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    It will feel better if Frost can get it done. And he will get it done. It’s ordained that way, right? But it if he doesn’t win and win a lot and eventually moves on...someone else will coach the team and I’ll still be there watching and cheering. It’s my team and I’m not going anywhere. Win or lose.
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    The #1 thing that sticks out to me is that Mills has shown that he cares about fighting for being the #1 back and improving his game. Way too early to call this kind of thing, but his trajectory could be that of Devine's senior year if he stays hungry and keeps working his a$$ off. That's the kind of running game we need to compete in the B1G West.
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    I know people are probably upset over the squanded opportunities, and I'm disappointed too, but I saw a grit that I havent seen this year. I don't think we're going to fix the D if Chin's around, but I saw mprovement in moments of the game. Overall, I though Adrian made better decisions. At times, there were holes to run through. Except for a few crucial play calls, most were good. We're not a plug and play school anymore. Time to celebrate the small wins and steps towards goodness.
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    I would assume for 31 pages, there would be more attrition to speak of.
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    I'm disappointed that Mazour was in on some critical plays in which it should have been Mills.
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    I'm surprised it is this close to be honest.
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    I think ordinarily you would have a lot of support that things are FUBAR, but this is so obvious and blatant that to ignore and write it off as you're doing means the end of this Republic. We will become Russia. I see no point in bickering about corruption when you refuse to acknowledge that something is trying to be done about it. There is a very clear wrong, and a very clear right here. To not acknowledge that is to fail to see truth.
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    You're kidding right? You're talking about a guy whose protegie won the Heisman. He helped recruit Vernon Adams to Oregon from Eastern Washington. He recruited Justin Herbert who will be a top NFL pick this year. He identified Milton and Vedral at UCF. Regardless of what people think about Martinez this year the kid is talented and a lot of coaches wanted him even after missing his senior year. He identified and brought in Luke McCaffrey who many wouldn't recruit as a QB. And he had Logan Smothers committed before other big programs came calling. He signed the highest rated class at Nebraska in decades last year. Yes Jurgens had struggles at the beginning of year, but he's cleaned them up and is currently out best lineman. Ohio State had Burrows on their roster for three years and didn't think he was good enough to start. The little he played was not impressive. Choosing your talented freshmen over a transfer who couldn't find the field in three years is not a failure to identify talent.
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    I believe this is a lot of what's going on with Barry and very likely others. There is no trust that the other guy is going to do his job so they are playing outside the system. There was an article I remember reading when Crick and Suh were playing together and there was a game where Crick did something on a play and Suh asked him what he was doing and Crick said he was trying to help Suh make a play. Suh said don't do anything to make me look good just do your job. Just as quoted above, Jojo trying to make a play instead of doing his job when if he would have done his job he likely would have made the play. As one of the all time greats if not the GOAT coaches says "JUST DO YOUR JOB".
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    With our offensive line, Burrow would look like crap too, so would pretty much any quarterback, even Tom Brady.
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    Should also help with recruiting. We are clearly all in on the head coach that is wanting you.
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    To be fair that was a transition class. If we land Manning & the other JUCO + a few other decent guys/or Hunt becomes eligible again you’re happily gonna eat those words
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    Honestly, I don't care what either one of you think on it. Our president has done things wrong and must be held accountable like any other citizen. He is not above the law. This is a test of democracy. Just because you two think it's a waste of time, doesn't make it so. Also, just because people broke the law in the past doesn't give anyone the right to ignore the breaking of it now. That's a logical fallacy and purely stupid. I think previous administrations have had plenty of outrage and you guys just have selective memory to fit your narrative.
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    Hmmm...interesting. There's a site for that. LINK It's at $110,000,000 and counting. Just think of what we could do with all that money.
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    For the 4 down lineman, based on what? I know people want us to run this more, but I haven't seen it be much different when we do. You have a better plan than Farniok? He's overmatched at times, but he's not costing us games or anything. And what are you talking about with the looking for the ball? Some of our guys do it better than others, but it really depends on the technique at the time. Haven't heard anything about reminding them to look for the ball. It's a shovel pass, it's basically a run. Don't get me wrong, the staff have made a lot of questionable calls. I just don't have problems with any of those specific examples other than the running game.
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    Look back at drafts and combines. The first time in yrs we had a good showing, outside jano, was last yr. farmer actually led oline in a few categories. Look at Jake cotton when he played, Andrew Rodriguez,....you think they actually lifted anything but burritos and quarter pounders when they were here.
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    Wan’dale is not a transfer. He’s a TRUE freshman who we got to reflip from his home state school. And he’s given more than could be expected. Jurgens is a redshirt. Martinez is only a sophomore! We have 4 and 5 star lineman DEVELOPING this year as redshirts. We are real hot on Betts and Manning, could be instant talent. Mills has another year, and we finally have a kicker that’s healthy. Its been a damn bumpy road, but to act like the sky is falling even tho we been up on 3 opponents early and lost is crazy. One to two more clicks and we’ll be fine. And by fine I mean we’ll win those very soon and compete in others. We return like 19 dudes after a 60% roster flip! Get a grip. We’re young, inexperienced, and growing. I believe and can’t wait til we start winning so negative Nancy’s can pick on the next freshman or process. Could Frost have toned down a little rhetoric? Yeah. But he’s building competition and expectations. I like that.
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    The offensive recruits should be impressed. Defensive recruits should see opportunity.
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    Why do you think I “graduated from N”? And wherever I graduated from, it made me smart enough to not put my reply inside the original post I’m quoting.
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    You are acting like a child. Your logic is ridiculous. At what point should any President be impeached according to you? And guess what? The democratic candidates are more likeable, more moral and have more realistic goals than Donald Trump does, so I think you should stop worrying about their campaign strategy.
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    He won't allow the people who have that first hand account to testify. So, to review, you are requiring first hand account of the facts. The possibly guilty party is preventing that from happening. Does that sound all nice?
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    I guess there’s nothing illegal about creating a thread so you can copy and paste an 8 year old article on a well worn topic.
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    The story of Scott Frost's second year at Nebraska was going to be written regardless of the record. That you're dreaming of a 6-3 record that might have been tells a story itself. Do you remember the stories they were writing last year? While Nebraska posted its worst start in 127 years of football, the national press took the angle that Frost had finally righted the ship, and the team that ended the season 4-2 with close losses to Ohio State and Iowa might be the most dangerous 4 - 8 team in America. Nebraska started 2019 as a great story in college football. Scott Frost had come home and was steering the program in the right direction, with his Sophomore QB already on the Heisman lists. If you read the articles and listen to the pundits, the majority are rooting for Nebraska's return to relevance because it's good for college football. Nebraska's just not holding up its end. This reporter walked into the story with the record Nebraska gave her, and reported it accurately. If the Huskers had the 6-3 record you're now pining for, the story wouldn't be hugely different. If polled pre-season, a born and bred Husker fan would have told you that being 6-3 at this point in the schedule was more cause for concern than celebration. There are threads on HuskerBoard to prove this.
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    Mr. Taylor is going to be remembered as the Patriot we all assumed Mueller would be.
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    Stop giving me heart attacks about our young players! Thank you. I vote we get him healthy for Maryland and Iowa. No reason to beat him up against Wisconsin.
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    Dude gets it. Happy for him, and, well deserved. It's not about physical talent, and it's not always about making plays. It's about doing trying your hardest to do the right thing all the time, on and off the field. Frankly, a reaction like this one to receiving a Blackshirt has been missing for a very, very long time. As far as Jackson - good for him as well. I'm former US Army, but anytime a fellow brother (or sister) in arms gets an accolade like this one and is holding up not just the reputation of whatever organization they're a member of - but also showing others how it's done as a former member of the US Armed Services, I will forever be a fan. And at least now, we can at least have someone proficient in Combatives out there on the line
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    I just think a big portion of all these fan expectations were set up by Frost. If he would have tempered things from the start people wouldnt be expecting much this early. People are upset because they were told we might have filet mignon this year and we got stew meat.
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    Interesting to see them list Hickman as a WR in the depth chart this week. I wonder if that is a get him on the field change or a permanent change based on roster numbers/performance. If he's struggling to put the necessary TE weight on he could still be a nightmare of a match up as a 6'6" WR who can block.
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    So...if I may summarize yet another curiously long winded post that seems to have a simple point (for lack of a better term) Nebraska and Arkansas suck. Some teams that sucked before don’t suck that much right now. The Huskers have a chance at sucking less in the future.
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    We have been heading down hill for 20 years, nothing truly has been right with the program since Coach Osborne left if you want to look at it that way. Solich was my high school idol, Callahan brought something new, and still feel if he hadn't been so loyal, he still might be here. The NFL keeps him around. I had my down years, I despised Pellini, and it made the board miserable for me. I wanted Riley to do better, but alas he didn't and according to most takes the responsibility for where we are at. I don't buy that, these kids have played ball most of their lives. They weren't quitters, or loafers when they were recruited. I think some have better motors than others, but hard to tell from a distance. We only see what we want to see. If we want to see positives we can, if we want to see only the negatives, there have been plenty. But were not seeing everything. Only Coach Frost really knows what is going on. Why he does the things he does, and for what reasons. I never felt this would be a quick turn around, maybe a little better than we are now, but not a lot. Flipping the roster was a major upgrade and set back at the same time. I see Freshman that are making a difference on the field. I see a Juco player that was doing pretty good last week, and a lot of people wanted him gone the week before. Never focus on the negatives, always look for the positives, is what has been ingrained into me along with Semper Fi. We need to calm down and give the coach some time. He knows how it is supposed to work. He needs fan support, not snipers shooting at him from afar.
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    hmmmm.....Trumps administration has done many of those exact same things ....and some of them even worse. But, every time it comes up, Trumpees answer with, well....everyone does it so it’s not a big deal.
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    By what metric was Bo better? This class isn't finished yet but first 2 classes Bo year 1 40th class .867 average rating Bo year 2 26th class .873 average rating Frost year 1 23rd class .877 average Frost year 2 18th class .885 average Bo never recruiting a class with an average as high as .885 which is where we are again this season. Edit: the numbers I posted were actually year 2 and 3 under Bo. Year 1 was 24th .841 average.
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    Offense has had issues but at least there is potential. Defense has just been s#!t, without potential. At least we can look at stats like that and say, we’re almost there, just one fix away.
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    Ya if we just had a few more playmakers and a few more mobile O lineman this offense could put up some damn big numbers
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    One of the most mismanaged and bad play called games I have ever seen. Up the gut twice down two scores in the red zone with 2 minutes to go?
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    Article from a local newspaper on his first round playoff game: Robinson hauled in five touchdown catches in the Broncos’ first-round win over Port St. Lucie-Centennial. Among his handful of touchdowns were scores of 68 and 70 yards, and he racked up over 200 receiving yards on just his touchdown catches alone. Robinson accounted for five touchdowns against a team that had allowed three or fewer touchdowns in all but one of their games this season.
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    I agree. I understand the "injury" issue, but we are running Wan'dale in between the tackles.....Let them play. See how they fare against the B1G boys of the West in Wisky and Iowa..... Great point about them seeing first hand what they are up against for the next for years. Nothing like live competition to se what it will take. I am just guessing going up against our 1's on either side isn't like going up against Minnie.....or Wisky or Iowa or OSU....
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    I just wonder what could have been if that Akron game was played.
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    Wonder what everyone is going to say if he commits again. Lot of "he doesn't fit the system" or "too slow, not the body type for the Big".
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    Did you know that 67% of statistics are made up on the spot?!
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