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    Because it’s the off-season and everyone is bored AF.
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    Lord, it’s hard to be humble, when you’re perfect in every way.
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    "Is Nebraska following up hiring the most sought after CFB coach by potentially hiring the biggest name CBB coach this cycle secretly a bad move by the Athletic Department? Subscribe Now!" -OWH Probably
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    Moos can have all the damn c$%ktails he wants after Scott Frost then Fred Hoiburg.
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    If people don't think Hoiberg is the best guy we could get then you are delusional....
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    I usually wait til he’s gone and break in his garage. It’s how I got a Wii.
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    This is completely off topic and it can be moved if need be but this is a serious question and one I'd like a Trump supporter to give an honest answer to. When has Trump ever done anything that promotes the small town Main Street? The Corporate tax cut? Gutting the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau? His pre-presidential real estate dealings in foreign countries where he didn't pay his own contractors, defrauded customers, and employed the illegal immigrants he rails against now. Where does this myth that Donald Trump is for the blue collar worker come from? He represents everything that is not blue collar or Main Street.
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    If you are a Husker fan all you need to worry about, if this is true, is all 10 pints of your blood rushing to your dong at one time. Don't worry about the NIT or dividing a locker or anything like that...just your dong.
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    I posted a photo here I took ofSasse selling Runzas at a Nebraska game. I regret not buying one then throwing it at his head. (Although I probably would have been heckled relentlessly and possibly arrested so not really).
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    Just to add to my last post. Think about this. If a player leaves early, that can negatively affect the team maybe 1 to 2 years. If you get the right coach, that positively affects the team for many years down the road. I'll error on getting the right coach every time even if I lose a few players in doing so.
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    Yup - NOTHING to do with Trump. Nothing at all.
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    We already have the Mike Riley of college basketball...
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    I think it is unfair to speculate about him because Moos hasn’t made any announcements yet and back in the old days we would wait for the newspaper to tell us something. oops, wrong Miles
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    TM isn't responsible for the run imo.... hope the kids continue though. They are playing with fire and heart that we haven't seen for several weeks. The right coach would have been getting that out of them all along.
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    I have an idea. You can gather up all of those bottles. Put them in some boxes or maybe burlap sacks
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    A literal and factually based assessment is not an overreach. If he did what is alleged to have done, then that is truly a felony per the law itself. Then you take into account context, and he will likely plead to probation/diversion/misdemeanor/something minor and not serious. There's no overreach anywhere. Also, what exactly is an incarnation crisis? Too many deities embodying humans in California?
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    And in those good ol' days before the interwebs, if you overheard people at the local coffee shop or at the bar speculating about the future of the local coach, did you also harass them then about their opinions without providing any commentary of value yourself?
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    Geez...Still mad that you bought that authentic Greg Bell jersey at Husker Hounds?
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