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  1. No. Just No. Touching someone in any way they don't want to be touched is WRONG. Don't defend it.
  2. What I was referring to was people running from one state to another fleeing like refugees. Evidently, that wasn't conveyed if you didn't read the article.
  3. Interesting enough that Warren took Bloomberg to task on all his sexual harassment and assault cases brought against him...but she's absent when Biden gets brought up on them. She had the same proof for both Biden and Bloomberg. In the debate she roasted Bloomberg alive. Wonder why she's staying mum on Biden now? (actually, I don't wonder).
  4. Touching someone in a sexual manner is sexual assault..no matter what. If you want someone who touched 8 women in a sexual manner to be your guy, it says a lot about you as a person. And that's only if the allegations she has of rape aren't true.
  5. This is crazy! I can't believe this stuff is happening in my lifetime.
  6. definitely. We know women with no power NEVER fear men in power with tons of money....especially when she told the full story to family and friends in 1993 and they corroborated for the intercept that her podcast interview was what she told them then. Totally makes sense that someone who is raped needs to have perfect recall, perfect testimony, and never change a story due to trauma...because, obviously, trauma of sexual assault and rape doesn't exist and they should be perfect.
  7. Can you tell me the degrees of sexual assault or harassment that make things OK? Like, is there a 1st degree sexual harassment and 2nd degree? I want to know so I can make sure Biden isn't TOO guilty so I can make sure I forgive myself for supporting him later. Because a story about inappropriate touching that becomes fingering someone isn't a far stretch...but evidently, it's night and day for you...so I want your standard in print so we can discuss the intricacies of sexual harassment and assault and be on the same page.
  8. I think you need to stop thinking that 8 women bringing accounts of misconduct against a person is normal...because that's what would have to be true if you think we both know better.
  9. She reported it in 1993 when it happened. She tried to get it out again when Biden was running...no one would run the story. Now that Biden is the frontrunner, someone finally started listening (the intercept) Another earlier article here from back in January when no one cared because Biden wasn't a front runner: https://medium.com/@AlexandraTaraReade/powerful-men-and-the-women-they-choose-to-destroy-2f471fa1b2b2
  10. Totally agree that caring about peoples health and well being is CRAZY for a politician.
  11. Can't do that...it means Bernie was right and....#socialism (being sarcastic here but hey, I'll be a Bernie supporter until the end of time now...he is an inspiration)
  12. She's been trying to get the story out for YEARS. No one would report on it. That's part of the story if you would read or listen.
  13. It matters with whether they COVER if Biden did. News is news...it is either covered or it isn't by the media. In this case, whether Bernie said remarks about a woman winning president is more interesting to the media than if Biden raped one.
  14. Good point. I'll edit. You guys remember when Sanders said "a woman couldn't win?"* and the media lost their s#!t? * if true...except the media didn't care...they went on for weeks and framed it like it WAS true. Think Biden is getting the same shake?
  15. https://www.wate.com/news/local-news/knox-county-mayor-recent-suicide-rate-shocking/ Suicides due to Covid19 are starting to move up in some areas. People seem to be losing a bit of hope in hard impacted areas.
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