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  1. Gonna be a long day for you lol
  2. This Rhule Aid is strong. I’m half husked.
  3. Freeze is next up at Auburn NOT Franklin.
  4. Poor guy got called out one too many times and got his feelers all hurt. Lol
  5. I’d imagine #WN means Wednesday Night. Like in I just signed my contract on Wednesday Night.
  6. 6.5 mil for a staff. If true that would be awesome. The D line coach from A&M is a recruiter of the year type guy.
  7. Seen a rumor that Rhule is looking at Geoff Collins as DC. Had great defenses at Miss St and Florida before flaming out hard as Tech’s head coach. Him and Rhule go back from early stops in their careers.
  8. Posted this before and I will again. If he is indeed the man, his connections will be huge for recruiting.
  9. Hmmm it’s unseasonably warm in Nebraska right now. Some could call it smock season.
  10. Step in and finalize the deal would be my guess.
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