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  1. MT, wy and now schools here in ND just announced all schools closed for next 5 days.
  2. I'm not really sir. Thought about it though. I work for a business that warehouses it by bulk. So far we're good.
  3. Have 10 left for a house of 8. I'm just holding it until I get to work so we can conserve.
  4. Finally got through saving on mattresses, playing the lotto, joining Fandango, and a herpes ad. Is this still the spring presser thread?
  5. Great people. Im originally from the area, they have also done great things restoring an old hotel in town.
  6. Well Waldo said he was starting a 3 way, after that I stopped reading this thread.
  7. I will be the official uber/lyft coordinator for the university. Should be announced by Monday.
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