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    And just like that the offseason was complete.
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    rumor is that denmark has agreed to sell greenland to mexico and they will make the united states pay for it.
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    We're # 1, We're #1 - I knew we'd be # 1 in Frost's 2nd year. Does this qualify us for the playoffs??
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    I have been watching a ton of tape over the last few months. I think calling Nebraska's D horrible or abysmal is a gross overstatement, and it doesn't really explain why we lost 8 games. Despite not having a true nose, good safeties, and starting the best catch tackler/ most underwhelming 4 year starter in Nebraska history (D.Young); they didn't get a ton of help from the Offense when it mattered. Our Offense was so boom or bust, but mostly bust. There are so many quarters where the Offense did not put up points. If Nebraska is able to just eliminate scoreless halves and quarters, it changes everything. Let alone a decent jump on D would make Nebraska more than formidable. They could contend for the conference rather easily.
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    This sounds like Nebraska should put this out for bid and take the highest bidder instead of the lowest. Then, we could show we spent more money and that's how this is gauged.
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    Well, s#!t. A dollar stretches a lot further in Lincoln, than Lake Michigan shore property.
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    Tom Fornelli released his own Preseason poll today:
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    CU and Iowa fans baffle me. ”Preseason rankings don’t matter” “Nebraska is ranked?! This is an outrage!”
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    My sources tell me he has yet to feel the Diaco strain, but they feel it could be any day now.
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    I don't mind the hustle nearly as much if you are honest about it being self promotion. If you're trying to vaguely suggest you're a random person linking some random site you're not connected to, I won't engage based on principle. If you're like, "Hey guys, I run this site and wrote this article you might enjoy, check it out if you'd like" I will probably check it out.
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    Does anyone speak Diaco? I'd like to see this Chinander quote translated.
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    Well, whatta ya know? Apparently some other folks like our new threads, too.
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    The campaign bank account is more important than a CNN poll.
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    she saw trumps credit score and told him no way. orange skull is now throwing a tantrum
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    I remember KState fans before that game being awful confident they were going to truck us.
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    Patches? We don't need no stinking patches!
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    Uh. 4-8? Can you blame them? This isn't a Mike Leach squad that is guaranteed 11 NCAA violations and 9 wins even if the rapture occurs.
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    I feel bad for all these transfers going to the Illini. They're all going to transfer again when Lovie gets fired after going 3-9
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    Defenses playing some variation of Nickel is just personnel matching against 11 personnel sets, the most common sets in modern football. The personnel isn’t really an issue, it’s where they are aligned and Frost uses motion and formation to generate and exploit that. The screen game is a huge part of this. He attaches some form of screen action to all sorts of plays. Let’s create a simple example. 11 personnel (1RB/1TE/3WR), Twins Left, H-back Right, RB left side of the QB. Put the ball on the left hash mark. There are 3 reasons the defensive strength will be aligned to the right side of the offensive formation: 1) The TE is there (as an h-back) 2) The RB is aligned left meaning after he crosses the QB to receive the handoff he’s most likely running to the right. 3) The right side is the wide side of the field. The defense has a few options here. They can shift their front to give an over hanging LB, but that’s problematic because that’s shifting away from the potential screen on the left side and that h-back can account for him. The better option is to rotate a safety down on that wide side. That’s a good option that allows either the second safety to account for the slot receiver or he can stay at safety depth and allow a LB/Nickel/etc to account for the slot. This is the conflict defender, and he’ll often try to set himself to play both the slot and be the extra man in the box. (Without him the offense has 6 blockers vs 6 defenders). All that setup is to get to the punchline. I’ve described a few ways the defense can remain balanced but Frost throws in a wrinkle. That h-back motions across the formation at the snap to catch a TE Screen. Now he’s really created quads against a balanced defensive alignment, vastly outnumbering the defense. Depending on how the defense aligned to that he can now run something else out of that same look. With a fast RB, that can be a handoff now to the wide side of the field, but the weak side of the defense if they adjust for the motion. Could be all kinds of plays, but that’s what he’s always trying to do is create unbalanced looks, move those safeties around and exploit that for huge gains.
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