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    Best of luck to the young man. Gotta move on.
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    No what's crazy is you freaking out because the staff is missing out on 1 OLB, when we have 2 signed and 3 younger on the roster, and are actively recruiting Parker, Lockhart, Fonua, and Evans. You are right though we should ask WTF ARE WE DOING instead of being logical.
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    Just want to step back from the process and point something out. We have 25 commits in a pretty decent class. We still have probably more very good players very interested in coming than we have spots for. I remember many years when we got to this point in the process and we were grabbing warm bodies. It's a nice change.
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    Because Frost is actually our OC.
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    perfect I have no other sporting events to watch at 11pm CST
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    Well he committed to NU, so naturally his ranking is going to go down
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    What a damnable hypocrite. Christians shouldn't want to be associated with that kind of hatred if they truly cared about Jesus' teachings.
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    You certainly don't send three people to tell him you're not interested when a phone call will do.
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    We saw flashes for 3 years. People can give all the credit world to 6 months of fitness, but it’s more than that. It be ignorant to say S&C didn’t benefit Ozigbo, but contributing the majority of his success to a few months of training is disingenuous. He played in offense with two QBs that allowed Defenses to stack the box. The offense get a legitimate threat at QB and the pressure is relieved. And some much improved coaching. The O Line went from horrid to acceptable. Ozigbo goes from donkey (not my words) to third team all conference 1000 yard rusher. It was always there and some of us saw that. The leadership and QB changes definitely helped. You don’t suck because the organization you work for does. Sometimes youre a product of a broken system.
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    Complete speculation mode? You put 5 guys ahead of Ozigbo, with two who never carried the ball once for Nebraska, one played two games, and the other two had a tiny sample size. Your list was baseless. You're going to tell me that Wilbon was going to exceed that ypc average as the season went on? It would have put him in elite company that year. The Miles Jones reference. My bad, it was a catch and not a carry. You were clearly trying to sell your "preference" as a reality.
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    Sorry Roxy, not trying to be mean, and no one is attacking you. But you have a tendency to start numerous threads with titles that are not at all descriptive of the subject matter. Additionally, many threads can be better suited as a post in an ongoing thread so it can be part of the conversation with other posters who are already discussing the same topic. Imagine opening up Huskerboard and every thread was titled "What is your opinion on this?" or "going to do this" or "OMG you won't believe this!"... The board would be unusable because no one would know what the specific topics are. As Moiraine mentioned, this is an issue of message board etiquette. You come off as a very nice person, so I am quite sure your lapses of etiquette are unintentional. So I thought it would be a good idea to bring it to your attention so you are aware. I thought this would help you and help the board. It is not a personal attack by any means. I figure you would not want to be rude to others, even on accident, so it is fair to bring this up to you in order to improve the quality of discussion and help keep the board somewhat organized and user-friendly.
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    I thought any of our guys could potentially take a big step forward just by getting away from The Mike Riley Experience, but I thought Wilbon was the most likely to improve. Obviously that's not quite how it happened. As for whether Ozigbo was really as good early on as he was last year, here's some YPC stats: 2015: Team 4.7, Ozigbo 5.5 2016: Team 4.2, Ozigbo 4.2 2017: Team 3.5, Ozigbo 3.8 2018: Team 5.4, Ozigbo 7.0 So no, Ozigbo was never anywhere near a 7.0 YPC kind of back prior to 2018, and his 3.2 YPC improvement from 2017 to 2018 was much bigger than the 1.9 YPC improvement of the team as a whole. Ozigbo was probably the biggest beneficiary of a new coaching staff since Suh.
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    Meanwhile, at Oregon State’s weight room
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    All that is true. But he was consistently out-performed by other backs on the same team in the same system getting the same coaching. So either all those other backs were also significantly better than they looked and deserve to be playing in the NFL or Ozigbo made significant improvements over the past year. Frost didn't see it when he was watching film. I realize you want to give yourself a lot of credit but the vast majority of everyone else says he was a completely different back than what he was before.
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    Was he also pushing his tongue into his cheek while he made those stroking motions?
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    Facts have a liberal bias, and should be disregarded.
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    Don't be this guy. No one likes this guy
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    If you didn't average 5-6 posts a year, you'd probably already be gone.
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    Using B. B.'s "logic", we should fear and shun the white, male, Christian evangelical community, and it's perfectly acceptable to do so. After all, this community is responsible for more acts of terrorism in the United States than Muslims, they've shown disdain for free speech and women's rights, and they would much rather police themselves than use government institutions (e.g. Judicial system) to instruct them on what to do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    My opinion is this is a great thread for this...
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    Here is my opinion on this: 1. Your thread titles need to be more descriptive so people can tell what your subject matter is. 2. This post can easily go into one of the many recruiting threads that already exist on this board, since it is a recruiting topic. Last week you created multiple threads about the NFL playoffs that could have gone in the existing NFL playoff instead of creating an entirely new thread based on a couple of fleeting thoughts. Basic etiquette. 3. Offering a seventh grader a scholarship is a publicity gimmick as much as anything else and is not binding. Why does it make a difference if you are a woman?
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    I think he jumped off the radar.
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