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  1. Krystal Ball is actually pretty progressive...like Bernie. However, she does call out anyone on this progressive side who does stupid stuff and praises them when they do smart stuff. She recently had a segment where she praised Warren. So, I don't consider her to be completely unhinged and to the point of not making sense and just spewing forth stuff without thought or evidence.
  2. @teachercd and @Moiraine Did you guys miss the part where WaPo backtracked? One of the sources now says that Bernie didn't say a woman couldn't win. Affirming trump to be a misogynist pig surely isn't the same as saying a woman can't win.
  3. Interesting. Seems that he might have said one thing but Warren heard something else.
  4. Pete B is the best candidate for you. There is no 'clear' best candidate for Democrats because there is no clear criteria for Democratic ideas.
  5. Excellent comment. Lots of sound evidence to support your claim. Stellar info for our discussion.
  6. He said, she said. It either was said or wasn't. You're speaking with me on this like it's a fact he said it. Kind of like CNN at the debate: I base my belief on whether it was said by 40 years of Sanders saying the opposite. I base my belief on Warren making up her ethnicity and being the beneficiary of affirmative action throughout her career. I think my belief that it was not said is based more on actual tangible evidence than the opposite belief would be.
  7. But it does. The claim wasn't that he said "the voters aren't ready to elect a woman" The claim is that he "didn't think a woman could win" which actually is completely different. The onus isn't on the voter...it's with the candidate and the sex of the candidate is the reason. IF it were 'the voters aren't ready' then it wouldn't be nearly as controversial. Remember, Bernie campaigned at over 39 events in 2016 for Hillary...I'm sure he did this because he thought she couldn't win. He saw that she won the popular vote...thus I'm sure he probably naturally thinks that a woman couldn't win right? What you're asking me to believe is that he went against this logic above and flat out stated that a woman couldn't win? Makes about as much sense as an elevator in an outhouse.
  8. Assuming it is a true conversation that actually happened...otherwise, it is an outright lie by Warren. And of course, we have no proof it did...and goes against everything Bernie has EVER said or done in his entire lengthy career.
  9. I don't think he said anything at all. I think she's lying. He's been saying a woman can be president since the 1980's. Why would he say that a woman can't be president the VERY EVENING she told him she was running...especially when he only ran in 2016 because he asked her to run and she wouldn't! Makes zero sense that Bernie would suddenly reverse his course of 30+ years of saying a woman can be president to tell Warren she can't.
  10. But I thought Trump was a stable Genius? Surely he remembers a man he's had dealings with, phone calls with, referred to on a first name basis, and had his picture taken with. Surely right?
  11. Replies like yours 'that he won the heisman' bring NOTHING to the discussion. The replies here at best are fishing and trolling and it's pure stupidity to keep making these comments.
  12. https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/01/time-bernie-sanders-became-honorary-woman/ Yeah I totally bet he reversed course 30 years later for no reason just to tell ewarren that a woman couldn't win. Totally makes sense.
  13. Mods, can we lock this stupid thread? The replies bring nothing to the discussion and are pointless.
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