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    If he were my son I would tell him to go to Oklahoma
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    Gebbia is by all accounts a great kid, a talented quarterback, and a leader on the team. He may be the hardest worker on the roster and poured his heart and soul into winning the job. He’s also a young man who’s just been told that despite all that work, sweat, drive, and leadership, it just wasn’t enough. So he’ll have to watch someone else lead the team this fall. It’s hard to imagine how hard that would be. Cut Gebbia some slack. He’s earned it.
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    Come on, man. Diaco was no Hitler. Hitler actually blitzed too often.
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    If he were my son, I'd tell him to stop listening to Mike Riley.
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    Negative- I now have 3 1/2 hours of a Baylor game on my DVR.
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    Tristan’s chances of a championship have died of dysentery.
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    Good morning, Keith. Thanks for joining the board.
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    I think your cart is so far in front of the horse it is in danger of being stolen.
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    Maybe Riley recommended that he go to Oklahama.
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    No, you are not accurately describing it. You are sensationalizing to fit your agenda. He didn't "cloak[ed] himself in Husker Red to promote his opinion." He went to speak on a topic. He was caught somewhat off-guard when asked to give his address and, after hesitating, replied with "One Memorial Stadium". It is equally possible and probably more likely that he had to make a snap decision about giving his home address where - being a local celebrity of sorts - he - and his family - could easily become a target for retaliation and opted for a different answer. You have nothing to indicate that his intention in doing that was to use his position as a bully pulpit. And he apologized for doing that. Had he actually gone into saying "I'm Husker coach Ron Brown" or something along those lines, that would be be 'cloaking himself in Husker Red' and his following apology would be less meaningful. But that's not what happened, only how it's being presented.
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    Eh, I think we'll score a touchdown sometime in the next 30 years so I'd take this bet.
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    2020 headline - Nebraska's Maurice Washington sets all-time NCAA single-game rushing record with 527 yards against Buckeye defense
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    Put down the tomatoes, don’t throw them at me. I drank the koolaide by the gallon this summer and still have some leftovers in my fridge that I sneak off and drink sometimes. I love this coach, and each week I love this team more and more. So hear me out. Even I’ll conceed that OSU outclasses us enough at this point in the season that we probably can’t compete this year. But that’s not true for the other 6. It’s going to take injury luck and continued improvement each week. But if we can find a way to snag a win this weekend, take one game at a time, view it as championship weekend every week with a bowl game up for grabs, it could happen still. If we can beat NW, then we should be able to matchup with the likes of Minnesota and Iowa as well. Bethune and Illinois are the easiest W’s left, obviously, so if we can keep focus and not pull the traditional “NU forgets to show up,” thing, those go our way. That leaves MSU, which haven’t looked unstoppable imo. If you can find a way to play that game above you heads a bit, again, knowing the postseason lies on the other side, it’s not unreasonable. This weekend is huge. May be the last great chance at gigantic direction change for 2018.
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    Come on everyone, can't we just let Tyjons be bygones?
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    He cleans house and keeps doing things his way. If we look like this years 3 and 4 we can talk about scheme changes. Until then you’re just being unfair.
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    I love how fans treat these kids differently than they'd treat the same scenario in the free market. If a big promotion came around at work that you and one other very qualified employee were fighting for and he got it and not you, nobody would spite you for weighing better options with a different company. You make the decisions that put yourself in the best position to be successful. The same concepts surely apply to talented young collegiate athletes.
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    Why this spread? Because Vegas, unlike some of the supposed Nebraska “fans” in other threads, have seen what most of the sane, rational fan base has witnessed—that there has been progress made, that the team is getting better, and they’re getting close to turning the corner. And lest anyone forget...Vegas is in the business of making money. They have zero f***s to give about the feelings of Nebraska fans. They’re using their own eyeballs and making a judgement call.
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    Come on. This years team would kill last years team. Tanner lee would throw 4 picks, 2 of the pick 6 variety.
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    Going 1600 miles away into a state that currently has two Top 15 teams and getting one of the best players - THE best according to 247 - to commit 20 days after you offered him. That'll do
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    Dude. Just go away already.
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    That defense we saw yesterday looked nothing like a Pelini defense. Our defense hasn't attacked from everywhere like that since McBride.
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    There needs to be an adult in his life to have told him to keep this scholarship and get his degree and break it to him that he’s not going to the NFL.
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