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    Probably one in here somewhere
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    Don't like it but will support the team.
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    Will be here this weekend on another unofficial.
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    Please vote out every single one of these anti-science douchebags.
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    The Fighting Bolts sounds way better than the Fighting Erstads.
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    ‘It just felt right’: OT Turner Corcoran picked Nebraska over Oklahoma, others because of personal touch
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    minus any expenses incurred from having to find a new place to stay.
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    Does PayPay have a "Go f#&% Yourself Button"???
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    You're a Husker fan who appeared on the board and has used each and every one of his 7 posts to comment on Wisconsin and their success....
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    I think I missed CJ Smith......
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    It's a fun bar. Come on, everyone. I have a van with tinted windows. Just push aside the rope and duct tape and we can all fit.
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    This is Thailand's best team - not the point. This is the world's highest level of competition in this sport - not the point. There were no penalties administered for excessive celebration - not the point. The Americans were living out their childhood dreams of scoring in the World Cup - not the point. Teams throughout the recorded history of sports celebrate scores - not the point. I am all ears - what is "the point?"
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    we have gone from "no collusion' to "i will collude again"
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    So Thailand, who made it to the World Cup, through qualifying rounds and friendlies, is analogous to a D2 school playing a money game in early September. Not seeing that. Your better analogy would be 1995 Nebraska trouncing Florida, up by several touchdowns, and Christian Peter dances into the end zone on a fumble recovery. All of Nebraska celebrated with him (even though the TD was called back). Now we're supposed to be upset that these players celebrated too much after fulfilling a lifelong dream? I'm more upset Thailand didn't play better. What they put on the pitch was more offensive to the sport than anything the Americans did.
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    Cant decide if this is a pathetic attempt at a cya or a sad attempt to be funny.
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    I didn't have to infer anything. Go back and read what comes before "Oh, women's world cup?"
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    Something about treasure and trash comes to mind. Good luck to him at OSU, kid was asked to step up a year before he was ready, but never was consistent enough. Comedic how these kids end up at OSU as if it’s a homeless shelter for Riley transfers
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    This whole thing is a big ol' nothingburger
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    Here's the deal on this with me. I honestly don't have that much of a problem with a foreign country's intelligence community coming to a candidate with information on an opponent......as long as the information wasn't gathered by breaking US laws. The fact that Russia contacted Trump's campaign with information isn't the bad thing. The bad thing is that when Trump's campaign found out what it was and that it was gathered by illegally hacking into Hillary's computers....THEN....Trump supported them leaking the documents and did everything he could to prevent an investigation into it. THAT is what I have a huge problem with. Russia did something illegal in the US. Trump supports them doing that illegal act because it benefited him personally.
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