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    I'm feeling a natty this year.
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    I am beginning to think the Lincoln police are cops relocated from Manitowoc County, Wisconsin
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    The craziest by far was the hiring of Mike Riley...beyond bizarre!
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    Look how he towers over that same football now. He is a literal giant.
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    Man, without a certain someone, this thread died like a Joe Bauserman pass into the late-night Lincoln sky.
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    They will be good at driving the fans nuts.
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    "Go back to where you came from" has been used for longer than you or I have been around as a dog whistle to indicate to people who aren't caucasian that they are not welcome in the United States.
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    I can't believe the depths that this country has sunken to under this presidents watch. I am truly embarrassed of my country because of Trump. I feel my time spent in the military taking down dictators in the middle east was WASTED because we now have a worse one right here in the US.
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    A. You can still have these things and get high occasionally. B. Might want to do some research on the benefits of weed for athletes...or anyone for that matter. Can’t group it with alcohol. C. I know these factors don’t circumvent the law but your mentality is outdated.
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    I bet he could throw a football a quarter mile
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    Meanwhile somewhere in Minnesota, the team starts training.
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    How have we not mentioned county scholarships yet?
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    We return the opening kickoff to our own 48. First play from scrimmage is a circus hook & ladder resulting in senior running back Austin Hemphill high-stepping into the end zone and then punting the ball into row 30 of south stadium in celebration. Frost storms the field with his shirt off; multiple yellow handkerchiefs are deployed for a 15 yard excessive celebration penalty. Scott then goes fisticuffs with the entire officiating crew and submits each - one by one - via rear naked choke.
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    I'll take this a step further. No one should go out of their way to give the Birther-in-Chief, with what he's said about Mexicans, Native Americans and immigrants in general, the benefit of the doubt. When he says "progressive Democratic Congresswomen" it's abundantly clear who he's talking about. And the sentiment "go back where you came from" attempts to deny them their status as Americans like the rest of us. Pretty clear he's trying to say that immigrants or those recently descended from them aren't as American as others (in this case, white folks). It's racist because he's attempting to make those women into an other against which to pit his supporters primarily because they come or came from different parts of the world. The subtext is that white Americans who have no such recent lineage from outside our shores are superior to them. And honestly, the whole "The United States is the greatest country ever and you can't criticize it" bit is so lame. That's part of his argument and I've seen other GOP politicians starting to toss it out there as well now in response to all this. It's a lazy attempt to shut down any legitimate criticism of our country. Blind nationalism is not patriotic nor is it helpful at this juncture. We become better and improve ourselves not by ignoring our faults but by being honest about them.
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    Regardless of peoples opinion of the "wacky weed" until the NCAA stops testing for it and until it is legal, it is a problem to have a team of dope heads. What happened to pride? What happened to the TEAM? What happened to treating your one body with respect? For any athlete trying to perform at the highest levels, any drug or alcohol is not good for them.
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    With the big boys this don't mean alot, unless the future badger has beat him several times. 1 bad move and your done.
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    Weed is evil vs Weed should be legal?
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    If I was a cop in a college town it would really take a$$h@!eish behavior for me to give tickets for most of this stuff... Lots of warnings. And I don't mean just for players I mean for college students in general.
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    Except a Diaco-led defense. Their goal was to let you score, but make it take a little bit longer than it could have.
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    +1 agreed. I follow Justice Democrats and RepresentUs on twitter...it's pretty crazy that I used to be Republican...just a little thing called logic after Trump was elected caused me to move my thoughts toward helping others and not just helping myself.
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    Trump doubling down this morning. This is why Im a proud supporter of the justice democrats. This is exactly why they came into existence. To get everyday working people into office to fight for their positions, uncorrupted by not taking lobbyist money and fight the other side. These women along with Ro Khanna are LEADERS! And the GOP hates it. When you have a president like this you fight him! And he cant f#&%ing stand it! I love it!
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    But I'll vote for him again rather than a Democrat...
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    Why would Bo Pelini need to go to the basement of a hotel to verbally berate someone when he was happy to do it routinely on national television?
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