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                I wake at 8:30 am. My personal trainer, Will, brings me 4 eggs, scrambled, and either two rashers of bacon or a sausage with a plate of raw spinach, a cup of black coffee and chilled San Pellegrino or Perrier. I have not drunk tap water since 2005.

                My figure has improved dramatically from a year ago. I have started to look excellent in clothes. Though I have lost five inches off my waist in the last six months and over fifty pounds, I still have my bubble butt. Often I will remove my pajamas and examine myself for a few minutes in the mirror, appreciating the subtle curves of my upper body and the more obvious shapes of my lower body.

                Push-ups and curls are making my arms bigger. Every other day I do military presses to ensure my shoulders and back grow in proportion to my biceps. It’s important not to exercise just one muscle group if you want an attractive physique. I burn between 400 and 600 calories a day on the treadmill walking for 45 minutes at an incline of 13.5 degrees. I walk instead of running because I am usually in the Eastern time zone and I often take calls with my European staff early in the morning.

                Will stands on my feet and we do crunches. I don’t really need him to stand on my feet any more but I enjoy human contact. It is not sexual. Now my body fat percentage is dropping, my abs are starting to come through. I can imagine finding myself attractive in a nightclub or bed.

                In the shower I use a menthol and eucalyptus foaming gel, because I like to start my day feeling fresh and alert. I wash my body carefully and thoroughly. Because soap can be drying, I apply body butter or Kiehl’s moisturizing cream to my arms, chest and back. I use La Mer hand lotion.

                I shave twice a week; I use a mid-priced green shave gel because I prefer to see the hair as I remove it. I use an aftershave with tea tree oil, even though I have never had a pimple.

                Every day I use La Prairie skin cream, which is expensive but the best I have found. Sometimes I apply it over a serum if I will be outside in low temperatures. I enjoy kissing my boyfriend often, so I ensure my lips are plump and soft with a mint or mango lip balm.

                I blow dry my hair enough to apply a moisturizing base texturizer followed by a harder wax, usually one from Aveda. I use softer finishing cream from the same brand to add shine and glossiness, and a new hairspray I found in a boutique salon in East London. It is called Bumble and Bumble and it holds the hair in place without residue.

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