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    This exactly. I was super excited for the Frost hire and still am so happy he's our head coach. The people who are turning on him already piss me off. It's like they want us to be stuck with a s#!tty football team for life. Our 2017 class had basically ONE solid contributor: Brenden Jaimes. That's it... ONE. We basically put sanctions on ourselves with how s#!tty that recruiting class was. It takes several years to rebuild a roster after missing so bad on half of a recruiting class let alone an ENTIRE recruiting class (plus Frosts first class is falling apart a bit with Washington, Hunt, and Legrone along with several transfers like Cam Jones but still not as bad as 2017). We are slowly building up. I expect to be a 7-8 win team after year 4 under Frost. It might take a few more years (3-4) ontop of that to get to be an uber competitive team because of the roster we have built to become a 10+ win team and in playoff conversations occasionally. I expect by year 8 we will be super competitive, even though I don't want to wait that long, it's what I have to accept instead of being excited for new head coaches just to get let down time and time again.
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    Maybe you never watched a Bo presser? Edit:. Sorry Swiv.. I get it now. Damn Wuhan virus
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    The guy who's charity was shut down and forced to pay $2M for misuse of funds. The guy who's "University" was shut down and forced to pay $25M in settlements for law suits related to illegal business practices. The guy who's hotels the Saudis always stay at when they're in town. The guy who has scammed his way out of taxes by manipulating the value of his units. The guy who has Russian mobster buy and live in his condos to launder money. The guy who has massive loans with Deutsche Bank, who oddly received similar amounts of money from the Russians... All verifiable facts. But this guy is interested in rooting out corruption...
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    What kind of question is that
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    Well considering it says specifically on the bottom of each page that it is NOT a verbatim transcript I know what I wouldn't call it.
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    Oh not me. I thought that was hilarious. I'm not at all shocked by the way people talk when they don't think they are being recorded. I say horrible things. I found most of his meltdowns to be entertaining. It also led to him losing his job but that's on him. Did you all know it is very possible to think Bo needed to be moved on from Nebraska and still be glad he got the LSU gig? I'm doing it right now. Look! No Hands! Super Easy!
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    This can't be? I mean...he yelled at players and refs and talked poorly about fans. Clearly this guys twitter account has been hacked. Sad really.
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    Dude we get it, you don’t like him. He sleep with your mom or something?
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    The bad first recruiting class was not because he stayed at UCF for the bowl game. The early signing period didn't help him, but even if it had been the typical signing day, it would have been similar. Almost all transition classes for all newly hired coaches end up looking pretty bad. There's just not enough time to look into the kids and develop relationships. There end up being a lot of reaches either on character or ability.
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    I expect for 2020 I'll have to abandon LSU as one of my favorite Non-Husker teams now that demonically possessed spitting mad Bo is there.
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    I never understood why partial qualifiers can’t come to school, study and get qualified before participating in a sport.
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    Shades of the guy from Katy, Texas checking in and raging at Bo Pelini for not playing Adam Taylor Kbccandyman or Kbccattyman...whatever his name was
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    There's a little more to it than that. They have to make progress in their core classes. They can't just pad their schedule with 100 level classes. Last summer a UMich academic counselor was on the radio talking about how she helps kids. She said it can be difficult for athletes to change majors because of the required progress with core requirements. Say you start as an civil engineer and you have the required core going into your junior year, it might be possible to change to EE or ChemE. Switching to journalism would be almost impossible and stay academically eligible. The engineering core doesn't overlap the j-school core enough to be able to meet the required core hours. So break the law, break school or team rules, or go against social norms and you can overcome your mistakes and play. Choose the wrong major and you're stuck. Just another instance of where the NCAA rules suck.
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    The other side says "free puppies"
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    And Sasse tows the party line. To disappoint. Again. He's really just as awful and disappointing as any garden variety Republican at this point. The growing extremism and culty vibe from the GOP ought to be enough for reasonable people to hit eject at this juncture. They must all be defeated. Every last one.
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    Will be visiting this weekend.
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    Not sure plummeting is accurate. Especially since that was just one opinion.
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    Well, this rules me out for ever running for office... My next door neighbor died a few years ago within an hour of talking to me. Both my grandparents are dead. My best friends dad died a couple years ago. My wife's aunt died last summer and her grandmother a few years ago. Hell, even my dog died last summer. I'm a monster!!!
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    admission of guilt over and over again and the senate is obstructing justice to protect him. the rules say they must be present at all times.
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    Just freed up a spot for Bo to come in as defensive QC. That’s what my pool guy said.
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    This would be a good pickup! https://footballscoop.com/news/sources-sean-snyder-strong-candidate-to-join-nebraska-staff/
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    This is where I'm at. I'll hope they play well. I'll hope they improve. I'll hope they win but no result will surprise me. If I had to guess at our record.... we'll win some and lose some. Hopefully more wins than losses but who knows.
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    I'm not sure why I bother to use words. Both posts went out of their way to explain that Bo could not and would not return to Nebraska given the mutual bridge burning. Merely saying that a coach with Bo Pelini's resume might look like a big name upgrade from Chinander if we lived in a magical place that erased select memories. It's a semi-relevant discussion, given that a lot of Husker fans would like to replace Chinander, and the candidate pool would likely include young up and comers as well as Pelinesque options -- veteran coaches returning to their comfort zone.
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    We wouldn’t want him back and he wouldn’t want to come here, regardless of the HC age. Bill belichek himself could be the HC and wouldn’t matter.
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    Basically us and Minnesota have made up a lot of ground and are probably the two favorites now.
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    I don't care WHO the f#&% is on this team come next season. They better get to a damn bowl game or else Frost is fired.
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    That shows how scared they are of testimony. All Mitt said is he wants to hear from Bolton and people are equating that with impeachment. They know Boltons testimony would destroy any Trump defense
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    He's just the worst...
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    Held gave him the finger! Haven’t seen his tape but I’ll trust a Held finger
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    QB (4) 1. Noah Vedral, rJr 2. Adrian Martinez, Jr 3. Luke McCaffrey, rFr 4. Logan Smothers, Fr RB (5) 5. Dedric Mills, rSr 6. Rhamir Johnson, rFr 7. Ronald Thompkins, rFr 8. Sevion Morrison, Fr 9. Marvin Scott, Fr WR (11) 10. JD Spielman, rSr 11. Omar Manning, rJr 12. Jaevon McQuitty, rJr 13. Wandale Robinson, So 14. Darien Chase, rFr 15. Demaryion Houston, rFr 16. Jamie Nance, rFr 17. Zavier Betts, Fr 18. Will Nixon, Fr 19. Marcus Fleming, Fr 20. Alante Brown, Fr TE (5) 21. Jack Stoll, rSr 22. Travis Vokoek, rJr 23. Austin Allen, rJr 24. Kurt Rafdal, rJr 25. Chris Hickman, rFr OT (9) 26. Christian Gaylord, rSr 27. Brendan Jaimes, Sr 28. Broc Bando, rJr 29. Brant Banks, rFr 30. Jimmy Fritzche, rFr 31. Bryce Benhart, rFr 32. Matthew Anderson, rFr 33. Alec Conn, Fr 34. Turner Corcoran, Fr OG (6) 35. Boe Wilson, rSr 36. Matt Farniok, rSr 37. Trent Hixson, rJr 38. Matt Sichterman, rJr 39. Michael Lynn, rFr 40. Ethan Piper, rFr OC (2) 41. Cameron Jurgens, rSo 42. Will Farniok, rSo NT (4) 43. Damion Daniels, rJr 44. Jordon Riley, rJr 45. Ty Robinson, rFr 46. Nash Hutmacher, Fr DE (9) 47. Ben Stille, rSr 48. Chris Walker, rJr 49. Deontre Thomas, rJr 50. Keem Green, rJr 51. Pheldarius Payne, Jr 52. Casey Rogers, rSo 53. Tate Wildeman, rSo 54. Mosai Newsom, rFr 55. Marquis Black, Fr ILB (7) 56. Collin Miller, rSr 57. Will Honas, rSr 58. Eteva Mauga-Clements, Jr 59. Nick Henrich, rFr 60. Jackson Hannah, rFr 61. Garrett Snodgrass, rFr 62. Keyshawn Greene, Fr OLB (8) 63. JoJo Domann, rSr 64. Caleb Tannor, Jr 65. Niko Cooper, rSo 66. David Alston, rSo 67. Garrett Nelson, So 68. Jamin Graham, rFr 69. Blaise Gunnarson, Fr 70. Jimari Butler, Fr CB (8) 71. DiCaprio Bootle, rSr 72. Cam Taylor-Britt, Jr 73. Braxton Clark, rSo 74. Quentin Newsome, So 75. Javin Wright, rFr 76. Ronald DeLancey, Fr 77. Tamon Lynum, Fr 78. Jaiden Francois, Fr S (5) 79. Marquel Dismuke, rSr 80. Deontai Williams, rJr 81. Noa Pola-Gates, rFr 82. Myles Farmer, rFr 83. Henry Gray, Fr K (1) 84. Barrett Pickering, rSo Plus Gifford in the fall Edit: removed Bradley
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    Verduzco was in CA this week and stopped to see AJ.
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    At what point can we call a poster "stupid" without it being a personal attack, but rather an accepted truth???
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    I have no problem hearing from the Bidens as long as Bolton, Mulvaney, Blair and Pompeo also testify. Let’s get all the facts out there for all to see. Trump should testify too, but it would never happen.
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    McQuitty Butler Bradley Sichterman Rafdal
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    Most corrupt president in my lifetime, by far.
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    AJ Epenesa was not hand crafted. Wirfs was also a beast coming out of HS. Some guys they develop, some are pretty talented players.
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