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  1. You guys remember when Gary Anderson went 19-7 with a championship game appearance at Wisconsin and then couldn't get it done at Oregon State going 7-23? Yeah, I think coaching matters...but where you coach also matters quite a bit.
  2. You are insisting you are right in spite of evidence plain for all to see in the games and in spite of the decisions the coaches have made.
  3. You are questioning coaches decisions based on a single comment. You continue to insist you are correct with a limited data set...no comparative data, nothing. You're complaining about existing players and giving small data sets of examples and generalizing their entire playing time with it. And in doing all of these things, you are insisting you know more than coaches who see the WR every day while trashing the players we have (GREAT look btw...trashing kids is really fantastic). All based on "Hickman is our best perimeter blocker" comment from Frost.
  4. You're saying you know better than an entire team of coaches how to handle Hickman? And you're saying you know better than all the coaches who see him blocking and route running that he's better than everything we got at all facets of WR position? I think you are creating a narrative based on one comment from Frost. I still think you should stop.
  5. Yep, I've watched him miss AND I've watched him succeed in blocking people and do a great job. In fact, I'm not the only one that noticed. Scott Frost also said he did a good job: https://www.theindependent.com/sports/college/huskers_hq/frost-looking-for-more-consistent-offense/article_a4428db2-d4eb-11e9-a177-7f8d79199b54.html SO, which is it? Should I believe someone on an internet board that Noa can't block and sucks and believe this NARRATIVE you are so adamant about spinning? Or should I trust in our coaches who see him every day and review film and KNOW what he brings to the table. Sorry mate, you lose. I trust our coaches. Stop this moronic tirade where you talk crap about our players and create narratives that are false in order to shade them. It's not cool.
  6. If they start, then they block just fine. Otherwise 'no block, no rock' would have them on the bench. Maybe the guy you want to start doesn't know the playbook or runs poor routes. YOU HAVE NO IDEA why. Stop making crap up. Stop trying to create a controversy when there isn't one.
  7. You didn't answer the question. Probably because it would derail what you said. Is being a good blocker the only thing that makes a good receiver? I'll answer it for you. NO Stop insisting that it does.
  8. is blocking the only thing receivers do? Is blocking the only thing they are rated on to see the field? I think you're a bit short sighted here. You're making a false equivalency of good at blocking = best players.
  9. We should change the title of this thread to "Fan complaints/Armchair Coaches Venting thread"
  10. Pretty sure this was said last year. Burrow had very little stats then so he'd be right in saying it.
  11. It's not just him looking at your response that way. It's a lot of us.
  12. *you're Other programs haven't lost 40% of their scholarship players since 2015. It's really simple.
  13. I dunno, you seem to be internet coaching when you state our captains aren't talented enough. I doubt Frost would keep them in if there was better talent behind them.
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