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  1. obert1

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    Atkinson West Holt. I remember watching him and Chris Peac$%k tear us up as a kid.
  2. obert1

    OG Josh Volk [Iowa Commit]

    Father name is ed I believe. Believe it was Dave and Cody volk from battle creek.
  3. Offers and commitments mean less each year.
  4. obert1


    Accord jesus car Missouri
  5. Ohs, count chocula, waffle something cerral, and golden crips. Go through week long phases where I crave some wheaties, crispex or frosted wheaties. Cereals from when I was a kid. From a bag, no box generic.
  6. Wow, great to see that N tag here. Yuge
  7. obert1

    Am I pulling for UCF?

    Think milt on broke his leg. Looked awful
  8. obert1

    *** Iowa Prediction Contest ***

    Nu 20 I o w a 17 Rush 168 Pass 237
  9. obert1

    *** Michigan State Prediction Contest ***

    Nebraska 35 Msu 31 Rush 209 Pass 301
  10. obert1

    *** Illinois Prediction Contest ***

    Huskers 45 Illinois 28 Air 301 Land 237
  11. Feel OK about corner, safety is a concern. What happened to Dismuke
  12. obert1

    What did we learn: Ohio State

    If Jo Jo can stay healthy. .look out