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    Cool that's great! Guess what you can't go lose to Minnesota at Minnesota like you are a division 2 school trying to collect a check. You don't want this kind of criticism, then don't look like a bunch of punks in game 19. I don't care if it's 160 freshman, that was an unacceptable game and all of the criticism is warranted. People keep trying to redirect the criticism. Every single time Nebraska gets on the field it's important, and it sure looked like our team didn't think it was that important.
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    Also the best high school lineman are going to mostly play tackle. It's the harder position to find guys for, and in high school you can get away with tackles who don't have the size to play tackle in college. Doesn't mean they can't be great guards.
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    While I agree this kid is truly a Guard who just plays tackle because in HS he is considered big and taller than once he goes D1. Jaimes should be a RT and Farniok should be a Guard. That's what no depth will do to a team
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    Someone make sure he has 2 tutors
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    That was in response to why Tannor was setting the edge - who else do we have to do that? Alex Davis sure, I think that's actually who it is in the screenshot. But everyone else at OLB is about as small as Tannor. I guess Garrett Nelson is bigger and getting some playing time, but our other OLBs with the size they want aren't ready yet.
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    But we're not in "good shape so far." Minnesota's alignment here is brilliant, and it's a great example of Chinander getting outwitted to a 'T.' They want our best tackler (JoJo) to get spread out wide to be prepared for a passing play. If you're actually in a 'called run fit' play, why have Tannor set the edge? He's taking on a guy that probably weighs 60+ pounds more than he does. Slide him back to roughly where Barry is and bring Barry back to align over their center and tell them both stand their f****** ground. To put it a different way, so many people on this forum say "Well Wisconsin plays a lot of 3-4 so the 3-4 is just fine." Fair enough. Are they fielding linebackers that are measurably more talented than ours, as measured by high school rankings? I doubt it. I'll see if I can look up those stats. I think are linebackers aren't being coached well right now.
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    I understand what man coverage is, but when they throw a total of 13 passes, and finish the game with 322 yards, it’s time to play the run.
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    Deleted because wyo beat me to it and did it better
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    I bet even if we had Chase Young Chindander would have him stand on the outside waiting for blockers and occasionally trying to chase WRs accross the field. Until our defense improves this team will be behind the 8 ball.
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    It's a crisis for sure. Frost can't perform miracles, but the fact he is flawed, is unsettling
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    This fire Chinander stuff is bulls#!t. The defense had a bad game, but more often than not has carried our team. How can the same people wanting Chinander gone, not want our Offensive Coordinator gone? Or our O line coach? Or our receivers coach? Our offense is what has been pathetic, not our defense.
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    I think he is going all in to get 2 wins to be bowl eligible. Not out of desperation, but necessity. I think he realizes what he “has” isn’t what he “needs”, Play for a bowl, the extra practices and re-enforce the Nebraska way. The starters have had 7 games.....And he’s having to go back to the basics. Again, I think the staff have culpability, but if fans can see lack of effort, no doubt the staff does as well. Maybe take a note from TO’s playbook. Run a “limited” number of plays to flawless execution through multiple formations. We we will know in 2 weeks. Heal up, buy in and be ready!
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    Everytime I see one of these posts, it makes me think of a s#!tty parent desperately lobbing empty threats at their kid hoping to change their behavior. We shouldn't end the sellout streak. We should calm the f#&% down, understand that this is year 2 of a complete rebuild and enjoy watching the process. People that crashed from their offseason sugar high dreams need to embrace reality and show a little patience. Our unity is our strength. We need everyone in this thing pulling in the same direction, fans included. The rest of this season is going to be bumpy. Sit back, enjoy the good, don't let the bad f#&% up your week and look forward to brighter days.
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    That's interesting. It does seem like it was working, but what did that outside help offer that our coaches couldn't? Seems weird, but something changed pretty drastically this week.
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    Not worried at all. Then again, I'm 46 and 5 week stroke survivor and it's funny how perspective changes after something major like a stroke happens. A fist pump or a Tom Osborne dadgummit is about all the reaction you'll get from me. Frost can, will and has to adjust his coaching and style of play to the Big 10 and not the other way just like Osborne had to adjust.
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    I'd have no issue agreeing that Wisconsin's defensive staff is better as a unit than ours. This is Ruud's first real full time coaching gig. In the same breath, all this proclaiming our scheme sucks (on either side of the ball) is not true. Right now, I'd side with Husker in WI that execution is problematic. And yes, that ultimately falls on the coaches. If Heinrich, Jackson and others aren't performing better in the future, then yes Frost will need to make some decisions. It's not going to be a secret the rest of this season that our LBs aren't good at their fits.
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    What happens when a stoppable force meets a movable object
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    Good luck to the Huskers the rest of this season, my hoops season starts this week so I am in the gym for 5 months! I hope Hoiberg has a great season as well...... and Dvdcrr, I do well for myself for not being able to read or write.
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    I think that's just a limitation of personnel, and I don't think it causes a problem on this play. Actually doesn't even look like Tannor is in on this play. And telling them to stand their ground feels like it's easier said than done - what about the alignment you suggested changes their weight disadvantage? In the end it's on the coaches, sure. But I have a hard time believing they're being coached to miss their fits. If it's lack of preparation that's on the coaches, but I don't think that's what is happening. And it feels like you're just calling a scheme you disagree with "bad coaching." Which may be true, but it's subjective.
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    This is well put. As much roster flipping as Frost has done, there are some position groups that simply take longer.
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    Just going to put out a suggestion that folks chill on calling the kid dumb or making fun of his grades. We get that it's an issue.
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    I read it wrong and didn't realize those signings were the last two years should have dawned on me that was a huge OL haul for one class, ha. I agree 3-4 4* and up guys is possible. Agree with your thoughts on pulling in 3* to supplement 4* and filling them in if they develop as well. Some parts of recruiting are getting depth guys as well. Your class of 20 guys are not all going to be starters some will fill in on special teams or as depth as well.
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    Say haha all you want! I decided that it’s easier for members to see ant new recipes when I don’t put them in categories!
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    And other contenders. Moos knows it, he just mentioned it after Minnesota. "Plus, we need to be in those high schools where the Ohio States, Alabamas and Clemsons are recruiting," Moos told the Journal Star last week. "If we're expected to get back into that kind of race, we have to have those kind of players." Moos makes no bones about it: Nebraska obviously needs an injection of talent. "It's a big part of the plan," he said of the fleet. "You're not going to win a national championship with all walk-ons. They're going to help. They're key in what we're trying to do. The heart and soul of Nebraska football is from the state of Nebraska. "But the arms and legs are from California, Texas and Florida. If we're going to get back to where we want to get, we have to be challenging other championship-caliber programs for players."
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    Need. Talented. Interior. Linemen. Who. Aren't. Converted. Tackles.
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    Fraud, while in office. Imagine if you grossly misrepresented your income to obtain a favorable mortgage.
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    I hope we are always looking good if our competition is Boise State and Oregon State.
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    Barry can give all his effort and he still wouldn't be the tackler a Demorrio Williams or a Barrett Ruud was. Understanding eye placement and fits is necessary too. And Frost backed off his statement that the DL got pushed around.
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    there's a fake in my boots
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    Elevating recruiting back to consistent top 5-15 classes is key.
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    Why can't she? Bernie says yes. Being serious...what will it do if she's honest?
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    Nobody is talking about getting rid of Frost. People are disappointed, and rightfully so, of the product we see on the field. The offense has regressed badly since the second half of last season and Frost is supposed to be an offensive guru. There is no arguing that. I'm also a little annoyed with the Riley hate. Sure he never should have been hired which I said from day 1. But blaming him for this team is bogus. The whole nobody lifted weights and everybody is soft because of ice cream days is pockyc$%k. Everybody wants to make excuses for Frost because he's from Nebraska. Would a Coach Frost from Waco, Texas be getting this same unwavering support while delivering a second straight 4-8 season? I highly doubt it.
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    This is true, and we need to stick by Frost for atleast 5 more years. But so far him and his staff have not done a great job. They are a young staff, and are learning things as they go. But we have been outcoached more often than not, the players dont seem to be developing very well, and our skill guys are getting killed.... Wandale, Martinez, Vedral, Spielman, Washington are all hurt to some degree, and its not just bad luck. All season these guys have looked like they are about to get hurt. You could almost see it coming. Part of that is on coaching.
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    Maybe. But this time last year Wilson was the savior of our online. Hixson is being replaced unless he steps it up, and I haven't heard anything from anyone else claiming Jurgens is struggling with anything outside of snaps. Farniok's issues are talked about a lot, but Indiana's dline is not good. The line has been bad, but I don't think it's hopeless.
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    I agree but I don't think his requesting the young guys to step up is because he's confident in getting bowl eligible. I think it's because he truly needs somebody to step up and help them get there. Pretty sure he saw the same lack of effort the rest of us did in that Minny game. Seems like he is anxious to make some needed changes/additions.
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    Hell, that’s just me. Every time I spend more than 5 minutes in P&R I threaten to leave in a snit ....and I usually do just that. I used to spend much more time in here but it just all seems so redundant and hopeless anymore. I enjoy seeing and discussing alternative view points and sharing how I feel on issues but I don’t enjoy that so many of the discussions turn so confrontational or the debate tactics that force people further apart rather than towards what they agree on. It just seems to be the nature of the beast. It’s also why I’m disillusioned with our whole political system and why I try to avoid the news even though I also like knowing what is going on. I’m just happier when I leave it all alone.
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    I’d say the DC has gone chicken. At the beginning of the season he was a riverboat gambler. Now he looks almost like Diaco. Either play to win or go home. And like several guys have said, get some beef on the line when your three DL are getting run over by five OL. Show some ability to adapt and quit making your guys look as chicken as your play on your heels calls.
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    and people wonder why i am voting the dem line this next election. the rot goes so deep in the republican party that an electoral enema is the only viable option
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    Nope, not worried at all. Frost was dealt a crap hand and is trying to make the best he can of it. Moos was spot on over the summer when he said 6 wins was the goal and most didn't believe it, some of that is on Frost and co. for promoting the idea that we were better than we were but also the media played a huge part in it. Fact is we are another two to three season away from being elite again. If we can get to 6 wins (going to be a difficult task) we can get to a bowl game and maybe get a little better. Don't expect next season to be much better but the win totals will gradually keep getting better til we are winning 10+ games every season.
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    The team does seem to be off this season.
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    Then this is just irresponsible journalism. He wrote a head line that makes it sound like the support for Frost is waning and stuck it behind a pay wall.
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    Good idea. Lets get the VB team to pull double duty. They could teach the team how to play tough and not give up.
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    Another thing that's a bit confusing is why Frost calls so many inside zones when Washington is in there. I can understand the idea that the opponent will think you're running outside the tackles when he's in, so then you do the opposite...but man, he just isn't built for that kind of running and it takes a pretty quick toll on his body. When we come back from our bye week, I'd love to try something different and start Mills. Give him some outside power tosses in our two tight end sets.
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    For your information, I didn’t make this recipe, but, I know who did and they ate a great cook! I haven’t made all the recipes I post! I post recipes that I do make...recipes and links that look good to me! If you don’t like them, without trying them, then you shouldn’t comment with stupid stuff!
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