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  1. Agree completely. It's been a wild and satisfying close to the 2020 class.
  2. I know it's popular to say that certain recruits are overrated when they commit elsewhere, but if I didn't know his ranking and just saw the tape I would never think he was a .93 composite. No expert by any means, but doesn't look that fast nor explosive. Butler and especially Greene look much more dynamic on film to me.
  3. Yeah I just looked and UCF has had 5 dudes drafted that played on Frost's undefeated team there. He definitely inherited some talent. And 4 of the 5 were drafted after the 2017 season, meaning UCF lost 4 NFL players and still were able to go unbeaten the following regular season with a new coach.
  4. It was also a little concerning to me when UCF didn't miss a beat the year following Frost.
  5. What's your point? UNLV, MSU, and Stanford all gained more yards and scored more points than we did against NW.
  6. Completely agree. At WR he's just a really good athlete that still needs to rely on the QB (who has some vision issues) to get him the ball. In the backfield I dare say he makes opposing D's feel the strain.
  7. He said that in year 2. Year 3 he said it was the best Nebraska practice he had seen, either staff. He was way off both years.
  8. I know nobody cares anymore since we have Frost, but Youngstown St. lost to a team with 0 scholarship players Saturday. Things worked out well for us in the end. 

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      Don't ya just miss him? NOT!!

    4. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Gotta love it. Bo still throwing the players and team under the bus for lack of preparation and lack of discipline. He doesn’t seem to understand (never has) that those things begin with him and are a direct result of his example.

  9. If we're going by recruiting rankings Michigan is far and away more talented than us. They have 20 guys since 2015 that were ranked .94 or better. We have 5. Eric Lee, L Jackson, Raridon, Tyjon, and AMart. Not only do they get way more 4 and 5 star players than us, they get higher caliber 4 star guys to go with it.
  10. Just curious why you say offense? He was ranked as a safety by 3/4 of the recruiting services. I don't think I ever watched his offensive highlights, what'd he play on that side of the ball?
  11. Stanford lost to SDSU this year while being out gained 353-254 and out first-downed 21-10. NIU lost to SDSU this year while out gaining SDSU 417-263 with a 22-10 first downs advantage (the difference was NIU threw a pick-6). So if NIU is a horrible loss for us, then what is Stanford losing to SDSU? Or perhaps both NIU and SDSU are pretty good football teams.
  12. But don't you hate statue QB's? I imagine that's exactly what you'd get from an NFL coach. You still high on Gary Anderson?
  13. Does Lee always turn to his left when handing the ball off? That third play in particular looked like if he turns to his right we at least hit for positive yardage. The play was very slow to develop by turning left. Is that by design football experts or did he turn the wrong way? (Same can be said for the 2nd play, but that looked to be more of by design to me?) Also it looks like play number two would have hit for a gain if the TE/WR at the top of the screen blocks it the same way he did in play number one. I can see no reason why he did what he did on the second play.
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