room only, then you can just walk over there if you want to stand.
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    I can picture the conversation... POB: "Hey, Coach Frost...Ummm...Could I talk with you a moment, in private?" Frost: "Sure...here is your release, I signed it 10 days ago" POB: "But, wait, how did you know I was going to ask for that?" Frost: "Come on, even all the posters on HB knew"
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    Mario looking like Bernie from Weekend at Bernies
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    These are central time zone. Will add when I find more. N Caleb Tannor - 7:45 AM (Auburn, Florida, Nebraska) tOSU Javontae Jean-Baptiste - Urb Time Maryland Ken Montgomery - 8:45 AM N Cam Taylor - 9:00 AM (Auburn, Nebraska) N Willie Canty - 9:30 AM (Louisville, Nebraska) UCLA Otito Ogbonnia - 10:00 AM N Maurice Washington - 1:30 PM (ASU, Nebraska) N.C. StateTaiyon Palmer - 1:45 PM ? Andre Hunt - 3:00 PM (Riley, SDSU, N) Fox Sports West ASU Jarrett Bell - 3:00 PM
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    i think he's overpaid considering the work quality they will get out of him
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    I got confirmation from the developer that Xenforo may not have that feature so I have cancelled the conversion for now. The site will remain on the current platform.
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    Matty, don’t even start. You’re the last person who should be calling anyone out about gut feelings in the recruiting forum.
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    Cornhusker memes posted this. Seems appropriate
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    Oh god, here we go.
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    It's not Ed's bad commenting about Nebraska football, it's Ed's bad commenting about football. Ed ruins every game he broadcasts with his diatribes over helmet-to-helmet contact. The worst part about it is, too often Ed's calling for a player to be ejected and he's wrong. Ed went from a regular football viewer to someone who wants to cover every player in bubble wrap.
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