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    I just wanted to point out that @jessica0 has been on this board since October and already has something like 238 rep points. I've been on here since December of 2005 and have 255 points. It always fascinates me how newbies can come on here and pretty much seem to dominate the board and then become the next "guru" on the board. I mean no harm by this post ... I actually was hoping a few folks would simply +1 this post so I can get out ahead of Jessica on the rep points. Thanks for any +1's. :-)
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    Im actually really wondering what goes through your mind when watching this team play? It took me 7 years to fall off the Pelini bandwagon, so Im usually one for giving coaches time, but anyone with a pair of eyes can see that this is NOT good football. And when you break down film its even worse.
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    I've noticed quite a bit in discussions on both what the offense next year will look like and in recruiting that it's a certainty that Frost needs a "run-first" QB to make his offense work at a high level. Look at the stats, though, and that seems to be a bit of a fallacy. For comparison's sake, let's look at the rushing attempts and completion percentage of QBs at Oregon and UCF during Frost's tenure at both places, and how that might affect how he wants his QB room to look at Nebraska. Frost as WR coach: 2009: Jeremiah Masoli - 12 games/121 attempts (10 att/game) (58% completion) 2010: Darron Thomas - 12 games/93 att (7 att/g) (61.5%) 2011: Darron Thomas - 13 games/56 att (4 att/g) (62.2%) 2012: Marcus Mariota - 13 games/106 att (8 att/g) (68.5%) Frost as OC: 2013: Marcus Mariota - 13 games/96 att (7 att/g) (63.5%) 2014: Marcus Mariota - 15 games/135 att (9 att/g) (68.3%) 2015: Vernon Adams - 10 games/83 att (8 att/g) (64.9%) Jeff Locke - 5 games/61 att (12 att/g) (61.6%) Frost as HC: 2016: McKenzie Milton - 10 games/100 att (10 att/g) (57.7%) 2017: McKenzie Milton - 12 games/93 att (8 att/g) (69.2%) On average, offenses that Frost has been involved with (or that have inspired his offense, if you will) have ran the QB around 8 times a game (or 2 times per quarter), with a completion percentage hovering in the mid 60s. Compare and contrast that with QBs that we have seen at Nebraska: Tommy Armstrong - 45 games/423 att (9.4 att/g) (53.3%) Taylor Martinez - 44 games/585 att (13 att/g) (59.8%) Joe Ganz - 24 games/115 att (5 att/g) (65.1%) - 2008: 12 games/92 att (7 att/g) (68%) Jammal Lord - 39 games/516 att (13 att/g) (48%) Eric Crouch - 43 games/648 att (15 att/g) (51.5%) Scott Frost - 24 games/302 att (13 att/g) (53.5%) Tommie Frazier - 35 games/342 att (10 att/g) (49.5%) My conclusion is this: I don't believe that Frost's offense absolutely needs a Taylor Martinez to be successful; I think it needs a Joe Ganz. Put someone back there with a completion percentage in the 60s while also being able to run the zone read/designed run an average of one to two times a quarter. I think that both Gebbia and POB can do this, should they be called upon next year.
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    BREAKING: Tennessee has offered their head coaching position to Mike Gundy. He has asked for some time too.... mullet over.
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    Best win: getting Frost. /end thread.
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    Frost went on to make millions a year and they're doing a local radio show. That's my guess.
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    Coach Reggie Davis: It is tough to get complete backs to commit to DONU. Coach Held: Hold my beer! Dude is doing work. Completely changing that RB room in a hurry. Lots of speed and versatility seen from the guys they have targetted. Looks like Frost and Co. are serious about wanting to be able to run the football.
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    UCF would beat Nebraska 100-0 right now on a neutral field. Scott Frost would immediately be transported to Lincoln on a cloud of magical corn husks wrapped in transcendent glory, cherubim and seraphim flying about his glorious golden locks. Trev Alberts would meet him at the door of the stadium, go to one knee, and give him the keys of the program. The statue of Brook Berringer would wink as Scott walked by. Mike Riley and Bob Diaco would offer themselves as human sacrifices in Scott's honor, but in his munificence he would grant them pardon, and they would live out their days telling stories in hushed voices of how they were the coaches who preceded Frost's triumphant return to Nebraska. Danny Langsdorf would never be seen alive again. Some say he took one look at Scott's playbook and vaporized in a puff of jealousy. The Huskers would once again be the greatest team ever. Tanner Lee would, under Scott's tutelage, transform into a Pure Option quarterback, and would lower his shoulder to deliver the blow on every play - even on handoffs. Nebraska would end every game with the entire team looking straight into the camera, saying, "We want 'Bama," and they would mean it. At the end of the season we would dominate the playoffs, and when it came time to play 'Bama, they would politely decline, claiming they had to wash their hair - but we would all know they were just scared of Scott's team. Frost would win the Big Ten Championship an unprecedented 17 straight years. Conference headquarters would move to Omaha (because it wouldn't be fair if it was in Lincoln). All future Husker games would start at 1:05pm Central Time like God & Bob Devaney intended. Scott will not retire, but at the end of his life he will voluntarily lay himself down at the 50 yard line, where his soul will gently depart his body, which will never decay.
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    What about them? They can't complete with the big boys in the league. Heck they can barely compete with the bottom feeders of college football. They'll be lucky to keep the Penn st game within 4 tds.
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    Michigan did not win a national championship in 1997. They won the Pac-10/Big Ten intramural trophy.
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    As one of the few women around, I'm going to throw in my opinion here. If true... if they have even a single, solitary bit of resentment towards Frost for being involved with Kate McEwen after or even when she was involved with Phillips, then screw them. Let's not pretend that the infamous night where he dragged her down the stairs was the first time he ever abused her. That's not how real life works. And despite what he thought, he didn't own her. He was an abusive piece of garbage and he and his friends lost any right to act like he was a victim or like she mattered to him when he laid hands on her. Women aren't property. Let me say that again more clearly. WOMEN ARE NOT THE PROPERTY OF WHATEVER MAN GETS TO HER FIRST. And anyone who is holding a grudge about that from 20 years ago needs to grow the hell up and act like a real man.
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    Twas the night before Penn State And all through the house Not a creature was stirring Not even the computer mouse The beers were all cooling In the fridge with care With hopes that St. Frost would soon be there The Huskers were nestled all snug in their beds While visions of touchdowns danced through their heads When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter When what to my wondering eyes should appear But a miniature bus, pulled by a John Deere The door was flung open, so lively it tossed I knew in a moment that it must be St. Frost As I drew in my head and was turning around Down the chimney St. Frost came with a bound He was dressed all in red, from his head to his foot And even his headset was covered in soot A sack of trophies was flung on his back Oranges, and Roses, and even an Outback! He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work Filled all the Adidas stockings, then turned with a jerk And laying his finger aside of his nose And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose He sprung to his bus, and to his team gave a whistle And away they all shot, like a spiraling missile But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight GO BIG RED to ALL, and to all a good night!!!
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    Thats not what he meant at all. Not one bit. He was talking about the fans that would rather be right about their prediction on coaches than actually supporting the University. And hes absolutely right. You see it right here on this board. The guys that posted the day Riley was hired that he would be a failure and be fired within 3-4 years. And then theyve come back this season just to say they were right all along and we should have listened to them. You think those "fans" gave Riley any shot at all? Nope. Just wanted to be right about their predictions three years ago. Thats who DB was talking about. Not fans that voice their displeasure after they have given the guy a chance and have seen for themself it is not working.
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    Pretty simple. IF your top choice turns you down, you ask your 2nd choice. So on and so forth. Or just go the Eichorst route and ask your 10th choice right out of the gate.
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    Damn it, Mike Riley and co. even turned our media into soft marshmallows.
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    These are our students with severe and profound disabilities at Burke. We call them our Rockstars. This makes me proud to be a Nebraskan. He didn't have to stop by here, had nothing to do with the reason he was at Burke. He just went out of his way to stop in and say hi.
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    This is the kind of impatience we don't need with this staff. We don't need to put any extra burdens of expectations on this class, this year, anything. Let the coaches do their work, let the recruits sign as they may, let the games play out as they do, and don't judge them by some arbitrary set of expectations. Expect nothing. Just sit back and relax and enjoy the show. That's the best thing Husker Fan could do for the next two or three years.
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    I joined Huskerboard two weeks ago today as I was interested to see how the content here compared to Rivals and 247 (I'm a paying member of both). I rarely post on either of those sites, but have thoroughly enjoyed the discussion on Huskerboard as it is much more civil than Rivals and nearly as informative as 247. This is my 100th post on this site and once it became clear that I was going to reach that number, I wanted to be able to use it to state with 100% confidence that Scott Frost was going to be the next coach at Nebraska. I'm glad to say that I am as certain as I can be that this is about to happen. In previous posts, I've tried to lay out the reasons why I believe Scott is coming home and the events of today have only confirmed that belief. We've heard speculation for quite some time that Scott Frost wanted to come back to Nebraska as the HC. Recently, we've also heard that he wanted NU (and all others) to respect the fact that his current goal is to guide UCF to an undefeated season and a conference championship. I am extremely proud of the job Hank Bounds and Ronnie Green did in hiring Bill Moos, and I'm even more proud of the fact that they've kept their commitment to Scott by not commenting publicly (and obviously very little privately) on any discussions they may have had with him or his agents. It is also clear that Scott has talked with Coach Osborne and good friends like Matt Davison and they too have respected Scott's wishes. I really can't image how excruciating it must have been for someone as competitive as Matt to hold back as he provided commentary on the pitiful play that was unfolding in front of him. It should make all Husker fans proud to know that our current administration and future head coach are men of character. Let's face it, if the Huskers were undefeated and it became clear that another school was pushing our coach to leave, we'd be pissed. Bill Moos and his bosses have done all they can to respect the situation Scott is in while still making it known that they are highly impressed with his skill as a coach. If the Huskers were undefeated, we would want the coach of our team to be as focused as possible on the immediate goal (winning) no matter how big the other offers on his desk were. Scott Frost has done that for UCF. We are clearly now closing in on the final phase of Scott's coaching career at UCF and the beginning of a new era at Nebraska. It is important that we, as fans, honor Scott's wishes and remember that there is likely still a week to go before we can officially refer to him as our head coach. This is an incredibly exciting time for Nebraska football, but the patience we are practicing now, as we wait for Scott, pales in comparison to the patience we will need as he works to re-establish discipline, focused effort and a winning mindset throughout a football program that has lost its identity. In other words, we, as fans, have a job to do as well. We must pull together and keep each other at least a little bit in check as we discuss coaching decisions or player performances. We've experienced greatness and we've now seen the opposite. Stop for a second and think about how incredible it is that nearly 90,000 fans filled a stadium and cheered while watching their 4-7 team take the field. That's just not done... unless you are at a place called Nebraska. So, just as I am 100% confident that Scott Frost is coming home, I'm also 100% confident that Nebraska fans, in general, will give Scott the time and space he needs to build this team back into a winner. It's a remarkable thing we have in this state and we know how to support it. Go Big Red!
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    Real talk, if we miss on Frost and hire Brett F'ing Beilema I will never watch another Husker game. Not an ounce of hyperbole in this statement. I've ben a Husker since birth but I'm out if that jackwagon steps foot on campus.
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    That looks like a handout from a funeral.
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