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  1. https://247sports.com/Article/Ole-Miss-hiring-NC-States-John-Garrison-as-offensive-line-coach-Wolfpack-Rebels-200112764/Amp/ What could’ve been….
  2. Sounds like he didn’t want to put in the time that it would take to be here. Didn’t want to be away from his family much. NFL fits him better. Rhule wants grinders only.
  3. That’s where Cohen came from. He left Kentucky for the Rams last year. If you follow the Rams they have been brutal this year. I would imagine McVay told him to leave.
  4. Damn are Cuse’ fans pissed. He was very well liked there it seems.
  5. Not sure why anyone would have to talk themselves into this. He’s a legit young DC who had multiple offers from other schools and chose us. Things like this don’t usually go in our favor.
  6. Anyone that cut their teeth under Rocky Long is good in my book. Dude flat out knows defense. This is a good hire IMO.
  7. Would be a gigantic upgrade over Raiola if true. He’s pumped out some NFL lineman at NC St.
  8. Ultimately a good head coach not only makes makes his players better he makes his assistants better as well. This has been lost at Nebraska for quite some time.
  9. If Snow isn’t N by now then I would say it’s probably not gonna happen.
  10. Just noticed Mickey’s wife deactivated her Twitter account. Prob not a good sign.
  11. Snow is currently unemployed so if he was the guy then I don’t understand what the hold up is. I’m guessing the D Coordinator will be a young up and comer not Snow.
  12. Collins was great at Florida. Brings the heat and his defense is always attacking. Known as the Minister of Mayhem. Sign me up!
  13. Gonna be a long day for you lol
  14. Were they though??? Takes 2 to dance.
  15. This Rhule Aid is strong. I’m half husked.
  16. Freeze is next up at Auburn NOT Franklin.
  17. Poor guy got called out one too many times and got his feelers all hurt. Lol
  18. I’d imagine #WN means Wednesday Night. Like in I just signed my contract on Wednesday Night.
  19. 6.5 mil for a staff. If true that would be awesome. The D line coach from A&M is a recruiter of the year type guy.
  20. Seen a rumor that Rhule is looking at Geoff Collins as DC. Had great defenses at Miss St and Florida before flaming out hard as Tech’s head coach. Him and Rhule go back from early stops in their careers.
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