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  1. Frost continues to be just comically awful at in-game management. No offensive coordinator is gonna fix that. He just doesn’t have it.
  2. That they reallllly must not of wanted to red shirt Smothers. Just another example of in game coaching being unacceptable. But yeah the O-line is the only holding us back. SMH
  3. Tune into ESPNU and watch Kent St. Their offense is so fun to watch.
  4. He’s never coached offense. All Dline and DC background. So NO.
  5. I know one thing, if we get off to a bad start next year then we have to buck our trend and fire him in season. No more kid gloves, it’s put up or shut up time. You wanna be a Blue Blood than act like it.
  6. Literally stopped reading after “Martinez is very close to being an elite QB.”
  7. Because Frost chose to bring his yuppies with him! This isn’t hard to comprehend. The coaches he brought don’t deserve to get paid more than they do. Frost had a chance to bring in proven assistants that would’ve been paid more. He chose the easy and lazy way and brought his whole staff with him.
  8. It was stated multiple times when frost was hired he had blank checks for assistant coaches. HE CHOSE to bring his whole staff with him and not go after better, more proven coaches!!!
  9. Whatever you you have to tell yourself….
  10. Correct. Those are just the players that were recruited and committed not transfers.
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