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    We know Executive Privilege is not absolute; there you go lying again. My favorite part about the Executive Privilege hail mary is their cult leader on Twitter waiving it repeatedly. "You know that conversation where 'I NEVER told John Bolton that the aid to Ukraine was tied to investigations into Democrats, including the Bidens?' Yeah, that conversation I NEVER HAD is absolutely privileged. Durrr"
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    What are you talking about?
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    This is a bit of an urban legend, it goes into the file with a few other Bo stories that are not really true.
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    So it’s a nasty and untrue book full of national security information????
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    I've given up on having expectations. I'll watch and hope for the best.
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    This exactly. I was super excited for the Frost hire and still am so happy he's our head coach. The people who are turning on him already piss me off. It's like they want us to be stuck with a s#!tty football team for life. Our 2017 class had basically ONE solid contributor: Brenden Jaimes. That's it... ONE. We basically put sanctions on ourselves with how s#!tty that recruiting class was. It takes several years to rebuild a roster after missing so bad on half of a recruiting class let alone an ENTIRE recruiting class (plus Frosts first class is falling apart a bit with Washington, Hunt, and Legrone along with several transfers like Cam Jones but still not as bad as 2017). We are slowly building up. I expect to be a 7-8 win team after year 4 under Frost. It might take a few more years (3-4) ontop of that to get to be an uber competitive team because of the roster we have built to become a 10+ win team and in playoff conversations occasionally. I expect by year 8 we will be super competitive, even though I don't want to wait that long, it's what I have to accept instead of being excited for new head coaches just to get let down time and time again.
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    I expect for 2020 I'll have to abandon LSU as one of my favorite Non-Husker teams now that demonically possessed spitting mad Bo is there.
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    This is where I'm at. I'll hope they play well. I'll hope they improve. I'll hope they win but no result will surprise me. If I had to guess at our record.... we'll win some and lose some. Hopefully more wins than losses but who knows.
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    I think there are very few falling off the band wagon. We have a lot of new posters that seem to showing up with negative ideas about Coach Frost. Again I don't follow this very closely anymore, more because of this site than disappointment with the program. I never put expectations on the team. I want them to be the best they can be, and hopefully by accomplishing that, it will start a continuous growth that gets back to the elite level of college football. - Yes we have some great new players, but we are not getting the top athletes that are required for the turn around some think. The difference between a top 15-20 team and a top 5 team are enormous. Takes time and lot of hard work not only by the coaching staff but by kids that want to invest the like effort. I think they are coming, but want to see it on the field. I want the team to make a bowl this year, but can certainly see how it might not happen.
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    It’s so amazing to me how far and fast Frost has fallen out of favor with so many who were practically idol worshipping him when he was hired. Even thru the disasterous first six game of year one, the devotion and almost blind loyalty was there. Now the tide seems to be flowing the other way as great expectations are morphing into perennial mediocrity / losing seasons and a defeatism etc. All this just as the Frost recruited players are hitting the field with the time to develop and learn the system. So many didn’t recognize the talent and effort and coaching issues of the past 2 decades. Now they have no patience to give Frost time to resurrect things and basically believe it can’t be done by anyone. If I had my druthers Frost would install a good basic power run package of 25 plays a game to go with his spread passing stuff. But I am happy with most of the progress Frost has made (except the lack of success in special teams mainly). I am a die hard Husker for life but I feel the changes are happening but haven’t quite become evident in the wins column. Tougher schedule - maybe so the last few games - but we should finally see a mostly Scott Frost team. Better times are coming - not all smooth sailing at times but- winning is going to be the norm starting this fall.
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    Can you imagine if PJ Fleck went to LSU! REAUX THE BOAT
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    They are really really scared.
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    I think we found the caustic culture everyone's talking about.
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    NOOOO! I have money on Biden being the D nominee! I need him to just sit around and not be in the spotlight for a few more months! I want my 36 dollars!
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    If this kid ever moves to South Dakota pretty much everyone will question his driver's license.
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    i'm a little worried a fifth of the us doesnt know how to make chili.
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    New documents released pursuant to FOIA requests:
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    Stay positive, next year we will be better right? Stay positive, as our schedule is more favorable next year right? Stay positive, Scotty played for Nebraska. Stay positive, our recruiting classes have more stars next to guys' names than before. Stay positive....... Much of that all is quite sad. Worrying about our schedule??? How un-Nebraska is that? Until we go out there with the attitude that every game is ours to win (Wiscy comes to mind in our division) we are going to be and stay lil brother to the men in the B1G. We are a LONG ways off. 6 wins this year and a toilet bowl would be a huge step forward. People need to realize the train we are trying to catch left a long time ago. We may/may not ever get back to it.
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    Here's the thing about the book and the possible Bolton testimony. Republicans like @Notre Dame Joe don't want Bolton to testify and they point to his book as evidence that he's just out to make a buck. Well.....If they are truly out for the truth, they should DEMAND Bolton testify under oath or the book comes out and can say whatever it wants. If he testifies under oath and says the same thing as the book.....well....you could probably take the book more for what it says. If he is put under oath and says something else than what's in the book. You just destroyed his ability to make any money off of it.
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    He is only worth the shot if the first part that is bolded is false.
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    I was reading OSU fans speculating he doesn't really love football and dedication was his problem. Seems like he is worth a shot.
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    I am one of those weird fans that don't think players like Rex Burkhead or Taylor Martinez or Terrance Nunn or Spencer Long or that coaches kid that played OL about 10 years are really going to impact this team all that much. So I think that I expect them to do well this season. I don't see why they would not win 9 or 10 games.
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    I am glad to see it is changing! I will always fight the good fight to make jeans okay in the work place!
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    Watched his highlights on rivals and must say on a lot of the plays i wouldnt have known who to watch had they not circled him. Had everage speed at best. Most of his runs were mainly because he was physically bigger not more athletic than the defense. Defense highlights were more fundamentally sound than flashy, and that was against competition that looked very slow. I didnt even see a G5 player let alone a P5 player.
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    Missed most of the game, but watching the highlights our def. Looked horrible. Cheatum is terrible at help def. And Michigan's size was too much for us.
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    Doing donuts in the yard and throwing beer bottles? Lol if thats true that is hilarious. A 40 year old man smh sorry but that made me laugh. Have no idea if thats true or not
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    No, I’m not perfect. I can say I’ve never almost assaulted a referee on natl tv, never taken a flamethrower to my former bosses institution, nor had the home team pa ask that police come get me off the field. I know enough of the guy I feel confident on my statement or I wouldn’t have said it. my opinion you obviously have yours. Like I said, I’m grabbing popcorn and watching the show. I like Ed O, but am pretty sure he’ll regret this in the short term.
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    Ok I added to the poll
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    I'm not sure why I bother to use words. Both posts went out of their way to explain that Bo could not and would not return to Nebraska given the mutual bridge burning. Merely saying that a coach with Bo Pelini's resume might look like a big name upgrade from Chinander if we lived in a magical place that erased select memories. It's a semi-relevant discussion, given that a lot of Husker fans would like to replace Chinander, and the candidate pool would likely include young up and comers as well as Pelinesque options -- veteran coaches returning to their comfort zone.
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    Wait...what's the stigma with jeans?
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    With what we've seen the last two years and the schedule we have this year I see about a 5-7 season with 6-6 as the ceiling. If they can get to 6-6 I would see it as a very successful season. I don't see things turning around until 2022 or 2023 if Frost can survive until then.
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    The guy who's charity was shut down and forced to pay $2M for misuse of funds. The guy who's "University" was shut down and forced to pay $25M in settlements for law suits related to illegal business practices. The guy who's hotels the Saudis always stay at when they're in town. The guy who has scammed his way out of taxes by manipulating the value of his units. The guy who has Russian mobster buy and live in his condos to launder money. The guy who has massive loans with Deutsche Bank, who oddly received similar amounts of money from the Russians... All verifiable facts. But this guy is interested in rooting out corruption...
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    A bowl game is the expectation.
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    we are a 5-7 team until we prove otherwise
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    Got to prove it on the field first - 3 years wtout a bowl and I no longer will drink the . I will cheer them on but my higher hopes have to be grounded in reality. I have to hope for 6 wins and we get to some cheap bowl game. Scott improved by one game last year - so I'll go wt 6 wins this year. Yes we could win the first 7 games but we could loose a couple of those 'should win games' again like we have done in the past. The last 5 games - will prove the metal of this team AND the coaching staff - if they have arrived or if they are tier 2 or lower tier. Time to prove it coaches & earn your pay.
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    How so? So your saying you expect us to have less the 6 wins with the classes we’ve pulled?
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    You daaaaamn right you can't begin to compare UCF and NU. For starters though, I need to correct you on your: " ucf was only a few yrs removed from double digit win seasons, not the case here." Bruh, UCF was 2 years removed from a 9 win season before Frost took over there just like Nebraska was 2 years removed from a 9 win season before Frost took over at Nebraska. Don't believe me? I'll show you! So as you can see Nebraska may have regressed from 9 wins to 4 wins right before Frost took over, but UCF regressed from 9 wins to 0 wins! And 0 wins is waaaaay mothaf#&%in worse than 4 wins gotdammit! So I don't care WHAT you say about "Frost inheriting a better culture or team or situation or whatever at UCF than Nebraska". These numbers simply just don't lie. A team coming off of 0 wins is waaaay gotdamn worse than a team coming off of 4 wins. Period! And which UCF team are you saying would have went 9-3 in the Big Ten? The one from last year that literally just went 9-3 in their own conference or the one from 2017 that beat the Auburn team that destroyed both Alabama and Georgia (the two teams that played in the national championships that year)? Listen, I don't give a damn WHAT you're assuming with that one right there since it's irrelevant. Hell, you can throw "this and that" assumption all around the place but at the end of the day that 2017 UCF team that went undefeated beat a better team than anybody in the Big Ten that year! You're always more than welcome to say "this team would beat that team" since that's always a possibility in ANY game played in college football on ANY given Saturday, but I'm telling you now there's no clear "evidence" to back up your claim in regard to sticking with facts just from the 2017 season that UCF would have went 9-3 in the Big Ten. None. You can say that, but I won't damn believe you. And there's no evidence to back that up. Therefore, you might as well drop it since you can't win that argument and neither can I really. So enough with the "assumptions". I like to stick with straight fa...fa...FACTS when I debate and argue with people. And how the hell is Frost going to "evaluate" players in the middle of coaching a team to an unprecedented undefeated season (which is a veeeeerrry hard thing to do) from being winless just 2 seasons before? Literally ALL of his and his staff's focus was on their team that year keeping them focused and ignoring all the outside noises. Frost was not worried about no gotdamn recruits coming onto Nebraska that year and by the time he was even hired to Nebraska he STILL wasn't as you've seen he still went off to coach UCF's last game. He wasn't thinking about carefully evaluating "this 4 star" and "that 4 star" for a top 25 recruiting class at Nebraska. The ONLY player there's any proof and evidence of him recruiting before he got to Nebraska was Adrian Martinez which was the first player he gave an offer to literally the day he got hired at Nebraska and was the only player really offered that day. THAT'S how you know he was sure of a player he evaluated before he got to Nebraska. But MOST of his first year's players were recruited simply just in time for the early sign date which gave room for NO evaluation then, and due to the Auburn bowl game, NO evaluation even at the national sign date. And I don't give a damn about MW since they have nothing to do with Frost or where he's been.
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    GREAT thread, Ern! Some other Huskers that might be considered notable: (honorable mention all Big 10--except for MoWash) OL Brendan Jaimes DL Darrion Daniels ILB Mohammed Barry RB Maurice Washington
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    Wow. A little late to the party on this one, but... What a bunch of godawful revisionist bulls#!t from Haley on that take. She really is awful. I mean what a braindead thing to say.
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    I was wondering what bug spray had to do with the Ks/Mo war....And I'm not sure I want to know what or who they were riding so hard... I thought the mascot thing was a little way off, too..but then I remember how scary Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" was when I 1st saw it. Jayhawk (urbandictionary) The Ole'Miss thing? I imagine it's like most of us..Sometimes we have to put up with bad situations in pursuit of our long term goals. I've never been SE of Missouri unless you count the two months I lived in Austin, TX. So I don't really know much about their culture. I'd guess ~80% of the people (all races) in the surrounding area would be poor enough to need to go to college close to home (so their folks can watch them play)..really..I can't imagine not wanting your parents to be able to see you play. But what other colleges are in the area that could get you that much exposure if you want to go on to the NFL? Yeah, probably right. But they call themselves the rebels, have a confederate looking dude as the mascot, and until recently, they all waved cofnederate battle flags at the games. I don't care what flags people use, I am all for free specch, but if I am black and my fans think I am inspired by that, well, hmmmm
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    Jeez Jayhawk...you can't even give Iowans credit during the freaking Civil War? Iowa divisions fought all over Missouri...even the old Graybeard Division fought there. Sure..Jayhawks fought in the war but they had a "reputation" among the units from more civilized states as in "Never trust a Jayhawk..." Apparently they were regarded as a bunch of thieves. There's a story from the siege of Vickburg that a soldier in an Iowa unit died of some disease or other so his comrades went to the cemetary, dug a grave and then went back to hold a funeral service before the burying....as the funeral was going on, a unit of Kansans happened by the cemetary and, seeing the hole, dumped one of their own casualties in it and buried him. When the Iowa unit got back to the cemetary and saw the grave had been taken one of them yelled..."It had to have been one of them damn Jayhawks...them Jayhawks would steal anything...including a man's grave!" Husker37 needs to make a side trip to Nebraska City. They have all sorts of historical information on John Brown there. Apparently he even has a cave...my old man took the family there when I was real little and all I remember about it was it was sadistically boring....
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    dont do it husker37, he's a stalker! just messin
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