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    Kirk Herbstreit does not hate Nebraska football. I would suspect he's not a fan of our fan base. But he is very, very realistic in how he sees Nebraska football.
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    Mrs. Miles, I am not trying to be disrespectful to your husband. 8 years ago Husker basketball was pretty much where it is 8 years later. I think, I am not 100% sure, that Sadler might have even had a better overall record in comparison to your husband.
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    It was more of a no call. Much like the no call PI for the Saints. The no call face mask by K-State on Eric Crouch.
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    Kid has been coached by great coaches his entire life. Multi sport athlete, took his underdog team to the "ship." Here is a picture of when he was a kid.
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    Worst call in a Husker game ever? Allow me to consult my Mike Riley Playbook...
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    Yeah....head on over there with a MAGA hat on and dive right in.
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    This is a good thing.
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    Is that you Tim Miles? Cause you and opposing coaches seem to be the only people who think miles the guy for Nebraska. I remember opposing coaches had a lot of nice things to say about mike Riley too. I bet they wish he was still here instead of frost too
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    How about the phantom block in the back in the FSU natty game
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    Even the parking garages around PBA are ripping on Miles:
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    Additionally, most of AOC's platform consists of policies that have been enacted and been successful in other first world countries.
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    I only caught some of the discussion on 1620 this morning, but, the portion I heard seemed to largely be related to Miles and Moos' lack of visible support for the men's bball program and coach. To that I say... it's not football and it sort of is what it is. I'm unaware or haven't heard rumors of other discontent, although that doesn't mean there aren't any. I've heard several first hand accounts of Moos doing some really generous and savvy things as AD and they've made me fairly appreciative of him up to this point.
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    247 posted an outlook/evaluation for him earlier (free article): Somebody should tell Parker where Randy Gregory himself played.
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    I thought it was the right call. Had it not hit that damn handrail.
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    I totally trust Clouse over Wiltfong.
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    I’m on an exchange (Obamacare) plan in Colorado. IMO it’s ridiculously expensive for bare minimum coverage. I haven’t had any issues with them covering what they said they would cover. I also own a business but had to quit offering a group plan to my employees quite a few years ago. It was just getting too costly considering to qualify for the group plan I had to pay at least 50% of the employees coverage. It made my personal health insurance expense go up but overall it’s not costing me what it would be with 50% of the premium for even a few of my employees. I would agree that the only people making out on Obamacare plans are those who qualify for subsidies which I do not. The coverage is fair and it’s guaranteed issue but as I’ve always lamented, they didn’t fix the biggest problem...runaway premium costs. Healthcare in this country still needs to be fixed. And Trumpcare, buying across state lines etc. is not the answer. Single payer universal coverage is the only way forward I see. My understanding is that Obamacare plans vary greatly by carrier and state. I doubt anyone’s experiences in other states would be any kind of indicator for what you’ll get in Missouri.
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    Is there some form of discontent in the athletic department? 1620 is peddling the thought that not everything is sunshine and roses with Moos.
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    I think she, or anyone for that matter, regardless of age or time in Congress should do all they can to influence policy decision. That's what they were elected for. And they are supposed to be doing the bidding of the people that elected them.
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    I lurked before...for about 6 months...then my neighbor got blinds and that sort of ended the relationship.
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    I have been happy with Moos so far. As far as Miles goes- I wish we had a different basketball coach so I have no problem with Moos maybe not being on board with Miles. Perhaps the Boosters mentioned are fans of Tim Miles? Just a guess but maybe Moos has been feeling them out to see if they are willing to pitch in to buyout Miles and fire him if it comes to that and maybe they dont want to pony up since we just bought out Riley?
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    I believe if I had been Pelini in the 4th quarter of this game I would have instructed one of our D linemen to pile drive that white hat SOB into the ground. Every time I've seen him on tv since then my blood pressure goes up about 30 points.
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    Foecke may be harder to replace than realized. As I said on another post, she was easily the best player on the court in the NCAA finals which included a total of 9 All-Americans and the 'consensus' POY. Throughout her career, Foecke has come up huge in the big moments. Stivrins can take up some of that slack, but Sun needs to be more consistent in primetime. Great against Illinois in the semi's, not so much against Stanford in the finals. But you're correct that there will be solid core with Sun, Stivrins, and Hames. Stivrins and Hames appear to be the new leadership on this team, I would be surprised if they are not co-captains next fall. I am curious how Husker Power will impact Sun, Schwarzenbach, Hames and the newcomer Madi Kubik. Kubik is a 6'2" outside hitter who should be on campus in January. She wants to be a six rotational player and her goal is to go pro after college. Stivrins is a workout warrior and I doubt she will let anyone slide in the weight room. Sweet remains a curiosity to me. She had glimpses in pre-conference play of having a breakout year, but when they ran into the meat of conference play, it was as if she lost her confidence. Her play in her sophomore year wasn't noticeably better than her freshman year. If she doesn't improve appreciably this year, she may be finding more time on the bench. Stanford returns most of their team (including the POY Plummer) with the exception of their All-American Libero. They will likely be the top ranked team pre-season. Minnesota and Illinois both lose their All-American 'generational' setters and Nebraska fan can relate to how difficult that transition can be regardless of how highly touted the replacement is. Penn State also loses a senior setter and an All-Conference outside hitter, but, like Nebraska, returns a solid core of young players who gained a lot of experience last year. I guessing, with the John Cook effect thrown in, Nebraska will be the B1G pre-season favorite and probably ranked 2 nationally to start 2019.
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    The "targeting" call on Nate Gerry
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