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    Then this is just irresponsible journalism. He wrote a head line that makes it sound like the support for Frost is waning and stuck it behind a pay wall.
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    Then it would cost more than $5. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    I keep going back to the O line on this issue. I think it was Frost that said after the game that it's very disappointing to see our O line get pushed around like they did. He claims he saw them push iron in the weight room. It's not a strength issue. I believe him on that. So, that leaves technique or effort. Right now, I have to believe it's effort and the lack of effort is leading to bad technique. You have to go up to the line with the attitude you are going to kick the guy's a$$ across from you every play. I'm not seeing that. Now, obviously this doesn't apply to trying to block someone like Young from OSU. There hasn't been anyone that's been able to block him all year. But, when you see a guard get totally pancaked in a bull rush where he didn't hardly even slow down the defender......that's lack of effort that leads to lack of technique. I think this is what Frost is trying to get to by saying this to the team.
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    It really is unbelievable how bad this line in. Cam is the best blocker on the line and right now I don't think it's close. I thought our tackles were bad, but after last game it is definitely the guards. Hixson should not see the field unless we are up 4 scores. It is really sobering that Foster and Farmer, who many and myself have criticized numerous times were much better than what we are seeing today. Austin needs to shuffle some things up in this bye week or we are gonna be in for another long game against an Indiana team who looks much improved. Jaimes- Wilson- Jurgens- M. Farniok- Benhart
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    I bet you’re super fun at parties.
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    I know he says "don't yell at them" but I don't think he means don't raise your voice at them, because he clearly did that today. He means don't criticize them without teaching and coaching them to be better. Which is strong leadership. You don't berate people to get them to perform better, you let them know what they did wrong and how to fix it.
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    A chance to equal all our strife
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    In the battles we go through in life
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    They are recruiting Florida and Georgia because those are kids who play football as a means to end. No one is talking about our 5* because we don’t have any and of our 4*s, in spite of his struggles AM, and Wan’Dale are legit and we need more of them. You’re right, development is crucial but you’re telling us that 1.5 years into his tenure that development and culture is going to already be established after 7 years of Pelini promising playing time and not having true competition? 3 years of no accountability under Riley? 17 of 22 starters with 1 year or less D1 experience heading into the season and no seniors on offense. Hate Frost all you wish, Campbell is a great coach and many wanted him if it wasn’t Frost, but people need to chill the heck out because this isn’t a quick 1-3 season pad your resume for 3-4 mediocre seasons before moving on to a bigger job or getting fired, instead he’s establishing a program for beyond his tenure.
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    I think the announcers felt sorry for Nebraska. Like, honestly deep down sorry. They also didn't understand why the defense was out of position so often, and visibly giving up on plays still in progress. We can talk about the OL all we want, but this team is unfocused in all phases of the game. My friends who root for other teams have teased me over the years when Nebraska loses. They've stopped teasing. They feel sorry for Nebraska, too, because we've veered into the pathetic. I would say this is the bottom, but it's easy to see some more really bad games coming down the road.
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    19 games in and we are ready to force staff changes, kill recruiting, and upset Frost. K.
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    Guess where these go. Fleck hitting the next level.
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    There's no good reason from American Security standings to do anything like what Trump is doing in Syria. This furthers the aims of tyrants, Erdogan and Putin. And Trump is their little fanboy trying to emulate them. Don't believe me. Believe one of our boys on the ground over there. This is F'ing tragic. How the F do you support this guy?!?! The Kurds are sticking by us. And Trump is abandoning them. Is this what an honorable country does to its allies? Is this the action of an honorable man, or the kind of man who got out of service in Vietnam because of "bone spurs?" What are you actually supporting? What kind of America do you want?
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    Good luck to the Huskers the rest of this season, my hoops season starts this week so I am in the gym for 5 months! I hope Hoiberg has a great season as well...... and Dvdcrr, I do well for myself for not being able to read or write.
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    Also the best high school lineman are going to mostly play tackle. It's the harder position to find guys for, and in high school you can get away with tackles who don't have the size to play tackle in college. Doesn't mean they can't be great guards.
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    I would take it as, "we need to stop focusing on who knows how much of the playbook, and start focusing on who can tackle, block, catch, and run". Reset the depth chart, baby!
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    LeBron, Steve Kerr, and the NBA have lost all credibility with this China thing. When money talks, these freedoms fighters toe the line....
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    I thought that game was Cam's best. He cleaned up his snaps and he held his own in blocking. I feel like I remember on more than one occasion defenders crashing on Vedral and Cam holding his own against their DT at the original line of scrimmage.
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    Just posting a little national news involving our Huskers. Reiterating what a lot of folks have been saying on this board....
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    I'll bet it starts with C-A and ends in S-H.
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    Doubling down on the hot take that wasn't very good. Nice
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    How was Fleck’s head so dry through the game? Was it just wax? Does he spray water repellent on it? So many questions.
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    The reason you've been accused of having Republican sensitivities is because of things like this. It seems you're willing to bend over backwards to use logic sympathetic to Trump and the GOP, while heavily criticizing the Democratic establishment. I firmly disagree about the Democrats being as pressing a problem as Trump's GOP. I just don't get that logic. The former is clearly the lesser of two evils right now. Not that I'm all that invested in defending the Democratic establishment - but it's clear to me they're at worst generally just incompetent while the GOP is malicious. It's fine to dislike the Dems. They deserve criticism when it's due. I just think we should render the same unto the GOP when it's due as well.
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    Even Johnny Rodgers thinks Rudy is trying to live off his college days way too much, and Rudy didn't even accomplish anything. Joe Montana doesn't have great things to say about Rudy. Is it a great movie just because it's a football movie? I don't think the movie is very good. It makes me want to punch Rudy in the face.
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    I get what your saying. I know for myself- I am just tired of all the excuses and over analysis of why it isnt as bad as it looks when you watch it. It is bad, it is pathetic to watch- now lets not be afraid to say it out loud- it doesnt mean your not a Frost supporter it just means your calling it what it is, UGLY AS s#!t. At the end of the day it is wins and losses and looking the way you should on the field. A disciplined, well coached football team. The defense has progressed this year and the offense has regressed this year. Special teams has regressed as well. So as a whole team we have regressed. We have played one hell of an easy schedule so far minus ohio state and that was a 41 point loss. I dont care to compare the first half of this year to the first half of last year. I think the first half of this year should be compared to the second half of last year. We should be progressing and building on the foundation set last year. Not comparing to the first 6 games of a new coaching staff. Lets just see how the season ends. But the week to week competition is taking a big step up from the first half of the season- so brace for 2-4 or 3-3. Unless they find a way to switch the magical switch they had last year. I have seen some guys on here make claims that our offense has just regressed because we lost 2 lineman and our RB and WR. I know they were fine players but lets be real for a minute. Did any of those 4 players get drafted? Ok so the loss of those 4 guys can not be the sole cause for our offense to go from a top 15 squad to pathetic. I just dont buy it. Martinez is 1 year older, we didnt have wandale last year so we have other things going for us this year too. Also playing Jurgens is a choice on the staff. 6 games in and the snaps are still ridiculous. I am a die hard Husker fan, I watch every game till the last second ticks off the clock. Even the games we lost by 70 points as painful as it was to watch. I believe Frost is the right coach for us and he will get us back to competing for National Championships. Yes you read that right. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS. But right now there is some things I just dont understand what they are doing and why some guys are worse than last year.
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    Have you seen how long the tunnel walk is? I'm not even sure I could make that walk without a break!
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    Minnesota allows 3.75 sacks per game, good for 123rd in the country.
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    What happens when a stoppable force meets a movable object
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    It is sold out if all the tickets are sold hence the phrase sellout streak.
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    I honestly see no WR development and haven’t been impressed by any of Walters recruits besides Wan’Dale who was mostly a Held and Frost recruit. He was gifted with Morgan and JD and losing one shows the flaws, imagine if JD is gone next year. Walters and Dewitt need to be the first on the hot seat. I would be thrilled to not see them next year on the sidelines.
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    Oops. Parody really is indistinguishable from real life at this point.
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    We didn't need to go to war with Turkey. We just needed to tell them they can't under any circumstances do what they're doing right now.
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    f#&% this s#!t, I am out of here. Moderators - Please cancel my account.
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    When we play Wisconsin, if Chinander has 2 high safeties 20 yards from the LOS, he needs to be gone. Before the end of the game. That's just surrendering and flat out embarrassing for a D1 coordinator. Taylor will eclipse Gordon's 408 for sure. I was impressed that he went with a 4 front after the Gophers gashed us for a quarter and a half, but he kept going away from it, and they would gash us every time. If we were really serious about pulling out all the stops, no fear of failure, we'd run a 4-4 or true 5 front and focus all our effort on stopping Taylor. Play man outside, damn the torpedoes and big-boy ball at the LOS. It's about PRIDE and not letting ANYONE step on our field and run all over us. Have some damn PRIDE, Scott!
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    Bunch could've run for a first down twice but chose a wild pass to nobody instead. Vedral was nothing to write home about either. Martinez has not been impressive this year either....tons of freshman awards...ranked in the 60's now. Do we really have to choose which aspect of the offense is worse?
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    You are correct. Frost said in post-game that we have two quarterbacks "nicked up."
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    Run off the field, run off the field....Frost to the ST guys. I hope this game humbles him to the core and he realizes fluffy finesse wont work at NU or the B1G. Recruit the kids you can get to play nasty on both sides and run a power based O.
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    Which half? Before half time of the games or after?
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    Capo says crucify him from his overly tall horse.
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    Sucks to see Huskerboard become an ad ridden mess. I've been a member here forever, but these ads are unbearable. /r/huskers is about to get wayyy more traffic.
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    I just have to roll my eyes at this conversation. Over the Riley years (and possibly more) I read posts where fans were upset that the players would show no emotion on the sidelines and didn't act like they were into the game. They then go out and win a hard fought (albeit sloppy) game with a third string walk-on and some fans say...."They should act like they've been there before or it proves their expectations have dropped so far". I would love to see the players celebrating just like that after every single one of our remaining games.
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    It's two years. Two more years. Same thing I was told about a week before kickoff that we are still 2yrs away.
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    Going into this a bit further: Pickering was 14 or 18 (78%) in 2018. Yes, he struggled a bit early, but his overall year was very good for a true frosh kicker. For comparison, Kris Brown was only 12 of 19 in 96 and 14 of 21 in 98. Drew Brown was 14 of 21 and 21 of 27 his first 2 years, before hitting 86% his last 2 seasons. Only Alex Henery was nearly "automatic" during all 4 years at NU, and I believe he set the NCAA record for FG accuracy in a career.
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