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  1. If this is true and such a big deal, why aren't people in Uganda protesting it?
  2. I'm not sure you do get it. What are they going to be protesting? The administration's policy on using a different test? It was stated in the article that the administration could have been using the World Health Organization (WHO) test this whole time but have chosen not to. It's not because of a lack of available tests, there are tests available from WHO to use. The administration won't do it.
  3. Weren't you complaining about videos in another thread?
  4. I went back through and read the last few pages again, who is fiercely defending Bernie's worker shareholder plan? Here are comments from some people who seem to be supporting Sanders. and and and
  5. Good point, lots of focus on one policy that will never pass through congress.
  6. It's actually pretty hard and rare...The percentage of firms to achieve sales of $100 million or more has remained pretty much the same since 1980, at 0.04% (that's 4 hundredths of one percent). (Of course that is counting all businesses that start up, which some posters say you can't do...?) According to IRS stats from 2013, out of 5,887,804 corporations only 18,504 had receipts over $100 million (0.3%). But I believe in you!
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