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  1. NDSU schedule just popped up on my feed. Just realized I'm going to get to watch football this spring along with Nascar! Totally forgot there was football this spring!

  2. Well said Decoy. I'm an avid hunter and I'm overly cautious with storage and when it comes to my children and guns. But I also enjoy hunting and collecting of guns. I would suppose this goes into a lot of things where we all feel punished by some things because of lack of responsibility by others. Qbert was one of my favorite games as a youngster. But nah, it's a tiny little town in Nebraska lol.
  3. I guess I grew up in a community where a gun is used to hunt, which yes kill can be used, but not to harm another individual. It's an interesting discussion. One of my favorite ESPN takes was a friend of mine who played for the huskers discussing guns on espn with someone who grew up with a different view of guns. He played for the Chiefs and that segment happened shortly after the incident in KC.
  4. I asked this in a response, but if your car gets stolen b/c you left your keys in it and it is used in an incident where it kills someone else. Are you partially responsible? Full disclosure I may or may not have a munch of guns and maybe 80% are them are collectors and don't have firing pins. I hate getting into these things teach, but I couldn't help it here ha.
  5. What if you leave keys in a car and it gets stolen? Say it's used in an event that causes a fatality or another crime in some way. Do you hold the person who left their keys in the car partially responsible as well? I'll be 100% honest here, I'm hesitant to get into these discussions b/c I don't enjoy conflict, I ask for my own learning opportunity here and to gather other thoughts.
  6. My apologies for not finding the correct way to ask this, but the solution is to hold the person accountable that is being stolen from?
  7. Excellent pickup from the portal. Feeling a little better.
  8. Awesome love the announcement video!
  9. If I had a nickel for every time I've heard this story....
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