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  1. Ohio State - L Wisconsin - L Northwestern - L Penn St. - L Illinois - W Iowa - L Purdue - L Minnesota - L I know I'm late to the prediction thread but I only see us winning one game the rest of the year.
  2. I'd have to say Sevion Morrison is right there in that same realm...however, he only just arrived. Afterall, you don't go around breaking Spencer Tillman's record because you're a poor RB. And if you're a 0.8939 4 star composite...I'd say you must be a pretty good RB.
  3. That's why the Navy switched to powdered soap...takes longer to pick up. (obligatory since I was in the Chair Force)
  4. Leave the cops with their blue line flag out of this. Facts are able to be proven...yours aren't.
  5. Pretty certain our defense takes a step forward...so I'm not expecting a blow out. It's the offense I'm worried about most...but the best part about that is the offensive line has another year of experience behind them...so I expect them to be improved. Hopefully, that gives Martinez time to find young receivers. If we get even one of them stepping up and our run game works like it did against Wisconsin last year...we'll be competitive. That's what I expect.
  6. You are so brainwashed dude. I pity you so much. I used to be you when I voted for Trump in 2016.
  7. What's a sport coach and what can I do to get one so I can wear it?
  8. It's actually comma - la. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/12/politics/kamala-harris-pronunciation/index.html
  9. What I want to be is surprised. I want to have the team play and have some breakout performers surprise the hell out of me. One or two on defense or one or two on offense...preferably, one at least on each side. A breakout performer can totally change a game...single handed sometimes. Go look at Purdue's upset of the Ohio State and Rondale Moore for an example. I want to see that happen. It's been a long time since we saw something like this.
  10. Not sure why you quoted me...I was calling out someone who was chastising a student for posing for a picture.
  11. Less poor posts assuming insider knowledge of a players mindset...more quality posts that don't do that.
  12. 2nd level of inception for snarky comments isn't good...you hit 3rd level, no spinning tops are going to get you out.
  13. Please, grant us your wisdom and continue to talk down to anyone with a contrary opinion.
  14. Opinions vary. Regardless, Tommy's sophomore year was very comparable and exceeded in certain areas to Adrian. That means @KingBlank 's original statement has merit. Disagreement with it should be evidence based instead of just snarky disagreement with no substance. So, I'm more in agreement with his statement than disagreement with it based on the stats/evidence.
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