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  1. Loved that year, so many good huskers from my area. Billy L, Uhlir, etc. And #10 qb who ends up a great recruiter.
  2. I will be saving up multiple mushrooms so we can make it to the next level.
  3. 640 miles 9 hours and 39 minutes. 20 hours if I bring the kids
  4. Archery paddle fishing is great fun, have to remember to hang onto the bow when you get a spoonie though!
  5. John Randle was an animal.
  6. MT, wy and now schools here in ND just announced all schools closed for next 5 days.
  7. I'm not really sir. Thought about it though. I work for a business that warehouses it by bulk. So far we're good.
  8. Have 10 left for a house of 8. I'm just holding it until I get to work so we can conserve.
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