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    Fish tank guy told me JD took an upper decker in Frost's office bathroom.
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    Protestors in Downtown Des Moines asked officers to take a knee with them for 2 minutes and they'd then leave and abide by the 9pm curfew that was enacted today. Officers agreed and it was 2 minutes of unity between the groups and then the protestors left like they said they would peacefully. Unfortunately there are several other protesting groups throughout the metro that aren't as friendly.
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    Saying "I'm your Huckleberry" over and over again to no one in particular.
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    I've always felt the police should be held to a higher standard of obeying the law, compared to the rest of the citizenry. When in reality they're held to a much lower standard.
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    Nah, man. Joe ain't quarantined. He's been out there doing important work, like listening to black community leaders, meeting with protesters, convening meetings with major metropolitan mayors, addressing the nation to call for calm and bring us together, preparing to attend Floyd's funeral - you know, the type of things a real leader does in a time of crisis. By comparison, Trump is hiding in bunkers, fortifying himself in the White House, sowing more division and dishonesty on Twitter and staging phony religious photo ops trying to resuscitate his floundering re-election hopes. To me that looks like the actions of a scared, weak little boy who's lost all control and doesn't know what to do. That's certainly an easy choice for Novemeber. It's becoming increasingly clear that more and more people feel the same way.
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    Pretty damn funny. https://secondnexus.com/donald-trump-fbi-inciting-violence?fbclid=IwAR2yGEA-LxkaXLywH6AxPgXRSIeoiS3KnaL7c5ygvvp4th34_LQmIAVYghs My favorite response: Suspect has distinct orange skin, blonde wig and is known to have an obvious frontal lean. Last observed infront of a church, clutching a bible in his tiny little hands. Suspect is possibly armed with nuke codes and should be considered a danger to himself, others surrounding him, and most of the western hemisphere
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    If 2020 was a James Bond movie, we would soon be approaching the point in which 007 fights through Trump's army of hired goons, kills William Barr in hilarious fashion, finds the cure to the coronavirus hidden in Trump's desk along with the mind-control ray that he uses on cops and evangelicals, and then blows up Trump's limo as he tries to escape. Then he sleeps with Melania. Please, save us Bond. The Americans need help once again.
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    You're just a caricature of a Republican at this point.
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    Does anyone else get nervous opening these 2020 threads?? Or is it just me?
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    That you have to lie about the nature of the crowd attacked for Trump's photo op is sad. These were peaceful demonstrators. They were exercising their First Amendment rights. Good lord.
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    The crazy part is i'm not sure if that would be "By Bobinson" or "Bondale Bobinson"
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    I'm only speaking from a cops perspective, I know there are other perspectives so to each their own and I appreciate those perspectives. I don't think some of you have a clue how hard it is as an officer to deal with rioting, violence, having rocks and bricks thrown at you, being spit on, being told you're a POS, night, after night, after night all because you wear a uniform. Having to prepare your house for attack just in case your address got out on some list out there on the interwebs. We love the communities we serve and it's breaking our hearts to see them being destroyed. I get the anger behind all of this, but we're human too and we aren't machines. That stuff wears on you and sure there are bad cops out there, but people are going to cherry pick the videos they want that show cops in a bad light an edit it down to look even worse just to incite more violence and anger. And yes there are officers reacting in a very poor way during this protests, riots, etc and they need to stop NOW! The riots need to stop NOW! Peaceful protests, sure, do your thing, let your voice be heard, but the violent people, you're disgusting, you're selfish, and you're only doing this to justify your B.S. criminal activity! Our officers here kneeled in front of their headquarters in Des Moines with protestors......and it worked there and was a sight to see! On the NW side of the metro our officers did the same thing and all the protestors did was berate them and scream at them and refused to kneel with them. That group later destroyed that area of town and were gassed until they scattered. The side of town I grew up on, the southside, was destroyed last night as well. Rioters attempted to light the police academy on fire! Keep this perspective in mind when you're looking at things and reading everything out there. I'm only one officer and I know for a fact there are hundreds of thousands of my fellow officers that feel the same way!
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    No they actually didn't. I live in Michigan. The stay at home order has been extended almost every week for the last 2 monts. It now ends June 12th. Some restrictions we're relaxed, but that was the plan all along. To reopen in phases as certain criteria were met. The idiotic protests did nothing to change the plan. You still can't get a hair cut, you still can't gather in groups of 10 or larger, still can't eat in a restaurant except up North where things have been relaxed more because they are better off than in the metros. It's pretty ignorant to try to compare a brand new never before event to one that has literally been brewing for decades, and if we're completely honest probably over a century now. Let's lock this country down for 6 more months and then see how peaceful the gun nuts are. I literally hear people saying the governor of Michigan needs to fear for her life if things don't open up by October. You want peaceful protests, but MLK was murdered. Ali was put in Jail. Rodney King was beat. Countless black men have been killed, jailed, and beaten since. White men and women too! You want peaceful protests, but when an NFL QB peacefully takes a knee we are outrage and don't want to listen. It's ruining our Sunday tradition. You want peaceful protests, but you don't want to have to pay attention to them. You don't want to have to care. You don't want to change.
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    This country was founded by people who didn't follow lawful orders. Not every order is right or lawful because it came from the police.
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    Interesting...I hope he can adjust, at ASU he had 5 star talent all around him. Won't be the same at NU.* *I am not talking about the players...wink
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    Funny how neither you nor anyone else mentioned this at the time.
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    Of course we need to recruit nationally, but everyone in Florida knew this kid's 'commitment' meant basically nothing. I'll still stick with Gifford has a better college career.
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    I'll leave this here, just in case anyone wants to hear from a real leader.
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    That's a pretty small and carefully selected sample size. The best rush defenses by YPC allowed in the SEC are both 3-4, Florida and Georgia. The only decent defenses in the Big 12 (TCU, Iowa State, and Baylor) run 3 man fronts. Chinander may be an issue, but the 3-4 defense itself isn't. I don't agree with a lot of the Chins hate, but I get it because our defense has had some terrible games. What is it about the 4-3 that people think would magically make us better at stopping the run? Saying "4 guys to eat up blockers instead of 3" is a gross oversimplification. We almost always have 4 or 5 on the line, and guys like Alex Davis/Garrett Nelson are as big as 4-3 DEs. We've just sucked at filling gaps, and that's a fundamental part of every defense. The 4-3 doesn't fix our issue there. A new coach might, but this would be more on Ruud/Dewitt than Chins - and they let Dewitt go. Most of the issues I've seen don't look like scheme issues - this isn't Bo asking our relatively nonathletic LBs to catch Melvin Gordon starting flat footed when he has a head of steam on a jet sweep. It's guys just losing leverage or overrunning their assignments. There have absolutely been some questionable defensive playcalls, but I don't think that's been the biggest issue for run D.
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    That's one hill to die on, I guess.
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    Just because Nebraska and other states "reopened" doesn't mean everyone's just going out and living life like they used to. You can say you're open for business again, but you can't force people to go out. I'm not doing anything different now than I did through March & April. Still limit going out, still wear a mask wherever I go in public, no socializing unless we can spread out, no eating out, nothing like that. I gather most people are doing the same thing. That, combined with most people wearing masks, is likely keeping transfer (and thus numbers) down.
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    You last paragraph has a fair amount of truth to it. It's the reason you find ANTIFA near so many protests, it's the same reason gun nuts show up at COVID protests. On the flip side, at a certain point anger boils over when nothing changes from peaceful protests and this will always be the result. When we don't take these incidents seriously as a country this is where it will always end up. I just want to say that I'm extremely encourage by @BIGREDIOWAN you are one of the many good guys in law enforcement. There are too many bad apples giving guys like you a bad image. Even if there are systemic issues, there are still good people behind the badge who will do what's right.
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    Why are you all still talking about covid, that was so last month. It’s riots now- try to keep up boys
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    Just wanted to say thank you and I agree with you!
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    (The following isn't directed at you, BTW ) I think his attempts to clarify feel a little tone deaf and/or oblivious to the consequences of his initial post, but he deserves some credit for trying. I just think all people covering these events have a clear duty and responsibility to tell honest, unimpeachable stories. He shared a compelling image and tweet that, upon first viewing, appear to tell a very specific story. It takes a bit of a critical eye to realize that an angle and depth manipulation is distorting the reality of what we think we're seeing. If the true story is 'this cop had a launcher raised and occasionally passed it over the area of the man with his child from a distance,' that's not the one the image is telling. The image is trying to say 'this cop pointed a gun directly in the face of a man with a small child.' This situation probably should've never been shared in this format IMO.
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    They were in Lafayette Square. Maybe should check the area in question before posting nonsense. https://goo.gl/maps/dMHA4PqrnDvDG3be8
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    Qualified immunity DOES give cops a blanket way to violate people's rights...no need to lie about it at all: Example: I bring a camera to the federal building and I take photos. I'm approached by a police officer on a public sidewalk who asks what I'm doing. I tell him I'm taking photos of the federal building. He tells me this is something I am not allowed to do. This is a false statement. I'm in public. The 1st amendment grants me the ability to photograph anything in public I can see. I tell the officer that photography is not a crime and that I am in public on a public sidewalk. I am then asked for my identification. I ask the officer what crime he thinks I have committed...he says "I don't know yet". I respectfully decline saying "I do not wish to be identified at this time and since I have not committed a crime nor violated any laws, you do not have the right to identify me" The police officer then says "place your hands behind your back, you are under arrest" I ask "what crime have I committed?" He states "failure to identify" 4th amendment: He has no probable cause to arrest me or ask for an ID (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stop_and_identify_statutes). Yet, here he is doing it. He twists my arm and wrenches my wrist behind my back...my shoulder pops...I accidentally drop my camera...it shatters on the sidewalk. So much for my new DSLR. He grabs my ID out of my pocket and calls for backup. 5 other police officers arrive. 6 police officers for a photographer taking pictures. I'm placed sitting on the ground. 30 minutes pass...he's identified me now. They uncuff me and say "we're not going to charge you with anything, you're free to go about your business but when a police officer asks you for an ID, you must comply". This is NOT true, these cops violated my rights and broke my property...seized it, deleted all the photos I took and then didn't charge me with anything. I'm left with a broken 4 thousand dollar (with attachments) DSLR camera, a partially torn rotator cuff in my shoulder...and no recourse to fix either. I can sue, but it will cost money and I most likely won't win because of qualified immunity. I can file a formal complaint (and did, but nothing happened) Different levels of this same situation have played out numerous times for me in numerous cities around this country. This is how rights are violated without repercussion and without correction. This is how police feel they can continue to do so. It starts with small things like 1st, 2nd, and 4th amendment violations...and then it escalates from there.
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    Somebody should change the topic to say Tre Bryant's *football* career is over - his other career is just beginning!
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    I lean right and I’m 100% voting for Biden come November. edit: to be fair, over the last few years I’d no longer even say I lean right. With much of the leadership falling in line with Trump, I can’t say I consider myself to share values with republicans anymore.
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    trumps america 1. pandemic with over 100,000 dead 2. fastest growing national debt ever 3. riots in the streets 4. trump calling for tienamen (sp?) square like treatment of the protesters. 5. the world is laughing at us 6. we abandoned our leadership role in the world 7. we broke nearly every trade agreement we had proving we can't be trusted 7. yep....we are certainly great again
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    I expect dramatic improvement in O line play this year. If the QB play is better to match, the offense will be atleast 7 pts a game better. Couple that with much better special teams and the field position will help both offense and defense both. This suggests wins instead of losses in several games.
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    Frankly, I'm glad that Minneapolis police and the national guard weren't taking any s#!t last night. Four nights of burning the city is enough. I can't even count how many businesses I saw burn down, let alone the number that have been smashed and looted and may not recover. The people need to be heard, but destroying other peoples' livelihood is not the answer. I'd bet if Minnesota took a hard line a couple days earlier that the damage across the country would be drastically reduced.
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    SLC called in the national guard and so my friend there has been posting it and posted this gem:
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    Agreed. Anyone who doesn't think Frost's desire to win at Nebraska burns deep is kidding themselves. We're fortunate Osborne gave Frost the green light to come. The trickle down from Perlman is hurting the program to this day still.....
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    This could all be true but how would I high school coach have this info?
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    Say a prayer for BIGREDIOWAN, he more than likely is dressed in riot gear downtown facing off with protesters in Des Moines.
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    When taxes go up in that area to rebuild the police building and damage created what's your thoughts on the building being burnt down then? You won't "define entire things by them" but you'll basically lump law enforcement together as a whole with "their entire existence" statement which is interesting, but not surprising at this point. Look what happened wasn't okay, I've said that and I'm happy that the officer has been charged, but to justify burning stuff to the ground makes little sense IMO. As the saying goes, two wrongs don't make a right. Looting and rioting is a poor way to get a point across. Just like putting a damn knee on the back of a guys neck and crushing the life out of him is a poor damn way to do your job as a police officer. Just saying.....
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    Talked to a Nebraska high school head coach today that told me Spielman is a cancer on the team. Tried to stage a “coup” as he called it against coaches last year when they practiced outside before going to Minnesota because it was too cold. Said he tried to get players to skip practice. Said Frost is trying to play it nice with public because Spielman is about to break school records but he does NOT want Spielman to return. He also said Frost didnt realize the extent of the problems Riley created when he took job.
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    I fully support protests and understand the anger. I don't understand looting and burning of buildings. Those actions actually harm the cause they are trying to support. I also am a firm believer that there is an eliminate in our society that looks at these opportunities as a chance to cause MORE unrest. They really don't care about the cause the protest is supporting. They only want anarchy and unrest as much as possible.
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