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  1. Seems like you are out of touch with reality. Nebraska needs someone COMPLETELY different to attract out of state players, AKA the Talent. Nebraska needs someone that doesn't look like Billy Bob from your local farm.
  2. Competition level > Overall Record We are competing against everyone now. No one blows us out. Forget the win/loss total. This was always going to be a full culture change taking at minimum 4-5 years to solve the major issues (Strength and Culture). We are behind schedule due to a thrown together 2018 class that all but left. We are also behind due to paying zero attention to Special Teams, which has now been addressed. We have turned the corner with a well known coaching staff and addressed all issues from past years. Our team will finally have an offensive line with experience and the talent to protect the QB, allowing for more downfield passing and less running QB injuries. Still predicting 10-2 with healthy starters
  3. A&M Has enough money to sway even Nike loyalists haha
  4. Apparel is better for Nike, but cleats and stuff maybe not. Most of what they receive is clothing. I was mainly trying to say, “How are they going to match their clothes to their Jordan’s?”
  5. I moved out West, and can tell you it’s a different culture when you get outside the middle of the country. These kids wouldn’t look once at an Adidas school, when all the gear they would receive from the School, doesn’t match their shoes.
  6. I’m just going to let you look at the charts and think about why you had Oregon as the only Nike school in your example… Oregon should somehow be ranked above all the rest of Nike schools? Why’s this?
  7. When will Nebraska realize that they will look better in Nike? They miss out on the best players who want to go to a Nike or Jordan Brand school. Shouldn’t the “Heartland” be repped by an American brand anyways? *Avid Nike Wearer*
  8. 10-2 losses to Purdue and Michigan. People finally realize that Scott Frost is the perfect coach for Nebraska and just needed a few less mistakes from his players in the clutch. The Offensive line was extremely young and will improve across the board regardless of line coach. Special Teams was one of the worst in college football and only needed to be top 100 to make a bowl game. Better experience in the staff will lead to better overall decision making in the program. *Avid Koolaid Drinker* P.S. Big 10 Refs will never favor us unless we overtake OSU
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