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  1. BlitzFirst

    The Running Back Room

    Huge lift for our RB room.
  2. BlitzFirst

    Re-bump Scott Frost Mega Thread

    Unfortunately, it is rare to find athletes that compete as hard as possible all the time anymore. There are a lot of "me first" attitudes out there. There has ALWAYS been "me first" attitudes. I saw it on the football field in college as well back in the mid nineties. The difference is willingness to work hard toward a goal (work ethic) and attention span. It's the video game generation...and not that Final Fantasy VII video game generation where it takes you weeks upon weeks of gameplay to beat the game. Kids began to expect to be able to have easy modes and beat the game in a day. Attention spans dwindled sometime during this time frame. That carries over into every facet of their lives. I have a 21 year old son. His attention span is tiny and he expects things to be quite simple all the time. The only saving grace he had was that I conditioned him to understand what hard work can get you. He's lucky he got that because not everyone does. tl:dr I don't think 'me first' has ever NOT existed on the football field. There has always been players that put their own ability and their own performance ahead of the team. I just think kids attention spans and work ethic has changed as evident in the way video games have shifted through the last 20 years.
  3. BlitzFirst

    **Opponent Preview - Arizona State** Games 49-51

    you can't spell erstad without LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
  4. BlitzFirst

    2019 Basketball Recruiting Notes

    I thought we only wanted 6'8" to 7'0" playas!?!?!?!?
  5. BlitzFirst

    Huskers in 2019....

    This thread just got Toe Up.
  6. BlitzFirst

    Huskers in 2019....

    You may be right, but you're definitely biased. We'd need more data in a P5 conference before we crown Frost the next big thing. He's done well in other places but it's not a p5 conf no matter how anyone spins it.
  7. BlitzFirst

    *Opponent Preview - Northwestern** Games 46-48

    Erstad is the Mike Riley of baseball.
  8. BlitzFirst

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    That's @Notre Dame Joe 's Kind of American!!!! It's the kind of American I wanted when I fought over in Kuwait and Iraq! Ones that sell out other Americans to Russia! Wait a second...that isn't what I actually want and it shouldn't be what anyone else wants either. WTF is wrong with people who want that?
  9. BlitzFirst

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Keep telling yourself that. Maybe it will come true.
  10. BlitzFirst

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    How do you and @MNBigRedNorth breath with your head so far in the sand? I'm an ex-Trump supporter who had his head in the sand for quite a long time and even I can see this for what it is.
  11. BlitzFirst

    2019 Spring Game - April 13 @ 1:00 CDT on BTN

    I'm 100% positive the coaches have no idea what they're doing with respect to center and won't have all the kinks worked out by the first game. We should talk about this more to make sure they know it's important or they'll never know.
  12. BlitzFirst

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Yep, I always research facts that are peer reviewed and I find sources both for and against the argument. Then I make up mind using logic. It's how I always come to rational decisions and don't believe every random thing I read on the internet. Fact checking will keep you out of all the trouble in the world if you're not too lazy to do it ya know?
  13. BlitzFirst

    2019 Spring Game - April 13 @ 1:00 CDT on BTN

    I did not understand the Top 40 either. #hiphophogwash
  14. BlitzFirst

    RB/WR Miles Jones [Nebraska- Signed LOI]

    Great watch Can't wait to see what he does at Nebraska...super excited to see him ball out.
  15. BlitzFirst

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    So you want me to believe Tom White (the author of this) over a website that is a not for profit made up of numerous journalists (who started it in a Republican state of Florida) who research FACTS and publish their findings. Sorry buddy, just because Tom White says it's slanted left doesn't make it so. Interestingly enough, he links to an article that gives supposed proof that is no longer available which is dubious anyway. You might want to check your sources for what you believe...remember that anyone can create a page on the internet and claim anything. In fact, if I were to look at two other political figures on the other side of the aisle (Hilary and Obama) I find that they hold them to the same standard...they tell the people when they lie and they tell the people when they don't fulfill their promises; Obama Profile with plenty of his lying: https://www.politifact.com/personalities/barack-obama/ Hillary Clinton Profile with plenty of her lyging: https://www.politifact.com/personalities/hillary-clinton/ Above interactive chart can be found here: https://infogram.com/1pe62y09k2qkkkump277ep2yvrbl3w9wr12 So here's the deal...Obama made more promises which is why in that chart his bars are higher. This means that around 35 of the 506 promises that Obama made were broken. We look at Trump and ONLY 18 of the 105 he made were broken!! And you're claiming they are false and leftist and don't know what they're talking about? Show me some kind of proof other than some neckbeard named Tom White who claims a bunch of things and links to a defunct website as his 'proof'.