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  1. UNO had a 4 game series at Oregon get canceled for Covid pretty last min and they were able to schedule a quick 2 game series with the #22 Sooners and went 1-1 against them last weekend. The Mavs are currently up 7-5 against our old Missouri friends right now in game 2 of a 4 game series. They have Creighton next weekend and Kansas the weekend after that. Sounds fun! If there was any sport that lends itself to social distancing it is baseball/softball. It really is too bad the B1G hasn't adjusted even a little bit to make things more flexible and easier to do.
  2. Minnesota is on a 4 game losing streak and is also 0-8 in road games this season. They might have to win out in the regular season to have a shot at a bid at this point.
  3. I love following these twitter accounts that tweet google streetviews of different cities. This one has incredible dudes rock energy. Just some guys chilling in the alley with a hot rod in the garage.
  4. Deleted. Decided probably not the best reference to make considering the end of the scene.
  5. The giant guy on Purdue reminded me they played UMBC maybe opening day and his was on the court the same time as a guy that was like 5'2"
  6. As we get closer to getting our vaccines rolled though this summer I hope we commit even more help worldwide. Our role as global leader is generally good and should make Americans proud.
  7. While we are talking about schools and Covid I found this to be fascinating. Naperville a suburb of Chicago is actually giving back $10 million to taxpayers due to savings from the past year. To be fair Naperville is a rather wealthy community that likely had less hurdles than other lower income districts. https://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/naperville-sun/ct-nvs-naperville-203-tax-reimbursement-st-0122-20210121-gm2kpwam4jepbpzxksitwp5ugm-story.html
  8. There is essentially the CWS happening in Dallas this weekend. Rangers have a new dome so the cold wont matter, they pushed it a day later already, but it appears they are moving forward. It doesn't appear there was much scheduled in Texas this weekend outside of that. A good event in the Austin area the next weekend I would guess still goes on.
  9. What I honestly don't get about the Cruz thing beyond the obvious bad optics is even if he couldn't do anything substantial to help right away natural disasters are perfect photo ops for politicians! Shake a few hands, look all bundled up in a coat in the snow talking to an official, hand out water or blankets or something, hug someone looking distressed, boom easy ad for the next race. Cold view of the world, but I mean that has to be in the intro class to running for office. He did it in 2018 with Hurricane Harvey, so he has the playbook.
  10. Just astonishing behavior really.
  11. Good hands for Nebraska, but Maryland is also being incredibly lazy with the ball. Need to win games where the other team turns it over like this.
  12. Prepping myself to finish the next week of nonstop Husker hoops after watching this past week.
  13. The book and Emmy were both such Bush "Mission Accomplished" moments for me. Like guys we aren't done with this and your state has the 2nd highest death rate! Maybe just wait with the awards and lessons on leadership books until we actually figure out how to end this and see how the dust settles with the actions that were taken. The likely answer will be that pretty much everyone did a lot of things wrong.
  14. So was hiding Covid data a chapter in that self congratulatory book Cuomo wrote?
  15. Wiscy shot 32% from the field and 28% from 3 and Nebraska got smoked. That is pathetic.
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