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    Out of the box thinking is what this program needs to be competitive. Not a lot positions are more important than the lines. Making them the stars of a camp is a great idea. Excited to see how this plays out in the next few years. Getting the kids on campus always helps.
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    Jeyvon Ducker commits to Northern Illinois.
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    Next year, presuming grades are in order.
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    Currently visiting.... Brentwood Academy defense allowed just 9.6 points per game en route to its fourth straight state title. Curtis had 99 tackles — 16.5 for loss — with 10 sacks. Bumped to a 4* on Rivals
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    I agree. We have a history and catch phrase like pipeline to sell these kids. Also I love seeing us do something different- make the big men feel special. The skill positions always have their camps to shine. I can see this paying major dividends over the years.
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    Will be here this weekend on another unofficial.
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    When reading comment/reply sections like the one in this Twitter thread, I like to imagine the roles/races flipped, and how fast it'd make the Left's heads explode.
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    ND boards eager to hear Watts going on
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