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  1. FrankWheeler

    McGriff Leaves Program

    I don't think reaching 85 will be a problem, with the current roster and committed recruits they are at 82.
  2. Hawaiian monk seals keep getting eels stuck up their noses.

    1. Thanks_Tom RR
    2. Huskerzoo


      That's both adorable and sad. 

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Adorable? It’s an eel in the nose. That’s gross.

  3. And bye the way, I thought it was a foul on Roby.
  4. Looks like the ball would have went forward no matter if there was contact with the other player or not...
  5. Thought it was earlier than that but I couldn't find a play-by-play. Was trying to go off of comments on an article. Thanks Mav. Got me before I edited!
  6. Threw the ball to the side after a fast break basket. It was about 4 minutes left, could be wrong but it was Huskers up by 3 at that point, maybe? Edit: I'm a mess...
  7. Ok. Not that it makes any difference in this situation but for conversations sake. Hypothetical, if he leaves his arm at his side - still an offensive foul or a block?
  8. I respectfully disagree, but I also have blinders for Nebraska and hate this type of defense. (I got called for way too many charges in high school by floppers! ) Even with slowing it down I don't see how that's an offensive foul, he put no strength behind his 'chicken wing push', as it's been described in the comments to the tweet. The official that made the call didn't have this view anyways. GBR!
  9. It was perhaps too late when it happened, but the last charge on Palmer was a ridiculous call. Coffey was in a terrible position, about to be beat on a drive, and got bailed out by flopping. It seemed like the team lost the game when Copeland got T'ed up, they played like garbage after that happened.
  10. FrankWheeler

    The Republican Utopia

    A lot of the people I know in rural America tell me that Republicans are going to bring back 'jobs' to their areas. These people clearly don't understand the current economic climate. They consistently vote against their best interest and would be much better off if spending on social programs were increased. They complain about the cost of healthcare and lack of opportunities where they are, but vote for people who cut these same programs. I have the belief that it is both ignorance and social/cultural.
  11. FrankWheeler

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    Found him!
  12. FrankWheeler

    Guy Thomas gone

    Did you print it out?
  13. FrankWheeler

    The Republican Utopia

    Duolingo on the 1,000 mile walk?
  14. FrankWheeler

    The Republican Utopia

    How are people confirming that Hispanic immigrants aren't 'making an effort' to learn English? That seems like a baseless argument.
  15. FrankWheeler

    The Angry Violent Left

    Trump called Obama the 'founder of ISIS'