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    Don't talk out your a$$, read BRI's response earlier about his 79 uses of force. Where the hell did you get the word 'accusations' from? You threw that in there on your own.
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    Would you say that "good cops are so rare they are like unicorns" ?
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    We don't really know what that # means without context. It's basically 1 incident every 2 weeks. But we don't know how many they have to review. What if it's every single time a police officer has to grapple with a suspect? I mean, the guy looks like an [email protected]!e in the incident we see but we don't have enough evidence to be sure it should have been prevented based on his previous actions.
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    So, an officer can't go to the bathroom, or have a meal with their family without turning off the cam...?
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    I posted about this already and he already replied to it. Police have to use force sometimes. It doesn't mean they are doing something wrong. We don't know exactly what situations he was dealing with or in what situations they review use of force. And the fact is they were reviewed. If there's a problem it's whether he should have been punished and what the punishment is. But without knowing the details we can't really make a judgement on what it should be.
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    Oh my...please do not think that a D1 300 pound lineman is ANYTHING LIKE the 300 pound guy you know from your work.
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    I'm sorry, but this is complete garbage...........
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    I think turning off a body camera should result in getting fired.
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    Knees are tricky. Some recover almost good as new - others not. His heart and effort reflect well for the young man and his character will be his best asset in life. You dont need perfect knees be great jn life. Wish him all the best as a true Husker.
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    Just wanted to say thank you and I agree with you!
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    It was bound to happen, a player tested positive, but nobody panicked and the sky didn't fall. Football is happening in 99 days... GBR
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    Another interesting thing to look at moving forward is attendance at games. If the attendance is limited then it is a heck of a year to have a tough road schedule @tOSU, @Iowa, and @wiscy. You would think that would negate some of the home field advantage. Wonder how Vegas will treat home field advantage?
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