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  1. Not sure if you are agreeing with them about your bad news sources or trying to criticize?
  2. If anybody else lives in the Chicago area, wow so much great beer right now.
  3. I was really digging this post and then overtime happened. Did they change all of the rules for the game? Doesn’t OT have each team start with the ball on the opponents 25? 3rd and 12 and they get a first down at the 42? How did this happen? Why are they killing the snap when there is no running clock in OT? We need more details!
  4. If this is true and such a big deal, why aren't people in Uganda protesting it?
  5. I'm not sure you do get it. What are they going to be protesting? The administration's policy on using a different test? It was stated in the article that the administration could have been using the World Health Organization (WHO) test this whole time but have chosen not to. It's not because of a lack of available tests, there are tests available from WHO to use. The administration won't do it.
  6. Weren't you complaining about videos in another thread?
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